Oct 18, 2021

Monday Again ~ October 18th done

 No one is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers...

Sniff seems to be saying that he's not ready to face 
Monday as yet.  I'm sure many feel the same.  What is
 it about Mondays that make people feel so bla?  I do know
 what it is, but it's life.  We all have to put inn our time.

No plans today, although if I'm lucky πŸ™ I will not
 be cooking.  Hopefully that will be the case.  Arvid does 
not like eating out too much, neither do I, but I also
 don't like doing tons of dishes everydayπŸ˜‚.

To all a good week. Let's give it our best shot 
and go from there.  Always remember that the
 secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Do a little more each day than 
 you possibly think you can...


Oct 17, 2021

Sunday October 17th ~

 Close some doors today. Not because of pride, incapacity
 or arrogance, but simply because they lead you nowhere...

Sniff is getting into the Halloween mood.  Already glaring 
at me and I love it.  He's a cutie and he makes me happy.

Seem like the weather forecast is wrong.  The sun is
 shining and I see no rain right now.  Hoping it stays this way. 
 We have had enough rain already.  October should not have 
so much rain, but when you live in the Caribbean, there is no 
norm to follow.  Except of course, it's always warm 😍

Last night we made it to the movies.  Arvid said he was not 
taking any chances on being cold.  He had on his "heavy" jeans. 
 T-shirt and took 2 additional sweaters and his jacket.  What 
you know, last night it was pretty warm at the movies πŸ˜‚

Looking forward to catching up on some more reading.
  Arvid and Sniff will be watching soccer games πŸ’™.  As 
Sundays go, it's a darn good one.  A happy day to all.

We are the products of our past,
 but we don't have to be prisoners of it...


Oct 16, 2021

Saturday October 16th ~

If there's a thing I've learned in my life it's
 to not be afraid of the responsibility that 
comes with caring for other people... 

Saturday begins beautifully.  No rain.  I was able to walking
 and feed the kitties. Feels good and makes my heart happy.

Here at home Arvid and Sniff are already in their positions. 
 Soccer today so while Arvid watches Sniff will most likely catch 
up on more sleep.  Happy boys. They are just cute together.

Not much planned for today.  Soccer, cleaning and 
hopefully the movies.  With that I am happy and content. 
 So far the day is looking really good.  yesterday we even had
 a little balcony time.  Arvid more than me, but was good.

Happy day to all.  Make it an amazing one.

A man must be big enough to admit his
 mistakes, smart enough to profit from them,
 and strong enough to correct them...


Oct 15, 2021

Friday October 15th ~

 Do  something creative everyday...

Yesterday I got the flu shot, and after that I spent
 the rest of the evening having chills and freezing 
🀨, today I’m better.  The things your body goes 
through just so that you can “feel” better.  

It has rained a lot and it will continue to rain
 more. Last year October the weather was so 
perfect, warm days and cooler nights.  

It has “cooled” down a few degrees, but still warm.
This meme/post about Florida expresses it to a T.  
Just one degree less and we’re grateful. 
Makes it seem so much cooler.

All this talk about climate change πŸ˜€, it would
 be nice if Puerto Rico had a winter and Florida also.  
Could be a good change, just not a permanent one πŸ™ƒ

I’ve been watching too much television lately.  
Streaming is taking over a lot of my time lately.  Keeps 
my focus occupied for those hours otherwise my 
mind wanders to not so pleasant places.

Friday.  So far no rain as yet πŸ™, some balcony time 
and my delicious sangria de parcha   Yes even on a rainy 
day there is always something good to look forward to.  
Somehow Friday's mean slowing down a bit.  On the 
other hand, it's not like we're doing that much either.

Halfway into October  time is sure flying by.  Before 
you know it, it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving 
and Christmas  Suddenly 2021 is coming to 
an end.  For now have a great day  enjoy the 
start of the weekend and be happy.

Your life is a good as your mindset...


Oct 14, 2021

Thursday October 14th ~

 Sometimes the hardest battle in life is to know 
which bridge to cross and which to burn...

Here in the US you hear and see just about everything.  
This killing with a bow and arrow is not something that 
happens often.  But then we're talking about Norway where 
Arvid said to me, "it's not that easy to get guns."  Does 
this then explain the bow and arrow killings?

Here in Puerto Rico it's a gloomy day.  Rain and 
more rain in our forecast.  Yesterday we met with
 my sister and Kimsy at Plaza las America.  Just for 
coffee and pastry.  Arvid of course had none. 

Good morning and a good day to all. 

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...


Oct 13, 2021

Rainy Wednesday ☔ ~

 Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday...

Even thought here was thunder, there was no rain
 this morning as I headed out for my walk and to 
feed the kitties.  Unfortunately the dogs were out.  

The first thing I heard was barking and there was
 no Mama nor rascal waiting at the front for me.
  Fortunately on my way back they were there.

Also Senior was making his way along the railing,
 but Mama intercepted him.  After a little faceoff, Senior
 jumped down and went to where his foodies was. It was a 
happy morning for these three considering everything.

Sniff is so very scared of thunder.  He does not know what
 to do or where to go.  He keeps going from place to place.
  Hiding between our legs, running away just so scared.

The skies are already black.  Guessing the rain will be coming
 anytime soon now.  Thankfully I was able to go out this morning, 
and now can stay in and make sure Sniff is good and feels safe.

There is always something better after the rain...


Oct 12, 2021

Tuesday October 12th ~

 You have to fight through some bad days
 to earn the best days of your life...

It has already been an absolutely wet start of the week.  
The worst part is that it rains torrentially exactly at the hour 
I usually go out to feed the kitties.  I did go out yesterday.  I 
was soaking wet.  There were a few minutes within that hour
 that the rain eased off a bit.  Didn't stop just slowed down.

As I steeped out the front entrance, Rascal was there hiding
 under one of the cars in the parking lot.  Mama not there.  
It was wet.  She was somewhere else hiding.  Smart one.

I did walk up the hill to where the other kitties would be.
  None there, and why should they it was pouring.  As I was 
heading back to our building MacGyver runs along.  I gave him 
some foodies, but even he had to leave because of the rain.

So I waited it out again.  Then it slowed for a little. 
 I went back up the hill.  There was Milo, Shygirl, Marbles 
and MacGyver.  They ate foodies and then I went 
looking for Rocco, Spitfire, Baby and Senior.

Eventually Rocco appeared.  Very scared.  Seems
 his little adventure in the shed shook him up.  I called
 him and he came, but then suddenly it started to pour 
again.  I did manage to leave Rocco some foodies
 which he found and ate.  I left it under the hedge.

Rocco is all cleaned up.  His coat is back to being all
 white and clean.  Looks like the handsome Rocco he is.

Got back home soaked.  Not too happy with this rain at 
that hour of the day.  Says rain all week long.  Have to find 
another time to get food for the kitties.  In the meantime, Sniff 
not so happy with the thunder, but he's home safe and dry.

This morning I went before 6 am to do my blood work. 
 Did not get back home until after 8 am. Took a long time, didn't 
help that one of the ladies in the line passed out.  Progress is slow. 
 The lady was all right.  Just hungry I guess.  Low blood sugar.

As I was heading out this morning I was met by some 
of the kitties.  Of course I had food in the car for them,
 just incase they showed up.  No Spitfire nor Senior
 yesterday nor today.  Mama was not around either

To all a good day.  Make it an amazing one.

Each new day is better than the last...


Oct 11, 2021

New Week Again ~ Monday October 11th

 I have learned over the years that when
 one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear...

The hammock had to be taken down.  Too much rain 
and too much wind.  Hopefully is a few days we can have it
 up again.  It's so nice to sit out in the balcony and lay in it.

Sniff is not always sure what's going on, but he 
likes to check everything out. For him it became a little
 hideaway spot until Arvid caught on and put it away.

Not exactly what is happening this week.  I do know
 I would like to meet up with my sister and Kimsy.
 I have been trying to make it happen, but so far
 it has not.  This may be the week it doesπŸ™

October sure is flying by.  Time already for another
 recheck with my endocrinologist which means I
 have to do some more blood work this week. 

To all a productive week ahead.  Whatever it holds,
 give it your best shot.  That what matters.

The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.
 The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach...


Oct 10, 2021

Hello Sunday πŸ™ƒ ~

I am happy because I’m grateful. I choose to be
 grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy...

 Yesterday morning I was out early it was one of
 the days I feed the kitties 😍 as usual I was met
 at the front entrance by Mama and Rascal. 

 They have been coming out together yet at 
the same time keeping their distance. Rascal would
 love more affection but Mama is not having any of it. 
At least she “allows” him to be around her.

Senior was also there as was ShyGirl.  These are 
the 4 I usually see first.  They have their own spot.
  Which is right by the building we live in.

I walked up the hill a little and Spitfire comes 
racing down. She comes running like a race horse.
 Crying. It’s her usual.  She runs to me crying.

Then Marbles and Milo come up.   Where Marbles
 goes MacGyver follows and vice versa. Yesterday
 no MacGyver. I freaked out, but 3 minutes after
 there he was.  Boy the relief I felt was palpable.

Missing was Baby and Rocco. Not normal for 
Rocco to not be there. He’s always round waiting
 for food. My anxiety right away picked up.  

I figured Baby was still in hiding from the dogs of 
 Friday, even  though there were none yesterday.   So I was
 not overly worried, but not seeing Rooco made me worry.

I walked around calling him but noting. I went to
 the main building to drop off a letter still calling him. 
 I heard his cry. I followed the sound and knew right away he
 was trapped in one of the sheds that house the dumpsters.

He was crying and crying.  My guess is that he was
 trapped since Friday afternoon.  I found a security guard
 and told her. Luckily she had the key to the shed.  She 
opened and I went in looking for Rocco. I found him πŸ’™ 
he was dirty. Dirty, but otherwise unharmed.

  Spitfire and MacGyver hear his cries and tried
 to help.  They went to the shed and waited for Rocco.
Once freed he was pretty scared and for a second not sure
 what to do but within seconds he ran out and the all
 followed me to the spot I would usually feed them.

I was scared something had happened to little Rocco, 
and I was so happy I heard his cries, and was able to
 rescue him.  Hopefully he will never go there againπŸ™.

No feeding today, but come tomorrow I will be 
there again.  I love those kitties and I hope that there is a
 guardian anger that continues to watch over them.

Supposedly it will rain everyday from today.
 One can hope this will change.  Rain means I can’t
 feed the kitties. They won’t come out even if I do.

Today we take it easy. Have lunch at home and
 just relax.  It’s going to be a long wet day. As always 
Sniff can never get enough sleep. He’s always
 trying to catch up on more sleep.

Arvid has a game today so he’s happy.  I have my
 book so I’m happy.  Sunday, time to just sit back 
and do nothing 🀨. Happy day to all. Stay dry 
and do something that makes you happy πŸ˜€.

It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to
 take note of the things you are grateful for, you 
begin to lose sight of the things that you lack...


Oct 9, 2021

Saturday Vibes ~

 Cheers to those who inspire you and don't even know it...

It's the rum of preference in the island.

Happy weekend to all.  Enjoy and cheers!

Life is too short for us to dwell on sadness. 
 Cheer up and live life to the fullest...