Oct 21, 2023

Saturday October 21st~

We're in this entertainment business really to
 give the audience what they want.  The public 
doesn't know what to believe anymore...

 Our first Music Walk since we got back.  It sure
 did not disappoint. So much going on that just people
 watching made it the perfect outing, at least for me.

Jesus never disappoints.  Once again in my opinion.  Jesus asked 
Arvid if his soul was saved.  I'd rather not get into what Arvid 
said to Jesus.  Very short two words, but to the point.  Jesus 
stayed quiet for a few seconds, then continued his spiel.🎐

As always we had a good time.  Started out in 
our usual spot as always.   Never disappoints.  Last 
night I had my other favorite.  Raspberry Cosmo.

Soccer is back in full swing.  Arvid said to me, "I will be busy all day."
  To all a good day.  Sniff is getting ready for the spooky days ahead.

Entertainment. Hey man, it passes the time...