Feb 15, 2024

Thursday February 15th ~

A cheerful heart and a cheerful mind are powerful tools...

 Still hoarse, but feeling better and better.  Can tell because
 I am back to cleaning up after Arvid in the kitchen and getting picky
 again 😂  Got a little help with a Norwegian throat drop.  Soothing
 and stops that scratchiness in the throat before it takes off.

Yesterday was a perfect day for a little Valentine outing.
 I walk slower right now, stop.  Cough, catch my breath, 
but I know it's good for me.  I need to expand my lungs 
again, even if it kills me 😂 Arvid and I had a good day.

Sniff's keeping a close eye on me.  He like all animals 
know when something is not right.  He does not want to leave
 my side.  I love this boy so much.  I don't want to think
 of leaving him when we go to Norway this summer.

Sniff never wants to get up.  I have to ask Arvid to get 
up and go to the restroom in order for Sniff to move.  Of 
course I could just get up myself, but I don't.  I make
 Arvid do it first.  Of course Sniff follows him.

Like yesterday, another beautiful day in the neighborhood awaits us.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of 
others cannot keep it from themselves...