May 27, 2015

Puerto Rico...

I know I'm not perfect.  But I'm Puerto Rican.
And it's pretty much the same thing...

The Puerto Rico I grew up in.  Amazing.  Some of the kindest people on the planet.,
and some of the most beautiful sights in the world.  Island Of Enchantment it is.

 Isla Verde beach is partially lined by condominiums and luxury hotels. 
The white-sand beach is lined with trees such as sea grapes, almond trees and 
coconut palms that provide a welcome respite from the tropical sun.

Pictured above is what's know as West Condado Beach.

People-watching is the favorite sport of Condado beach regulars. The westernmost corner,
 at the end of Puente Dos Hermanos, is the most popular spot along the strip. A natural
 rock barrier making for calm, clear waters protects this small, shady beach.

 It is fully accessible to the public, while the beachfront hotels and condos have almost
entirely limited access to most of the rest of the beach. The lagoon, on the other side of
 the bridge, is great for kayaking and widsurfing, especially for beginners.  Running 
east to west, it is long and calm as a lake, with steady parallel winds.

Puerto Rico is known around the world for its hospitality.  Where everybody, from 
the taxi driver to the Governor wants to make you feel at home.  I can certify this as a fact.

Puerto Pico..known as the Island of Enchantment.  Now you know and can see why.
Read more by following this link.    

For the next few days we will be enjoying time with family and I will once
again visit some of my favorite places, but of all places the best thing about coming to PR
is that we get to see my sister Nirvana, and  family.  For me Puerto Rico means coming home.

Sitting with my sister listening to the Coqui's chirp away and
enjoying the silence that comes from being so close to the mountains.  The fresh air,
the beautiful surroundings and just talking and talking the nights away.  Yes, it's a good feeling.

We had a great first day.  Spent most of it at my sisters.  We all had lunch together,
and then my dad and Arvid disappeared for quite some time.  Found out the found a Tiki bar
in my sisters development and they decided that they needed a few more cold ones.

Back at the hotel Arvid and I found a little corner bar.  Had a little nibble
and something to drink.  We walked around a little.  Was a beautiful evening.  Ended up
at the hotel bar for a another cold one before settling into the room.  Very good first day it was.

Happiness is a journey.  Not a destination...


May 26, 2015

Destination Vacation...

As you grow older, you learn a few things. 
One of them is to actually take the time you've allotted for vacation...

Who does not love vacations?  Certainly Arvid and I do, and we try to take as many as we can.
For the next few days we will be having a wonderful time in Puerto Rico.  We are going
to my nieces graduation.  Yes, Kimsy is graduating from High School and will soon
be leaving home heading to Yale, and the years just keep passing by so fast.

Can't wait to be in Puerto Rico and see my sister and family.  Also mom and
dad are already there, and Reshma is also there.  Not everyone, but still will be a good time.

Can't wait to see those faces.  Love love them!

Isn't it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?


May 25, 2015

Monday Morning...

If you're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big...
Have been looking forward to this week for a whole year now.  We go to Puerto Rico
for Kimsy's high school graduation and I could not be more excited.

This is sure going to be a very short work week for Arvid and I, so we have to cram as much as we 
can into the day to make it count and to take care of all that needs to be done before we go.

Having 4 nephews and 5 nieces makes it a lot of graduations (among other things), that we
will be going to.  Hopefully we can go to all of the high school graduations.  A whole
new world awaits each and everyone of them once they finish high school.

In Puerto Rico EVERYTHING is done in a big way.  Graduation is in a very fancy hotel
in Condado.  Dress code is almost as close to being black tie.  Arvid will definitely not
be going black tie, but we managed a little compromise.  I'm happy with that.

Yesterday my niece Reshma arrived in Puerto Rico.  Her very first solo trip in an airplane.
Her journey began with a bus ride from her home to Boston's Logan International Airport.
 She insisted n doing the almost 3 hour bus ride.  Her mom was nervous, but
confident Reshma will do good.  She did not disappoint. On my part,
 I made sure she texted every part of the journey ad she did.

Reshma had quite the reception when she arrived.
Next stop, Puerto Rico!  Finally the day is almost here.  So excited.  Can't wait.

For now good morning to all of you.  May your Monday be the beginning
of a new and exciting week to come.  Let us all make it a good one.

It's time to get the show on.
If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on


May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend...

A hero is someone who has given his or her
life to something bigger than oneself...

To many, Memorial Day, the federal U.S. holiday that takes place every year on  the 
last Monday of May, is just another excuse for a three-day weekend. It’s also known  as the
 day that marks the official start of summer and as a day devoted to getting great deals
 at the mall. However, the true meaning of Memorial Day goes far beyond
 barbecues and mattress sales.  For many this is not an easy day. 

The holiday began after the Civil War, and at that time was known as “Decoration Day.” 
While it was originally founded to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War, today, 
Memorial Day is a day to honor all of the Americans who have died in military service.

Patriotic Americans should take a moment from their day of celebration and leisure
 to reflect on the brave sacrifices of those who have given their lives for this great nation. 

I have learnt that being an American is being able to follow your own personal calling.
As they say, to be able to do what you want to do is incredible FREEDOM!


and may we never forget that FREEDOM isn't FREE.

Being an American, it's the way you think
and the way you live...


May 23, 2015

Feels Like Summer....

You can't by happiness,
 but you CAN buy smoothies and that's close enough...

Summertime weather is upon us.  We all need ways to stay cool and look good at the same
 time.  That why it's time for some smoothies to cool us off on these warm summer days.

The Honeydew Ginger Smoothie:
11/2 cups cubed honeydew melon
1/2 cup banana
1/2 cup vanilla nonfat yogurt
1/2 cup ice cubes
1/4 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

Combine the cubed honeydew, banana, yogurt, ice and grated ginger in blender; 
blend until smooth.  Pour into 2 glasses and before you know it you are
 sipping on some pretty amazing stuff.  Garnish  with mint leaves
 if you like or some fresh ginger slices or some melon balls.  

My mom is always telling us the benefits of ginger.  Today I try to use ginger in all my cooking
 and if I listened more to my mom I would also be drinking more ginger tea.  For now this 
smoothie with a hint of ginger will do it for me.  Love my ginger slices as well. This 
honey dew ginger smoothie is a great alternative from the usual green smoothies.

Yesterday we cleaned and cleaned.  Not as bad as I expected and we got quite a lot done.
As a little treat o ourselves we went to the Home and Garden Show at the Broward 
Convention Center.  We o just about every year.  Always nice to get new ideas 
and especially if one is looking for a particular item.  

The show prices are pretty good compared to retail prices.  This time we were looking
 for motorized blinds to block out some of the sun's rays in the early morning.  
Found many good deals and we had a good time as well.

Not much planned as yet, but with us that can change in seconds.  
To all a good Saturday.  Here it is already nice and warm.

In life, much like smoothies, you get out what you put in...


May 22, 2015

Working Friday...

The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do...

We have quite a few things planned for the weekend, but the question is will we be able
 to do any of them? This time not so sure about it.  Reason is that today our tenant is
 moving out. This means work and work.  We will be trying to get the
  apartment all ready to list again in the MLS.

I have most of the MLS listing already done so that's the easy part.  Not looking so much
 to the cleaning.  Spackling and painting is Arvid's portion.  Don't have a problem 
cleaning, but the cleaning supplies make me cough all the time.  That's the
 part I don't look forward to so much.  Gotta do what you gotta do.

To all hope your Friday is the start of a relaxing and enjoyable weekend to come.

Yesterday Arvid and I found ourselves going to a restaurant we discovered in Chicago.
The Tilted Quilt.  Since eating there in Chicago, Arvid has not stopped wanting to go
back there for the Shepherd's Pie.  Yesterday found us right there at lunch time.

Sadly the Shepherd's Pie was not very good.  As usual I stuck to some sort of a
chicken meal.  Usually chicken wings.  That was good.  Have to say most likely we
will not be going there in the very near future.  At least not the one in downtown
Fort Lauderdale.  One day when we visit again in Chicago we will.

Many chores right now, so will say until next time.

Happy Friday all.

Life is like a bicycle.  
To keep your balance you must keep moving...


May 21, 2015

Always Something Good...

I get by with a little help from my friends...

My friend Liliana was here yesterday visiting us.  Always a pleasure to talk to her and to
 lately give her some lessons on how to use her new iPad.  Liliana is a fun person to 
teach because she is really a fast learner and always has something funny to say.

Yesterday aside from regular lessons, we created a FB page for her.  Something she was
and is still reluctant to be in.  She says she will not do much with it, but who knows.
At least she now has two friends. Brutus and I are friends finally with Liliana on 
FB.  Who knows one of these days she will actually get into it.  Could be fun.

After a little nibble we indulged in a little adult drink.  Yes, only Wednesday,
but did not hurt us one bit and we both were in super good moods after an hour or so.

Brutus sad to say is back on meds.  The wound on his paw is still not healed, and the doctor 
told us that maybe if we gave him the medicine for about a month no-stop who knows? 
 Maybe the infection on his paw will disappear.  I am not a negative person, and 
I am of course willing to try this, but deep down I know that what Brutus 
has will always be there.  Sad but that's how it is.  That being said we 
will definitely try the doctors suggestion.  Can't hurt.

Hello Thursday.  Please be good to us all.

When the world says give up, HOPE whispers... try it one more time...


May 20, 2015


Hump day.  Not as depressing as Monday. Not as exciting as Friday,
 but the sun is shining, it's a brand new day and I'm alive...

Brutus had his 6 month check up yesterday.  So far no results, but the doctor says he looks good.  
He lost a little of weight and we now have to wait and see what the blood work tells us.  
The doctor says that the biggest problem would be damage to the lungs because of 
the long term use of these medications.  Fingers crossed that everything comes 
back normal.  Brutus needs these pills to fight the permanent infection 
in his paw.  Brutus does not need organ failure.  What a dilemma.


Once back home, Brutus was a little upset with us.  He sat far away and just kept
 an eye on me while i enjoyed a cup of tea.  Does not take him long to get over his mood.

Today is going to be another scorching day. Maybe a god day to take a swim in the pool.
Hmmm.. not sure how that will go, but maybe Arvid and I might for a change try it out.

In the meantime there are many other ways to stay cool.  Fruit being one of
my favorites and my fruit infused water always delicious in this heat.

Besides tasting great and having zero calories,
infused water has many additional health benefits, including:

Improves your mood. 
Flushes toxins from your system.

Fills you up so you don’t eat as much junk.
Naturally helps your body release fat cells.
Keeps food moving through your system.
Keeps your organs healthy while you’re sweating.
Reduces muscle fatigue while working out.
Helps you recuperate faster from a workout.
Keeps you from feeling groggy in the afternoon.

Not a bad way to start your day by any means.  Making my day was something sent
to me also by a friend.  Not in the least flattering, but definitely true and so very funny.

You know what they say, "nothing beats a good laugh."  And when you can laugh at yourself 
then you know you have it all together...most times.  Adding to my day will be a visit from 
Liliana.  Already started to make her some foodies and some apple tarts in the oven makes
 the place smell so good.  Yes it is a good day.  Always something good in everyday.

Make sure you find that something good in each day and to all a good day.

May your Wednesday be a humping good time.
Do something nice.  Say something good, hear something great today...


May 19, 2015


Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same...

As Mondays go I was just not feeling it yesterday.  Sad because it was indeed a very 
beautiful day even if it is incredibly hot, same for today, but for now we are indoors 
so we are staying cool within the walls of the AC.

Brutus just finished his 10 days of pills so hopefully he will not be hiding from me
 that much.  He still has an open wound or two on his paw, but hopefully they 
will be healing in the next few days.  Everyone happy about that.

Arvid, Brutus and I have had a very good week.  What made the week for me was our trip
 to Key Largo and witnessing the most amazing sunset I have seen in quite a long time.
I remember when we were little living in Puerto Rico and my dad would always tell us,
"you will not often see sunsets as beautiful as these in Puerto Rico."

My dad is hardly ever wrong, but the one in Key largo came pretty close to the ones in 
Puerto Rico.  Key Largo is just a little over an hours drive from us. I tod Arvid 
that we should go there more often if only to watch the sunset.

Feeling much better today.  We take Brutus to the vet later today.  Nothing new with him, 
but because he takes medicines all the time it is necessary for the doctors to do some checking 
to make sure all his organs are OK and that he has not developed additional infections.

Arvid as usual is BUSY!  With him I never know when we need to pick up and run.
He likes to say that he keeps me on my toes.  Not far from the truth.  As far as I know, there
is nothing really pending today for us to be running around, but like I said you never know with him.

Everywhere it is hot.  My sister's doggie who lives in Vermont is also hot.  Jaxen gets
 a bath almost every other day and he loves it.  The LOVE sign you see there was given
to another of my sister's, Rima by her 3 kids on mothers day.  The writing on it
 describes everything about her that the kids love and admire in her.

Waking up early always makes me think about family and of how much I miss them.
Sometimes more so than ever.  Like today.  I miss them all and wish we lived closer to each other.

For now good morning everyone.  Time flies by so fast.
 May is soon over. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday, live everyday as if it were your last, 
because one of these days you will be right...


May 17, 2015

Baby's Birthday...

First we had each other.  Then we had you.  Now we have everything...

Brutus...the apple of my eye.  Today our little kitty turns 9.

All I can say is that the day Brutus entered our lives, it became so much better.
Arvid has learnt the meaning of patience and of saying I love you to a kitty.

If you were to ask Arvid, he would tell you that Brutus has changed him.  Brutus has
made him a better person.  The Arvid I met and the Arvid I know after Brutus came into our
 lives are completely different.  I like the Arvid that became a better person because of Brutus.

Brutus's first year with us as pictured from the above pictures, was a learning process
for him and Arvid.  I have had kitties before, 5 to be exact so for me it was just heaven sent
being able to have another.  It took some convincing, but soon Arvid gave in to the idea
 and we have never looked back.  Brutus was the best thing to happen to our lives!

They say a baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.  Well the
 same applies to our Brutus.  He is more human that kitty and all he wants is to be loved by us.

Happiness for us is a home where Brutus is, and where we hear little feet following
 us around all the time.  Happiness is watching Brutus cuddle up 
with Arvid and Arvid having a big smile on his face. 

 Happiness is having Brutus and Arvid to love and cherishing them forever.
This being said I am happy.  I have everything I need right 
next to me and I'm always grateful.

Happy birthday Brutus.  You have made life so much more interesting and we love you
 forever.  Dada and I hope you can be with us forever, but we will be happy to take whatever
 comes.  We promise to love you forever and to be with you through it all.  You are our baby.

Brutus, you have filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty...

~Mama and Dada~