Oct 16, 2023

Monday October 16th~

Instead of worrying about the needs,
 interests, and opinions that others may have,
 alone time lets you focus on yourself...

 Arvid is in Las Vegas for most of the week.  I chose not to go. 
 After all we just got home and I do not feel like being on the road
 again for anytime soon.  Plus I look forward to a few days with just 
Sniff and I.  Should be so peaceful.  So relaxing.  Arvid is constant 
movement and every once in a while, I love being on my own.

Knowing that I can go where I want when I want is always a
 good thing.  I can do the same when Arvid is here, but then he may 
want to go with me.  Then everything is "scheduled" Now I can 
come and go at my time.  Little things.  After all is said and done, 
together with Arvid is how I want to spend the rest of my life.

The new week begins.  I'm excited and happy for 
the time alone. Definitely will use the time to put some 
order in my closet.  Sort my clothes, shoes and donate
 as much as I can in order to make space for stuff.

Breaking our set "schedule," I think I will go downtown today. 
 Who knows maybe pizza and I did notice a few people having 
one of those very berry frozen drinks.  I think it has my name
 on it.  Cuban food is also on my to do 😁 this list week.

Time alone helps bring about clearer 
thought processes and peace of mind. It is 
during solitude that we are more focused...