Nov 17, 2017

Soon Weekend ~

Life is good, and it gets better every day...

Arvid and I eat out 6 days a week. Boy I am so tired of eating out. My stomach
just can’t seem to handle this anymore. Just about everyday I have an upset stomach.
On the other hand cooking at home takes too much time. Time I do not  have right now.
  I miss the days of eating at home very much.  One day I look forward to this.

Now both Arvid and I are sick. Sore throat. Cough. The works. Not having good
days right now.  Comes sometimes with not feeling so good. Then there are the times
I feel guilty because I can’t spend enough time with Sniff.  With Brutus we had all the
time in the world to give to him. Sniff is getting scraps and I feel guilty😡

Started off very cold today, but as soon as I got to work I was already warm. 
Lots of running around makes for rising body temperatures among other things.

Today we will be trying a new restaurant out for lunch.  Hopefully
my stomach will not be so irritated with the food.  Though cold the days
are beautiful and it does warm up nicely.  I am still amazed at the beautiful
colors of the season.  I see why my sister in Florida misses PA.

Looking forward to the weekend ahead.  No big plans, but it is the weekend
after all.  Weather is beautiful right now.  I am really loving the cold.
  Actually very mild cold temperatures we are having.

There are tons of buses in Branson and they will be here for there
remainder of the year.  Taking tourists to see the amazing Christmas
shows, lights and such.  Right now the town is all about Christmas, and at
nights the sights are amazing.  Happy start of the weekend to all.

I woke up.  I have clothes to wear.  I have running water.
I have food to eat.  Life is good.  I am thankful...


Nov 14, 2017

Just Because ~

Challenges are what make life interesting and 
overcoming them is what makes life meaningful...

Many may have already seen this,  but for those that haven't here it is.
  I think this is so very true and thought it was worth repeating.   It's so funny
how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say,
as some one said "I will permit no man to narrow and
degrade my soul by making me hate him"

Life for us is so busy.  Unfortunately there are times because of the time difference
we can't even Skype with our granddaughter.  Life is busy for everyone.
When we have the time the grand kids are believe it or not busy.

Today it is rainy and cold.  Not freezing, but ugly enough to not want to be outside.
Most of the tenants have not stepped out of their rooms as yet.  The hotel is
quiet and work continues as needed.  At Almost Home we have a
new maintenance couple.  Love them and so far no complaints.

The change in weather has everyone feeling not so good.
Arvid is sick and many of the tenants are also coming down with
the cold.  So far I seem to be the only "health" one.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Stay warm and dry.

Life doesn't require that we be the best,
only that we try our best...


Nov 13, 2017

Pretty Sights ~

New week.  New vibes.  New goals...

Branson.  Captured in all different lighting.  Like I always say, no
 matter where you are there is beauty to be found.  You just have to look.

As the new week begins, we look forward to beautiful days.  Very chilly start
in the mornings, but as mentioned before it sure warms up nicely.

The wheel is always a favorite and no matter from what angle or where, it is beautiful.
The fact that it came from Chicago also makes it more special to me.

Arvid is coming down with the cold.  last year he took the flu shot and never had
the cold.  Of course he is asking me how come it is he did not take the flu shot this year.
It's not like I did not remind him to do so several times.  says e will see if he can still take it.

Very quiet at both hotels.  Exactly how we like it, especially when we are also full.
The next few weeks Branson will be bombarded with visitors from all over
the world.  Checking out the lights.  One of the best Christmas displays
in the Nation.   From what I have read and heard, and seeing.

Let's get going and make this a great week.

It's Monday.  Time to sparkle and shine...


Nov 11, 2017

Saturday ~

Be grateful for all you have, but never settle for all you can be...

Friday.  Started off in the low 30's (1C), but here at home it was nice 
and toasty.  Can be because Arvid keeps it at75F or maybe
 because I was baking a turkey for hours. 

 I have never before made a turkey for Arvid and I, 
but I have already made 3 for my tenants at Almost Home. 
 The last one is just about finished.  Not Thanksgiving as yet, but I
 figured I will treat them to a home cooked meal today.  Turkeys are
 soon done and I am sure it will be enjoyed today.  I'm happy.

Sniff and I woke up pretty early.  He has already been brushed and fed.  Now he 
is running "wild"  Of course Arvid is still asleep.  He says I make too much noise 
and move around too much, so he was happy when I got out of the bed earlier than usual.

Saturdays are my "late" days.  Instead of going to work for 9am
 I get there a little later.  Those extra minutes definitely make a 
difference.  So much gets done in those "extra" minutes.  

Today we will be taking my maintenance people out for lunch. 
The are new and we are super happy with them.  Arvid also has a new
 maintenance couple, whom we have already taken to lunch
 a few times.  They are also super good for his place.

Everyday I am amazed at the beauty around us.  Like I said no matter where we are,
 beauty surrounds us.  For me the colors in the sky no matter what time of the day, 
is always stunning.  This was what I saw just the other day on my way home.

The two above pictures were taken on the same day just 10 minutes apart.
Yes, on my way home if the sunset or something interesting catches my
 attention I will pull over and definitely try to capture the  moment.

Life is a series of tiny miracles.  Notice them.
To all Veterans,  Happy Veterans Day.

Life is short.  Capture every moment...


Nov 10, 2017

Our Anniversary ~

I love you not because of anything you have,
but because of something I feel when I am near you.
Grow old with me.  The best is yet to come...

Seventeen years ago I met Arvid. I will never forget the day. I saw a tall 
handsome man smiling at me and I think I fell in love right away.  His voice, 
his laughter and his smile were the first things that made me realize he
was the one.  Arvid is unique and that says a lot all by itself.

Sixteen years ago today we were married and though we have had a few bumpy moments, 
quite a few actually; nothing would make me change the life we have.  Arvid believe it or
 not, is one of the most romantic men I know.  More romantic than me in many ways.

  He never forgets an important date in our life and always surprises me with
little details.   I think these are the times I love him even more.

He makes me laugh when I don't want to.  He takes me places where I never imagined 
going and he tells me the most wonderful things any woman would love to hear.  
The difference is that with Arvid everything he says is because he means it.  
When he told me that he wants forever with Brutus and I, I know that I am one
 of the luckiest persons in the world.  His eyes light up and I see love.  

Brutus is no longer with us.  Today we look forward to that forever with Sniff.
I know Brutus and Shadow are somewhere over the rainbow, and that hopefully they know
that we love them, and as far as Brutus goes he will forever be our special boy.

Through The Years
As for me, I adore him.  He is the one I look forward to spending forever with as well. 

 When I watched Arvid with Brutus it made me realize that what we have is
not so common.  We are lucky and we know it.  We appreciate what we
have and we always promise to never take each other for granted.
As I see how Arvid, Sniff and I are together today.  I am grateful.

I love you Arvid  Hvidsten.  When you came into my life I never thought I was ever 
going to fall in love again.  I was sad.  I was hurting and you changed all of that. 
 For me it will always be you.  Brutus and I love you with all our hears and 
we promise to always be here with you.

He has a way with words I would have never believed.  I always 
(maybe wrongfully), thought that woman were the romantics in relationship,  
but everyday he proves me wrong and I adore him for this.

I love you Arvid  Hvidsten.  When you came into my life I never thought I was ever 
going to fall in love again.  I was sad.  I was hurting and you changed all of that. 
 For me it will always be you.  Brutus, Shadow, Sniff and I love you with all our 
hearts and we promise to always be here with you.

He has a way with words I would have never believed.  I always 
(maybe wrongfully), thought that woman were the romantics in relationship,  
but everyday he proves me wrong and I adore him for this.

Arvid is my second chance in life and in love. 
 One that was  unexpected, unplanned and totally AWESOME!!!

I know that the best is yet to come, but between us
 everyday is that day.  We love you Arvid Hvidsten!

I love you.  That's my secret.  No hearts.
No pretty drawings.  No poems or cryptic messages.
I love you.  Now and Forever...


Nov 9, 2017

Beautiful Days ~

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face.  It's about having
a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul...

The fog combined with the colors of fall makes for a very scenic drive to work.
Yes it was a cold start of the day, but the sun is shining and the day is beautiful.

As I left home this morning the most beautiful sight awaited me.  A family
of deers.  Of course the looked at me, and then took off.  But not before I managed
to get a few pictures of them.  I look forward to them everyday.

That's them in flight mode.  Boy do they scare easily.  As they ran away,
a little black and white kitty chased after them.  Nope did not get that picture.

Quiet day here so far.  can't complain about that.  It's how it always should be.
At Arvid's hotel it is also calm and quiet.  The next few weeks Branson will
be flooded with tourist again.  Like I have mentioned before, the colors
of fall and the Christmas lights draw a huge crowd every year.

I love driving home in the evenings.  That's when I get to see the beauty of Christmas at
every turn you make.  Branson is definitely a beautiful place at nights.  Especially now.

To all a good day.  Soon Friday already.  This week has just flown by.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...


Nov 8, 2017

Busy Days ~

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life...

The colors are amazing.  Every street you drive down you see a display
of Christmas lights, decorations and the changes n colors on the trees. 
This we don't see in Fort Lauderdale, but here in Branson it is one of
the attractions right now.  The tourist flock to see this.

Flowers are still booming.  Unfortunately I don't think they will for much longer. 
The cold is here, but wit this strange Missouri climate we still see days
of warn sunshine.  That we love and hope it does not change.

We have been very busy.  More so than usual, but all good busy.
Here at the hotels it is business as usual.  My lady from Florida left on Monday
by yesterday I had already rented the room.  And that was after saying no
to several people.  Being selective in this business is key to having calm,
peaceful and relaxing times.  Maybe at times I am too selective.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

You get up early in the morning and you work all day.
That's the only secret.  Work hard play hard...


Nov 7, 2017

A Beautiful Time Of The Year ~

New days, new weeks, new months, new seasons
are all life's way of saying that we are worthy of a fresh start...

There is beauty everywhere you look and everyday here in 
Branson we are reminded of it.  Usually we see deers everyday.  
Normally an entire family of four or more.  Lately the deers 
have become bolder.  They do not run off as fast as before.  
And yes, I do manage to get some pictures of them.

The other night was full moon.  Arvid and I went out a little and as we got 
home the moon was in its peak.  The above pictures of the moon
 were taken from our from door by yours truly.  Got to say 
even i am a little impressed with the pictures.

Above was an outing we had at The Landings.  The sun was
 setting and it made for some pretty pictures and a very good time.

Definitely a beautiful time of the year.  Seeing the many colors of the season
 makes it a happy time.  As I have mentioned many times, the weather 
in Branson is strange.  One day you are having 80 degrees and
 within a few hours the temperature can drop a good 20 degrees. 

 Happened to us on Sunday.  The change was immediate and 
we went from being nice and warm to very cold.

Christmas is everywhere.  Right now I wish I was closer to family. 
 Christmas has always been the favorite Holiday in our family. 
 At Christmastime I always enjoy spending with my family. 
 Not happening this year, but can hope for next year.

Arvid and I did the tourist thing over the weekend and went to see the 
Branson Christmas light display.  One of the many Christmas displays in Branson.

May your day be filled with faith, love,
hope and beautiful blessings.  Good morning world.

A little progress each day adds to big results...


Nov 5, 2017

Brutus. Brutus ~ Two Years Without You ~

As I go on living without you,
I go on without a huge piece of myself...

October 2006 was one of the best years in our lives, if not the best. That was the
year Brutus became a part of it.  I have had kitties before thanks to my then
husband Paul Riley, who was a cat lover.  He introduced me to the joys
of being a kitty mama. From that day on kitties became my babies.

Having had five kitties previously made me ready for Brutus.  I was
waiting for years for Arvid to finally say it was OK for us to have a kitty.
Finally one day out of the blues I said,"so do you think we can adopt a kitty?"

Imagine my shock and surprise when he said, "yes." I was the
happiest person in the world. I had at that time been without a little
fur baby for 6 years. I gave up the  five I had for adoption in 2000.
A decision I regret to this day, but one I made and I live with.

Arvid had never had a pet before Brutus.  He had no clue what was
in store for him. Arvid thought we can train Brutus like you train a kid.
 Arvid was not that wrong.  He did train Brutus to do many things.  What Arvid
never expected was that Brutus in turn would train him to do many things. 

What Brutus did for Arvid no one else has nor will ever do.
  He made Arvid more human.  He made Arvid more patient.
Arvid learnt to relax a little more and to slow down. 

He realized that life was not only on the go 24/7, but that one must
make room for the simple things as well.  Brutus taught him compassion,
gentleness and so much more.  Ask Arvid and he will be the first to tell you
that Brutus saved him and Brutus saved his life.  Arvid had just gotten
out of surgery and was sitting.  He told me he was about to keel over,
but Brutus kept climbing on him and meowing until Arvid woke up.

Our life without Brutus is different.  We still do what we have to do.
We are in Missouri because we could not stand to be in our Florida apartment.
Too many memories of Brutus.  Here in Missouri we are busy. Not
much time to dwell on much, but no matter what, Brutus is always
with us.   Both Arvid and I miss that little dude like crazy.

We have Sniff now.  He is a wonderful kitty.  We have routines with hm.
  He likes a few of the same things, but at nights where Arvid used to sing for
Brutus while he ate his snacks, little Sniff will have none of that.

I will be lying if I said I do not think of Brutus every day and wish he was back
with us.  I loved him and love him like the child I never had.  Brutus will
forever be my baby.  Brutus took with him a part of my heart
and my soul.  No one can give that back to me.

There is no worse storm than the one I carry in my heart.

Two years  have gone by fast.  So much has happened.  Glad that we
have been and still are so busy.  Helps to keep many thoughts
 at bay, at least during the day.  Nights when I have
some time on my own that's a different story. 

Yesterday as I had a little breakdown, Sniff was right by my side
looking unsure as to what was going on.  I am grateful for our Sniff.
  Everyday is a new day with new chances to make the most of
this life we have.  I do and everyday I am always thankful.

Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself
I am strong because I have gone one more day without you...


Nov 4, 2017

Daylight Savings Time ~

I don't mind going back to daylight saving time. 
With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I've saved all year...

In the United States, almost all states and territories turn their cocks back
and forth, except for Arizona (aside from those in the Navajo Nation),
Hawaii, The Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  The exact time of
the change-over will be 2 a.m on November 5th

For those of us in the U.S., the next time we’ll be changing clocks after
this will be on Sunday, March 11th, 2018. Clocks will be moved one hour
forward, meaning that you’ll see the sun more throughout the evening.

Even though we are all grown and have been away from home for so very long,
my parents still see us all as their little girls.  Every year we get a call from my mom.

She says it's just a little reminder just in case we forgot to switch our clocks.
Do you know that there have been times when it sure has happened.
For one of my sisters it has happened quite often.  Now it's a big 
joke among us.  We all call her, text her and email her reminding
her to set her clocks at home.  Now a tradition.

Arvid says that this is not his favorite time of the year because the days are
too short and he can't get as many things done as before.  Sure he is wrong
because the man never stops.  Not sure what he does, but he does it well.

Saturday morning.  A little on the dark side right now,
but looking beautiful for the rest of the day and that's a sure
indication that our day will be just as good.  Wishing you the same

Don't forget it's daylight savings time. You spring forward, 
then you fall back. It's like Robert Downey Jr. getting out of bed...