Aug 15, 2023

Tuesday August 15th~

Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned...

Yesterday Arvid and I were back at Almost Home trying 
once again to help out in any which way possible.  As long as we 
are in Branson we will do anything we can.  Our office manager
 was out at a doctors appointment and I covered the office.   

I knew it was not for the entire day so it was nice to
 be able to help out.  Arvid was also there doing what he
 does best, organizing. No one does it better than him.

 Yesterday started out wet but the day got better and better. 
 Best of all no bad weather. Even so, Sniff stayed very close
 to us. Today it's still a little wet, and the temperatures are 
a bit cooler right now.  Feels good.  Same temperatures 
we had in Norway for almost the entire 3 weeks 😍

 The night before, Sniff slept so close to Arvid that
 Arvid was not able to move the entire night.  Even though 
he was stiff and uncomfortable, Arvid stayed still and
 Sniff slept through the entire night by his side.

  Once again today we will be back at AHL helping
 out.  It’s okay because I know we do not have to be
 there all day long. I have no desire to run the 
hotel @ 100% again.  I like it this way.

 My wildlife is doing great. At any given time I have 
over 20 or more birds on our deck. I am rapidly running
 out of bird food, but Chewy delivers within 2 days, 
so my wildlife friends will not go hungry 🦌🐦

The other day we Face Timed with Michelle and the girls.  
Seeing them made me miss them so much.  Amelia, how 
I miss that little one. Her hugs were the best hugs.  I
 love them so much.  I’m so happy and grateful
 to be grandma to these 3 little girls. πŸ’œπŸ’™

As the day begins we are already in work mode as is Sniff.
We’re ready to tackle whatever awaits us at Almost Home. To all
 a good day and may you always live in interesting times.

Growing older means being wise enough to 
know when to let things go and let things be...