Oct 23, 2017

New Day ~

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes...

After a fairly exhausting work week, we have managed to have some relax
 time over the weekend.  Feeling refreshed and almost ready to face the 
new week ahead.  Sniff as always is constantly refreshed.  He does
 get lots of cat naps so life for him is fairly easy going.

Arvid and I went to one of our favorite spots on Saturday.  Enjoyed the
 ambiance and a little nibble.  Always makes me happy and makes the weekend 
even more special to just getaway and see something different.

Yesterday was rainy and a bit on the cold side.  Even though the
 temperatures were not that low it felt cold to me.  Neither Arvid nor I felt 
like going out to dinner so we stayed in.  Had a home cooked mean and did
 some paperwork. Was good to spend most of the day at home with Sniff.

Fall is beautiful and I am witnessing here in Branson.  Fall in Vermont is 
stunning as per this picture my sister sent over the weekend.

The above picture was taken by my brother-in-law in Vermont.
The colors, the fog everything combines to make it a perfect postcard picture.

To all a very good start of the day and may this new week be a
 productive and amazing one.  Hello cold Monday.  Let's do it!

You can't change what happened last week, but you 
can learn form it and choose happiness this week...


Oct 22, 2017

Little Things~

It's the unexpected that changes our lives...

I am excited and surprised to have found out that some kind
of a berry is growing in our yard.  Now I can't wait to pick it and eat it.

Also our tomato trees have tomatoes.  Super excited about that.  Most of 
the tomatoes will be taken to work.  Unfortunately, I can't eat much of it.  Too 
much acidity, and now my stomach does not tolerate it.  Among other things.

When it's not raining, I try to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible.  It is
very warm right now.  That's good, but I have been warned by the tenants that 
the temperatures can soar to 100 F and last for days.  Not sure I am ready for that.

When we first got Sniff Sniff he did not like being picked up.
New he loves cuddle time and every chance we get we pick him up. 
 He is such a good little kitty and we love him very much.

A new day begins.  Hopefully a quiet one at the hotels.  Wishing 
everyone interesting days filled with happiness and a touch of magic.

The unexpected makes the story more interesting...


Oct 20, 2017

Hello Weekend ~

When I was 17 I used to admire people with luxuries.
Now I admire people with inner peace...

The last few days have been pretty exhausting for me.  Once again the
flu symptoms seem to be coming back.  Combined with constant
running around does not seem to give the body time to recoup.

As you can see Sniff Sniff feels exactly the same.  In his defense,
this is how he feels everyday.  Thankfully he is healthy and doing great.

Arvid not taking any chances.  He stays bundled up at work and at home.

Mornings are "cold" but it does warm up nicely during the days.

Weekend is already upon us.  Nothing much planned as of now,
but that can change suddenly. I do know there is another car show in town,
and if I know Arvid well (which I do), he is definitely there right now. 
Man has to have some fun too.  My bet is he's there right now.

Happy Friday all and remember, calories don't count on the weekend.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy...


Oct 19, 2017

Just Because ~

Being different is not a bad thing.
It means you are brave enough to be yourself...

This is how I feel some days.  Just different from the crowd.

Remember it's OK to be different, because 
nowadays, being different isn't really such a bad thing.
I have always been and sure don't care what others say.
I'm me and I like me and I like very much being very different.

We start our day once again on the cold side.  By noon it will be high
 80's and beautiful.  Sniff was awake very early this morning making a lot of
 noise with his box.  His foodies are bought online.  I think his favorite
part of this online shopping is that he gets to enjoy playing with the box.
Good morning all, may this be the start of an amazing day.

Don't be afraid of being different.
Be afraid of being the same as everyone else...


Oct 17, 2017

Life ~

You have to fight through some bad 
days to earn the best days of your life...

These babies live in California.  Their mama is my best friend Anna,
Her Taino is 17 years young as she says.  His birthday was October 1st.  Anna
has 2 other kitties as you can see, but her Taino is her heart and her baby.

Taino is slowing down a bit, his mama is worried.
He is after all her baby, and her baby is 17 years old.

My week has started with a bang.  Guess it will be
another week that will fly by before we know.
Difficult days and decisions lay ahead.

We woke up to very cold temperatures this morning in Branson.

Anna.  Remember hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
 We love you!  I know these are difficult days you face. Wish I was there
 with you, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you

Baby it's cold outside...


Oct 16, 2017

New Week Again ~

Be grateful for all you have,
but never settle for less than you can be...

On any given Sunday you can find us relaxing and enjoying ourselves at The Landings.  
Be it for a good meal or just browsing around, there is something for everyone.

Arvid never gets tired of checking out the cars.  He always buys
 the raffle tickets, so far we have not had any luck, but you never know 
what can happen.  It already tagged with Florida plates. 
 Would be sweet to win it and drive it home.

The Branson Fountain at sunset is always a favorite with me.  No matter 
how often we go there I always have to take pictures of it.  Always a beautiful sight.

The next few days we will be waking up to very cold temperatures.
Good thing is that as the day progresses it will get warmer and 
the sun will be shining. Could not be any better.  Loving it!

Sniff Sniff never wastes a chance to catch the rays.  He can fall asleep in the 
blink of the eye in just about any spot.  But his favorite is always to be as 
close as possible to me.  As soon as I sit Sniff makes himself comfy, 
closes his eyes and is once again in dreamy land.

Good morning everyone.  May this be the start of a great new week.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. 
 The time will pass anyway.  Mondays are for fresh starts...


Oct 15, 2017

What's Your Day Like? ~

In the blink of an eye everything can  change.
So forgive often and love with all your heart.  You may 
never know when you may not have that chance again...

Most weeks fly by but somehow this week seemed to have dragged on and on. 
 Guess it did not help with both of us not feeling our best.  We are both 
better now and in "good"  shape again.  Earlier in the week we had freezing 
weather, then heat wave.  Today back to cooler temperatures.  Love it.

This morning I spoke to my sister in Puerto Rico.  Once again she is 
without power.  Like most of the island.  That she deals with.  Not easy
 but you do the best you can under the circumstances.  But then 
she told me that there is no food.  She has not eaten a hot 
meal in so long.  When she had power for those 
few days there was no food in the grocery stores.  

This morning she made the lines at a grocery store for a few hours. 
 When she finally got in the shelves were empty.  How do you 
deal with the fact that someone you love has nothing to eat?

Here we take it for granted we will eat.  We have many favorite spots
 and all we have to do is choose a place and there we are.  Food is served.
 Nirvana, now is just happy to have a can of cold soup, some crackers.  She told
me today, "even if I did not like it before, if I can get some I will eat it."

If anyone knows of a way I can get supplies to my sister, please let me know.
You know my email address.  Best way to contact me.  My brother in law is an executive
 in J&J and the company is going to help them getting some supplies to their families.

Nirvana falls in this category.  Hopefully some of the supplies Nina and David
 will be sending will get to her.  Simple things, soap, batteries for the lamp.
She lives in darkness.  Yes most of the island does, but this is my sister
and right now my concern is HER!!!  She has water.

Lucky her at least she gets to take cold showers.  Yes we take for granted
 so much.   What we take for granted someone else is praying for.

Be grateful for another day.  Not everybody made it, so don't take it for granted.
It could all be gone tomorrow.  Don't forget that.  What are you grateful for...


Oct 13, 2017

Friday 13th ~

It may be Friday the 13th, but it is still Friday
and a reason to dance.  13 is just a number...

Finally I can actually see that my hair has grown.  Usually it grows in width,
but now I can see the actual length as well.  Happy as can be.  Yesterday
when I had a haircut I almost told the girl to cut it all off.  Almost. 

We have warmed up quite a bit again.  Everyone now complaining how hot it is.
Everyone except Arvid of course.  It's a heat wave here..again without the humidity.

Here at Almost Home I am already planning our Thanksgiving gathering.  The tenants
all look forward to their turkey with all the trimming meal.  Will have it catered, but
many have already said they would like to bring something.  That's OK with me.

Friday the 13th.  Could not be a more beautiful day here in Branson.
Happy Friday the 13th.  Have a killer day.

What did Saturday the 14th say to Friday the 13th?  
I'm coming after you.  Don't make me have to go all Jason on you...


Oct 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Lilly ~

A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone...

Yesterdays sunset.  Beautiful sight no matter where you are.

Eyeballs all ready for Halloween.

Getting all set for the weekend.

The gray skies belong to us here in Branson.  We woke up to cold temperatures.
It has already warmed up a bit, and will continue to do so.  Believe it or not
by the weekend we will be having a heat wave.  I'm enjoying this weather.

  Sunny skies belong to California.  That's Lilly Vade going to
school with her dad.  She is a happy little girl and I love her
with all my heart.  Lilly Vade is the definition of LOVE!

A niece is a little girl who grows up to be a friend...


Oct 11, 2017

Chilly Wednesday Begins ~

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful
Start each day happy...

We woke up to very cold temperatures.  As you can imagine Arvid is freezing. 
 I am actually chilled, but liking it.  Sniff came to the bed of course
 and was huddled close to us.  Mornings he is mainly cuddled 
up next to me.  Nighttime he is daddy's boy.

The life of cat cat.  Nothing to worry about all day long everyday.

Already had my cafe and banana for breakfast.  Time to get ready
 and go to "work"  Outside is definitely looking like fall right now.  Saving grace 
is that the sun will come out and we will warm up a bit, but like
 I mentioned, I am pretty OK with this cold right now.

To all a good day.  Stay warm.  
Bundle up and have some hot chocolate.

One small positive thought in the morning 
can change your whole day...