Oct 22, 2023

Sunday October 22nd~

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm...

I can see me getting bored just by being home, and with
 that in mind while Arvid was in Las Vegas I went around some
 of the stores in the downtown area and asked if they needed
 any extra holiday help. I love working with people.  The worst
 "job" for me would be to work from home.  "Locked" up 
all day in the same space.  I like to talk and meet people.
After all, I am a people person.  It's how I am happiest.

 So far, I was told to come back and check in a month.
  I am super excited.  I loved working in retail, and would l
love to work 2 days a week again.  As I told the manager of the 
store, "I would like to work in your store and no more than 10-12 
hours a week.  I do not need nor want a full time job.  I just 
want to get out of the apartment and talk to people." 

Quiet and relaxing day ahead.  Some soccer for Arvid, a little 
reading for me and lots of sleep time for Sniff.  Everyone is happy.

The worst bankrupt in the world
 is the man who has lost his enthusiasm...