Feb 3, 2024

Saturday February 3rd ~

Beauty is not about having a perfect body,
 it's about having a beautiful soul...

 Another picture perfect day awaits us.  We have been 
lucky not to have had rain for a while now.  Tomorrow is 
another story, but for now we enjoy what we have.  Sniff of
 course is being his gorgeous self, and I am loving taking
 pictures of him.  When he does not turn away that is.

Yesterday we spent quality time with mom and dad.  Always
 a good time.  Food was good.  Drinks as always amazing, but
 the best part was the the good time we shared together.

We also got to see another amazing Fort Myers sunset.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  May you 
always have sunshine in your lives.

I have learnt that Life is not about the walk that we have
 taken but the company, the experiences we have gathered.
 I have learnt that in each and every unknown path of our 
journey we get to know more of our own selves...