Oct 12, 2023

A Little More From FMB~

Slow, steady progress is better than daily excuses...

 As mentioned progress is very slow. 
 There are still many displaced boats.

One in particular caught our attention.  It came all the way into the restaurant.

It seems to now be an attraction instead of a sore eye.  People come 
just to leave a little something on the boat.  That lady was cursing
 out Hurricane Ian and leavings a hopeful message at the same time.

This boat is now a main attraction and a photo op for many.  Yep,
 I thought it was a cool thing as well.  It's a reminder of survival.

The last few days have been clear as can be, blue skies.  The view from the 
bedroom is pretty cool.  There is no place like home.  Even so, a part of
 me misses the friends I have in Branson, both human and non human.

On a different note, on Monday I had another doctors appointment. 
 All was good.  My mammogram did not show anything suspicious.
 Yesterday I saw my endocrinologist.  That did not go so well.  The first 
thing she said to me was, "you look terrible.  Are you sick?  You
 look really sick."  Well that sure didn't start out too good. 

If you have a thyroid disease then you know what I'm referring to. 
My thyroids are out of whack and as the doctor said, "it's not 
good at all."  I should know, I have not been feeling well
 since we got to Branson in April of this year 😬

So far in October I have six doctors appointments. Since being 
diagnosed in 2014 with thyroid cancer and in 2022 with breast cancer,
 my life got a little more complicated.  I spend a lot of time seeing doctors.
  I can't complain.  In the big picture I am lucky. Many not so fortunate. 
 Everyday I am grateful because I have been spared a "worse" fate.
  Good day to all and remember there is always something to be
 grateful for. Right now I am super happy I found my juicer. 
 I will be making fresh juice everyday until I get tired
 or bored.  Hopefully will be at least a week.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; 
working together is success. If there is no struggle, there is no progress...