Feb 9, 2024

Friday February 9th~

I cherish my entire life. I've been blessed with a 
life full of good memories, and happy moments...

 It's my last full day with my parents.  It has been 
good to have them so close for a while, and I am already
 missing them.  Missing my mom so much already.  She and
 I did many things together.  My dad and Arvid preferred to stay
 home and watch their respective games.  Yesterday we went 
once again for breakfast.  Mom loves her sunny side eggs. 
 I love her and there is nothing I won't do for her/them

Whenever we visit them in NC or they come to Florida 
we always take them to Longhorn Steakhouse.  A favorite 
of all four of us.  We have been to many other places during 
this visit and have not had the opportunity as yet to go
 to Longhorn.  Today I plan to take them there.

Arvid will be in a meeting all day long, so he will be 
missing out this time, but he and I will go back withing a
 few weeks I'm sure. One of our favorite place as well. 

 In regards to last night's social gathering, I did 
not feel good to go.  Arvid who was so gunh ho on
 going suddenly said he wasn't any more.  He's a very 
strange man.  He decided to do "chores" instead.

 Mom and dad got messages from their neighbors saying
 that they are missed and that should come back home.  To make
 the message even more appealing the neighbors sent pictures
 of their house.  Now you know my parents want to go home.

No matter how old I get, I still need my parents.
First My Mother, Forever My Friend...