Oct 17, 2023

Tuesday October 17th~

Knowing others is intelligence;
 knowing yourself is true wisdom...

 I did make it to the pizza place and I have to say it
 was delicious.  I sat for a long time just looking at people
 without any stress.  It was peaceful and very relaxing. And it
 was not even Friday 😂 I sure am living dangerously😂

I continue to try putting order to my clothes and to so many
 other "displaced" items we have since coming back from Branson.
  I really miss my mornings in Branson, feeding my wildlife and
 just seeing them.  I loved them all and miss then so much.

Sniff and I are having quiet, relaxing times at home.  It sure
 is quiet when Arvid is not around.  For now it's okay.

That drink that was calling my name?  I listened.  The entertainment was a bonus.  

October is breast awareness month.  Please get #checked

I am still enjoying my fresh juice everyday.  So far I am not bored. 
 Yesterday I added a little bit of cactus pear to test out different flavors.  
The cactus pear is usually very sweet, at least the times I have had 
it before.  Snice I cannot really taste much, it was fairly bland.

The day is looking good.  I am just so happy to be home and
 not on the go.  I know Arvid would also rather be home right now, but 
"you don't always get what you want."  This time I was the lucky one.  

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole 
day is the rest we take between two deep breaths...