Feb 21, 2017

Days Of Sunshine...

Stay on the sunny side of life.  Those who bring sunshine into
the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves...

Sunday was the first time since living here in Branson we actually went downtown 
by the water and had a "better" meal and a typical Sunday outing we usually
 had when in Fort Lauderdale.  It felt great being back by the water having
 our meal and watching boats pass by.  Very different from
 the mega yachts back home, but just as nice and relaxing 

 The best part was that we were able to sit out in the sun and enjoy our meal.  
Yes it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day high's in the upper 70's.  For a February day 
here in Missouri it was just heaven.  Hopefully this is the trend for the remaining
 of the winter.  Though the day started out foggy it end up being a gorgeous day.
  Could not ask for anything better.  The rest of the week also in the 70's.

It felt good be be dressed in summer clothes and not to have to pile on layers
 after layers of clothing.  Yes, it felt just like "normal" again for us.  Even so, we were 
still concerned that it might turn cold again.  We of course took our jackets. 

 Fortunately we did not need them.  Well let's say I did not need mine.  Arvid said
 he was borderline cold towards the end.  So bad.  He is supposed to be a
 Norwegian Viking.  More like a wimp when it comes to the cold.

We took quite some time in the candy store stocking up on a few favorites.  Then
 we saw Kilwins.  My dad's favorite place to have ice-cream.  Arvid made me
 take a few pictures and told me to don't forget and email then to my dad.

Thus making sure they will visit us soon.  Whenever Arvid sees a Kilwins store
 the first thing he says is, "your dad's favorite ice-cream."  Strange how he
remembers certain things and forgets some even more significant ones.

Looking forward to more days like this one.  The perfect ending to the day was
coming home to Sniff Sniff.  He waits patiently and as soon as he saw us he started
 meowing loudly.  Meant he was ready for foodies and a good brushing.
  Of course he had both of those.  He gets brushed almost all day long
otherwise he just meows even louder.  Sniff s a very good kitty.

To all a very good day.  Remember when you can't find the sunshine
be the sunshine, because if you're always waiting for
the storm you will never find the sunshine.

Unfortunately yesterday we did not see any sunshine.  Mostly rain.  Today more
of that wet weather coming our way.  Guess I will be making my own sunshine
again.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Time flies when you're having fun!

Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.


Feb 20, 2017

Hello Monday...

A brand new week to live, laugh be happy.
Train your mind to see the good in everything...

My baby sister, not so much a baby anymore, but in my eyes she will always be
 the baby. From little girls we were very close even with the age difference. 
 Through the years we got closer, and as I saw her blossom from child
 to woman I only admired her more.  The youngest in our family and 
mother of there kids.  Gabby, Riley and Lilly Vade.  

Not always easy shuffling 3 kids, a husband, a cooking business, a home, and 
still managing to maintain one's sanity and perspective in life.  Positive always
 and with the 'I will" attitude we all inherited from our parents.  Quitting is NEVER
 an option and that's the way she and all of us were raised.  Happy birthday.  

Soon you will be celebrating it in Costa Rica.  Hard work,
determination and a good attitude does pay off.  I love you!

Good morning everyone.  Monday morning again.  New week and for us it is
 looking pretty busy.  Nothing unusual here here.  Staying busy is what we like 
best and seems as if we got our wish here in Branson.  Happy day to all.

The best thing about having a sister is that I always have a friend..


Feb 19, 2017

Sunday In Branson, MO

Life is for most of us a continuous process of 
getting used to things we hadn't expected...

I stepped out the front door, and stepped right back in.  That is of course after taking 
 few pictures of the fog rolling in.  They said it was going to be a warm day again today,
 but it sure was cold out there.  On the other hand it is still very early in the morning.  
Hopefully in a few hours it will warm up, even if the sun does not show up.

Even Sniff Sniff does not like it.  He saw the fog and decided to head 
elsewhere to take his nap.  He is after all a very smart kitty.

Yesterday I finally discovered a Panera store not so far from us.  Had to check it out
 and as always who can resist all the delicious smells and the sights in the store.  Ended
 up buying everything I should not, but it made me happy and a little heavier.

The leaves are still brown and everything still looks a little "boring" but spring 
hopefully will soon be here.  Maybe earlier in Missouri than in many places
 experiencing winter right now.  "They" say the winter is not yet over, on the other hand
 "others" say the winter is soon over.  I have to wait and see for myself.

Our days are busier than expected.  The week goes by fairly fast and the weekends
 even faster.  Guessing in some way this is good.  Leaves less time for the 
mind to wander where it should not.  Happy Sunday everyone 
and may you always live in interesting times.

Time flies when you're in the place you're meant to be.
A Sunday well spent brings a week on content...


Feb 17, 2017

Never Judge A Person...

Every person is like a book. Judging people is like judging a book by it's cover. 
When we read, we know the intricacies of that book and then like it, whatever
 the cover may be like. That's why being judgmental is a very narrow 
minded approach of limiting your intellect. Once you turn over
 a new leaf and start to form your own opinion without over
 analyzing situations and people, you'll see the difference...

We are all guilty of this.  We all judge people and I know I am no exception.
Sometimes we just see someone, we don't even know them and already we
 are forming an opinion about them.  Many times it's the wrong opinion.

When we came to Branson, I formed my opinions based on what I saw.  Little by
little I realized how very wrong I was.  The more I got to know the people the more
I realized what a terrible thing it is to judge just based on first impressions.  I will
be the first to say sorry.  I was wrong.  I have met amazing people here with struggles
 and stories that at times seem too incredible to be true, but they really are.

I have learnt in the last 4 months that there is so much to learn.  So much to appreciate
 and to NEVER EVER take anything for granted.  Many in Branson are very poor,
but they have some of the biggest hearts of anyone I have met.  They remind me and
everyone that it is not how much you have, but what you do with what you have.

Many don't have much, but they are the first to share the little they have.  It reminds
me always of my parents.  Long time ago they did not have much, but the little
 they had they shared with everyone.  They have not changed in that way.

They have instilled that to their 5 daughters.  Something I am grateful for.  I want
 to be just like my mom and dad.  Caring and always ready to extend a helping hand.

Next time you meet someone, make sure you know them a little before
starting to judge them.  I will begin by following my own advise as well.

In my experience, I have found that women are more judgmental.  Women are
harsher and more critical towards other women.  Arvid says that he thinks
"women just hate each other, and that most are just jealous of each other."

Just like we believe we deserve the benefit of the doubt so do others.  Remember,
don't try and judge a person because you have no clue as to what they have been through!
I have learnt that judging a person does not define who they are.. it defines who you are

I'd rather be naked in front of a guy than in front of a group of girls. 
Women are judgmental.  Men are just grateful...


Feb 16, 2017

Already Thursday...

Happiness will never fail to come to those who fail to appreciate
 what they already have.  Remember, gratitude affects attitude...

I have a weakness for everything I probably should stay away from, but I was never
 one to listen to "reason."  I am more one to do as I wish, say what I want and move on.

Too bad the extra pounds don't move on as well.  Oh well no regrets.  Yesterday was 
just the perfect day to indulge.  Was wet and cold outside.  Warm and cozy indoors.

Still not used to this weather.  Just Monday it was warm.  Tuesday was cold as hell 
and rain all the time.  Every time I think winter is over it comes back with a vengeance.
 Definitely not my favorite time of the year, and this is only the first winter
 I have had in over 20 years.  Helped with a good meal as well.

Now I think I am really coming down with the flu.  Sore throat and body aches.
Yesterday I was very exhausted.  Guess that's what happens when you're not feeling
so great.  Sniff is never far from me.  At nights he sleeps so close to me that
 even if I wanted to get up I don't.  You see I don't want to disrupt his sleep.

The last few days I have been missing Florida a little.  I miss my mornings
 on the balcony.  I miss the sunrises.  I miss the swaying of the palm trees and
the sight of boats passing by.  I miss the place that was home to
Brutus and us for so many years.  Today I'm doing better.

Good morning everyone.
Rise and shine for a beautiful day awaits us all.

And my thoughts drift to home and you.
Think positive and positive things will happen...


Feb 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day...

I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what
 it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with
 them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them
 everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, 
love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak
 knees when they walk into a room and smile at you...

Wising everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.  As children we made cards
 and passed around to our classmates. It was special. When my sisters and
 I were just little girls my parents would always give us a little card 
and sometimes a tiny present for Valentine's Day.  

What I'm getting at is that you don't have to be in a relationship to 
enjoy the day.  It's not about the presents, but about sharing with that 
someone special in your life.  Don't get me wrong if you can get that 
someone special to shower you with presents why not?? 

Check out Rima's page on Facebook.

 Yesterday I told Arvid it would be nice for him to buy me a few things for 
Valentine's Day so I went to the mall bought me a few things and thanked 
him profusely for the presents.  He was happy and I was happy.

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. 
Love is knowing that the one you cherish, cherishes you just as much 
and will do whatever it takes to make you happy and vice-versa..

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
Love is what you've been through with somebody...


Feb 13, 2017

Staying Busy...

Keep busy at something.  A busy person never has time to be unhappy.
The secret is keeping busy and loving what you do...

Monday morning.  All set and ready for the week ahead.  Hope the same goes
for everyone.   Yesterday was another beautiful day here.  Arvid and I did 
a little shopping and I ended up with this cutie pie I'm holding.  

Valentine's day is not a big thing for us.  Just another day to be grateful 
for what we have and who when have in our lives.  I never want to forget that.

My niece Lilly Vade pictured above in the pink top is one of the happiest
 persons I know.  From little she is learning that no matter what life brings her way
the best way to deal with it is with a positive attitude.  Her mom and dad sure
 is teaching her how to deal with life and people.  Lilly Vade is pure love.

Pictured above eating oatmeal is Aleah our eldest granddaughter in Norway.
She is growing up way too fast.  Both girls are just pure love as is
 Vanessa our other  granddaughter.  Thank heaven for little girls.

Wishing everyone a week full of all things good and happiness always.
Busy days await us and that is always a good thing.  When the mind is busy,
 less time for the heart to ache.  My goal everyday is to be busy, busy.

People tend to be happier when they are kept busy, as this prevents
them from thinking about the negative things in life...


Feb 12, 2017

A Beautiful Day Ahead...

Give everyday a chance to become the most beautiful day of your life...

The days are going by super fast.  Not exactly sure what we are doing but seems
 like before you know it the day is almost over.  Take today for instance; we woke
 up at the usual time.  Arvid watched soccer as usual, called his family,
 then breakfast.  Next thing you know it's already noon. 

Maybe the beautiful weather is keeping us busier than usual.  Love that.  Had a 
chance to check out some more of the stores at the outlet mall and at the same time 
pick up a few pairs of shoes.  Went on my own so was able to browse at my hearts
 content.  The other day Arvid and I went together with Arvid.  Needless to say,
 in under 10 minutes he found 2 pairs of shoes and we were done shopping.

Another beautiful day in our horizon.  Can't believe we are actually warmer than back
 home in Fort Lauderdale.  No complaints here.  Time to head out and enjoy our Sunday. 
 Wishing the same to all of you.  Sniff is enjoying bird watching and squirrels
 passing by "torturing" him.  Yes, kit is a good day here at home.

It's such a beautiful day.  I'm feeling positive and focused.
I hope everyone has a great day.  I will be grateful for this day...


Feb 10, 2017

Left Me Thinking...

You know my name, not my story.  You've heard what I've done.  
Not what I've been through.  If you were in my shoes you'd fall the first step...

Wednesday was extremely cold. The day was dark and damp.  The wind did not help.  
Yesterday was no better even colder than Wednesday.  I think both Arvid and I may
 be getting the flu.  The big and low temperatures are making everyone sick.

Yesterday I found out about an organization in Branson that helps feed the needy.
As I was at the grocery store I saw a van and on it was the writing "Jesus was Homeless".
 Well that made me curious. I of course had to ask what it's all about.

Jesus was homeless is a non profit organization that puts together over 13,000 meals 
every week and distributes it to people in need.  Volunteers do all the work.

Something to think about. Maybe I can volunteer some of my time in helping 
to package the meals.  It is after all for a very good cause.  I even went to the 
location and saw for myself the work these volunteers do.  Yes. Different 
place. Different way of life.  Here there are so many in need of food.

The elderly live on a fixed income and the rest of the people depend on tourism.  
Three months out of the year they are out of jobs and they depend on unemployment
 benefits.  Yes since living in Branson I have learnt and have seen another side of life.  

Many have it very difficult.  Sometimes there is. No food.  A lady told me she had
 2 dogs and a husband. She said to me, " honey first we feed the dogs. Then my husband.
 If there is any left I will eat otherwise I don't have anything."  Somehow those words haunt me.

Many of us live "comfortable" lives.  We are rarely touched by what goes on with others.  
After what I heard and saw, it's not the same for me anymore.  I can't get over the
 fact that right here where we live people are going hungry. All ages.

They say that hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
I really hope so, but in all honesty I think many of the people here will need a miracle.

Hello Friday.  I hope everyone is having a great day and that the
 weekend ahead is filled with all things good.  

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us,
 but those who win battles we know nothing about...


Feb 8, 2017

Making The Best Of Life..

By making the best of all things we make the most of ourselves...

Yesterday and the day before were definitely ones of those nicer days.
 Cloudy on Monday, but warm.  Yesterday was sunny and very warm.  High 70's.
Rest of the week will not be that cold but definitely colder.  All the way in the 20's at nights.

Life is Missouri definitely has a few quirks.  Like one will never know if the
day will be cold or not.  Yesterday there was a tornado warning, but lucky us nothing 
happened.  One day I heard a siren as I was in the store.  Had no clue what it was
 until someone said that's the warning signal of an approaching tornado.  
This was early January when Arvid was in Florida. 

Life continues its pace here for us.  Arvid is busy busy all the time.  Running from
 here to there doing this and doing that.  Most of the times he likes when
 I go with him, but many times I get out of it.  Works for both of us.
We have definitely met some very nice people in Branson.

Sniff is never neglected.  Both Arvid and I make it a point to spend extra time 
with him and to play with him quite often.  He is after all a very good boy.

To all a very good day.  Don't forget that the best things in life are the people you love,
 the places you've seen, and the memories you've made along the way.

Things didn't turn out the way they were supposed to, but what can you do?
You must take life the way it comes at you and make the most of it...