Oct 9, 2015


Too exhausted to think straight.  Please small words.  Pictures help...

It's Friday and I'm tired.  Arvid still not feeling well.  The cold/flu is wearing
 him down and me as well.  Brutus sluggish because of his medications and that
 definitely makes me stressed.  Feel bad he has to always take so many pills

Not going to be our usual Friday with music and outings tonight, but that's OK
with me.  I can use the rest.  Have not had much sleep since Arvid
has been "ill"  coughs most of the night and then I'm awake.

Wishing you all a very good weekend.  I know sometimes life is rough,
but hopefully we all have something everyday to be grateful for.
 I know I always do.  May your Friday sparkle.

I already want to take a nap tomorrow...


Oct 8, 2015

About Life...

Life is full of ups and downs.  The trick is to enjoy 
the ups and have courage during the downs...

Yesterday was our first day back in Florida after being gone for 2 months.  Had so much
 to do, but unfortunately the day took a little detour and not for the good.  Arvid woke up with
 the flu.  Cold symptoms and fever.  Being a man he handles it just the way men do.

Then there is Brutus who has only been off his pill for 4 days yesterday, and already 
his paw started to bust open, bleed and ooze.  This kitty is never catching a break how terrible
is that.  Of course I began the pill treatment again.  He's in hiding and sulking as usual.

Right before lunch Arvid calls him mom to see how she is doing and also there we got 
news that was not expected.  Took us by surprise and we are still stunned.

 You realize that life is so unpredictable.  Just about in the blink of the eye what you 
thought was the real thing is suddenly snatched away from you right infront of your eyes 
and worst part is that you can't do a damm thing but let it take it's course.

To end the day the weather was misbehaving, but the good thing is that rain
 and thunderstorms it is warm and humid.  Arvid spent the day sniffling and still is.
 He watched a little soccer and dozed off a bit.  Yes, he does not handle being sick well. 

 I made him a favorite meal of his.  Made him happy and content and now he and Brutus
 are still sleeping.  Thursday already.  Let's hope today is better for everyone.
Remember, life is hard, but not impossible so make it a memorable day.

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it...


Oct 7, 2015

Sunshine State...

I live in Florida and I live on the Intracoastal Waterways.
I sit and look out at the water all day-that's what my desk is...

We are back in Florida where the days are warm and the nights are less warm.
The minute we landed something changed.  You could feel the tension
becoming part of what is our "normal" way of life in Florida.

Brutus already checked out his many sleeping spots.  Arvid is already
becoming a "maniac" and I am already becoming more stressed.  Back home.

After a long "vacation" there is so much catching up to do.  Started as soon as we
 got in last nigh and it will not stop.  Yes, we are running around again.  Just the way
 we like it.  In Chicago we also ran around quite a lot this summer, but somehow
there we prefer to not have so much running around to do.

In Florida it is good.  It is fun to stay busy and to be on the move.
 Chicago is our relax place.  Florida is our workplace.

Good morning everyone.  We have some busy days ahead so time for an early start.

It's called the Sunshine State for a reason.  I can't wait to spend Monday
 doing nothing on the beach instead of doing nothing at work...


Oct 6, 2015

Until Next Summer...

Today forget your past.  Forgive yourself. Begin again...

It's goodbye for now until summer of 2016.  Now we are set to go back home to
Florida and to the warmth.  Some of our favorite times here in Chicago this summer
 can best be expressed/visualized through pictures.  As you know a picture speaks 
more than a thousand words.  Here are my favorite moments of the summer.

We have had wonderful evenings at the hot tub/pool area.  
I believe it is one of the nicest pool areas in all downtown Chicago.

Shopping in the city is an experience.  There is also always something happening.

A favorite in the city is our own "Tina Turner"  She brightens up the street corners 
with her liveley music and one of a kind personality.  Always a hit with the crowd.

The city is just one big scenic scenario.

The days of backbacks and sneakers are coming to an end for me until next  summer.  Here
it is almost like a given that 1 out of every 4 people will be carrying a backpack.  Me included.

Already we are missing the hot tub.  Yesterday we used it for the last time for this summer.

The weather here is unpredictable.  
One day it is warm, and before you know it sweaters are needed.

This is a city, but no matter where you go there are always flowers blooming.
Amazing colors and always a sight that captures my attention and camera.

The summer for us here in Chicago is over.  Sad, but true.  It feels more like
Norway's climate and that my friends means time to head back to warm temperatures.
Arvid is already getting a cold.  same happens every summer in Norway.  Not good.

Looking forward to going back home to Florida.  Driving my car.  Having a
little breathing space on my own and doing some stuff on my own.  I do miss having
some alone time.  Looking forward to some this weekend and I am sure Arvid is as well.

To all a very good day.  Here in Chicago it is gloomy and cold.
Looking at the pictures, you can see that the choice to leave is not that difficult.

Florida: America's hot, moist land-wang.
In Florida we salt Margaritas not sidewalks...


Oct 5, 2015

Goodbye Chicago... For Now

Beach sand, perfect tans. Day walks, night talks. Sleepless nights,
 pillow fights...and  spending every day with those who matter most....ahhh Summertime...

Our summer is soon up in Chicago...oddly enough, I am not too sad.  This year we have
 done so lots of running around that I feel we and ready to slow down.  Thing is 
as soon as a day passes both Arvid and I get restless.  Then something 
happens, and we are ready to be on the move again..

Yesterday we enjoyed dinner at another of our favorite restaurants here in Chicago.
111 Forks has become our restaurant of choice for our "last" outing

Winter will soon be here.  Can feel it in the air.  This makes is easier to go back to Florida.
 Looking forward to that very much as well, and hopefully it will not be so hot. Nothing 
beats Florida in the wintertime.  In Chicago we are always out walking, doing
 something, seeing things...people watching and lots of music and good 
food fill our days in Chicago.  Back home in Florida it's busy time.

This has been a very good summer. I have enjoyed many shopping days at Macy's. 
 As usual we have had long walks in the park and along the lake.  We have enjoyed 
many an evening with good music, food and we even made more new friends.

I think Arvid is getting much better at making friends in the building.
  Sounds good to me!  The best part is knowing that next summer we will be back!
Happy Monday everyone.  May your days be filled with laughter and love.

How lucky are we to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
When life gets blurry, adjust your focus....


Oct 4, 2015

Tad Too Cold For Us...

Happiness is not a goal...it's a by-product of a life well lived...

I now understand why people who live in cold temperatures always talk about the weather.
Seems that Arvid and I are doing that also quite often.  Back in Florida we
rarely check the temperature.  It is either warm or hot but, not cold.  
Dress code is always shorts, T-shirts and flip flops.

Here in Chicago we check the temperature several times in the day to see when is the best
 time to go out.  See how to dress and see what is our window for warmth.  At least it is 
so as soon as October begins.  Yesterday we were so cold we cancelled our plans. 
 Was supposed to be our last time at Buddy Guys Legends for this summer.  Oh
well.  Today we also delayed our early start because for us it is still to cold.

Of course once we are in Florida we complain about how hot the weather is, but right now
both Arvid and I agree that we will take that heat rather than the cold.  We love Chicago,
but we love it in the summer.  Come fall we want to go back home to Florida.  For us fall
can easily be winter for all the difference it makes.  All we know is that it's cold!

Had a car rented for today to do some shopping- stocking up for next summer,
but as of right now it's a no go.  Hopefully tomorrow it is warmer and hopefully there
are no soccer games that Arvid HAS to see.  This was the main reason to cancel
today's reservation.  Cold temperatures just made a good excuse.

To all a very good day.  Stay warm and remember, do not spoil what 
you have by desiring what you have not.  Me included of course.

 Homewards bound too the Sunshine State soon.  Happy!

I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed now and a little bit happier...


Oct 3, 2015


If plan "A" didn't work.  The alphabet has 25 more letters.
  Stay cool. Life is good...

When I went back to Florida to bring Brutus, Arvid was busy.  He surprised me with quite
 a few things, and last night once again he surprised me with tickets to a concert.  
Seems like Mark Knopfler was always someone of interest for  Arvid, and so
 he got the tickets and we went.  The Chicago Theater is one of my favorite 
paces.  It's beautiful on the outside and more so inside.

How to describe the concert? Hmmm... the man sure can play the guitar. I
did not know many of the songs except for one. called Sultans of Swing which Arvid
plays on the jukebox back home in Florida.  Other than that most of it sounded like
Irish music. not bad, but different.  I enjoyed it so much that I fell asleep during the concert.

Today is our last Saturday here in Chicago, and even though the weather is cold and
 windy, we know we are going to miss it very much.  Like I said before, this summer we mostly 
worked to get the apartment to our liking.  We did quite a lot as well, but as Arvid said 
"next summer we have to check out the parks more.  Now I can't wait for next summer."

Saturday morning means soccer to Arvid be it here in Chicago or Florida.
Many games going o so he is busy and he loves it.  I have not yet decided what
to do with myself.  I would like to out and walk around a bit,
 but at the same time it's too cold and windy for me.

Hopefully the day will get a little better and we will do something in the afternoon.
 We have plans, but we also don't like this cold weather. Happy Saturday to all.  Hopefully
your day is bright and sunny if not we still make the most of what we have.  Enjoy!

Relax.  It's the weekend.  Happy Saturday.
The toughest decision you need to make, bottle or draft...


Oct 2, 2015

Last Friday...

You know what they say about Chicago. 
If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes...

Sadly our days are now numbered here in the Windy City.  This is our last 
Friday until next summer.  Bittersweet.  Glad to be going back to the
 Sunshine State, but also sad to be leaving.

Not exactly sure what the day hods for us as yet, but whatever it 
is I am sure Arvid and I will have a good time.

Here is Chicago our days are relaxing and stress free.  I know as soon as 
we get back home to Florida it will be crazy and hectic again.

Our time here in Chicago has been pretty hectic as well.  We spent many of the 
days cleaning and fixing up our apartment making it more homey, cosy and comfy for us.

Chicago has one of the most unpredictable of weathers.  We have had many beautiful 
warm and sunny days.  We have also had  lots of rain and fog.  All together it has been good.

As always it has been a summer of creating memories and moments that we will
always remember.  makes looking forward to next year even more appealing.  Can't wait.

Happy Friday everyone.  Remember, life is a beautiful collage 
of priceless moments and memories, which when pieced all 
together creates a unique treasured masterpiece.

We didn't realize we were making memories
we just knew we were having fun..


Oct 1, 2015

Brutus..Our Little Traveller

Life to me is a journey - you never know what may be your next destination...

Travelling with Brutus is now routine.  Brutus is a very good traveller and never acts 
up nor cries during the trip.  Brutus has been travelling with us now for many years. 
 His first trips were to Eleuthera, Bahamas. He knows we are about to travel as 
soon a she sees suitcases and his carrier.  Then he's not happy. 
 On the day of the travel it's always hide and seek with him.

The first few times we took him on an airplane we gave him a little 
tranquilizing drops just to make sure he did not get too scared.  

Both Arvid and I noticed that instead of relaxing him these drops actually made
him nervous and totally alert...bottom line he was never relaxed.  We took
 Brutus all the time with us to the Bahamas.  I can't say for sure that he
 was too happy during these flights, but he was always good.

He has also been coming with us to Chicago.  We stopped giving him medication and
he is so much more relaxed.  Makes both Arvid and I feel so much better as well.
When Brutus travels with us, we buy him his very own ticket.  Usually his ticket costs
 more than ours. On the good side of that, we get to keep him right next to us.  Win-Win.

 Brutus is always  very well behaved, and has always been a hit with many of the
 passengers.  They usually can't believe how good he is. Once a few little girls just begged
to pet him.  Arvid was gentle, but firm when he told them they could not.

We normally buy him a small bottle of water, I take a syringe and every once in a while
we give him water with it.  Because we fly with Brutus we always take the late flight.
 This gives him time to use the litter and take a nap before he travels.

As soon as we get home, I fixed his litter pan and he usually goes without a problem.
He usually spends a few hours getting used to his surroundings again and when
 he was satisfied he goes to one of his favorite beds and sleeps like a baby.

To all of you a good day. Coffee.  Cats.  Books.
Sometimes, the answers to life's trouble are quite simple.

Cherish life's simple pleasures.  It is the sweet simple
 things in life which are the real ones after all...  


Sep 29, 2015

Getting Colder...

I can't change the direction of the winds, 
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination...

The weather is definitely changing.  We feel the cold air coming.  Definite sign that
 we will soon be heading back to the warmer climate of the Sunshine State.

On Sunday night try as I did, I did not get to see the red moon live.  I was comforted
by being able to see it on TV and from pictures sent my my family.  Hopefully
in 2033 I may have another chance to witness this amazing occurrence.

Brutus is still on medication.  He's not happy and he's not really very much
active.  He sleeps all day long.  Refuses to eat and as far as I can see he seems sad.

Life my friends is good!  Hope you all find the beauty of it in each new day.

Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little,
and are thankful for the little things in life...