Dec 10, 2016

Saturday In Branson...

Ever had one of those days when when you're holding
 a stick and everybody looks like a piƱata?...

Yesterday for some reason was not one of my best days.  It was cold.  Really cold and 
combined with that I was missing my Brutus too much.  I know it will get better.  Today was 
not that day, but there is always tomorrow and more tomorrow.  Yes, time is my best friend.

My friend Anna, even with the turmoil going on in her life is always there to perk me 
up.  I am always grateful for her and I hope the day will come when something good
 happens in her life.  It sure is about time she was also given a second chance.

I woke up early to take a picture of the mailbox covered with frost.  For us it's a "first"
It's been very very long Arvid and I have experienced living in winter climates.  Never
have I seen such low digits in the temperatures.  Well not in over 20 years or so.

 The novelty will soon wear our that's for sure.  No snow right now, but we keep hearing that
 it's coming.  Hopefully like most newscasters, the ones here in Branson are also mistake.

Sniff is the only one in the family who seems to be affected by the cold.  He as had the
 sniffles for a few days now with sneezing fits throughout the day and night.  He sleeps
 snuggled close to either Arvid or I and loves being cushions with the blankets and our bodies.

 Arvid loves it because Sniff keeps him extra warm.  I have had symptoms of the cold but
 no cold as yet.  Happy about that. Arvid is doing great.  The cod just does not seem to affect
him.  I still think it's strange how we both have just adapted to these frigid temperatures.

Good morning everyone.  I love my mornings no matter where I am.  Always quiet,
and now the scenery is still new to me.  Always something to see especially
when Sniff is next to me.  Makes for a beautiful start of the day.

Don't miss the sun today worrying about the rain coming today.
Good morning beautiful souls.  Be kind to yourselves today.  Happy Saturday...


Dec 9, 2016

A Change Of Scenery..

A simple change of scenery can bring about powerful
shifts in the flow of time and emotions...

The leaves are falling all day long; the other day as we were out doing some chores I saw
 this guy using a blower just blowing leaves. As soon as he blew some the wind picked up
 and it was start from scratch all over again. Useless chore, unless of course one had a bag that 
picked up the leaves. Sure did not see many with a bag attached to their blower.

Living in a house is quite different from living in a condo.  Here you have 
to worry about making sure the ton of leaves are somehow cleaned up.  I am not 
an outdoor person and I do not like yard work.  That's why I love condo living.

  When we first saw our house, the first thing we noticed were the big trees. 
 Arvid said, "those will have to go."  Hope he changes his mind.

I don't actually want to have the trees cut, I like them, but I don't like all the leaves
 that are accumulating in the backyard right now.  I'm almost sure I will not be going
 out in the yard much.  I'm a city person.  Not an outdoors person, and this living
 in a house, having a yard and trees is being in the outdoors as far as I am concerned.

It has been very cold here.  So much so that just getting out and doing things I used to
 enjoy, like grocery shopping has now become a chore.  I try to not get out as much as
before.  Arvid on the other hand no matter what is busy.  He still likes to run around.  
Check stuff out.  Do a trade here and there and in the process he meets many people. 

 He's busy and somehow the cold is not bothering him as much as I would have 
thought it would.  Strange if you ask.  He has always told me he cannot travel to
 cold places in the winter because he gets sick.  Here he is definitely not sick. 
 The fresh air must have something to do with his very perky attitude.

Can't complain about that.  All is good just a bit colder.
Good morning everyone~ may you always live in interesting times.

It's never too late to keep moving forward 
and enjoy life's beautiful scenery...


Dec 7, 2016

A Cold Wednesday...

  The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of life.  
"Why," I answered without a thought, "now"...Learn from yesterday, live for today,
 hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning....

I woke up at 4am this morning just laying in bed  trying to go back to sleep but, the 
terrible nightmare that woke me up in the first place just kept playing over and over
 again in my head.  What a terrible way to wake up, all scared, sweaty and
 breathing hard.  Not a pleasant experience...but like someone said "I
 have had dreams, and I have had nightmares. I overcame the
 nightmares because of my dreams"  Let's hope so.

At that very moment I heard Sniff trying to "break" into a cabinet or something.  
I woke up smiling and all nightmares were forgotten. There are few things
 in life more heartwarming  than to be welcomed by a cat.  There was a time
 when Brutus would come to me when I had a nightmare and just lay by
 my side.  Today Sniff does that.  After he makes a racket of course.

On another note things are shaping up in our home.  We constantly have things to
 do and take care of.  We are used to condo living, so being in a house is quite 
different. For now we will enjoy it until we go back to our condo lifestyle. 

 Suddenly the place is starting to look and feel differently.  Soon I guess I will 
call it home for a while.  Strange but, I am sill having a little hard time living here. 
 I still miss the conveniences of having everything close by and just running 
out as I wish.  Now it's cold; it sure is a little different living here. 

They say it may snow either today or tomorrow, but from where  am sitting it is nice
 and warn.  I don't see snow.  Could be OK, but Arvid and I really aren't ready for it.
  Not right now.  We have no snow tires.  Good morning everyone.  Bundle up.
 Stay warm.  Hot chocolate kinda day and always some stuff to do.

Every man dies - Not every man really lives....Don't let the past steal 
your present...Don't let yesterday use up too much of today...


Dec 5, 2016

Missing You...

The heart remembers most what it has loved best.
Someone asked if I missed you.. I didn’t answer.  I just closed my 
eyes and walked away.  Then I whispered “so much”...

It's been one year and one month since our Brutus has died.  Our lives changed that day. 
It changed so much to the point where both Arvid and I wanted a change in scenery.  
This change brought us to Missouri.  Away from all that is familiar.  

Away from all the things that breaks my heart, but you know what?  I was just kidding
 myself thinking that distance from the familiar will ease the heartache.  Distance
 has in many ways made me think of other things a little more.  That's true.

  We are getting used to a new place.  Getting used to living in a house instead of a 
condo for now, but distance has not erased the fact that my Brutus is no longer with 
us.  If I could go back and change anything it would be to bring Brutus back.  

I miss him so very much.  My heart knows he is never coming back, but my heart does 
not know how to stop hurting.  They say the heart remembers most what it has 
loved best.  Not a day goes by that my heart does not remember my Brutus.

Our Shadow has also been dead for 9 months today.  He was only a baby.  For him I
 agonize every time I think of what happened.  For me a change was necessary.
  But this change is rather drastic and no matter the distance between 
what's familiar and what's not my heart never stops asking why.  

We fell in love with Brutus from the minute we saw him.

Brutus, it took me only a few moments to fall in love with you, but it's taking me
 forever to move on.  Mama misses her Brutus and her Shadow so very much
The heart remembers most what it has loved best.
You are  part of my life that will never come back but existed 
and will continue to exist and live on in my heart...


Dec 4, 2016


If yesterday was a good day, don't stop. 
 Maybe your winning streak has just begun...

Living for so long inn Florida we sure took a few things for granted.  At least I did.
  I knew that everyday it was going to be warm, and the fact that there were a
 few "cold" days was fun, different and a time to always bundle up.  That
was a novelty and because of that one was always excited to wear
some pretty sweaters, the scarf, boots in general the "winter" gear.

I used to dress Brutus up in sweaters.  Not that he was cold, but it made for a cute
 picture.  At least I thought so.  Brutus did not like it much, but he "allowed"
 me to do it.  Shadow was just so busy that to get him to wear anything
 was always a lot of work, but I also managed to dress him up
 in sweaters for the short time he was with us. Sniff hates it,
 and fights it, but I manage every so often to do so.

Sunday.. it's cold.  We have not really tried out many different restaurants as
of yet.  We seen to tend to go to the ones we know all the time, but today 
we hopefully will try something new.  Arvid is in a steak mood.

 That's what he told me, but I'm sure once we get there steak will not be
 what he orders.  This is from a Norwegian who used to love his steaks,
 now it's rare that he eats a steak.  How people change.  Hmmm..
Our Sunday routines are the same no matter where we are.

Sniff and I have been awake for a while.  Waking up colder temperatures has 
not yet sunk into me.   I have to remind myself to keep my warm clothes 
nearby.  I don't own many winter clothes.  Hopefully I will not have to 
buy much because this is not HOME!  Home is Florida and when we
 go back,  I sure don't want to have tons of winter clothes to store.

To all a very good day.  I hope the morning is as bright as your smile.

Every morning is destiny's way of telling you that your purpose in life is 
yet to be fulfilled.  I just woke up and you're already on my mind...


Dec 3, 2016

Saturday In Branson...

Dear Saturday, you are my favorite.
On Saturdays we wear pajamas without guilt...

It's not often I get to take a picture of Sniff Sniff and I.  Unlike Brutus, who used
to love being held and carried around, and having his pictures taken, Sniff
 is just not ready for it.  He's getting better.  I still pick him up everyday 
and every so often I get lucky and get a picture with him.

Recently he has been waking up very early and trying to get into everything.
Arvid has a plan as he says.  He has a flashlight and from 4 in the morning he starts
flashing it at Sniff.  If that does not work he has the spray bottle with water.

Usually he just sprays close to where Sniff is and it's enough to scare him away.
For a few minutes.  He then comes back and starts to try getting into the
cabinets, or trying to rip apart the door stoppers or something else.  He also
loves to race on our bed.  All of this by 5am. No rest for the weary.

As Arvid tries to get some more sleep, I am already awake by that time.
I get out of bed.  Give Sniff some food and by then he calms down and goes back to
 bed with Arvid.  I think Sniff gets hungry at 4 in the morning and starts "misbehaving."
  As soon as he gets his foodies he is calm and peaceful again.  He like a child.

Mornings, noon and nights are cold here.  Our bed now has lots of covering.
 Even though we keep the temperature at 71F in the house, you will find Arvid
bundled in a turtle neck, warm pajamas, socks and at times an extra
sweater around his shoulders.  Definitely a big change.

Like everywhere one goes, if your're in the right spot at the right moment
you can capture amazing sights.  The other evening as we were coming home from
 dinner I did just that with the sunset.  Just amazing anywhere and always.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you all a good day and a good weekend.
All is good here.  Sniff is adorable, but right now I am missing my Brutus quire a
lot and I just saw a few pictures of Shadow.  As always I can't get over what happened
to that little kitty. This thing called grief comes i waves and this very moment I feel
 like I'm drowning.  My friend Anna says it best, "this too shall pass."  I can hope.

In life we loved you dearly.  In death we love you still.  In our hearts you
 hold a place, no one else will every fill.  I'm not sure which is worse 
missing you or the fact that there is nothing I can do about it...


Dec 2, 2016

Beautiful Start...

Man starts over again everyday, in spite of all he knows, against all he knows...

As a new day begins it reminds me of what I once was told.  Be open enough
 to see opportunities.  Be wise enough to be grateful, and courageous to be happy.
  Yes, I am doing all of that and looking forward to having better days. 

 Life is not always how we want it to be, 
but there is always something to be grateful for.

Beautiful sunrises are everywhere.  The scenery may be different.  Very
 different, but the day is as good as we make it and I plan to make today a very
 good one. Coffee tastes the same and the sun shines just as brightly.

Our home is starting to feel like a home.  Sniff's stuff is everywhere.  Laundry to fold,
 little things that I still have not found where to put.  Yes, not completely organized,
but getting there. The evenings as we sit, my thoughts wander to different
things, and though sometimes I feel the tears falling I remind myself
 that this is the time to make some new memories and move on.

 Moving on is not forgetting, it's just making way for something new.
  Something different and yes something good in the long run.

Tucked into my heart and my thoughts are my Brutus and Shadow.
Forgetting is not an option, moving on is something else.

I went to sleep last night thinking about you, I woke up this morning 
still thinking about you. When I'm down, I whisper your name 
to myself and smile. I still love you, don't doubt it...


Nov 30, 2016

Chilly Start...

Baby it's cold outside...

The day begins on a cold note for us.  For those in the Sunshine State it is always 
warm and for Arvid's family in Norway and mine in other states in the US, 
it is also a cold time.  Never thought that Arvid and I will have these 
temperatures any longer.  At some given time we both lived in
 cold places.  His home was Norway and I lived in NYC.

Was cold, but for over 20 years he has been in the USA and I have been living 
in the Sunshine State.  Neither of us are used to these low digits in the weather, 
but like everyone who does experience this we will also "adapt"

Take a look at the images below.  I'm sure you can tell which is which.  Question is 
where would you rather be right now?  I know for certain that many like the 
snow and the cold weather.  Many in my family do.  Otherwise why
 would they have left life in Florida for cold winters elsewhere?  

Also here in Branson I have met quite a few people, yes I talk to everyone.  
Many have lived in Florida and have told me that they do not miss 
the humidity nor the weather.  Find it difficult to believe especially after
 experiencing the cold first hand again after so long.  But we are 
all different and that's what makes us all unique.

Good morning everyone.  Have a great day and stay bundled up.

Wherever you go, no matter the weather always bring your own sunshine...


Nov 29, 2016

New Week Already...

Without new experiences something inside of us sleeps.
The sleeper must awaken.  Be open to whatever comes next...

Yesterday Arvid said to me, "I think we were both ready for this change." True,
 I wanted and needed a change, I thought it would lessen the pain in my heart. 
 The change in scenery has done us both good, but the one thing it cannot 
do is to stop my heart from hurting and my brain from thinking.

Yes we have been busy, we have been on the go.  By evening my body 
is exhausted but my thoughts are never at rest.  The brain keeps on working.

It has been cold here. Very cold. The other day as Arvid was chatting with my sister 
she told him how warm it was in Puerto Rico. When he was done talking to her
 he said to me "sounds good right now.  Did we do the right thing?"

All I can say is yes.  Arvid is happy with his trades.  He has traded for hotel stays
 for us when we first got here and once things settle down he says he will 
be busy running around.  Here there are quite a lot of people who just
 like Arvid are into trading. Even more so than back home.

The main reason why we are here after all.  Did I mention there were lots of
 cars for potential buyers here as well.  We do have a 3 car garage now 
and Arvid can't wait to "fill" it up.  Have to see how that goes.

As a new week begins we look forward to exciting new experiences.  Lots of 
new things to discover and explore.  We have already scouted out a few places 
this weekend and came out with quite some good deals.  Yes this place though cold 
looks promising. Arvid is in his element, and is as he says, "feeling better than ever."

Do we miss Florida?  Hard not to especially in this cold weather, but once
 you're indoors it's nice and warm.  We have made up our minds to give it a try.  If we
 see that the weather is too much to handle we can always go back home to Florida
 and just come to Branson in the summers.  Like many know there is no place like Florida 
during the winter.  Victoria puts it best when she said, "but you lived in Paradise."

To all a great week ahead.  May it be productive and rewarding.

Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.  Never let go of your appetite,
 to go after new ides, new experiences, new adventures...


Nov 28, 2016

New Scenery...

Today is not just another day.  It's a new opportunity,
another chance.  A new beginning.  Embrace it...

A new scenery is what we wake up to and what we will be having for a while.
I always wanted to experience the change of seasons.  This is my chance once again.

Do I miss the water and the sunrise from our balcony back in Florida?
What do you think?  But it's a good change for us.  For now.

Good morning everyone. Hope to see the Sunshine State in a few months.
Just the other day Arvid and I stocked up on winter clothes.  Sounds 
strange even to me. No more shorts and t-shirts for now.  Hmmm...

Starting today, I need to "forget" whats gone.  Appreciate what still remains,
and look forward to what's coming next.  I cant forget, but I can look forward...