Apr 30, 2017

Flooding In Missouri...

Wherever you go,  no matter what the weather,
 always bring your own sunshine.  Fool me once shame on you.  
Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me 92,748 times, you are a weather man...

They say pictures tell more than words.  Here are pictures from
 yesterdays flooding in Branson and and other parts of Missouri.

That's from home.  The water became so much that we had a stream 
running through the front and backyard.  When I sent the video to my
 family and some friends they thought it was a gushing river.  Unfortunately 
videos do not upload too well here, otherwise I would share it.

You can just look at this picture and tell we are not the type to have 
a house.  We had to make a little drain for the water to not get into the house.  Yup.
  We used a machete to make that drain.  We have no shovel, maybe now we will HAVE 
to get one.  Both Arvid and I looked at each other and said, "we have to get back home."

I DON'T like having a house!  The pictures below are from 
downtown Branson.  It's called the Landings.  Our favorite spot in Branson. 
Lots of restaurants, condos and retail shops.  Flooded! The pictures were not taken
 by me, one of Arvid's tenant's shared them on FB and I borrowed them.

Below is another part of Missouri flooded yesterday.  More rain predicted.

Branson yesterday:

In Florida we have the hurricanes.  Here tornadoes and constant 
bad weather it seems.  Looking forward one day to just some sunshine and
a little more "stable" weather.  For now Happy Sunday to everyone.

Humans and weather.  The two most unpredictable things in life...


Apr 29, 2017

Flood Warnings...

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying..

Right now we are under a flood warning here in many parts of Branson.  
The Dam was opened and for the next couple of days there will be more water
 than we need all over Branson.  Luckily we live in a fairly elevated part of the city. 
 Many will/are not so fortunate.  Both hotels will be fine as well.  

The hotels are  in the middle of town.  I was told by many residents living at 
Almost Home that our hotel has never flooded.  Hope it holds true again.

The rain is getting pretty boring here.  Not much to see and to do but get wet. 
 Yes, I like the rain, but it is not so much fun when we have to be running in,
 and out all the time.  Both Arvid and I are not the type to stay seated 
in our offices. We have to be out doing something, 
cleaning something.  Just how we are.

Tony has planted a few tomato trees here at Almost Home.  I am trying to get
 the tenants to start a little garden.  Keeps them busy and happy to be doing something,
 and best part is that everyone will be able to benefit from it.  Fresh tomatoes
 and some other vegetable...sound good.  Definitely what I would
 be doing if in Florida, but here it seems just right. 

Yesterday Arvid brought me one of his plants from his hotel.  Poor thing
 was almost dead, but I have nourished it to health already.  Simple to 
grow and to care for.  Many years ago I had the same plant in California.  

Some 20 years now, and it is still doing great in the home of my 
dear friend Anna.  I am not a lover of growing stuff, but when I
 do do it; it seems that they love me and everything grows.

It has been cold.  Allergies still acting up.  Both Arvid and I 
are taking all kinds of precautions to NOT get the cold.

The early hours of this mornings all you saw was lightning, 
and heard thunder and heavy rain beating down on the roof of our home.  
Strange that the roof did not cave in.  Hopefully when we 
get to the hotels everything will also be good.  

Happy Saturday all.  Stay indoors if you can and
 enjoy listening to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.
Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book...


Apr 27, 2017

Thursday Already~

Admire the way colors look different in rainy light....

Just another wet day here in Branson, Missouri.  Yesterday it rained and 
never stopped.  Was also very cold, windy and dark.  Everything 
I don't want right now.  It would be really nice to see some
 Palm Trees, beaches and blue skies right now.

Everything was fairly quiet at both hotels.  No "unusual" situations. 
 Thank goodness for that.  We have had quite a few of those, and for now can 
do without the excitement.  At Almost Home flowers are blooming.  
Tony and I have planted a few in front of the office in pretty planters. 
 Makes me happy seeing the pretty colors all around me.

At Almost Home Tony is also working on getting the pool read for Memorial Day
 weekend.  Never knew there was so much involved in opening of a pool.  
Arvid as usual is a busy man.  He comes and goes like lightning. 

It's been peaceful at both places and the fact that we are full is even better. 
 Both places have gotten into a very smooth rhythm with all of us working good
 together.  Team work at its best.  Even so, at nights I sleep with my phone under my
 pillow.  Just in case I should get an emergency call from either my hotel or Arvid's.
  Arvid still turns his cell phone off at nights.  So I get the call, should there be one.

Today not much rain predicted.  Very cold in the morning hours, but sunshine 
is predicted for a few hours of the day.  Looking forward to that so very much. 
The week is flying by.  Already Thursday.  Don't know how time goes by so fast!

Everyday is a good day when I cone home to Sniff and when I can "see" 
one of my nieces or nephews.  Makes me forget the "bad" and focus on the good.

See what beauty there is in a rainy day.  
Take time to stop and look at your world...


Apr 26, 2017

Gloomy Day Here...

Bad weather always looks worse through a window...

Today's forecast, thunderstorms, lightning strike and just 
overall gloominess.  Here comes the rain again.

Rain or shine we still have to show up for "work"  Allergies are 
still BAD.  Arvid is probably getting the cold.  Sniff not so happy
 with all the thunder and lightning, but we have to do what needs to be done.

Let's hope the rain washes away all the pollen... and some.

To all a good day.  Stay dry.  Be happy.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather.
It pays no attention to criticism.  Here comes the rain again..


Apr 25, 2017

Here's To A Good Day...

Ten years from now, make sure you can say
you chose your life, you didn't settle for it...

Arvid's birthday was on Sunday. We woke up to cool temperatures, 
but as the day progressed it just got warmer and warmer.  After a breakfast 
of bacon and eggs, it's our usual Sunday breakfast, Arvid watched a few 
soccer games on then we went to my hotel to check on a few things.

 After that it was the usual trip to Home Depot and Lowes.  Arvid bought tiles 
for his and I bought a few plants and planters for the outside of my hotel.  Everything
 was nice and quiet.  Such a good feeling especially after knowing that we
 have really worked hard these last 5 months to accomplish this.  Especially
 Arvid. His hotel has gone through a total transformation from 
what it was the day we took over  to what it is today.
 Arvid has worked hard towards that!

For Arvid's birthday I took him to a place called Chateau on the Lake. 
Very nice place and the view reminded us of being in the Eleuthera, Bahamas
.  The sun was shining and both he and I actually got a tan.  Was a beautiful day.

 Food was good and Arvid even enjoyed dessert.  He had the creme brûlée. 
 As Arvid keeps saying, "since coming here I eat more and I eat a lot of different 
foods."  True. His appetite is larger but at the same time he has lost 
quite a lot of weight. Same can't be said for me.

Weather is Missouri is strange we wake up to the 40's and in about 4
hours it goes to the high 70's.  Not complaining but still strange.

Sniff had a good day. He slept a lot had some extra treats and lots of love.

The work week is going by fast as usual.  Work keeps us very busy and
 having had a Sunday to just relax, enjoy a goof meal with a great
 view was a very special treat for us.  What we used to do as the 
norm back home in Florida is now a very rare thing for us.

Yesterday I had another go at gardening.  I bought 7 different kinds of seeds and
planted 6 of them in the same pot.  I planted the beans by themselves because 
I figure they need to climb on something.  Hopefully something will grow,
 and Arvid will go pick them.  They say that to plant a garden 
is to believe in tomorrow.  Guess that's me.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Time to keep
 trucking away and making every moment count.

Be your own kind of beautiful.  Sometimes you win
sometimes you learn.  It's called life...

~ Nadiya~

Apr 24, 2017

Start Of A New Week...

We are so busy watching out for what is ahead of us 
that we don't take time to enjoy where we are...

Temperatures here in Missouri can drop anywhere from 30 to 40 degrees in a day.
Just 2 days ago we had a high in the mid 80's now we are seeing the 40's and
 to top it all off rain.  Looked like wet snow at some point yesterday.

Going up the driveway is treacherous in this weather.  Very slippery.  I still have 
not gotten the courage to drive my car all the way into the garage.  I am
 afraid of the steepness.  When the weather is really bad, like hail and tornadoes,
 Arvid drives it into the garage.  Has been often these last few weeks.

I can't believe the weekend is already over.  Monday already and 
time to start it all over again.  I am refreshed and ready for 
the new week.  Lots to do today and that is always good.

To all a good start of the week ahead. 
 Don't forget to make each moment count.

If you could get the courage to begin, 
you have the courage to succeed...


Apr 23, 2017

Birthday Boys...

Grow old along with me.   The best is yet to be...

Today Arvid and Sniff celebrate birthdays.  Sniff Sniff is two years old today. 
Arvid just a tad bit older.  It's a good day, but at the same time sad.  When 
Brutus was alive I always bought a card from him to his dada.  Not
 the same anymore.  I love our Sniff Sniff, but I miss my Brutus 
so very much, so much more these last few days.  

Looking back at pictures of Brutus and Shadow all I want to do is cry 
right now.  I know it will get better again, but sometimes all 
of a sudden this so called grief hits you out of nowhere.

Sniff is a happy 2 year old.  He is just a pleasure to have around.  I do love him,
 and sometimes I feel so very guilty trying to see in him all the things that Brutus
 was.  Sniff is Sniff and Brutus was Brutus.  Shadow died so soon he never had
 a chance to develop into that unique little kitty I'm sure he would have been.

To the man I love.  The one I know is there in the good and not so good 
times. Life has changed dramatically for us.  We have survived  and
 been through quite a lot in the last year and a half.  Together we have kept
 each other afloat.  I would not share my life with anyone other than you.

Happy Birthday to Arvid and Sniff.  I love you both.  
Know that Brutus and Shadow love you also and wherever they
 are they send big hugs to their dada.  Brutus in particular.

Life may be tough, but with you by my side it's one
 awful ride.  Happy Birthday to the ones I love...


Apr 22, 2017

Wet Cold Saturday...

Rainy days are perfect days to cuddle and watch movies.
When life throws you a rainy day just play in the puddles...

Wet!  Wet! Wet!  makes for a fairly "quiet" time at work.  Guess quiet is 
good sometimes.  Our hotels are still full and as of now both Arvid and
 I have a waiting list of people wanting t rent a place to live in. 
 Sign that things are really picking up here in Branson. 

Fortunately our hotels have been full for quite some time, but you never 
know when something will happen and a room suddenly becomes vacant.
  For instance, one of my tenants was in a pretty serious accident.  His 
room is vacant, but not ready to be rented as yet.  It's the one needing a total
 makeover, but I do have a waiting list.  Question is who do I want?

The weather sure does not make one feel like getting out of the house.  
Both Arvid and I were hesitant yesterday morning.  If we had a choice we 
would have chosen to stay home nice and dry with Sniff.  Even Sniff was 
not looking too cheery.  Guess the weather affects his mood as well.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Wishing you a day full of 
sunny smiles and happy thoughts.

Don't confuse your path with your destination.  Just because it's 
stormy now doesn't mean that you aren't headed for sunshine...


Apr 21, 2017

Friday ~ Weekend Is Here ~

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. You should never
 regret anything inn life.  If it's good it's wonderful, if its bad it's experience...

Both of our hotels at full.  Of course very happy about that.  The last two 
weeks there has been a flurry of people looking for a place to live. 
 We are still getting used to Branson and it's tourist season. 

 I feel bad for some of the people because they come to our hotels in 
desperate need of housing.  Now is the time for anyone to find a job  No excuses.
  Of course there will always be those that claim how it is "so difficult to find a job." 
 Truth being told there are hundreds of job openings right now.  Right 
here in Branson.  Every single hotel is hiring and there are hundreds
 of those.   160 hotels  according to booking.com.

Yesterday it rained and rained.  Today and the next few days same predicted.  
Just have to wait and see if it is so.  Saturday is expected to be cold
 again.  Life continues here I Branson.  Some days are busier than 
others, but everyday there is something unusual happening.

Yesterday I found a stray turtle climbing up our driveway.  Poor thing 
looked exhausted.  I picked him up and carried him safely to the other 
side of the road in a grassy spot.  Hope it was the right thing I did. 

After work, I come home to more work.  Sometimes I think it's easier being 
at work than being at home.  At home it seems that work is never done. 
 There are loads and loads of laundry all the time.  It's only the 3 
of us, yet I do laundry everyday.  Worse part is the folding.  

It's already Friday.  Today another of my tenants want to do lunch with me.
Looking forward to it because she is from Florida.  She's young and we 
will have lots to chat about.She comes to my office and when I'm not
 busy we have interesting conversations.  Looking forward to it.

Hopefully there will not be too much excitement at the hotels.  It will
be  ice to come home and just relax when the work day is over and not have
 to run over to either Arvid's or my hotel.  Yes..those days of 
sipping umbrella drinks are long gone for now.

Happy Friday all and may your weekend be one of relaxation 
and good times shared with the ones you love.

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and carry on..


Apr 19, 2017

One Of Those Days Again ~

Sometimes you have to go a long way around the houses to come home...

It's was a very long day at work yesterday.  For some reason I just was not
in the mood to be working.  I saw pictures of my sister and family in Playa del Carmen, 
Mexico and it made both Arvid and I wish we were there right now.  It will pass,
 but for a little there we both missed the life we left behind in Florida.  Guess 
yesterday was just one of those days.  We will have more, but we will also 
get more and more into the life we have now here in Missouri.

Tony and I are working on a room that needs total overhaul at Almost Home.  Yesterday
 we ripped out the carpet from the room did lots of scraping and vacuuming.  By 
the end of today the room will be all prepped and ready for a makeover.

Not being the type to do gardening, I have decided to try and grow tomatoes in 
my new planter.  Yes one of the tree stumps.  I bought the tomato trees
 and all I have to do is plant them.  Sounds much easier when I say it. 
I also bought strawberry seeds or shrubs to grow. 

As you see I planted them in the stump yesterday.  Had my machete ready in case
 any bugs should dare to show up.  Fortunately it went peacefully.  The only "bug" 
were the neighbors and they were nice.  The girl even came t me and said, 
"gosh you are so beautiful.  What is your nationality?"  That being cleared 
up she picked a flower, the white one in the planter and handed it to me. 

Arvid like me is busy.  His place requires more of his presence than 
mine does, and he has someone there taking care of the office when he's
 not around.  Unlike my place.  I'm the only one running the office.

Allergies have been better yesterday.  Weather wise it is very warm already. 
 Not complaining, but I am sure the summer will be very HOT!!

Already Wednesday.  Have to find someone to cut my hair.  Thought I did,
 but when I said I was not happy to have her run between me and someone else 
she said, "Oh you don't like being double booked?"  That was it.  I got up said 
goodbye and now I have to find someone else to cut my hair.  Not so easy.

I love those random memories that make me smile no
 matter what is going on in my life right now.  

When something bad happens you have three choices.  You can either let
 it define you.  Let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you...