Feb 1, 2024

Thursday February 1st~ New Month

You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories...

February is short and very sweet.  Filled with 
adventures.  It is also often known for being 
a month dedicated to and all about love.

 Last night Arvid and I indulged ourselves in a little
 something sweet.  Ever since living in Puerto Rico Arvid has
 developed a taste for tres leches.  No one makes it better than Rima. 
 She made us one when she was here, and she saved him a piece.
 Last night we had it once again together with the Grey Goose
 we started with when everyone arrived.  Such good times.

Yesterday mom and I went to breakfast.  Neither Arvid
 nor my dad wanted to go.  Better.  Got to spend time alone with
 my mom and afterwards we did a few just "girls" stuff.  No
 better way to spend the day which was cold yet beautiful.

A new month begins and the beauty of February is that my 
sister Narima/Rima was born.  She came as a breath of fresh air 
and she still is.  Though many years separate us, we have a very special
 bond between us.  Growing up we shared the same bedroom.  Was 
fun and at times drove us both nuts.  Won't change a thing.

A quote that truly describes Rima:
 Every great story on the planet happened when someone
 decided not to give up but kept going no matter what.

The beginning of a new month.   A 
perfect time for SHIFTING things around, Always
 remembering to keep your feet on the ground...