Oct 19, 2023

Thursday October 19th ~

I just find myself happy with the simple things.
  I restore myself when I'm alone...

 Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day unpacking
 and re-packing. I unpacked from one spot. Put everything on
 the bed, and then I had a dilemma.  Where should I store 
all these things? I’m still trying to figure this out😂.

  The afternoon was better I took a few hours to just do a 
few things in my own.  I ended up going g back downtown,
 checking out some stores as as I was about to leave I saw the 
pizza place. I just had to go back and indulge in a slice 🍕. 

 I then took a little sunset drive to FMB. Sunset is the 
perfect time. Everything looks softer and glowing. And 
a Fort Myers sunset is definitely something to behold, 
but then I love all sunsets no matter where we are.

Back home, some more packing. More like taking everything 
off the bed so that Sniff and I can sleep. Sniff sleeps part of 
the night on Arvid's spot, he then jumps onto his bed which 
is right next to us and sleeps until around 5 in the morning.  
Sometimes earlier depending on when I get out of bed.

Though I have had some time alone, I still have lots to do.
  But it’s getting to there. Today I hope to put some order 
to what’s already out, clean up and hopefully take most 
of the afternoon off and do few other things 😍

Sniff keeps looking for Arvid. Mostly at nights. He walks all 
over Arvids spot in the bed before laying down to sleep.  Back
 and forth.  When I told Arvid he said, “Sniff is a cutie pie.”  Made
 me happy because I know Arvid loves Sniff but he has not been 
able to love him like he loves Brutus. For me this was a good sign.
  Arvid is growing to love Sniff more and more each day. I love
 my Sniff. He will never be my Brutus, but he is my Sniff ❤️

A good day to all.  Time to get busy again, also to enjoy my alone time.

The greatest thing in the world 
is to know how to belong to oneself...