Feb 7, 2023

Tuesday February 7th 🌴

Never let the fear of striking
 out keep you from playing the game...

 What a day yesterday.  Busy from the moment we woke up,
 but then the afternoon was much more relaxing.  Spent it 
with mom and dad and then we met Arvid and toured the 
downtown a bit.  Downtown is very small, and we like it. 

Of course we had to take mom to our favorite pit stop.
  You’d guessed it.  Downtown Pizza.  My dad did not come
 along which was disappointing because Arvid was all ready 
to take him to have a few cold ones.  As Nirvana
 would say, “it be like that sometimes.”

Mom and Arvid shopped downtown while I held the
 bags πŸ™„. Can’t believe Arvid went windows shopping. 
Of course he found something and after getting
 my approval that I also liked it, it was ours.

Today will be a lot more relaxing.  Thank goodness no
 long drives like the last few days.  We are both tired driving. 

This has been so far a perfect 2023, and the year
 is still young. Can’t wait to see what the next 
few months have in store for us.  Excited

  I’m happy and I’m grateful and yes, I have begun with
 doctors and everything is starting all over again.  I feel 
good and I know everything is going to be all right.

A good day to all.  Sniff is by my side right now and life is good. 
 Mornings are quiet peaceful time with just Sniff and I.

In order to write about life first you must live it..


Feb 6, 2023

Monday February 5th ~

There are two means of refuge from
 the miseries of life: music and cats...

 No matter what Sniff does, it's always adorable to me πŸ’™.  
I love him so much and cannot imagine what our lives would be
 without him.  He does not replace our Brutus.  He's Sniff Sniff 
in his own right.  Being Sniff is what makes him so special.

As the new week begins I am just grateful for all the wonderful
 moments I have with my parents and sisters visiting.  I hope 
we can do this more often.  I am just thankful for all of it.

The balloons are finally "dead" but even in their last
 breath, Sniff was scared.  It's not funny, but at the 
same time seeing him running in circles is funny.

Good morning and a happy and productive week to everyone.

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.  
Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother...


Feb 5, 2023

Sunday February 5th ~

Sometimes the quiet moments are
 the ones that really speak the most...

 Having family visiting sure is nice, but at the same time 
very exhausting.  I am looking forward today to having a quiet 
day with just Arvid and Sniff.  We are so set in our ways.  We 
do enjoy time with family, but we also enjoy time alone best.
That being said, maybe I can do breakfast with them ☕

Sundays always start with a leisurely breakfast.  The one day 
of the week Arvid indulges in bacon and eggs.  Six days of the 
week it's the same always for him.  Not me.  I need variety
 to spice up my day/life  Arvid says I am not consistent.

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind...


Feb 4, 2023

Saturday February 4th ~

 Often people who criticize your life are usually the same
 people who don't know the price you paid to get where you are...

Yesterday we had another full day.  Nirvana claims she 
came here to relax not to be running around all day long, but 
she did go along with it.  Rima, Arvid and I just were happy to be
 "running" along all day.  Nina asked me, "don't you ever get tired."

Nina is also here, but yesterday she and David were 
in Orlando with our parents for the viewing of my cousin.  
Nina is a good girl.  Very family oriented and very kind.
  She was here with us all on Thursday.  Was a good day

  Boy was that place a madhouse πŸ˜‚.  Rima made us all 
tres leches, and the carrot cake she brought with her from 
Virginia mom made a ton of food.  Poor Arvid, on Thursday
he was a little overwhelmed.  Just too much for him.

Yesterday was a full day.  We had a really good time. 
 February, start of my doctors appointments again.  I have to
 make sure all is going well because pretty soon we will be heading 
back to Branson.  Something we sure are looking forward to.

Saturday.  A few soccer games for Arvid.  There is so many
 things going on around us that Arvid said to me, "I am so 
busy trying to keep track of all the happenings around us."  
Yes, we are really happy with Fort Myers being home.

Good morning and a good day to all.  Next time family
 visits us, they will be coming all the way from Norway🎈

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.
 It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us...


Feb 3, 2023

Friday February 3rd ~

Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does...

 I believe that Rima was convinced to come to Fort Myers 
with the promise of us taking her to Art Walk, and mostly 
with hopes of seeing Jesus man.   That is the man who preaches
 we will all die, burn and go to hell.  Nirvana is also very 
curious to see Jesus man, but she does not derive the
 same "develish" satisfaction as Rima and I ♰

Jesus man has become a main attraction during
 Art Walk and Music Walk, at least for me.  Everyone
 stops and films him and smile.  He sure is a character.

I'm so excited to be going to Art Walk today. 
 The only thing that would stop us would be rain, and
 it is forecasted to have a little.  The day is still young 
so that can all still change in a second.  Right now the 
sun is out and no rain in sight.  Hope it remains so 

Wishing everyone a happy day.  I love being able to
 spend time with my sisters.  I'm so very happy.

Sisters make life more beautiful...


Feb 2, 2023

Thursday February 2nd~

Laughter is brightest in the place where food is good...

 There is so much we would like to show and do with my sisters,  
but with a limited time schedule we try to do as much as possible 
and still find time to share laughter and catch up with our lives. 
 Family time can be hectic, but boy it sure is lots of fun.

Being raised in a Latin environment makes Cuban food a must.  
Basically Latins have the best tasting food.  Period.  Nothing really
 compares to Puerto Rican food, Cuban comes in on the top as well. 
 Ever since Arvid and I went to this Cuban restaurant, we both 
thought my family would love it.  We were not wrong.

With just a few days, we are trying our very best to "hit" a few spots
 with Rima before she has to leave.  She is after all my fun sister and like 
me wants to do everything possible in her stay.  I'm definitely game.

Yesterday was mani-pedi day for mom and Rima.  She's
 so busy with her backing business, she hardly has time to do 
much for herself anymore.  I'm so happy she has a few days "off" 
from baking.  Even so, she will make her tres leches for us.  Her
 suitcase was filled with goodies for us also.  I love her carrot cake.

After that we had Cuban food.  Everyone was very happy 
with their meal.  Then Rima and I walked around downtown for 
a bit and decided to do the happy hour thing.  She was treating,
 even better.  We then called Arvid who joined us.  He was 
very happy to be treated to happy hour as well.

After that we took her to the rooftop at Luminary Hotel.
I wanted to see the sunset.  It did not disappoint.  A few more drinks
 here and we were in very relaxed.  Arvid did not want to leave.

As he said to me, "Rima is relaxing to be with and she's a very 
happy person."  No truer words than those.  I love her very much.

Good morning everyone.  Hopefully next time we are at
 this rooftop, it will be with Victoria and Michael.  In Norway her
 little fur baby is going under anesthesia tomorrow for a tooth 
removal.  Please be kind and send them both good vibes.

Remember you can't reach what's in front of 
you until you let go of what's behind you...


Feb 1, 2023

New Month ~February 1st

 The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be
 seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart...

I read somewhere that in February there is everything to
 hope for and nothing to regret.  Sounds right to me, even more 
so because not only are my parents here, but also three of my 
sisters.  Nirvana from Puerto Rico, Rima from Virginia, and 
Nina who lives part in Florida and Pennsylvania.  Life is 
definitely showering me with an abundance of joy.

Although for many February is still a cold and harsh month,
 there are still ways to find enjoyment, and to enjoy each day 
by living life to the fullest and appreciating the little things.

For me right now it's the fact that I have my parents and sisters visiting.
  Even though I have many a doctors appointments it's good to know
 that for a few days I will be enjoying their company and laughter.

I’m the big sister. I want to make sure they have everything, 
even if I don’t have anything. I love them too much. Yesterday
 it was just mom, Rima and I having a little girl outing.  Tomorrow
 Nina and Nirvan will be here.  So excited to see them as well.

May this new month bring us all happiness and joy and 
may we always find the good and positive in each day.  

Another reason why February is going to be a great month?  
We finally saw our first Fort Myers manatee.  After hurricane Ian 
no one was sure how long it would take before they came back.
  Now waiting to see more of them and dolphins. SoonπŸ™

You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same  
blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you...


Jan 31, 2023

Sisters ~ January 31st ~

You may be as different as the sun and the moon,
 but the same blood flows through both your hearts.
 You need her, as she needs you.  Sisters πŸ’š...

 You fight. You play together. You “borrow” each other’s clothes.
 You tease each other. You get into your mom’s makeup. Growing up 
with a sister can be awesome, but it can also be annoying—like
 living with a BFF and the class mean girl all at once. 

Having a sister is probably the biggest love/hate relationship you’ll
 ever experience.  Still, sisters have a bond like no other. Whether you’re
 the responsible big sister or the wild-child little sister, you know what 
you have is special—and no one else but you better mess with her.

Among the many things I am grateful for in life, having
 four sisters is definitely in the top of my list.  Most of the times,
 we do not see eye to eye, but I'll tell you one thing, if one of us is going
 through a difficult time in our lives we don't even have to tell the other. 
 Somehow we know.  We always know when the other is hurting. 
 Because sisters share a bond like no other and I have four πŸ’™

There is no one I would rather have in my corner than my sisters.
There’s nothing quite like a bond between sisters. You’ve been through
 it all together, whether you’re two years apart or ten years apart.

 You always have each other’s back, even when you don’t want
 to admit it. When you had your heart broken or suffered through
 a friend breakup, your sister was the first one there for you.

 One thing for sure is that you can never break this bond and 
it will stay with you forever. No matter how many times you fight
 or disagree,  you always find yourself right back at her side.

On a random note, last night on the news:

This just reinforces Arvid's conviction that we did the right thing.  
Mine as well.  As always πŸ˜‚ we keep telling ourselves that this would 
be our last move.  I have heard this more times that I can remember.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.  
For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; 
To cheer one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray, 
To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands....


Jan 30, 2023

Monday January 30th~

You keep bringing happiness into people’s 
lives—and onto their walls. πŸ€— I love you!...

 Come tomorrow Florida will be an even better 
brighter place.  My sister Rima will be here for a few days, 
and all I can picture and hear is her laughter, smiles 
and best of all, the most positive attitude there is.

  She is a ray of sunshine in all our lives.  I love 
her πŸ’› and there is no more to say.  Of course she is also
 everyone's favorite baker, but while here there is NO 
baking.  She will be treated like the queen she isπŸ˜‚

She's my baby sister and no matter how old we get 
the bond between sisters just gets stronger.  I just wish they
 know how much joy they bring into my life.  Rima brings joy 
into everyone's life just by being who she is.  She's the cool
 sister and I just adore her.  I want to do so much with her.

Another amazing week begins and all I can say is 
"thank you"  I have everything I need and so much more.

Rima, you make the world a happier place.   You cheer me
 up no matter what my mood is. You have a way of seeing
 the good in all people, and it makes you a delightful person
 to be around. Your positive attitude is one of a kind.

Yesterday we spent time with my parents and then we all 
went to dinner.  Chicken wings is a favorite of everyone.  
Thank goodness for that.  As always they were delicious.

As the new week begins, I am super excited and happy
 to have my sisters visiting Fort Myers.  Unfortunately Mala 
was unable to make it.  Next time.  For now I am grateful and 
definitely looking forward to every moment we have together.

To all have a wonderful week and enjoy every minute of it.

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic 
world simply by being there for each other...