Apr 23, 2018

A New Week Begins~

One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day...

Today is my dada's birthday.  My dada loved me and always
made sure I was safe and happy.  I miss my dada and mama and I
know they miss me, but now they have Sniff and he is good for them.
I love you dada and wish you and Sniff a happy birthday from Shadow and I.

The weekend went by too fast.  It was a combination of work and fun. 
 Yesterday we had a very good outing with our office/maintenance couple 
and their kids.  By the time we got to the restaurant we were all super hungry.  
The meal was delicious, and as usual we were all “bad”. We had dessert.

Unfortunately I don’t know what happened, but something bit me.  
Not being an outdoor person, I did go out in the yard on Saturday.  Yes, I 
bagged some leaves.  Arvid was not getting it done so I just did it.

Same as I did last year.  Neither of us like outdoor/yard work, but
 somehow I always seem to be the one doing it.  It think it was a spider, 
but for the life of me can’t even remember seeing a spider on Saturday.
 Pretty swollen and it itches.  Of course I have made it worse by itching it.

Today I act as cab driver for one of the tenants.  I will be taking him 
to his doctor's  visit. Not all of them have cars and taxis are not in
 their budget.  I think this week he has 3-4 doctors appointments. 
 As long as I have the time, I promised to do it. No big deal.

As the new week begins I am excited to see what happens.  
We are full.  I had one open room on Saturday.  I made 3 calls and
 the room is rented.  Now I have 2 people not so happy because they 
got there too late. It is what it is and so when I tell then that 
the rooms go fast they now understand I am not joking.

All is good at Almost Home.  It time now to start working on getting
 everything ready for the pool.  City inspections and that sort will be
 taking place in the next few weeks making sure everything is up to par for
 when we are ready to open the pool.  Something to keep us busy.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise, potential,
 and endless possibilities. May your coffee be strong and your
 Monday be short.  It’s time to sparkle and shine...


Apr 22, 2018

Relax Mode ~

Sunday, a day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings.
Take a deep breath and relax.  Enjoy your family, friends and a cup of coffee...

Train like an athlete.  Eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, 
win like a champion.  Happy relaxed day to all.

Saturdays are for adventure.  Sundays are for cuddling...


Apr 21, 2018

Feeling Good ~

The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction not 
a destination.  Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy...

What a week.  Have no idea how it went by so fast.  

Kinda scary
 in a way.  Time just flies.  Yesterday I took one of my tenants out to lunch.  

She is always talking about Indian food so of course I took her to my favorite Indian restaurant.  Arvid thinks she's cool.

Tomorrow we take our maintenance couple and their
 2 kids out for dinner.  They all like a good steak as do we so that's the plan.
  Steak for everyone tomorrow.

Usually on Saturdays I do not go in, but today I will for a little.
  We have an open room at Almost Home, and just thought I would go 
and help out and make sure it's all ready.  I called 3 people on our waiting 
list and they all are coming to see the room later today, so I need to make
 sure it's up and ready to go.  Arvid will be at the auction again.

It's warming up.  Finally.  I see summer in our horizon, but
I have to say Spring sure missed us.  Hopefully we will see some spring.

It's nice having just one hotel.  Now we have time to do some fun stuff again.
We have been looking forward to next weekend for a very long time now.
We plan to do something we have not done before.  Exciting.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  
Remember to always focus on the good.

Life goes by too quickly.  So laugh, love and try new things.
Forgive, forget, and don't hold grudges.  Choose to be happy....


Apr 20, 2018

Interesting Times ~

I'm a big believer that life changes as much as you want it to.  We all
have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance...

When we lived in Florida, we stayed to ourselves mostly.  We
 were and still are not the types to do a lot of social outings.  
We prefer weekend getaways, an evening out listening to 
music, a good meal, but always mainly Arvid and I.

Here in Branson that has changed.  Honestly we socialize more 
here than we did in Florida.  We go out more in groups here also than 
we did in Florida and I said to Arvid, "I believe you need to invest in
 a blazer and some dress clothes."  The craziest thing is Arvid agreed. 

 Of course, owning the hotels have been a big part in this, 
plus Arvid has met people who are interested in trading as 
much as he is.  Makes for some very interesting times.

Last night we attended an auction for charity.  The main items
 were 2 cars.  Arvid of course had to bid on them, but like all good
 bidders he also had a limit.  Needless to say the cars were sold for more 
than our agreed limit.  No problem, today and tomorrow the real 
auction begins and I know he will do his best to acquire a few cars. 

Just last week we also attended a silent auction.  The items were not 
as grand as cars, and only one item interested us.  I saw it and I said
 to  Arvid, "please bid on this one and make sure we get it." It's home 
with us.  Life has taken a different path here in Branson for us.

Whatever our future holds, I know that Branson has played (and continues to)
 a very important part in our lives.  We may or may not have liked it all,
 but we sure experienced and still continue to do life changes that 
will always be a part of us.  It has definitely it filled a void.

We are definitely living in interesting times.

Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will 
take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where
 they will end up. As life changes direction, I'll flow with it...


Apr 19, 2018

Hello Thursday ~

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...

Another week has flown by..way fast.  Already Thursday and the 
warm up we were having has suddenly disappeared.  Cold days are
 back and I think I am getting the flu again.  Not sure if it is, 
but I have the symptoms.  Not happy about that.

Yesterday we had to throw a young girl out of our hotel.  Nothing against
young people, but many have an attitude and just don't seem to know
right from wrong.  Truth is I liked her, she paid on time, but she
was more work than we needed at Almost Home.

  Within an hour of us telling her she has to pack and leave,
 I get a phone call from one of the tenants on the waiting list.  Needless
to say, I have already rented the room.  The tenant has paid upfront for
2 weeks even though the first week he will not even be here. 

As he said to me on the phone, "I'm coming all the
 way from Arizona to work in Branson like I do every year
and I was told to stay at Almost Home."  I love the
 fact that our hotel has a great reputation.

Most of the long term stay hotels advertise a $99 move in special. 
This special runs all year long.  I am happy to say that at Almost Home
we have never had to do this and we still stay full.  I did try the $99
move in special, but before the day was over I took it away because
 the clientele it brought was not the one we want at Almost Home.

Thursday is looking good.  Chilly start of the morning but already
warmed up with my cafe and chasing Sniff around.  Arvid still sound
 asleep.  Quiet, peaceful.  Mornings are my favorite time of the day.

Hello Thursday.  You sure got here fast.

There comes a time when the world gets quiet 
and the only thing left is your own heart...


Apr 17, 2018

Feels Like Summer ~

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their
 affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. 
Difficult standards for people to live up to...

Rio came home yesterday.  It's hard to say who was happier, 
Rio or his papa. That being said everyone in our family slept 
better last night, and Mala is once again breathing. 

 Rio being taken in for emergency surgery had them on the brink of 
a nervous breakdown.  Rio is their baby now, and after what happened to 
Jax this was heartbreak all over again.  Thankfully, Rio is home healing.

It's so good being home again.  Going back to work.  Talking to the tenants.
  I love it and missed it so very much.  I'm not one to buy presents/trinkets/souvenirs,
 but this time in Mexico I came back home with a little handmade purse for my tenants.
  I was so happy to do it and I was even happier when i saw their faces lite up.

The last few days have been extremely cold.  Thankfully a warm up
 started late yesterday and will continue on for the rest of the week.  On Sunday 
we had snow flurries and today the temperature will be in the 80's (F) .

Predicting the weather in Missouri is not easy.  One day you freeze
 and the next day you are running around in shorts sweating.  Arvid as you 
can imagine is happy as is everyone here.  This has been a long and cold winter 
here in Missouri, and in almost places.  It's time for a warm up now.

As Tuesday begins I can see the week already taking off.  Strange thing
 was that when we were in Mexico time did not seem to move at all.  
It was one of the longest 2 weeks I have experienced.  

Arvid says he thinks Branson has spoilt us, in that here we 
got so used to being on the go 24/7 that when it came time 
to relax we just did not know how to do it anymore. 

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer 
serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.  The real things haven't 
changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the 
most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures;
 and have courage when things go wrong...


Apr 16, 2018

Monday ~

Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food 
and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas 
owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and
 water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods...

It has been a very stressful weekend.  Nothing to do with work.
Life here in Branson is great, aside from being very cold. We could not
 be happier to be home, although we sure miss the warm weather.

For starters, my sister Mala told us that Rio their doggie of barely 
2 months was not feeling well.  So they took him to the vet.  After
 24 hours still no relief, so they took him in again on Saturday.  Next 
thing you know it was an emergency surgery scheduled for Rio. 

Our entire family was heartbroken and none of us slept a wink 
Saturday night.  You see Rio's surgery was scheduled for midnight. 
 We heard no news until about 3:30am Sunday morning.

None of us have met Rio, but we all loved him from the day he was 
brought into the family.  After my sister and family lost their Jax, 
it took them a while to bring Rio into their lives.  And then this.
  Needless to say there was not a single dried eye in the family.

Rio came out of surgery good, but because he had something lodged 
into his stomach, surgery was a little delicate and little Rio also 
spent Sunday night in the hospital.  His family was with him as
 much as was possible and can't wait tho have him back home.  
Hopefully today.  Please, please be OK little Rio.

As if that was not enough heartbreak, my friend Anna just found 
out that her little Bowe Bowe (kitty) of barely 4 years has the 
same kidney issues her Buddy (another kitty) had.  Anna's Buddy
 died due to those kidney issues.  Why is life so unfair?

Also this weekend my aunts daughter, just 38 years old died.  Totally
 caught everyone by surprise.  Making it worse, my aunt lives in New York
 and her daughter lived in Guyana.  Why?  Why? Whis is life so unfair?

As the new week begins, I hope everyone is OK.  Please 
make sure you tell the ones you love how much they mean to 
you and always remember that what you take for granted someone
 else is praying for.  Today what are you grateful for?

 If you have nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse.
Look for something positive in everyday, even  if 
some days you have to look a little harder... 


Apr 15, 2018


Beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face...

Here is to natural beauty.  They say that beauty is how you feel
on the inside, which then reflects in your eyes.
Beauty can sometimes use a little help, hence makeup!

I find that another thing that expresses beauty is a persons ability to laugh.

Our niece Danielle is one to whom laughter comes easily and
 spontaneously.  When in her company both Arvid and I find that we are
 laughing even more than usual.  The girl has a heck of a personality and
 she leaves you feeling good always.  I really miss her.

Wishing you all a day full of laughter and happiness.
It's a beautiful day so make the most of it and never forget
that life is what you make of it and your attitude will decide if
it's good or not. Don't forget, the best is yet to come!

You can turn painful situations around through laughter.
 If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.


Apr 12, 2018

Adios Mexico ~ Hello Sniff

Souls tend to go back to who feels like home....

My favorite time is here.  Time to head home to Sniff and everything
 that is familiar.  Time to head back to the USA.  Puerto Aventuras 
is beautiful.  No questions about that, but my heart is elsewhere,
 and a little kitty named Sniff is waiting at home for us.  

I cannot wait to be home with him, pick him up and shower him with love.
Vacation is over and I could not be happier.  I want to go home.  Finally the day is here.

Will definitely miss the dolphins, but looking forward to being back to work.
I have missed Almost Home very much and my tenants.  Home is always best.

Even when we lived in Florida, Arvid never went on the balcony to
enjoy his mornings.  Here in Mexico he wakes up.  Sits out on the balcony for
an hour or so, and after breakfast he takes his tea and enjoys it on the balcony.
He will definitely be missing his views and quiet times in the mornings. The truth
4 is once we get back home, life gets busy.  Homewards bound we are!

There is no place like home.  
We're gong home to Sniff...


Apr 11, 2018

Life In Mexico ~

Vacation is over.  Back to reality.  Time to officially
 remember what day of the week it is.  A vacation is
 over when you begin to yearn for you work...

Daily walks.  As much tropical fruit as you like, good weather,
relaxation and days of leisure.  That's exactly what we have been up 
to for the last week and a half.  Soon it will come to an end, but that's
 OK as well.  It will now be good to go back to our "regular" life.

Gone will be the days of soccer, fruity drinks and watching dolphins.
Going back home to colder temperatures, (YES!!!) and work (YES!!!).

No matter where you are, where you go, the memories you
make will last forever.  Arvid and I have made some very good
memories here.  We have also had some very good times.

Owning a hotel had definitely changed us.  We both realize
 how difficult it is to just relax, mainly me.  We need to be doing something
constantly, and thought Mexico is a beautiful destination, I would
much rather be home working and staying busy.

Truth is i have been working.  I have gotten more phone calls,
texts and inquiries from tenants than ever.  Seems as if everyone
needs something from me.  If you can imagine, this makes me
very tense, and at the same time makes the desire to go home
 even stronger.  I am also missing our Sniff Sniff.

I can't wait to go home to him.  Sniff fills a void Brutus left, and
yesterday I missed Brutus so very much.  Arvid and I were talking about
him, and next thing you know the tear were rolling down, I was wanting to
 hold him so badly.  This November will be 3 years my baby died.

As always when it comes to time to leave there is a little sadness,
but trust me we have so much to do back home that it does not
 last for long. We will be getting back to nice weather as well.

Definitely a big plus.  But for now, gone are the days of sitting
on the balcony, watching people pass by, boats take off and all that
 stuff that screams VACATION!  Yes we are going home
soon and we are very happy about that. Happy day.

Happy day to all.  Arvid and I are excited to be heading home.

I'm going home and hugging my Sniff.  
I'm probably going to get a meltdown..