Jan 23, 2017

New Week Again...

One small positive though in the morning can change your whole day.
New Monday.  New week.  New goals.  Let's do it...

Somehow Sunday was a very long day. It was wet and gloomy, and Arvid and I
 finally decided it was time to assemble my desk.  Yes, I needed a new desk
 for my office.  The one I have is very flimsy and had no cabinets to
 store anything. As we opened the box it freaked me out to see how 
many parts there was. Hundreds of pieces and even more
 hardware.  Yeah a job that lasted most of the day.

It is still not done, but we needed to go for lunch so hopefully today we will finish it. 
 I still am amazed at how many pieces there was.  Usually Arvid is very vocal when
 doing stuff like this, but it seems that life in Branson has tamed him down.
  His vocabulary is less colorful.  Even I am amazed at the change.

Here in Branson most of the people we have been out with just drink sweet tea. 
 Nothing wrong with that but so strange that no one has ever ordered a beer or
 any other drink.  Soon both Arvid and I might probably be drinking 
sweet tea as well. That's how much Branson has changed us.  Hmmm

I really miss the occasional pina colada or mojito. For instance, yesterday we
 went to a steak restaurant with a "friend".  Usually Arvid would have a beer or two,
 but not anymore. The most Arvid ever has these days is a beer on Fridays.  I miss
 our Florida days, but not for long.  Florida is calling and I'm listening.

So far no one has visited us in Branson. The first ones will most likely be
 Victoria and Michael.  This March.  Mom and dad would have come already, 
but mom had surgery and it's not a good idea to travel right now. 

 Mom is back home but she's hurting very much.  I want to be there with her as
 do my sisters, but right now both her and my dad think it best that no one comes.  
That I understand. If we were there it would just put more pressure on both of them.

Another week begins.  My mom is doing physical therapy everyday 
and though I know she hurts a lot I also know she is not a quitter.  
Guess her 5 daughters got that from her and our dad.

Sniff has been having an amazing weekend. Rain falling means leaves falling.
 Drives him crazy to see all of this. As if that were not enough there was a 
little butterfly that snuck in the house as I opened the door.  That kept
 him awake for hours until I chased the butterfly away

Many things to do this week same as last week.  No matter what or 
where we are we are always busy.  Sometimes I'm so tired I just want
 to stay in bed. Cover up and not get up so early.  Sniff always has other
 plans for us and because of that I'm always awake early.

Hope your week ahead is a productive and exciting one.  We sure have lots to do,
 and in there we have a few pit stops to Home Depot.  The temperature has
 been warmish but the days have been wet, gloomy and mostly dark. 
 Today I will just pretend I am back home in Florida walking on the
 beach and letting my thoughts take me wherever they want.

Yesterday I spoke with Liliana. I really miss that girl   Maybe one day we will 
mend our friendship and be the way we once were.  Yes when we get back to Florida I
 look forward to that.  I won't lie I still am very angry and hurt but time they say heals. 
 Working on that.  Time has not healed the sadness in y heart over the loss of Brutus. 
 I will never ever stop wishing he was here with us.  I miss our Brutus everyday.

Happy Monday all may this be the start of wonderful things ahead.

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes.
Good morning.  Today will be fabulous...


Jan 22, 2017


And although I like to relax and have fun, my passion is constant move...

Sunday morning and all is good.  As usual, Sniff was awake at 5 am hoping we would 
get out of the bed.  Same routine everyday.  He tries, but today I was not ready to
 get up this early.  Forget about Arvid he is a "late" riser and he is definitely
 not getting out of any bed before 7:30 am, and that's an if.

When Brutus was alive he wanted us to wake up and go with him to his foodies.  
Stand and watch him while he ate.  Something Arvid did many many times during the day. 
 Some routines are engraved in ones heart.  The routines we had with Brutus are something
 we miss very much.  Just the other night Arvid said to me, "with Brutus I was able to 
sing to him as he ate his snacks before he fell asleep.  Now Sniff just gobbles and runs.
  Brutus ate, and stayed asleep in his bed after he was done with snack."

I will not lie.  We both miss Brutus very much.  It's not often Arvid would talk about him, 
but when he does it is with a sadness I see and I feel.  Brutus changed us.  He definitely
 changed Arvid and made him a better person.  I miss our Brutus so much.  Yes, we
 love Sniff.  He is a good kitty.  Shadow...breaks my heart.  He was just a baby. 

It's not usual for Arvid to get up before I do, but on those very rare days when he does
 he turns on the coffee maker and once I'm up coffee is all ready.  Today was one
 of those rare days.  Guess he did not want to miss the soccer game.

Well my coffee is still warm.  Sniff has already found his favorite napping spot for 
this time of the day.  Breakfast is soon ready.  Sundays are very relaxing.
As always Arvid calls his family, catches up with their week.

For us the biggest decision right now is, "what shall we do?"
Whatever it is, I know it will be a relaxing day.  Sundays usually are.

I don't really make plans and I just want to be happy and 
continue with my business and take care of my loved 
ones I want to sit back, relax and enjoy life...


Jan 20, 2017

Happy Friday...

I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,
life does go an and  it will be better tomorrow.  It has to...

Some days I need a little extra pick me up to jump start my day.  Lilly Vade's smile
 never fails to brighten it.  Combined with my other nieces and nephews, I think my
 day is already looking better.  Little things are the things that make me happy. 
Seeing Lilly Vade so happy doing a manicure-pedicure with her mom and
 just that big smile makes the world already a better place.

Looking forward very much to the weekend, one of its best moments is when we 
Skype with our two grand-daughters.  They also make my world a better place.  
Their smiles are also contagious.  Missing them very much sometimes.

Seems like another cold (colder) front in coming this way.  Got to say Arvid and I are 
doing extremely good in this weather.  Neither of us has had any major complaints about it.
  I find it extremely strange.  For those who know us, you know that we love the warm weather. 
 Yet for some reason we are flourishing in the cold.  Very bizarre.  Even I have to say so.

To all a very good day.  Wake up each day and be thankful for life.

I was smiling yesterday.  I am smiling today and will smile tomorrow simply 
because life is too short to cry for anything.  Make today ridiculously amazing...


Jan 19, 2017

A Woman Of Substance...Our Mom

A strong person is not one who doesn't cry.  A strong person is one who 
cries and sheds tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again...

Tuesday was really a stressful day for our family. You see our mom had surgery.  
Not being there with her made it even more stressful.  We had some very tense
 hours while surgery was taking place. Fortunately everything went well. 
She's still in the hospital and will be there until Friday but the worst is over.

  Mom is in a lot of pain, but she never ever complains.  I have never seen anyone 
in my entire life deal with as much pain as she has for so many years and never ever
 complaining.  I sure did not take after her in that sense.  I'm so not tolerant to pain.

Our dad was with her throughout the entire time.  He never left the hospital even 
when there where hours of waiting knowing that he was not going to know anything.
  My mom is his entire world and he hers.  Yes though it was my mom in the hospital 
I was also worried about my dad.  I just wished I was there right now with him to 
give him a big hug and to let him know how much he and my mom are loved.

He spends all day at the hospital from early in the morning until late in the evenings.  
I'm sure the house is extremely quiet without her there.  They have a huge house.  
I think way too big for just the two of them, so I can only imagine how quiet is
 for him.  The nights must be very long.  Very long. I miss them this moment.

As for us five girls we noticed our moms "absence" immediately.  There was a void. 
 We usually text constantly on messenger and yesterday messenger went very 
quiet.  Mommy was not there.  It's always her who keeps us chatting 
away.  Mostly nonsense but nonsense we really missed.

Finally yesterday she was able to do some chatting with us, and as soon as she woke 
up  she called me.  It was the most beautiful sound I heard.  Her voice.  One 
by one she called all five of us.  When she was done I knew she was
exhausted. Even so she never complained.  She never does.

Our lives without her even for a day was too quiet.  Felt empty and we all felt a little 
lost without her.  Just happy she is recovering and will soon be back home with our dad. 
 They belong together now and forever.  For weeks to come she will be in a lot of pain, but 
hopefully it will get better.  There is no one stronger and more courageous than my mom.

To all a very good day.  Today our family is very relieved and much more relaxed than we were
 two days ago.  Our mom is going to do good and will soon be back home with our dad. 

Many may relate to this quote: 
"I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me."

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.
The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before...


Jan 17, 2017

Taking The Good With The Not So Good...

I'm not adjusting to the situation.  I just go out and play ball.
The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist 
expects it to change.  The realist adjusts the sails...

It took some time before Arvid thought it was OK to go outside and fix the light bulb, 
even so the day never really cleared up.  The fog, wetness and the cold persisted 
for most of the day.  Even so, yesterday was one of the "warmer" days.  

"Warm" meant fog, rain, and bleakness.  Guess this is what winter looks like in 
most places.  Not getting used to it and not liking the no sunshine, 
no palm trees to look out and see.  For now it is what it is!

Now I hear about friends travelling to warmer climates and it dawns to me that
 we lived as Victoria would say "in Paradise"  Victoria and Michael will soon be in Florida 
enjoying paradise and as usual visiting another tropical island while there.  One of my
 sisters will be going to Costa Rica, my cousins just came back from Nassau, Paradise Island 
and many of my friends are currently in some other tropical island sipping on drinks 
with umbrella.  What used to be "normal" living for us now seems so distant. 
 For now it is what it is. Life takes us places and we make the most of it.

Mexico... one of our favorite vacation spots.  Hopefully we will go there this year.  
We do after all have a little condo there, and it's a shame to not use it.  Above 
is one of my favorite hangouts there.  Sipping Pina Coladas on the beach.

Another foggy day awaits us here in Branson.  Scenery is the same as it was yesterday.  
Gloomy.  Sniff is loving every minute he spends watching birds, squirrels and leaves
 falling.  I will be having a better time as well because I finally have my own car.

No words are needed.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Bright blue skies, 
sunshine, palm trees = Sunshine State.  Dark, gloomy, fog, well you guessed right.

It's not as if I want to do so much, but it's just knowing I can come and go when I 
please is what makes it so exciting.  Yes, I am thrilled to be able to go places on my own. 
Mainly the grocery store.  I love grocery stores and can't wait to indulge in
 grocery shopping on my own today.  It can take some time.

Another week has already begun.  Let's all make it a great one.
As they say, we can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Sometimes you have to let go of what's gone, appreciate what remains and look 
forward to what comes next.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...


Jan 15, 2017

It's You...

It took me a really long time to get here, but I'm here, 
Arvid,  you're the one for me.  The shortest word for me is I. The sweetest
 word for me is LOVE. The only one for me is YOU...

When I met Arvid, I never doubted for a moment that he was the one
and that I was going to marry this man.

I don't know if I would call it love at first sight or not, but I knew this was the man
 I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  Something about his smile, the way
 he held my hand and that very cute accent of his and I was already hooked.

After a few months of  being together I said to him, "so when are we going
to get married?" Sure shocked him I guess.  I told him in our family
 either we get married or we go our separate ways.. haha!

We got married...

He was back home in Fort Lauderdale for a few days.  I missed him very much and
 am happy he is back home where he belongs.  Yes, we have grown used to each other
 and one without the other just does not work so well.  Once again it feels like home.
  The thing is home is not just a place, home is where Arvid, Brutus, Shadow,
 Sniff and I are.  Now we are all again together.  We are home.

Sunday at home, relaxing and peaceful.

There's something about you that make's me feel in heaven
 every time when I look into your eye's, I know that you are the one for me...


Jan 13, 2017

One Of Those Days...

If home is where my heart is,  then I have never
been more homesick and out of place...

On any given Friday we would normally find ourselves walking down to the beach. 
 Listening to music and enjoying one of these delicious drinks.

This has not been the case since November.  Arvid just came back from 
Fort Lauderdale.  Talking about being there, about going back home
 and about missing it has made me homesick.  Yes, right now I am missing 
our home, my surroundings and all things that are familiar.  I'm missing 
my Brutus and my Shadow a little too much and a little too often 

Sniff is such a good kitty.  He kept me company when we were alone and never
 left my side.  At nights he slept close to me and together we kept each other
 warm.  I love little Sniff and I am grateful he came into our lives.

Arvid and I may not be ready, but Sniff is all ready for the icy weather that we are
 expecting.  His foodies arrived yesterday so there is no way he will be going hungry.  
Not a chance. The good thing is that we are all together and that makes it better.

Friday in Branson.  What shall we do?  Oh yeah, it's icy conditions.  It's freezing cold.
It's not the sunshine state.  Yeah we will stay in again.  Same as we did the last few
 Fridays since we have been here.  I am missing the sunshine, the beach, the boats 
passing by from our balcony.  I am missing Florida very much right now.

Happy Friday everyone.  My mom keeps reminding us that spring is not that far away. 
 My mom is always there making us see all the good things in life and makes us realize 
everyday how lucky we all are.  She is absolutely right.  We are fortunate.  We have
 each other and we have the love of a close knot family that makes us stronger. 

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero.  I am strong and wise and I know no fear.
But the truth is plain to see.  She was sent to rescue me.  I see who I want to
 be in my daughters eyes.  Me I see who I want to be in my mother's eyes...


Jan 11, 2017


Finding joy in simple pleasures paves the way 
for a peaceful, contented and easy life...

I finally found a place that knows how to do a manicure and pedicure.  I was really 
missing this.  Back home in Florida I had my favorite spot not far from us, and I was a 
regular.  I thought I would never find the right place here in Branson.  Ii tried a few and
 none was "good enough"  Yesterday though I ventured out of my comfort zone and that 
took me to the right place.  Even Sniff had to agree that is was a good choice.

It's been good to have a few days on my own, but now I'm missing Arvid.  As I was
 having my manicure he calls me from Florida to ask me instructions on how to do the
 laundry.  I guess I need to let him do more household chores in the future.

Good morning everyone.  Remember life brings simple pleasures to us everyday.
It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.  Now is a good time to start.

People who delight in simple pleasures and who manage to smile in spite 
of the difficulties they face have the clearest vision of life.  Don't wait for
the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect....


Jan 10, 2017

Warmer Days...

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder,
not imagine, not obsess.  Just breathe and have faith that 
everything will work out for the best...

Getting out yesterday was not as easy as I hoped it would be.  Though the day 
was sunny, I still had to do a grocery store run early in the morning.  Yup! I ran out
 of hot chocolate ingredients.  Can't have that. After all on cold days it is a comfort "food"

I never can drive the car all the way up into the garage.  It's just too steep for me.  The 
problem is not so much driving it up but backing it out.  I am very worried that I might end
 up in the ditch at he bottom of the road.  Florida is flat.  Missouri is winding hills,
 little roads and too many ditches.  I am not afraid of much, but falling into a 
ditch scares me. I like the wide open spaces inn Florida much better.

The car was covered with frost.  Not used to that.  Took me about 10 minutes 
for it to heat up and defrost, but once it was defrosted I had the day to do whatever
 I liked.  Interesting enough, I wished Arvid was there with me.  Still it was good.

As always I talk to everyone I meet.  Almost everyone.  One lady asked me if
 I was a born again Christian.  No idea where that came from.  As I always tell everyone;
 I was born a Hindu.  Baptized a Christian and have a little of each, but do not
 practice either.  My beliefs are mine and I am happy the way I am.

Branson is very religious.  Have nothing against it, but please people do not try to
 convert me.  I am me and nothing anyone can say or do will make me change
 who I am unless I decide to do so.  I like who I am and that's what matters.

Our day is already much better.  We woke up to warmer temperatures.  Today
 we get all the way to 62 degrees F or 17 degrees Celsius.  Very strange weather the 
next few days.  Today and tomorrow we have a warm up then the freeze 
is back.  One's gotta make the most of this.  To all a good day.

Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish,
 but you can only spend it once.  It's a lifetime offer so use it well...


Jan 9, 2017

New Week Begins...

It's a new week.  It's a new day.  Means new possibilities...

It's not as if today is a really warm day, but with the sun shining it sure feels like it.
  I was able to go outside without a jacket and enjoy a little of the sunshine; of course I 
took a few of my magazines to catch up on the world of gossip.  Like I really 
need to, but why not?  Today feels like a girl's day and part of that means 
magazines to pass some of the time.  After that who knows?

Yesterday I thought I was going to do so many things, but after cleaning I was so 
tired I decided to just stay home with Sniff catch up on some reading and have 
as much hot chocolate as I wanted.  No guilt at all.  Was good to just 
do nothing and not have to go to Home Depot for a change.

Today I spend the day with my babies.  Going through memory lane for a little.
Most of our memories are with Brutus, but when I see a picture of Shadow
 I can't but help smiling.  He was a little rascal and he sure was fast.
  I think of him and I smile and at the same time I am so angry.

As the new week begins, I wish you all a very productive start. Hopefully
 no snow in our forecast.  Though it is pretty and all, it sure makes for hazardous 
driving especially when one has no winter tires.  I may have the car all to myself 
right now, but it does not do me too much good if the roads are all icy. Hmm..

The other day as I was chatting with a lady she said to me, "honey, only 
in Missouri you will see 4 different seasons in one day."  Somehow I think she 
may be right because the other day I saw, frost on the plants, sunny 
warm temperatures and a pink sunset.  All in the same day.

My favorite site is seeing Sniff Sniff sleeping next to me as I work.  Makes for 
a perfect day.  Monday, new start.  New beginning.  New perspective.  Make today count.

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down.
May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short...