Jan 17, 2020

Hello Friday ~

Life is beautiful. You have to be thankful that 
we are living.  Wherever you look is beauty.  I know
abut the bad things, but I look for the good things...

Friday.  Even better because today Nirvana is once
 again coming to Florida and my sister Mala as well. 
 Vermont had a snow storm yesterday, and hopefully 
Boston-Logan International airport is on schedule.  
We will be picking her up later on this evening.

Hope the weather holds up and Mala can leave.
 Can't wait to see her.  I miss her a lot.

Yesterday we were busy.  We were on the road close to
 7 hours.  We are still in the shipping business, and at times
 we still have to go and check out a car for a customer.

Yesterday we were in two different locations looking
at two cars.  The buyer bought them both.  We love
 road trips, so for us this was another road trip.
  Unfortunately, traffic was pretty hectic.

After all those hours on the road, Arvid had just one
thing on his mind.  One of his favorite places to eat. The
 nachos are pretty good, but too big for just me.  I told
Arvid that when our Norwegian gang gets here we
 have to go, then we can all enjoy the nachos.

We got home tired and spent a few hours
sitting out on the balcony.  Very relaxing.
 Something Arvid enjoys very much.

The day is going to be amazing.  I look forward
to some  very amazing days with my family.

I wish everyone a great weekend and whatever you,
 do do it with great zest and flair.  I love my life
 and the ones in it.  I am grateful always.


Jan 16, 2020

Happy Thursday ~

My mom and dad gave their kids the greatest gift of all,
  the gift of unconditional love. They cared deeply about who
 we would be, and much less about what we would do...

I am so happy.  The last few days I have been 
spending lots of time with my parents.  My mom has 
pretty bad arthritis, and if I can help her in anyway 
possible I will do so while they are close to us.

As always Sniff and I have been awake early.  
He cries for his brushing, which he gets as soon as I 
can get some clothes on.  He falls all over my feet and
 never leaves until he is brushed and happy.

Food comes after brushing these days.  Once he 
has eaten he goes back to bed with his dada.  They 
both sleep for another couple of hours.  Sometimes
 when Arvid gets up, Sniff does not want to move.

Yesterday my parents took Liliana and I out to lunch. 
We went to one of our favorite restaurants.  The 
food was delicious as always and we had a good
 time all of us.  Arvid was busy doing other 
things so he was happy with a Burger.

Yesterday during our walk we encountered a variety
 of new friends.  Always happy and always have my
 camera ready.  You never know what you will see.

Arvid and I have a busy day today.  Maybe we will 
see my parents a little in the early evening.  For now 
good morning everyone.  Wishing you all a happy day.

Life is good.  Sometimes we forget.
I love my life and the ones in it...


Jan 15, 2020

Life ~

No matter how bad things are, 
you can always make things worse...

Our walk yesterday took us somewhere we had
not been to before.  It was a mixed neighborhood.
 Very interesting and a little different.

  It was a very pleasant walk.  We encountered many
 furry friends.  For me that's a good time already.
We of course ended up walking by the river. 

At some point Arvid looked at me and said, "You smell that?"
How could I not; the entire river was stagnant and stinky.
 It was the smell of poop and all things rotten.  

Boats are passing by with residents holding up big banners.
  Protesting the situation.  For many there is feces all over 
their driveway and yards.  The smell.  You can imagine.

Not a pleasant time for many.  Combined with 
the overwhelming number of new constructions, residents
 have had enough and are even protesting all this new 
developments going on. 

 The infrastructure in the city of Fort Lauderdale will 
not be able to handle it all.  Arvid puts it best, "only 
problems in the future.  Not a good time to buy."
In the meantime I do enjoy these sunsets.

On another note, I spent the day with my parents. 
 My mom and I went around.  We did some shopping, we 
went to a Cuban bakery.  Everything was delicious.  Puerto Rico
 has spoilt me.  I need my cafe con leche everyday now.

My mom was in a shopping mood.  She ended up
 with quite a few pairs of shoes.  I was tempted, but 
I really don't have the space for anything.  

Plus Arvid's rule is, "you bring something, then you
 have to give up something."  Right now I don't want to give 
up anything and the truth is I don't need more shoes.  

Wishing everyone a great Wednesday.  Make it count.

Life is at its best when everything has fallen out 
of place, and you decide that you're going to fight
to get them right, not when everything is going 
your way and everyone is praising you...


Jan 14, 2020

Happy Days ~

 Once you replace negative thoughts with positive
 ones, you'll start having positive results...

Yesterday evening Arvid and I were invited to a gallery 
opening of a friend.  Jim is the proud owner of thousands 
of Max Schacknow pencil drawings.  Absolutely beautiful
 pencil drawings.  Quite a few people were there.

Arvid was of course one of the lucky winners of 
the raffle last night.  He won a bottle of wine, and
 believe it or not he had a few offers to trade for it. 
 Someone even offered some cash.  I said no.

I enjoyed the champagne, the cheese and crackers
 and mingling.  Arvid as usual did not try anything, but 
he did chat with everyone.  The Arvid of today has
 blossomed into a social butterfly, compared to
 the Arvid I met some many years ago.

Not sure what the day holds, but if everything goes 
according to plan, my mom and I will be checking
 out a few places.  My dad will be busy watching 
cricket and Arvid as usual is a busy busy bee.

To all a very good day.  Remember, we do not know what
 tomorrow hold, so live life everyday to the fullest.

I am in charge of how I feel and 
today I am choosing happiness...


Jan 13, 2020

Back Home ~

There's no happier person than a truly thankful
content person.  Be thankful for everything that 
happens in your life; it's all an experience...

Back home and as always it feels good.  At the
 same time it was bittersweet saying goodbye to 
my sister Nivana.  Made us sad to leave her.

On the bright side she will be coming to Florida 
on Friday as will Mala; and Nina will also be visiting 
from Tampa.  Only one missing will be Rima.  Hopefully
 March she will be here if all goes according to plans.  

Sniff as always was so happy he did not 
know what to do.  He had lots of brushing and kept
 crying for more. Which he had as well.  Finally
 he calmed down and was able t relax and sleep
 between  Arvid's legs.  His most favorite spot.

We spent lots of time with Nirvana.  Together the
 3 of us enjoyed some very delicious mojitos, piƱa 
coladas and some.  The earthquake put a damper on things
 a little, but did not stop us from having a good time.

Arvid and I went to Puerto Rico with the intention
 of buying a little condo.  We were hoping to 
go once a month for about a weeks time. 

 Unfortunately this did not work out as we planned. 
 We saw some units with AMAZING views.  We
 were all set to do the deal, but the situation in
 PR made us rethink it all.  At least for now.

That being said, it's good to be home.  The Internet
 is working and Sniff is by my side.  My life is full.  
Mom and dad have been in Florida a month already.  

Saw them yesterday after we came home and will be 
seeing them again tomorrow.  I'm happy and I'm grateful.

Acknowledging the good that you already have
 in your life is the foundation for all abundance...


Jan 12, 2020

Puerto Rico ~

It takes an earthquake to remind us that we 
walk on the crust of an unfinished planet...

We felt the earthquake in Puerto Rico.  I heard the 
wind howling and felt the building shake.

We saw my sister and how worried and stressed she
 looked.  Living through Hurricane maria and then 
having to experience earthquake after earthquake sure 
take a turn on you.  I wish she would move to
Florida and be closer to J her son and to us.

We arrived to an island that was still without power
 in many areas.  We have been lucky that our hotel has power
 and water.  When my sister like s many did get power,
 it just came and went.  Ad it continue to do so.

Arvid and I have been travelling the island in search
 of a place.  Arvid is keen on buying something 
in  Puerto Rico.  I am more cautious.

We have seen many apartments.  Some with amazing 
views.  I can't stop taking pictures of the beaches and the 
palm trees.  Picture perfect views and beaches.

We have had a very good time in Puerto Rico.
 Arvid has once again tried new foods and has liked it.
  Lots of good drinks, but most of all am happy to have
 seen my sister.  She will soon be once again in Florida
 together with Mala, Nina and my parents.

The other night my sister Nirvana said to me,
"I'm afraid to go to sleep."  It tore my heart apart.  Like so
many in Puerto Rico she has been through hell
and back, and it seems to continue.

Fear sounds like Earthquake in a black night.
I used to sleep nude...until the earthquake...


Jan 11, 2020

January 11th Puerto Rico ~

I want to be wild, beautiful and free.  Just like the sea...

This beautiful island that I once called home,
and is still home to my sister has been going through
more tragic times than it can handle.

As we vacation here, we know we will soon be
going home.  For many this is their reality.  There
 is no other place to go. This is their home.

Sky above our heads.  Sand beneath out feet.  Life is good...


Jan 10, 2020

January 10th Puerto Rico ~

Tangled hair, don't care. Let the waves 
hit your feet and the sand be your seat...

When you are in the islands you tend to
 do the island thing.  For me that means my
 umbrella drinks in a beach setting.  Arvid and
 I have already started our exploring. 

 We never waste a minute to pursue what we want.
  When ever we have some "free" time we relax
 and enjoy a little island drink.  I love the
 laid back lifestyle.  At least while here.

Looking forward to what today holds.
Wishing happy times to all.
A good day to everyone.

There is nothing more beautiful that the 
ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no
 matter how many times it's sent away...


Jan 9, 2020

Puerto Rico ~ Jan 9th

Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets...

Greetings from Puerto Rico.  What better way 
to start the day than with a delicious cup of coffee. 
Thank you Nirvana.  The coffee is delicious
 and I love your cup.  Maybe I'll keep it.

Puerto Rico is fastly becoming our destination
of choice.  I am going to enjoy it for as long
as Arvid is all pumped up about it.

Those who know us know we are on a mission.
What the mission is is quite different for Arvid and
for me, but one thing is for sure we both have
 the same goal at the end of the day.

Don't listen to what they say, go see...


Jan 8, 2020

Wednesday January 8th ~

Blue skies.  Sunshine trade winds, white sands,
salty air, beach huts, coconuts, starry nights,
 island life.  Puerto Rico is calling...

It's soon goodbye sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Hello sunnier
 Puerto Rico. It's not as if life is bad where we are.  It sure isn't,
but Puerto Rico is calling and we sure are listening. Let's
just hope we do not meet up with any earthquakes.

My nephew Gabsy in California has a few fur babies.
Of course I love them.  Every so often, they get a little
Chewy box from me and in return I get pictures and videos
 of the little trio and their antics.  I am happy as can be.

Got these the other day and I'm still smiling.  I really
 wish Sniff could have a little brother or sister, but I know
 it's not going to happen.  Arvid not going with it ever.

Being an "only child" Sniff gets all of attention.  I
would still like him to have a little brother or sister.
My favorite kind of relaxation is cuddling with

As Always when we leave Sniff is cared for
by Gladys. She loves him and he her.

The situation in PR is not that great right now,
but according to the hotel staff where we will be staying
 there is power and water.  Unfortunately my sister is
still without electricity.  I am heartbroken for her.

We do not know what to expect when
 we get there but hoping for the best. 

Hope the only thing stronger than fear.
Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, 
and unsurprised by anything in between...