Jun 30, 2021

Wednesday June 30th ~ 😻

It is not joy that makes us grateful; 
it is gratitude that makes us joyful...

 I feel good because I an doing something dear to me. 
 I an helping to spay and neuter the stray/homeless kitties 
that live in our area.  It is not just me.  It is a combined effort 
of many.  I am grateful to have received monetary help as well 
as help in other areas making the process a little easier. 🐈

The idea to spay and neuter the kitties came about
 one day early in the morning as I was walking.  Of course
 feeding them.  I met up with Sharon early one morning,
 she lives part time in the same complex as we do. As we 
talked we both wanted to do something for the cats. 

Sharon also fed/feeds them and it is mainly because
 of her that Marbles and MacGyver are so social.  Together 
with her doggie Charlie, they were here way before me. 

One day when we no longer live in Puerto Rico I will look
 back on these days as some of the most satisfying times in my life.  
The same as I look back at my time in Branson/Almost Home.
  As long as I can help, I am happy.  I need nothing in return.

My days are full and I am happy.  Sniff and I are
 doing good.  By the end of the day I am tired and I sleep
 very well.  Trapping kitties is not as easy as it sounds.  Many 
days I go out, but no luck.  Of course today, the one 
I want to trap on Tuesday did not show up.

My window of opportunity are Mondays and Tuesdays. 
 That gives them at least 3 night of boarding so that they can 
recover before being released.  I do not feel comfortable
 with them being released only after 2 days.  Yes, it 
cost a little more, but the kitty is also more healed.

Since there is not trapping of kitties toady, I plan to spend
 the day with my sister and niece.  Happy days are here.

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude
 is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may 
consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts...


Jun 28, 2021

Monday June 28th ~

 Gratitude is the appreciation of things that 
are not deserved, earned or demanded – those 
wonderful things that we take for granted...

I have already had a very long day and it's not yet noon.  
Went out early as usual with hopes of trapping either Mama 
or Poo Poo.  I got lucky and Poo Poo was caught.

I believe Poo to be the father of all the kitties here.  At least 
that's how it seems.  The babies love him.  He's gentle with them
 and of course the females flock around him.  He's king.

On another note, Baby escaped from her cage within the 
doctors office on Friday.  She jumped up into the ceiling.
  It's those little tile boards easily moved.  She has been there
 for 3 days, but today as I dropped Poo off she was trapped and
 brought home.  Where she belongs.  Another happy ending.

Sniff and I are doing good.  Home is quiet without Arvid, but all
 is good.  The week is looking good and I am happy that I am busy.

Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what
 we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give...


Jun 27, 2021

Home. Home. Home.

We don't call it homesick.  We call it missing home. 
 There's not a sickness involved, it's a state of mind...

All it took was going back home to Fort Lauderdale 
for Arvid to realize it’s HOME.  Not that I think he didn’t,
 but I think being in Puerto Rico he may have forgotten
 how important it is for me to be home.  I miss home.

He has already called three times since he left and said, 
“this is home.  This is where we should be.”  I have been 
trying to tell him that for so long. Finally it has happened. 

 Very happy but sad also.  Sad because of the kitties.  But 
home is home. In the meantime I will try and do as much 
as I can for them. Sniff and I would like to go home.

I am so glad Arvid is in Fort Lauderdale without me. 
 I know this will make him think a lot, and I know the wheels
 are already turning in his head.  Already something good 
came out of the trip, and it's just day one.  So much more 
to come.  Norway next and that is going to be good.

Our day is already a good one.  I'm happy and I am 
still smiling.  Sniff and I will soon be going home.

Happy day to all, and may yours also keep you smiling.
Arvid has finally realized that home is Fort Lauderdale. He 
always knew it, but he needed a little push to wake up.

The day before Arvid left for Florida we took my niece Kimsy 
and my sister out to lunch.  As usual we had a good time.  I know 
when Arvid gets to Norway his first "real" meal will be pizza 
with the family.  A beautiful tradition.  Happy days are here. 

Wherever is your heart I call it home...


Jun 26, 2021

Happiest Of Days ~

 Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes 
what is excellent in others belong to us as well...

Life is good.  Some alone time is exactly what I
 need 😍,but I also know that I am going to miss 
Arvid.  Sniff and I both.  He completes our circle.

Sniff and I will be enjoying a lot of quality
 time together. Yes, life is good and I am always
 grateful.  To family reunions.  After almost 2 years Arvid
 will finally see his mother, brother, daughters and our
 granddaughters.  The longest has been his mother.

When you arise in the morning give thanks for the
 food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for
 giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself...


Jun 25, 2021

Happy Times Ahead ~

 Good times are a reminder and a reward for dealing with 
the difficult and challenging times we all go through.
 The trick is to celebrate the good times in advance
 of the difficult times. Always remember, good
 times await you after the difficult times pass....

Today is a very good day.  Good things happening for
 everyone, and it's about time.  Good times are back 
😍  Life is getting back to a semblance of "normal" 
whatever that normal is, it's a very good thing.

Another sunny and beautiful morning.  

Sniff is already in his spot basking in the sunshine.

Hello Friday.  June has been a good month so far, but 
July will be an even better month.  For everyone.  Today 
is a happy day.  Enjoy it and always be thankful.

The best things in life are the People we love, the Places
 we've been, and the Memories we've made along the way...


Jun 24, 2021

Thursday June 24th

Great opportunities to help others seldom
 come, but small ones surround us every day...

Yesterday afternoon in the las hour before the vets offices 
closed, I was able to trap baby.  Took some effort, but the 
smell of food was more than she was able to resist. Baby 
has already had her surgery (yesterday) and is recovering.  

Today it also rained early in the morning.  Thankfully
 before I went walking to feed the little ones.  After that the sky
 lit up with beautiful sunshine.  A beautiful day awaits us.

Sniff is doing what he loves, getting a tan and enjoying
 the morning sunshine from behind the cortinas.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Please check out my
 kitties page on Facebook.  Called LITTLE PAWS.

  Still working on it, but hoping to raise some awareness 
on the homeless cats situation in our part of the island. 
 Fajardo, Puerto Rico.  If you wish to sponsor on of the
 kitties surgeries, it won't say no πŸ™ˆ  LITTLE PAWS

Always have a willing hand to help someone,
 you might be the only one that does.


Jun 23, 2021

Wednesday June 23rd... Now We Wait

 Our willingness to wait reveals the value
 we place on what we are waiting for...

I've got the trap.  It's all set and ready.  Question is who 
will be next to take a trip to the vet.  My window for catching 
them is from 6 AM to 4PM.  During those hours the vet is open,
 and I can take them.  I do not feel comfortable catching a kitty
 and letting them stay all night in the cage.  Seems wrong.

There is food in the trap.  Now it's a matter of waiting. 
 I still have four hours today to see if I can trap one.  If 
not we try again tomorrow.  Sniff senses something is 
going on.  Maybe that's why he's losing fur.  Stressed?

Have checked the trap several times.  No luck so far, 
but the day is not over.  Wednesday.  Be good to us.

Everything comes in time to those who can wait...


Jun 22, 2021

Tuesday June 22nd ~

 Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same 
water twice, because the flow that has passed will
 never pass again.  Enjoy every moment in life...

Half of the year is soon over.  I sure do not 
know where and how time has gone by so fast. 
 On the other, hand just three months ago we were 
living in Fort Lauderdale.  Yet it seems so long ago.

  I miss home, and you would think I would want to go 
with Arvid, but truthfully I don't.  When I go back home 
I would hope we have a place to call home again.

In the meantime, I am enjoying days in Puerto Rico.  
The day we have to leave will be a very sad day
 for me.  Because of the little kitties I feed. 
 I feel responsible for them now.

There are two pregnant kitties right now.  I think
both are about to give birth anytime now.  I have

 not seen them in the last two days.  Unusual because
 they are always crying for food.  One I call Baby, 
and the other (Bully) I now call her Mama.

Quite a few of the kitties have "disappeared"  Mama
 has three babies.  WhitePaws, Rascal and Spotify. We have 
not seen WhitePaws in a week now.  He loved playing with 
his brother Rascal.  I keep hoping he will show up again.

It rains just about everyday in Puerto Rico.  At least 
since we have been back.  With the rain comes the mosquitoes.  
Yes, I get bitten every morning and every afternoon as I go walking
 and feeding the cats.  When Arvid and I walk by the beach we have
 not been "attacked" much by the mosquitoes.  I wonder why?

A good day to all.  Still trying my best to trap more 
kitties not so easy, but will keep trying.  Sniff for some 
reason is losing fur, and of course I am worried.  In the next
 couple of days should it not improve, it's time for the vet.

There is no "right time" there is just time, 
and what you choose to do with it...


Jun 21, 2021

Happy New Week Ahead ~

To me, every hour of the day and 
night is an unspeakably perfect miracle... 

I still am in awe that MacGyver has found his way
 back home.  I still cannot believe it, but I am so happy 
and I can't keep saying that a miracle happened.  As 
they say, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

Monday.  New week and yes we have rain, even so
 I did go out and feed the little kitties.  They make the
 day start off even better.  I feel good and I'm happy.

Arvid will soon be taking a few day to go to Fort Lauderdale.
  I choose to stay.  So far have not found the right person to take 
care of Sniff, plus I won't mind a few days on my own.

My sister Rima and family are saying farewell to
 California living.  Hopefully by the end of the year they 
will be back in the east Coast.  Same time zones as all of us.
  These past few days they are exploring San Francisco.  

I keep telling Arvid we will be going there on of these
 days.  Now hopefully next year is the lucky year.  Though I 
lived in California, I have never been to san Francisco.

To all a very happy day, new week.  May it be 
productive and bring excitement in your lives.  

Today is a perfect day to just be happy...


Jun 20, 2021

Happy Day 😍 Sunday June 20th ~

 Where there is great love there are always miracles...

I still can't believe MacGyver came back home. 
 Especially when I think of where he was and how far
 he had to go.  I'm at a loss for words.  Just extremely
 happy and grateful.  Good things do happen 😍

Someone was definitely watching over him.  
I really prayed for MacGyver to find his way home.

Sunday.  Not much planned, looking forward to 
a relaxing day.  I am happy and content.

It's Father's day in the USA.  A happy day to all
 the great father's out there and especially to my dad.
Dad a son's first hero, a daughters first love.

Your mind will answer most questions if 
you learn to relax and wait for the answer...


Jun 19, 2021

Saturday June 19th ~

 Don't let the sun go down without saying thank 
you to someone, and without admitting to yourself
 that absolutely no one gets this far alone...

Yesterday Arvid and I once again set out looking
 for MacGyver.  An hour and fifteen minutes later, no 
sightings.  We left.  I had already gone out two times 
prior to us going together. Not a sight of him.

I did not think a "stray" cats disappearance 
would affect me this much.  Well it has.  

I know cats can find their way back home. 
 Heard so many stories and living example of that 
is Victoria and Michael's kitty.  He was missing for
 more than a month in Norway.  We all kept saying ,
 "he will come back."  You see Loffen, their kitty
 had done it before, but not for so long.

Miracles of all miracles, Loffen came back home
 safely.  What I'm trying to get to is that in my heart I 
was hoping MacGyver would also be able to find his 
way home πŸ™.  MacGyver only knew his little area 
where he lived, and never ventured too far from it.

In order for MacGyver to come home from where
 he escaped he would have to cross a busy road.
  He's never done that before.  He would have
 to climb a little hill where the wild dogs live.  

They are all terrified of the dogs because every 
so often the wild dogs show un in their area.  Those
 days the kitties hide  😒and never come for foodies. 
 They are more terrified of the dogs than of hunger.

This morning I went walking extra early.  The other
 kitties still need foodies.  Was planning on going out again 
looking for MacGyver in the area he escaped.  As I was
 giving food to Marbles, who jumps up but MacGyver.

I don't know how he did it, but MacGyver found
 his way back home.  He found Marbles and he's
 back in the safety of his own home.  I am 
just thankful, grateful and speechless.

Arvid is still asleep, but I know he will also
 be happy when he hears the news.  Sniff is also
 happily sleeping.  All is good on this extra
beautiful Saturday morning.  Thank you πŸ™

Thank you.  I will forever be
 grateful to you for your help...