Jul 22, 2019

Best Place On Earth... Home

Where we love is home-home that our feet
 may leave, but never our hearts....

As we woke up early Sunday morning, Arvid
looks at me with a big smile and he says, "we are going
 home."  Those were the best words I could hear.

I have been waiting for this day for a long time.
Our last night in Europe was spent in Sweden.

As mentioned the summer was a good one. Many memories made
 and many friendships-bonds that were strengthened.  Could not have
 been better except for the fact that we are on our way home.

Good morning everyone.  The best feeling in the
whole world is to be back home, well at least we are back
in the good old USA.  Almost home. It's not the longest we
 have been away from home, but it sure felt like it.

  Though a very good summer, I can't contain my excitement
to being in the USA again  Next year is far from here,
but right now I don't know that i wouldn't want to be
 gone from home for that long, but then I say the same
 thing every year.  Whole year to think about it :)

For now it's back to reality and boy do we love it!!!
Good morning everyone.  I can never stop saying how GOOD 
it is to be back home where we belong.  Wishing you all a good day.
Remember to count your blessing and to be thankful for what you have.

We do!  Soon we will see Sniff.  I can't wait.  Have missed
 this little dude so much.  I am just so happy to be
 back home in the USA.  Nowhere better!

Remember, every summer has a story.
Good morning everyone.  Life is good and
 we're smiling.  We are almost home.
Home is where the heart is...

Jul 21, 2019

Goodbye ~

Home is where the heart is.  Home is where Sniff is...

Goodbye Europe.  Hello USA.
We are heading home.  Back to the USA.

This plane is going to take us home.  In just a
 few hours we will be back home in the USA.  Back to the
 same time zone as my family.  Well most.  Unfortunately
 we will then be 7 hours behind from Norway.

Most people want to come to Europe,  I want to
go to the USA.  Call me strange, but as far as
 I am concerned there is no place like it.

We are going home, the starting place of love, 
hope and dreams.  Home where Sniff is. Coming 
home is one of the most beautiful things.

Home is not a place it is a feeling. 
It's where love lives and grows.
Home is where Sniff is...


Jul 20, 2019

Saturday ~ One Step Closer To Home

Goodbyes are not forever.  Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you until we meet again...

It's goodbye to Norway for this summer. 
 One step closer to home.  This has been
 another very good summer in Norway

Seeing Arvid and his mom say goodbye
has been emotional to say the least.

 Beautiful memories were made and there was
 lots of love an laughter going around, but nothing 
beats going home.  We leave Norway and
 we head to Sweden for our last night.

I leave with you some of our favorite moments 
in Norway.  Thank you all for making
 this a very special summer for us.

The house above was once Arvid's summer home in Norway.
The first few years this was where we stayed.  It holds many 
special memories, and some I can live without (toilet).

Until next year.  It's been a good summer, but I am 
so happy to be going home.  No matter where we go,
going home is the day we look forward to the most. 

 That is until we get the itch to go someplace again. 
 For now its home to Sniff.  One step closer.
  One night less.  I'm SUPER HAPPY!

Life take you to unexpected places.
  Love brings you home...


Jul 19, 2019

Last Day In Norway ~

No matter what happens, some 
memories can never be replaced...

I could not leave without getting a few pictures of the sunset.
This was just the other night.  Here the sun sets closer to 10pm (22:00)

No matter where in the world you are, sunsets are stunning. 
 Here n Horten, it's no exception.  Bright orange skies to die for.

After all is said and done, it has been a memorable summer.
Good times with everyone and memories made that will
always and forever remain special to me.  Always good to 
see everyone, but now it's good to finally be going home.

Thank you all for the memories and all the good time we had.
My best memories are the ones we make together.

To all a great day.  Live for moments you can't put into words.
Our last day in Norway, and it's raining.  Rain is not always bad.

Good times come and go, 
but memories will lat forever...


Jul 18, 2019

Bittersweet ~

How lucky we are to have something 
that makes saying goodbye so hard...

It’s become a tradition to gather at Michelle and 
Emil’s home on the last evening we’re in Norway. 

It used to be at Arvids moms, but since she is now a
 little more fragile, and yes 91 we do it at Michelle’s. 

 Today is that day.  Even though we do not 
leave Norway until Saturday, Michelle and family
 leave for a little vacation to Denmark.  

The last evening is always bittersweet.  Yes we
 have been waiting a long tine to go home, but now
 that the day is here it’s suddenly a little sad knowing
 we won’t be seeing them for a long time to come.

Michelle makes a meal her dad likes.  I don’t eat
 it neither does Victoria so she makes chicken
 for us. This way everyone is very happy.

I have enjoyed the Norwegian weather very much. 
I have enjoyed time with the little girls so so 
much, and tomorrow we baby sit them for a
little so that should be fun. They wear
 us out, but it’s a good wearing out.

 We have enjoyed time with Michelle and Emil,
 also with Victoria and Michael. Arvid has spent time
 with his mom almost everyday which was good.

We have seen a new place this year in Norway,
called Kragerø.  On Saturday we will be in a place called
Grebbestad in Sweden.  All in all I will have seen two
 new places this year.  Not a bad summer after all.

Yesterday was spent mostly waiting for a call
 from the people delivering a new refrigerator to
Arvid's mom.  Once the call came we ran over to her 
place to help with the removing and installing of the
 new one. Always glad when we stay busy.

It was supposed to be installed yesterday as well
but when Arvid called the installation guy this is what
he said, "can't do this today.  I don't work after 3pm and
 since it's 2pm the job will probably run past 3pm" 

 It was only 2pm when Arvid made the call.  
Not sure how business is handled here. One thing
 about Norway, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Back home in the USA people work hard for a living.  
Those who work.  In Norway I have noticed the system 
is very "SLACK" if you don't want to work, you get
 a doctor's note and you get time off with pay. 

 They have something called NAV here.   NAV 
Unless you work for yourself, the government will take 
care of you if you know how to milk the system.  
Seems like everyone knows how to do it.  
Everyone who works for someone else.

Yesterday we had the last pizza here in Horten 
for this summer.  We also had an outing to Fishland.  
Just Arvid and I.  We did ask his mom to come with us, 
but she said she was a little tired.  Understandably.

Tomorrow we treat her to an outing for dinner. 
 Just the 3 of us.  Our last day in Horten.  I'm so
 happy it's our last day, but at the same time I am 
sad because I picture Arvid's mom.  All alone in
 her apartment.  No company.  She's 91 and 
that's a very sad and lonely picture.

Life.  You can't always get what you want.
Thank you all for the memories this summer.

My mind is set on going home.  Home where Sniff is.

Life is too ironic to understand it.  It takes sadness 
to know what happiness is.  Noise to appreciate
 silence and absence to value presence...


Jul 17, 2019

Tønsberg ~

The most important thing is to
 enjoy life.  It's all that matters...

Yesterday's highlight was meeting with Victoria
 and Michael for lunch.  We had Thai food.  Was delicious 
and I won't mind doing it again and again.  So Arvid 
was not crazy about it, but then what's new.
Lunch was in  Tønsberg A beautiful spot.

It was relaxing and it was so pleasant to just sit
 down  and have a little conversation as we ate.  
I would have liked it to last longer, but unfortunately
 we had to get back to Horten and take care of a
little errand we promised Arvi'd mom.

That worked out well also because we got to spend
 some more time with her.  She will miss Arvid's 
daily visits when we leave and for that I am sad.  It is 
not pleasant to spend day after day all by yourself.  She
 is 91 after all and having company at his age 
is sure something she looks forward to.

After yesterday, I am in a better frame of mind.  
Today we help Molly with a fridge installation.
  Something to do.  Keeps us busy and happy. 
 Wednesday already.  Happy day all.

Be happy.  Not because everything is good, but
 because you can see the good side of everything...


Jul 16, 2019

Another Day In Horten ~

Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding
 you tight when you are at your worst...

Yesterday was cold and windy. Similar to most 
of the days we have had so far in Norway. Good thing
 is that I do enjoy it very much. Loving this cold 
Norwegian summer. Feels so good.

Arvid's mom wanted to go for a drive and 
visit her sisters grave site among other things.
It's always good to have something to fill up our 
time. have something to fill up our time.   

As we were giving her the “tour” of some of her
 familiar spots in Horten, Arvid drove by his old 
stomping grounds of when he was just a little boy.

There he met a friend of his. They were little boys playing
 soccer together some 45 plus years.  Arvid recognizes 
the man right away.  The man's name was also Arvid.

They got to talking and I’m sure they caught up 
on each others life in those brief short 15 minutes.

The sun was shining and the day was looking good.  
Arvid mom who is 91 is very sharp, but she has
 forgotten quite a few thing in the neighborhood.  

Arvid reacquainted her with some of the facts.  When 
we’re in the car together only Norwegian is spoken. 
 I don’t mind anymore. I tune everything out and look
 around. Take some pictures and enjoy the sights.
  Also, it’s only a few more days so then it’s all better.

Norway is  a beautiful country but the Norway I am
 seeing is NOT the Norway most people coming 
to this country sees. The Norway I picture
 in my mind is stunning.  Hope to see some 
more of it one day.  One can hope.

The Norway is see is Horten, and whenever
 I get the chance to catch a glimpse of 
anything outside of Horten I am happy.

Happy that we have the girls, Michelle, Emil, Victoria 
and Michael in the picture. They make it worth coming. 
 And of course Arvids mom, his brother and friends.

My heart is already at home!  I miss my little Sniff 
so much and I miss home.  Good food. Familiar 
surroundings. Waking up in our own bed 
and and some.  I'm all ready to go home.

Life, if well lived is enough...


Jul 15, 2019

Yesterday In Kragerø

Everyday begins with new possibilities...

Yesterday I saw a new place in Norway called Kragerø.
Picturesque and quite beautiful.  Lots of restaurants on the 
water and people everywhere.  It was a busy place.  

When I picture Norway this is what comes to mind.  For me this is beautiful.

Unfortunately, it was cold and windy.  Even so 
we managed to walk around for a little and check out 
the cozy little town around the water.  I have never
 denied that Norway is beautiful.  Yesterday's
 outing once again confirmed that. 

Monday already.  A new week begins here 
in Norway for us. Counting down to home.  Five more
 nights in Norway.  One night in Sweden.  One night
 in NYC and then we will be home with Sniff. 

 With many things to do this week, I know (hope) 
time will go by fast.  In the meantime we continue
 to enjoy all that the new day/week offers.

It's a new day, fresh start, fresh energy, new
 opportunities. Get your mind right, be thankful, 
be positive and start your day right...


Jul 14, 2019


Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive...

Yesterday was a good day for pub hopping in Horten.

A few here and a few there before we knew it the day was almost over.

Both locations had music, but we happened to
 come late to the one that had The Blues.  But what we did 
hear, was pretty good. Arvid even bonded with the band. 
 Encouraged them to come and play at his brothers club.

Here in Norway you cannot drink and drive.  Not even 
one beer, but there are always ways to get around that.
  Since I was the designated driver, let's just say one 
was more than enough and by the time we were ready 
to leave I was in great shape behind the wheels.

The weather was perfect.  Maybe too chilly for Arvid, 
but I loved the cool, crisp air.  This year in Norway
 I am really loving this weather.  It's perfect.

It's Sunday.  This time next week we will be heading
 home, for now we plan to spend the day making memories 
and having a good time.  After all life is to be lived.

I always do what makes me happy - it doesn't
 make sense to live life unhappily.  I'll look back at this
 and smile because it was life and I decided to live it...


Jul 13, 2019

Another Day Begins ~

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

Yesterday morning we went for a little walk around our area.
Beautiful scenery and perfect weather.  Now I can go home.

There is only so much nature I can handle.  I have 
seen enough.  It's beautiful, now I am ready to go home.

Arvid and I went for a little trip to Lovoyea.  
He had a few cold ones and I had a few cafe lattes.  
There is not much more to do.  Here everyone 
sits for hours on end in the sun.  I do not 
like the sun so am always seeing shade.

The day was saved by Michelle and Emil. 
 We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant.  Everyone
 left feeling full, happy and I sure was in a better mood. 
 Arvid was not that crazy about the food, but at
 the same time he did not hate it either.

A new day begins.  Meaning one day closer to 
being home with Sniff.  Yes, I am counting the days
 until we are home with Sniff, but in the meantime,
 I look forward to enjoying what this day holds.

Every morning starts a new page in your
 story. Make it a great one today...