Feb 24, 2024

Saturday February 24th~

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely...

 On Friday Arvid and I went to Napes.  It was supposed to 
be a fun time, but the traffic was so bad that we were mostly 
aggravated.  We did go to Tin City in Naples and that took
 away the tension of being in traffic for so long.

Why is Naples called Tin City?  The descriptive name “Tin City” 
comes from the buildings and their tin roofs. The rustic buildings were
 used at that time as a busy center for oyster processing, clam shelling
 and boat building. They also served as home to a local fishing fleet.

Arvid and I enjoyed a relaxing lunch and Arvid even managed 
to do a little shopping (at my insistence).  Arvid is difficult
 when it comes to buying anything for himself, but I 
always somehow manage to coax him into it. 

Yesterday evening Arvid and I went to our usual Friday hangout. 
 He insisted I text my sisters and let them know we were at Hideaway. 
 They have been there with us a few times and the Sex on the Beach is 
always a hit with everyone.  Even Michael and Victoria liked it when they 
were there with us last year.  Looking forward to repeating it soon.

Sniff and I are always fortunate we get to see a the sunrise
 most days.  never the same, but always beautiful 😎

Another beautiful day awaits us.  Today hopefully Arvid and I 
will go and see the Bob Marley movie.  We figure the crowd will
 be less now.  Looking forward to it.  A good day to all.

Be you. Truly & unapologetically you.  The most
 important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all 
that matters.   Be yourself; everyone else is already taken...