Nov 19, 2019

Hello Tuesday ~

How you choose to feel today 
should not be dependent on others...

What we love about where we live is the fact 
that we have the opportunity to be on the water,
 and to see boats passing by all day long.  

Just a few minutes ago this was just one of those huge
 yachts we get to see all the time.  It makes life interesting
 and never boring.  Always something happening. 

 Even when the crews are just cleaning the boats. 
 Keeps us entertained and sometimes guessing

 as to what is going on.  Keeps us entertained.

Occasionally Arvid and I wonder if we could or 
would like to live elsewhere.  At times we say yes, 
but then we always think of all the thing we like 
and enjoy and we realize all over again that
 we are exactly where we want to be.

The week is warming up.  I know what we call
 cold is actually a summer day for many.

Hello all wishing you a day to remember
 and always be kind whenever possible.

If you want to live a happy life, 
tie it to a goal, not to people or things. 
Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.
 The only reason you are happy is because
 you choose to be happyHappiness 
is a choice, and so is suffering...


Nov 18, 2019

New Week ~

The trouble with not having a goal is that 
you can spend your life running up and 
down the field and never score...

Before you can achieve anything in life, you have
 to know what you want. You have to decide that whatever
 you’re doing is important to you, that it’s worth itAnd if
 it isn’t, it’s time to set new, more meaningful goals.

If you’re passionate about it, about really living 
out your purpose, you’ll be more likely to commit
to buckle down and set powerful goals. So focus 
on what you really want to accomplish, and it 
will make the journey that much sweeter.

A new week begins.  Time for us all to set our
 goals for the week and do the best we can to get
 them accomplished.  Remember it's not always 
winning that matters, but doing your
 best and giving it your best shot.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish,
 but by the opposition you have encountered, and the
 courage with which you have maintained the 
struggle against overwhelming odds.

Just as a reminder to everyone please visit 
my sisters YouTube Channel and check 
out her cooking videos.  She's that good.

And just like that the new week begins.  
Let it be the start of something amazing.

Success means doing the best we can with what 
we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; 
in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a 
personal standard, reaching for the highest 
that is in us, becoming all that we can be.


Nov 17, 2019

About Yesterday ~

Yesterday ended last night, today is a brand new day...

A drive along the beach.  Right around sunset.

Temperatures were "cooler" but that didn't stop beach goers.

Of course there was that one (maybe a few more) that were 
all bundled up.  70's F in Florida is considered cold.

After a long week it felt good to relax and enjoy where we live.

As always the food was good.  Simple, but it's exactly what we like.

Arvid and I enjoyed a pleasant outing.  Good food. 
 Great views and good company.  Best of times.

On an entirely different note, my niece Reshma is
 also working her way through college.  She started out on
a job being an assistant to a Chiropractor and suddenly
 she was promoted to manager of Human Resources.
 Imagine how happy she and all of us are.

I am always happy because I make myself a part
of my nieces and nephews lives.  We text often and I always
try to make sure I know what's going on in their lives.

Above is my niece Reshma and her boyfriend Silas.
Last night was Reshma's "office" party.  The girl
 is loving her life and I am loving her.

Cooler temperatures are here, really beautiful weather,
and dry.  A perfect day to take it easy, relax and enjoy
some more quality time with Arvid and Sniff.

Happy Sunday all.  Remember life is a matter of
choices, and every choice you make makes you.

We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give...


Nov 16, 2019

Saturday November 16th ~

I like rainy days, it reminds me that 
sometimes the world has sad days too...

Living n Florida one knows that it rains, and quite 
often.  What I also know is that the rain comes fast and 
just as fast it's usually over.  Well not this last rainfall.  
It rained consistently for a period of over 24 hours.

The rain just kept coming, and the worse part is that the
 streets were flooded.  Drainage situation here is becoming 
a big problem and the tides are getting higher and higher.  
That combined with the rain definitely not good at all.

The tides have risen so much that many condos have
 their first floor garage flooded already.  Definitely
 can become a big problem in the future.

Arvid and I had to maneuver our way through 
downtown trying to get to places we needed to go. 
 What we saw left me a little shocked. 

 I have seen the city flooded before, but to see
 it so much again was alarming.  Alarming because we
 live here.  We have a condo here, and the question is 
what will happen when the day comes and our 
condo is flooded.  Because many already are.

On a happy note, it's Christmas time in the city.
  Thanksgiving is not yet here, the Christmas
 spirit is already in full swing.

Happy day to everyone. Let the
magic of the season into your hearts.

Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas.
It's the Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air...


Nov 15, 2019

Weekend Vibes Are Here ~

Life is a matter of choices, and
 every choice you make makes you..
You gotta train your mind to be stronger than 
your emotions or else you'll  lose yourself every time
I came across this the other day and it left me thinking.

I'm sure we all have days where we second guess
 many of the decisions and choices we have made.  I have 
those and many of them have to do with Brutus.  Sometimes I 
think I made the wrong decision, but then I don't 
know what I would have done differently.

We have been having some very wet dark days here. 
 I am not complaining.  I know many have it wet and 
freezing cold at the same time.  Here at least it is warm.

New places/restaurants are popping up as are buildings. 
 The Downtown area of fort Lauderdale is buzzing with activity. 
 We love it.   There is so much to do and to see.  Always happy times.

Busy day today so we may as well get it started.  Friday ~ 
the weekend is here and who knows what can happen.

Wishing everyone a peaceful happy weekend.
 Remember if you cannot find peace within
yourself you cannot find it anywhere else...

You need to understand that life isn't what 
you're given, it's what you create, what you
 conquer and what you aim to achieve...


Nov 14, 2019

What Cold Front ~

I wish all this sand was snow, said nobody ever...

Nothing throws Floridians into a "panic" 
mode than hearing the words "cold front coming."

Right away everyone pulls out winter gear.  
The boots, the scarves the heavy jackets.  It's interesting
 to watch so many out of touch with reality.

Here in Florida we are too pampered when it comes 
to the weather.  Take Arvid for example, yesterday
 morning we went out to the balcony as
 usual to finish up our tea/coffee. 

 As he stepped out, he said, "I can't do this it's
 too cold.  I need to put on my long pants."  The
 temperature was at perfect 76F (25C).  How is
 this considered cold I ask myself?

Arvid is special.  That's all there is to it.  The "cold front" 
is still here.  How does your day look like today?
It has been raining most of yesterday and still is.

 If you were in Florida right now, you may be
 worried about the cold front like many are. Many
 others like me are ecstatic for the change 
in temperature if only for a short time.

Happy day to all wherever you are,  Remember 
there is something beautiful in each day.

Florida winter today.  A chilly 76 degrees.
Winter is  really rough in Florida...


Nov 13, 2019

Life Teaches Us ~

Train your mind to be stronger than your feelings...

Yesterday one of my sisters sent us this little quote on
 Messenger.  What was going on I don't really know what
 I do know is that whatever it is/was we can handle it.

Life is not a bed of roses everyday.  No matter what
 everyone make it look like on Facebook.  Life is real. 
 With real issues and real problems.  How we approach these
 issues. "problems" is what makes all the difference.

We have had some beautiful moonlit nights here. 
 Makes for romantic walk or just perfect time
 to reflect and let your thoughts take you to 
places you don't venture to too often.

You choose to make your day the way you want it to be.
  It may not always work out that way, but staying positive,
 focused and always grateful goes a long way.  Nothing 
like the right attitude to get the new day started.

For a good start of of all your days please check
out my sisters YouTube Channel.  As she says,
 "subscribe, like and share"  Don't be an
ugly human.  She's amazing.
CaribbeanQueen Chef

Life is what you make of it. You can make it
 easy on yourself or you can make it hard. Life is 
beautiful and there is so much to smile about...


Nov 12, 2019

Beautiful Tuesday Awaits Us ~

Life is like weather.  Always changes...

Winter has officially touched many already. 
 The snow is already falling.  Not many are too happy 
for such an early snowstorm, but Rio is.  Rio lives 
in Vermont and he is Mala's and Gopaul's baby.

Rio can't wait for the snow to come.  He's a snow baby.

Here in Fort Lauderdale it is warm and sunny.  
Yes, we have sporadic rain very often, but it's still warm.  

We have enjoyed a few drives along the beach.
Always fun. The new day begins nice and warm here.

Yesterday Sniff received a box filled with treats
 and toys.  Like a lot.  The package came from Chewy.
 Sniff gets all his foodies, treats, litter toys,
whatever he needs from

The curious thing is that I didn't order this package,
 neither was it sent to Sniff by anyone we know.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead.  Someone said,
"you only have to find yourself.  Everything else you can google"

Give everyday the chance to become
 the most beautiful day in your life...


Nov 11, 2019

A Good Start Of The Day ~

A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it...

No matter the time of the day, a good cup of coffee 
always makes you feel better.  At least it does for me.

Just the other day Liliana and I checked out this "new" 
coffee place.  I have been meaning to do so for quite 
some time, and finally the time was right.  Coffee
 was great and the ambiance was very lively.

Good morning everyone.  May your 
coffee kick in before reality does.

Kindness is like coffee.  It awakens your spirit
and improves your day.  Fill your cup with both...


Nov 10, 2019

What Are You Grateful For Today? ~

Be grateful for your journey because it is yours alone...

 There is always, always something tom be grateful for.

Showing appreciation for all the good that you
 have in life is something that is always on trend. 

Perspective is everything in life, and if you are
 truly grateful for your family, friends, and 
all the good around you, the rest is easy.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn 
or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of
 living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.

Everyday ask yourself, 
"what are you grateful for today?"

At the end of the day,let there be no
 excuses, no explanations,no regrets...


Nov 8, 2019

It's Here ~ The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

Thanksgiving is not yet here, but every were you turn
 you see Christmas.  Christmas as I have always mentioned 
is my favorite time of the year.  It does not matter where we are,
 Christmas is Christmas and it's magic is felt everywhere.

If you live in Florida or some other tropical place, 
your Christmas is surrounded by decorated palm 
trees, ocean and sand.  A beautiful sight indeed.

If you live in a country where you are fortunate 
to have a white Christmas, then you are also very
 fortunate.  Arvid's from Norway, and a white 
Christmas in Norway looks something like this.

Christmas Day is also our mom's birthday.  As if it 
was not a special time of the year already, the fact 

that it's also her birthday makes it double special.

The other day just walking around the stores, hearing 
Christmas music, seeing the decorations, the trees, I
 am already feeling the wonderful magic of Christmas.

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and 
reflect on the important things around us.  If you're 
like me, then you're also having a wonderful time, 
because this is the most wonderful time of the
 year, and we get to enjoy it for a long time.

Christmastime is here—or as we like 
to call it, the most wonderful
 time of the year. 

Let us keep Christmas beautiful
 without a thought of greed. Christmas now 
surrounds us, Happiness is everywhere...


Nov 7, 2019

Hello Thursday ~

It doesn't have to make sense.  
It just has to make you happy...

Face Book has all these little "tests" or call it
 "games" that one can play.  Some analyze your personality 
or answer a question.  Every once in a while I give in
 and check it out as well.  The latest being the ones
 below.  Do I believe them?  Of course not.

Here at home the boats keep on passing.  
Still remnants of the boat show.  We are of course
 having the best time watching them go by.

No matter what Arvid is doing, he always takes time
 out to play with Sniff and to watch the boats go by.

A little rain here and there, but nothing we can't live with.  
It's soon that time of the year ~ yes Christmastime.  I 
already feel it in the music and in the air.  Happy.

Wishing everyone a great day, and hopefully you are also 
getting into the spirit of this magical season that is Christmas.

If you want something you've never had 
you've got to do something you've never done...