Oct 29, 2020

Thursday October 29th ~

 No one can ever take your memories 
from you – each day is a new beginning, 
make good memories every day...

I was fortunate again today to have seen "my" kitties and
 to ensure that they were fed for the day.  My heart is happy.
  It reminds me of a kitty in Fort Lauderdale called Luna. 

 She is Vitoria and Michael's kitty when they are home away
 from home.  Like me they feed her and they are even luckier
 that they get to touch and cuddle with Luna.  The kitties here are
 feral, but at least they are not going to starve while I am here.

Evenings on the balcony is probably our favorite time 
of the day.  Breezy, peaceful and lots to see and hear.  
The most beautiful moon shows up right in front of us.  
The nights are star filled and we are lucky because ★ 
every night we see Mars shining bright above us.

Thursdays are always interesting in that Arvid 
looks at the map and does a lot of Google searches. 
 Makes me think that something new and 
exciting awaits us.  One can hope πŸ˜‚. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thursday.  Sniff says
 he can't wait for Halloween to be done with. 
 He's tired of being photographed 🐾 .

Darkness falls across the land, 
The Midnight Hour is close at hand...


Oct 28, 2020

Wednesday ~

Make my happiness, I will make yours...

 Every morning I make the biggest decision of my
 life: be happy today.  All I know is the here and now. 
 What happened yesterday, and what may happen 
tomorrow is gone or hasn't happened as yet.

Yesterday I talked to one of my previous tenants at 
Almost Home.  Our conversation made me very sad. She
 barley scrapes by.  I asked what do you eat after paying 
your rent.  Her answer "noodles and butter." And then
 she said, "don't worry Nadiya, I am used to it."

Of course I am worried.  I mean how can I eat knowing
 she has nothing.  Arvid says I can't help everyone.  I say
 "I can try."  At least I feel a little better knowing that
 soon she and her doggie will have some food πŸ₯«.

Great opportunities to help others seldom come, 
but small ones surround us every day 😍

Happiness isn't about getting what what you
 want all the time.  It's about loving what 
you have and being grateful for it.


Oct 27, 2020

Rainy Tuesday In Puerto Rico ~ ☔

 You (Sniff) have no idea of the amount of
 happiness you brought into my life...

Sniff does not like being photographed, yet I manage to
sang a bunch of pictures of him everyday.  He is photogenic 
and adorable, it's as if I'm compelled to take his pictures.

As soon as I say "no more" he assumes another pose and there I go again.

Snapchat makes it so much more fun.  I can accessorize
 him to my hearts content.  And of course I do πŸ˜‚.

Tuesday is not looking so good.  The other morning I 
found "my" alley kitty and was able to feed him.  Also
 a few more showed up in different spots again, I also
 left foodies for them.  Happy start of the day.

Rain and more rain this morning.  I started my walk, 
but boy did I get caught in the rain. Had to call it quits, 
but not before being soaked. Even though I did not see any 
of the kitties, I had food for them, but did not leave any 
because it will be washed away with this rain.

Was hoping we could go to the beach today, unfortunately 
looks like it's not happening, and here comes the rain
 again.  Happy Tuesday all, stay dry and be happy.

When life gives you a rainy day,  play in the puddles...


Oct 26, 2020

Monday October 26th ~

Don't let the sun go down without
 saying thank you to someone, and without 
admitting to yourself that absolutely
 no one gets this far alone...

 A new week is here again.  The days are going by so 
very fast, and that means that our time here in Puerto Rico is
 coming to an end.  Not right away, but it's happening.  We love
 it here, but we also have a beautiful home in Fort Lauderdale.

In life, there is always something to be thankful for. 
It’s easy to complain about how chaotic the world is and how
 people can be so evil towards one another, but complaining 
without action just doesn’t change anything. If we start to be 
thankful for everything we have, instead of what we do not
 have, we’ll start to appreciate our life on this earth more.

I try to always focus on the good in people.  I know
 in life that there is "bad" all around us, but I
 also know that there is more good as well.  

There are days when I feel like nothing is going right,
 I feel as if the burden of the world is on my shoulders,
 but then I think of  my mom.  A woman who has
 gone through more than most, yet has never in
 her life complained about anything. Never.

 If there is anyone who I can learn from, it is her. 
 My mom lives in CONSTANT pain, and I don't
 mean pain like what you and I have.  

She endures it without ever complaining.  She never
 has a day "off" from pain, yet she's always there to offer
 us advise, unconditional love and to listen to us.  My
 mom never judges, she listens even when sometimes
 she disagrees with us.  She listens.  My mom is
 the definition of kindness and compassion.

I feel a little sad today.  I would have loved to be there 
with my parents right now.  I am also feeling sad because,
 my thoughts are with Brutus, who died too soon.  Soon it will
 be five years without him.  I miss him so much right now, 
but life goes on, and in my heart there stirs a quiet pain.

We all have someone we miss.  I am not unique in that.  As we
 all know some days are more difficult that others, but most
 days are good days. Today is one of those not "good" days.

Sniff on the other hand is patiently counting down
 the days until Halloween.  Then he can rest again.

I miss you in ways that not
 even words can understand...


Oct 25, 2020

That Sunday Feeling ~

If there is a heaven for me, I'm sure it has a beach attached
 to it. Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach...

Puerto Ricans love the beach.  For them to
 be on the water is the only way to live.

Growing up in Puerto Rico we lived the same way.
  Any chance we had we were at the beach.  All our weekends
 were spent on the beach with our parents and friends. 
 It was what one did when you live on an island.

Back then you took your hammock set it up and enjoyed 
the ocean.  As you can see, that has not changed.  People
 are still enjoying the beach with their hammocks.  

That being said, Arvid and I bought 2 hammocks last Friday. 
 I told Arvid that it would be really nice to have one on the 
balcony, before I knew it he was all into it times two.

Quiet day here.  relaxed and just enjoying the peacefulness of it all

Sniff is sound asleep.  Arvid has already watched one of his 
soccer games.  All is good here.  Wishing everyone the same.

It is not how much we have, but how
 much we enjoy, that makes happiness...


Oct 24, 2020

Saturday ~

Happy are those who take life day by day, complain   
 very little and are thankful for the little things in life...

Early mornings.  The temperature is cooler and the ocean
 breeze makes the walk so much better.  Not many people
 are out at this hour, and I like it.  When I go walking
 I usually just walk only within our complex.

It's just me, the birds, the mountains and some stray kitties.
  I have taken to feeding the kitties, but I have to do it in such a 
way no one sees me.  It's sort of not allowed to do so, but they look
 so hungry, I just can't bear to see them this way.  Every morning 
I carry dry foodies and a canned food.  I leave it in a designated 
spot, and as of now just one kitty goes and eats.  I'm happy.

Some days when I just want some additional quiet time
 I go to the pool area and read or just listen to music.  Very
 relaxing and also very quiet.  Unfortunately, the pools
 and the gym are still closed.  COVID! πŸ˜±πŸ˜•

Sniff is counting down the days to Halloween.  He sure 
hopes it passes fast so that we can start to count down to
 Thanksgiving.  Living the life of a leisure kitty he is.

Saturday is already warm and sunny.  Not complaining
 because many have it cold already, and would be glad to have
 the warmth we are experiencing.  Always grateful.

  We should always remember to not always brood over
 our misfortunes, but be thankful for what we still have.

Life in Puerto Rico is never boring.  Always something 
interesting going on.  Even the chickens find the "scenery" to
 their liking.  Happy Saturday all, and may it be a great one.

When asked if my cup is half-full or half empty, 
my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup...


Oct 23, 2020

Friday Again 🍹~

 Sometimes the little things in life mean the most...

I wake up to a beautiful sunrise everyday, and everyday 
I feel the need to capture it.  There is always something amazing
 to see and to be grateful for.  My mornings are my alone time 
and for that I am happy.  Me and my thoughts, sometimes
 they also make me sad, but won't change a thing.

Yesterday we visited my sister and Kimsy, I'm happy.  
Some of my happiest times here is when we get to see them. 
 Because of that I am also grateful.  So many have not been 
able to see their loved ones during this pandemic times. 

On a side note, Arvid and I spent quite a while admiring 
Kimsy's car.  I don't go all batty over a car, but when I saw this 
little red hottie 506HP, I sure wanted one just like it quite badly.  
Just imagine the speed.  I was daydreaming for a while there.

Arvid has not seen his mother since summer of last year. 
 That's a long time and I hope that can be remedied soon. 
 She's old and she would love to see him, and he her πŸ’™.

I have been fortunate to have seen my parents in May 
of this year, and even so, I miss them very much and would
 love to see them again.  Mom and dad usually come to 
Florida for a couple of months in the winter, but not
 this coming one.  Thank you COVID πŸ˜’  NOT!!

Friday here in Puerto Rico 😎.  Relaxed, happy times and
 doing much more than if we were back home in Florida. 
 We are once again enjoying life, while at the same time
 keeping our distance and being safe.  Life has changed 
 and we are all adapting to this change.  Like it or not.

The day is looking good.  The sun is out and we are busy. 
 Sniff is getting into the Halloween spirit, or at least
 I want to think he is πŸ˜‚ Happy Friday all.

I’m thankful because all the hard work 
and sacrifices were worth it in the end...


Oct 22, 2020

Happy Day Here ~

 The hardest thing to learn in life is which 
bridge to cross and which bridge to burn....

Somedays I think I will become a bird watcher.  Birds
 fly by our balcony all the time and I am having quite a good
 time trying to get a picture of them.  Not always 
successful, but always entertaining and fun.

As Arvid likes to say, "it keeps you busy."  Busy and 
happy actually.  The other day I thought we saw an eagle fly by, 
unfortunately I was too late to get a picture.  Good thing is, 
I will probably get another opportunity πŸ˜€

Two little girls playing on the beach.  They reminded
 me of our two grand-daughters in Norway. It was a very
 pleasing sight, and they kept me entertained for a long time.

A beautiful day here and the weather is looking great. 
 Looking forward to what the day holds 🌞.

Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a
 way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. 
Which is what I sometimes do, and that enables
 you to laugh at life’s realities 😜...


Oct 21, 2020

Wednesday In Puerto Rico ~

 An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease...

Exactly what we experienced yesterday.  Ocean
 breezes, and salt water. I can't believe we have been
 swimming already two times here in Puerto Rico.  

We live in Fort Lauderdale, we never go to the
 beach, yet here it just comes naturally and easily. 
I wonder what makes it feel so much better here. 

 I asked Arvid that and he said in Fort Lauderdale the 
beaches are packed.  We like it more on the "private" side.  
Also here there are trees everywhere, so you can have
 a swim then just come out and lounge in the shade.  

It's the perfect set up.  Can't wait for our next beach day. 
 Maybe one day either Arvid or I might soon go home, and
get a few things we need, mainly his bread.  I personally 
don't want to go so if anyone goes it will be Arvid πŸ˜‚.  

There is a tree for everyone.  Some even bring their hammocks.

Today is already looking good.  The sun is out. 
 Sniff is happy, as is Arvid and I.  Life is good and 
for that I am grateful.  Happy Wednesday all.
πŸ¦‡ Kitties are all set for Halloween πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

Whatever life throws at me I’ll take
 it and be grateful for it as well...


Oct 20, 2020

Happy Sniff ~ Happy Day ~

There’s no happier person than 
a truly thankful, content person...

     Sniff got his new scratch pad about a week ago. 
 On the first day he he loved it.  He scratched away like there 
is no tomorrow, and that was it.  Short lived "love affair" with 
the scratch pad.  Now it sits and I hope he will use it again.

Yesterday we had a little bad weather.  Lost power
 a few times, but the good thing is that the generator kicks in 
right away.  As Arvid said, "this is the best place of all the places
 we have lived."  We have found that everything works really
 well here.  Not sure why, but we are surprised about that.

The above was the start of the sunset.  Morning or night
 it is a beautiful site.  Always something to see πŸ‘€ and to hear .  

Sniff is trying to get into the Halloween spirit,
 so far not his favorite time of the year, but then there 
are so many "not favorite times" in his book. πŸ‘»

Happy ew day to all, and let's not forget that 
there is always something to be grateful for.

It’s ironic that when you go through a tragedy, 
you appreciate more. You realize how fragile life is and
 that there are so many things to still be thankful for...