Jan 31, 2020

Changes ~ Life ~

That feeling you get when you know it's not the 
same anymore. It has become appallingly obvious
 that our technology has exceeded our humanity...

A friend of mine shared some pictures on Facebook.
It tells a story without having to use words. My 
favorite is the Mona Lisa and the big lips.  

Arvid just kept shaking his head.  He says
 he does not understand why some people
 go out of their way to look weird.

It's a look at how were were, at how life was.
I love my gadgets, and I often wonder how we 
survived without them.  Life sure was "simpler"

In the above picture, you can see Arvid still
 carries a flip phone.  he proudly tells everyone, 
"I bought 3 at one time.  They should last me the 
remainder of my life."  He kept his last flip 
phone for 15 years, and he's proud of it.

Someone said, if you do not change direction, 
you may end up where you are heading.

Life with our Sniff is good.  I love him and can't
 imagine not having him in our lives.  That being said, 
I think of our Brutus just about everyday.  

We smile, sometimes I cry, but I always am thankful 
for the 9 years we had with him.  I can't lie.  I miss him 
so very much.  Some days more than others.

We think of Shadow and it hurts too much. 
 He was too little and deserved better.

That being said, we had another good day with
 my parents.  We took them out to lunch.  Enjoyed 
good food.  Drinks, scenery and each others company.  
Simple things in life.  Having the best of times.

To all a very good day. They say life goes on and
 that's good, but life goes on is a redundancy. 
Life is defined by its going on. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance
 you must keep moving. Remember, whether you choose
 to move on or stay stuck in the past, life goes on...


Jan 30, 2020

Happy Thursday ~

The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.
I believe that when you bring forth the best 
there is within you, you lift yourself 
to greater and greater heights...

No matter what we do and where we go, our day
 always seem to enjoy a cafe latte.  I am already missing
 all these outings with my parents.  Mom and I do 
a little "girl" stuff everyday, and just thinking
 of them leaving makes me very sad.

A few hours running around, we found ourselves

at The Whole Foods store.  To this day, the best
 cafe latte you can get.  At least we think so.

The day was a combination of shopping, good
 food lots of wind and sunshine.  It appeared at times
 as if it were about to rain, but aside from a few
sprinkles there was not much of a downpour.

Arvid and I did our usual walk around the river.  
Always something to see and do.  Yesterday we
 did not cross paths with any of "my" kitties, but
 we did meet up with a few other furry friends.

My mom loves drives and I am always happy to take
her around.  Looking forward to what today holds.

Life is like a moving river, and you can be at
 the mercy of the river if you don't take action to 
steer yourself in a predetermined direction...


Jan 29, 2020

Road Trip Again ~

Do not be like those people who keep 
making excuses and pointing fingers. You have 
to learn how to change your perspective
 and adapt to different situations...

Yesterday's road trip took us to Fort Myers. 
 Of course cars were involved.  Shiny cars.

Always good going on the road.  Long drive, but we share it.

One car bought.  Not bad for a day's work.  
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Another good day begins.  What it holds I 
don't know as yet, but for sure I will be spending
some more time with mom and dad again.

Life is for the living, and there's a large difference 
between living and merely existing. When you 
can seize your potential and truly feel as if you
 are doing your best in this life, you are living...


Jan 28, 2020

Life Is Good ~

Life can seem short or life can seem long, 
depending on how you live it.  Never wait for
 tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes?...

Yesterday.  I spent time with my mom and dad, 
and together we enjoyed doing a few of our favorite things.
  I am already getting sad because now they will soon be 
going back home.  On the bright side, they are 
very ready to go back to their comfy home.

Our day was also busy with work.  Now is the time
 Norwegians are looking to purchase items for shipping. 
 Right now it's cars.  Arvid is busy making deals
 and bombarded with phone calls. TCB.

Last night we went to listen to music at Parker Playhouse.
  We met up with some friends, and overall had a very 
pleasant evening.  Music was OK.  As Arvid says 
"we won't be seeing him anytime soon again."

Good morning and a happy day to all.  Ours is 
looking busy.  Best of times ahead.  Always.

There is always a miracle at the dawn of each day; 
I'm alive. Life is too short to wake up in the morning 
with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, 
forget about the ones who don't and believe 
that everything happens for a reason...


Jan 27, 2020

New Week ~

The week is yours.  Own it...

We have had a happy week and an even
 better weekend.  The new week is looking 
very promising and all is good with us.  

Yesterday the world was shocked when  it 
heard about Kobe Bryant. It goes to show that
 we never know what tomorrow holds.

My sister Rima summed it up really accurately. 
 She said, "Fame & fortune but you can’t beat fate."

So everyone just remember, tomorrow is not promised.

Let's make our todays count. Everyday always.

The new week begins. One day less with my
mom and dad. One day closer for our Norwegian
family to be here. Life gives and life takes.
I am thankful always for everything.

Happy Monday all! Start your week 
and each day on a positive note.

Life is an adventure; 
we get out of it what we put into it...


Jan 26, 2020

Hello Beautiful Day ~

Life is good.  Sometimes we forget...

Yesterday was all about J's apartment.  It's an 
amazing spot.  It is so beautiful where he lives that Arvid 
said to me, "we can even live here.  Would you like to move?"  
Of course I said yes, but no we will not be moving.  
We LOVE his place.  It has everything you need.

We spent a few very good hours with J.  Both Arvid 
and I look forward to the next time we can visit.  There is
 everything we could need.  Right at his doorstep.  We already
 saw a few restaurants and would love to try it out with J.

J's building has 4 hot tubs and it has the most
palm trees I have ever seen in a condo building.  His 
pool area puts ours to shame.  Big time.  It's just
 the most amazing outdoor space I have seen.

We all loved it.  It looks like a hotel, but even better.
The hammocks in the "social" spot are very cool.

All the pictures above are from J's place.

My parents also took us out to dinner yesterday. 
 Today Arvid and I have the day to ourselves and
 so do my mom and dad.  They also enjoy that.

Wishing everyone a happy day.

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a 
human being can alter his life by altering his attitude....


Jan 25, 2020

It's A Saturday Thing ~

Happiness, not in another place but this place,
not for another hour, but this hour...

We are already starting to get prepared for the grand kids. 
 The car seats have been ordered and delivered, and 
yesterday Arvid assembled it.  Vanessa and Aleah 
will be safe and happy.  Good times ahead.

Sniff did not pay too much attention as Arvid 
"worked" on the car seat.  He was too tired
 and just slept through the entire "job."

Sniff was not happy initially that Arvid put the car 

seat on his spot, but no worries I cleared them away 
and he had his bench all back to himself.  Nothing and 
no one will disturb Sniff nor interfere in his needs.

Mom and dad are having a great time in Florida, 
even so I think they are ready to go back to their home. 
 In my family everyone loves to travel and visit, but 
what they look forward to the most is going back
home.  Just like Arvid and I.  Nowhere like home.

My parents are staying a big 2 bedroom one bath
 home totally renovated.  Everything they like is within
 minutes of them.  The drive to them is just 5-7 minutes.
  I love that. Even so they now want to go home.

Yesterday Arvid and my dad went out for drinks with 
some of Arvid's "buddies"  My mom and I just toured the 
surrounding areas.  Did some window shopping and 
of course had time to sit, chat and enjoy a cafe.

Today will be another very good day.  We pick
 my parents up, we go to Miami to visit J, and afterwards
 mom and dad will be taking us out for dinner again.  
What can I say?  They are just too generous.

Wishing everyone a day to make more memories. 
 Here it is warm, sunny and all is good.  Happy
 Saturday to all.  Life has it's moments and right
 now we are having good ones.  Again.

happy moment can last a lifetime if you 
remember to smile when you think of it. A good 
life is a collection of happy moments...


Jan 24, 2020

Happy Friday ~

Coffee in hand, sparkle in my eye,
 smile on my face yep, it’s Friday...

It's been getting warmer and warmer, but at the same 
time it has been raining constantly on and off.  Not everyone 
likes the rain, but the ducks living in the area sure are enjoying it.  
I don't mind rain, but since I have been running around 
with my family it is a little of a hindrance.

Sniff had visitors again yesterday. 
 He was happy because he had more toys.

Little by little everyone is leaving, and I am sad.
Mom and dad have been here since December, but
 soon they will leave as well.  I don't want to think
 about it.   It reminds me of last summer when Arvid
 said goodbye to his mom.  Very sad.  Life happens.

I'm already missing outings with everyone.  Life continues.

Sniff and I have been awake as usual very early.  
Sniff cried non-stop for his brushing, which he had, 
 Now he is quietly sleeping.  He's a happy boy.

It's Friday.  It's raining, but who knows what can happen.
If it's anything like yesterday, then I am going to be happy.

Good morning all.  Maybe I will go back to bed and try to get some 
sleep, if not I can always check out places to go to.   Keeps me busy.

VEGAS GOLD CLAIMS  Another Arvid and I thing.

Every Friday, I like to high five myself for 
getting through another week on little more than 
caffeine, will power, and inappropriate humor...


Jan 23, 2020

Always Thankful ~

love life and nothing intimidates me anymore...

 The most important thing in life is to learn 
how to give out love, and to let it come in.  

Yesterday our day started with a trip to 
Coral Ridge Mall.   First we had breakfast and enjoyed 
some time together.  My mom, Mala and I.

From there my mom and Mala had a date with 
the nail salon.  No matter how much time passes, 
Kim, the owner always remembers my mom.  
Whenever my mom is in Fort Lauderdale and
 my sisters this is where they come. 

 My parents after all lived in Weston, and this was
 where she always came for her manicures and 
pedicures.  I miss having my parents and Mala
in Florida.  Mala and family also lived here.

Sniff came out like a bandit.  He always gets
 presents from my family.  I also ended up with a few
 goodies.  Mala insisted on buying me a dress.

Sniff sniffing our drinks.  Wondering what's going 
on with all this company we are having.

My life is surrounded by good people. 
 It's filled with love and happiness, and I wish 
everyone can feel the same.  It is not because I 
have everything I want.  No, it is because I 
have exactly what I need and who I need.  

Mala was in the mood for some Latin cuisine, 
so yesterday we took her to one of our favorite places. 
 Luckily everyone likes the food there.  My parents, 
Arvid and I.  Always an enjoyable time, and even
 better when shared with the ones you love.  
Thanks mom and dad for the dinner.

I am having a wonderful time.  A little tired at time, 
but I won't change it for the world.  Having family around
 is always a special time, and I know that when everyone 
leaves it will be very quiet.  I won't think about it
 right now.  Just enjoying my time with them.

Mala and I did manage to squeeze in another margarita.
I am already missing her, even though she has not left as
yet. Mala is my little baby, and for her I will do any and
everything.  That being said I would do the same for all my
sisters, nieces, the grand kids and my 2 step daughters.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family here and
 in Norway.  Life has been good to me and I
 plan to always be good back to life.

Wishing everyone the best of times.
Sniff by the way is still cold.  

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love...


Jan 22, 2020

Cold Florida Day ~

What good is the warmth of summer, 
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness...

For us here in South Florida this is a pretty cold 
spell we are having.  For many it is just a warm winter day.
  That being said, Broward County declares cold weather 
emergency ahead of deeper drop in temps.

Arvid, Sniff and I bundled up with extra blankets 
for the night.  Sniff was so cold he ended up coming to 
the bed and staying under the covers next to me. 

Arvid still asleep under his set of blankets.  
Sniff who woke up with me, was brushed and has
 eaten is already back in bed under the covers.

The cold has not affected time spent with family.  Yesterday
 we had another very good day.  Doing what we like best, and 
in between, trips along the beach and our favorite place for
 tropical fruit.  Yesterday was warm compared to today.

It's not going to warm up too much today. 
 That's OK, it gives us a chance to wear cute sweaters,
 scarves and boots.  For a couple of days it's cool.

Good morning everyone.  It's a cold day just about 
everywhere.  Stay warm and bundle up.  Like us have 
some hot chocolate to start up your day.  Always good.

Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer 
we'd have frozen to death.  It was so cold today that I 
saw a dog chasing a cat, and the dog was walking...