Feb 20, 2024

Tuesday February 20th~

 Memories are the treasure of
 your heart, written in your mind...

Whenever we go walking I am always carrying 
bird seeds, peanuts for the squirrel and oats for the
 ducks.  I read somewhere that bread is not good
 for them because it impedes them from flying. 

 The other day there were many squirrels, 
birds and even a duck.  Made me very happy
 and at the same time made me miss my 
wildlife buddies in Branson.

As for the kitties in Puerto Rico, I got a video
 and I “saw” a few of them, MacGyver looks really good.
  Of course I missed them all like crazy. My thoughts do
 wander to them every so often.  Hard not to.

Last night I lay in bed I was thinking of Sniff and 
how I want him to be with us forever.  I thought of how
 we only had Brutus for 9 years, for a brief minute there 
I was not able to “see” Brutus’ face anymore. It put me
 in a panic and for a few minutes; sadness was my
 companion.  Life happens and there are times you
 just have to go with the flow until it passes.

I feel good today.  Sniff is healthy.  He seems to know 
I am not doing so good because he’s always by my side.  
 I love him so much I cannot imagine not having him
 in our lives.  I know that after Brutus died I worry more.

A beautiful sunny day awaits us. A cool front is 
back for the next few days, but the sun is shining.  That
 sure helps. Sunshine makes everything better

Good day to all. I have to say I am missing my
 mom very much.  I miss doing things with her 😍

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot 
be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart...