May 24, 2022

Another Day ~ Tuesday may 24th

 I just try to understand that tomorrow is another day...

After a long day, you come home and you see this.

I love sunsets, sunrises, I just love all 
the beauty around us.  And there is a lot.

Most mornings I see the birds and get to enjoy 
then for a little.  I feed them and in a way they bring me 
a little closer to the kitties I left behind in Puerto Rico. 
 Never far from my thoughts nor my heart.

Sniff has hours on entertainment just watching them. 
 They are no longer scared of him and they tease
 him all day long.  He loves it.  Keeps him busy.

Danielle, (our niece) and her boyfriend had a great time
 in Aruba.  Sure wish we could take a little trip somewhere right
 now.  J, (our nephew) and his girlfriend are now in Europe doing 
a little exploring.  Ahhh travel, seems such a far away thing these 
days for us.  One day we will be bouncing around again 😂

Wishing everyone a very good day.
  Let positivity be your guide.  Mindset is everything.

Practice like its competition and compete
 like it's another day on the practice court,,,


May 23, 2022

Monday May 23rd ~

 The journey to success begins with a step. Take that step this week...

Arvid gets all involved in soccer.  
Yesterday watching the last game of the season,
 all covered up with Sniff's ratty blanket. 
 Sniff loves all of his ratty blankets.

As the new week begins, I can only imagine so many 
scenarios that await us.  I am so grateful that Arvid and I work
so good together.  One without the other will be no good.  

Sunday was relaxing.  I was so happy to just be home
 and make us a good homecooked meal for a change.  During 
the week I eat in the office.  No complains, but it's nice to just
 sit relax and not have to answer phone calls while eating.

On Saturday we took our maintenance man and his wife
 out to lunch again.  Once again, we went to Drafts.
  Seems like everyone likes it and it's the best BBQ
 chicken wings in town.  Our favorite in town.

Sniff is doing good.  He needs to get his yearly
 check-up, but I have not had time as yet to schedule
 it and take him.  Thank goodness he is healthy and 
seems in perfect condition.  That being said
 I need to make time for his checkup.

Forget my checkup.  I have not been to an 
endocrinologist since October.  I need to go every 3
 months.  My hormones are having a field day.

Fortunately, I have not had the urge to do harm to anyone. 
 As yet.  But the week is young and who knows what will
 happen.  To all a great week ahead.  make it a good one.

 Forget about the failures of the past week. This week
is an opportunity to do better. Look ahead. Be great...


May 22, 2022

Sunday May 22nd~

 Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in
 a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything 
whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset...

At the end of a long work week this is what Arvid looked like.

But he was happy and felt very accomplished. 
 Yes, he/we got lots done this past week.  Today we relax 
and just take it easy.  Tomorrow is right around the corner.

Wishing everyone a relaxing day.  If all we did was stay in, 
watch some TV and do nothing else, that is a good day.
  That is the plan, but as we know plans do change..  
It feels like winter is coming back.  Cold day.

Peace brings with it so many positive emotions
 that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances...


May 21, 2022

Saturday May 21st ~

Sometimes we just need to put down our
 phones, close our eyes and take a few deep
 breaths. Ideas are often in-flight patterns around 
our brains, just waiting for clearance to land...

When life gets busy, it can be challenging 
to find time to relax. It’s during those times 
that relaxation is most important for all.

Short workday today and then a little chicken
 wings for lunch.  Makes for some good
 times, and delicious foodies.

I'm not exactly sure why I come in on Saturdays,
 but then I remember the tenants like to get their mail.  

Yesterday Arvid was super happy trimming the hedges. 
 Let's just say he used a third of the time doing it.  Compared
 to what it would have been, and he actually did a good job.

Hope you have a really good day and that the rest 
of your weekend is relaxing and stress free.

As important as it is to have a plan for doing
 work, it is perhaps more important to have a plan
 for rest, relaxation, self-care, and sleep...


May 20, 2022

Friday May 20th ~

  Life is like breathing. If you try to hold it, you’ll lose it.
 But let it come & go & you’ll always be connected to it...

It has been a good week so far with lots accomplished.
 The week is not yet done for us, but we feel good.

It's been crazy weather week.  Lots of rain, thunder 
and lightning one day.  Next day it's all the way in the 90'sF
 then it will be "cold" the other day.  With all the running 
around we do, especially Arvid, he's still in his shorts.

Sniff is scared of thunder and lightning, but now
 he does not run and hide under the bed.  Instead, he's 
been coming close to us and tucking himself as far as
 he can get into us.  He does this mainly with Arvid, and
 during the morning hours he comes on the bed between the
two of us making sure his paws make contact with us.

I can't say we are getting used to working 6-7 days
 a week, but I will say that when we do take Sundays 
off it feels as if we should be at work instead.

I miss those relaxing days in Puerto Rico, the long
 walks along the beach, and my mornings with the 
kitties.  Life happened and we go with the flow.

To all a good weekend.  Enjoy and have some fun.

Every now and then, go away, have a
 little relaxation, for when you come back to
 your work your judgment will be surer...


May 19, 2022

Thursday May 19th ~

 Look for something positive in every day, even 
if some days you have to look a little harder...

The work week is soon done.  Boy this week is
 sure going by fast.  Tuesday was a busy day at Almost Home, 
just like the other days, but that could also be because Arvid and
 I just do not sit idle.  We always have something we can do,
 even if it means Arvid does a little sweeping.

We swept every corner of Almost Home, but with the 
wind we have been having and the leaves blowing all over
 the place it just does not seem to be enough.  Oh well, today 
is another day.  I am sure we will find things to do 😂.

At Almost Home I take care of one of the tenants kitties.  
She does not see so well so once a day 6 days a week I go to
 her room, scoop the little, and do a little sweeping.  Her kitty 
Pookie likes me and I like her.  She reminds me of Brutus.

I have already bought Pookie a scratch pad and several catnip toys.
  She loves to play and I did not see any around.  Now when I go
 I spend a little time playing with her.  She enjoys it as do I.

Here at home I am thinking up ways to deter the squirrels or
 whatever is eating all my bird seed every night.  I was covering 
the feeders every night with a plastic bag,  but that didn't work.
  I am now covering them with a pillowcase.  Hoping for the best.

Arvid, Sniff and I had a relaxing evening, and now ready to
 face the day bring what it may.  Happy day all and let's do it.

You can't control the world, but when 
you control your thoughts, you bring order...


May 17, 2022

Tuesday May 17th ~

 Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be...

The talk is all about the prices of gas going up,
 and honestly it has skyrocketed.  Then I get this from 
a friend.  Yup!  Sure, went way up those prices.

Just a regular evening at home.  Sniff 
trying to get as close to Arvid as possible.

Sniff always take the long route to get
 to his comfy spot.  We just look and smile.

And yes, he sniffs everything and everyone in his way.

Work hard, play hard.  The best of both worlds.

Today had our Brutus been alive he would have been 
16 years old.  Also had Shadow been alive he would have
 been 6 years old.  Mama misses you both very much and
 we will always have a special place in our hearts for you.  
Brutus, you took a piece of our hearts the day you died.

Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.


May 16, 2022

Monday ~ New Week Here Again

You'll find that implementing small changes 
can have a significant impact on your life.
 Remember - little hinges swing on big doors... 

Happy Monday! Start your work week on a positive note.  
Look forward to Mondays with enthusiasm and motivation! 
The start of a week should be a good motivator to live 
each day to the fullest. Start Mondays with the thought 
that something great is going to happen today!

Happy Monday/start of the brand new week everyone. 
 Remember, where most people jump ship, only the truly 
motivated and the truly committed push forward towards
 one clear destination through even the hardest of times.

Waking up once again to a foggy start of the day, and to a
 little cooler temperatures.  Like it.  Hope the coolness lasts for a 
few days.  Not winter cold, just a coolness in the air.  Perfect.

Never wait for tomorrow, 
what if tomorrow never comes?...


May 15, 2022

Sunday May 15th

 You need to just do nothing sometimes...

Just these two having the best time snuggling
 up to each other.  Not sure which of the two likes 
it best, but for sure they both enjoy being close.

After a long day at work, this is my favorite sight.

Today all three of us will take it easy and just have a quiet, relaxing day

Wishing everyone a relaxing day.  Take time to smell the roses.

Waking up to a foggy morning, but cooler.  
Yes happy that it's cooler rather than sweltering hot.

Sometimes we just need to take a little time for ourselves...


May 14, 2022

Saturday May 14th ~

 No matter what yesterday was like, birds
 always start the new day with a song...

Last night.  Both very tired.  Having a much
 needed relax time together.  They have earned it.

Since I switched the position of the bird feeders,
 Sniff has been having the time of his life.  He spends 
hours just watching them.  Now he does not 
get enough sleep time.  Imagine that.

Today is a short day at work.  We really do not have
 to go in, but I feel like I should.  The tenants expect me 
there and I just can't find it in me to disappoint them. 
 Plus my roses need lots of watering everyday.

Looking forward to a relaxing day.  Hope everyone has the same.

Today is a new day.  Even if you were wrong 
yesterday you can get it right today...


May 13, 2022

Friday May 13 th ~

 A great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee,
don’t start your day without it... 

I have tried everything to keep the squirrels away from
 the bird feeders.  I finally bought 2 hanging hooks that
 hang from the deck.  Hopefully the squirrels are not that 
smart to get to it, and hopefully the birds are smart enough 
to know that it's here.  Now to wait and see what happens.

My allergies are as bad as can be.  Very tiresome.
  In the day we need the AC at home. At nights we use 
the heat.  The weather is driving me crazy.  Not full winter, 
not spring either.  Right now, Puerto Rico sounds heavenly. 
Fridays in Puerto Rico, boy do I miss those outings, 
and those fruity drinks. The best there is 🍹

Happy Friday all.  May the weekend be all you 
want it to be.  Enjoy and have a great time.  

Friday the 13th doesn’t happen too often, so when
 it does, you don’t want to skip out on celebrating the eerie 
vibes of the day.  Have a spooky fun day everyone.

A little spark of kindness can put a colossal 
burst of sunshine into someone’s day...