Sep 30, 2020

Wednesday September 30th ~

 The most beautiful way to start and 
end the day is with a grateful heart...

The last  couple of days we have had some extreme
πŸ˜’ weather. Howling wind, crazy thunder and lightning 
accompanied by heavy rain. Sniff of course is terrified. 
Sounds he’s not used to are now in play. He's scared.

There were hardly any boats in the water, of course, 
you will always see some one, but nothing like it usually is.
Even the be careful pirate flag is out, warning people.

For morning walks it’s nice and breezy and so far I
 have been lucky to not have the rain when walking.
Even luckier is I see the sunrises.  My favorite part 
of the day.  Well one of.  I also love sunsets.

I still can’t stop smiling because of Loffen, Victoria
 and Michael’s cat. They say hope is the last thing we lose,
 and they never lost hope that Loffen would walk
 right back in. To where he belongs.

 Loffen of course has been calling the shots since 
coming back home. And yes, they love it and can’t do 
enough for him. Soon Loffen will be given a GPS tracker. 
If any kitty needs it it’s him. Now he can’t get “lost” again.

We had a relaxing day yesterday. Lunch with my 
sister and Kimsy. I love PR even more because they
 live here and we get to see them once in a while.

Even though it’s windy, the days are beautiful and
 the skies are blue. Always the prettiest blue skies.
We are enjoying our time in Puerto Rico because I 
never know when it will suddenly come to an end.

Right now we do not miss being in Florida.
 We are very comfortable right where we are. 
The only one still not 100% happy is Sniff 😩.

Another crazy weather day here.  Wind is still
 howling,  it makes the ocean look very mysterious
and dangerous. I like it, but not so much Sniff.

A good day to all.  Island life is good to us.

I am blessed with everything I need.  I am working 
hard towards everything I want, but most of all I
appreciate and am thankful for all I have...


Sep 29, 2020

Tuesday September 29th ~

 Wherever you go, go with all your heart...

The island is scenic to say the least.  The buildings can be totally
run down, yet at the same time there is a certain charm to it all.  

The mountains combined with the ocean makes for spectacular
 drives.  Puerto Rico reminds me of Hawaii.  Mountains and
 ocean merge together giving it a one of a kind appeal.

Today we go into San Juan, and of course it's an opportunity
 to meet up with my sister and Kimsy.  Today we will meet
 at one of our favorite restaurants.  When Arvid and I stayed
 in San Juan earlier this year we discovered it, and what a 
coincidence, it's one of the places my sister also likes. 
 Kimsy and J were in school not far from there.

Walk for today is all done.  Now a little work around the 
apartment, and then off to San Juan we go.  To all a Happy Day.

Last night we got good news.  Loffen, Victoria and 
Michael's cat returned home.  Loffen was gone for 10 weeks.  
He's back a little skinnier than usual, but he's home with
 the ones who love him.  I LOVE happy endings.

πŸ’šπŸ’™  Welcome home boy.  You are LOVED  πŸ’šπŸ’™

The world is a book and those who do not travel read 
only one page.  I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list...


Sep 28, 2020

A Visit To Ponce ~

There is a whole world out there, right
outside your window.  You'd be a fool to miss it... 

As a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico, one of the 
places we went to on a school outing was Ponce.  We actually
 did it a few times with the school, because there is so much
 to see.  I remember from long ago the old buildings, and
 a must at the time was Museo de Arte de Ponce.

Not in a million years would I have thought I would be 
living one day again in Puerto Rico.  I have to say, I am seeing
 it with different eyes today, and what I see I love.  A couple of
 things I do remember from childhood, the food and the
 kindness of the people.  That has not changed.

Ponce is a large city on Puerto Rico’s southern coast.
 Its well-preserved old town features grand mansions built
 in the unique Ponce Creole architectural style, such as the
 Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen SolΓ‘ de Pereira. 

Nearby, the Museo de Arte de Ponce is famed for its 
huge European and Puerto Rican art collections. South,
 the seafront boardwalk of Paseo Tablado La Guancha
 is lined with restaurants and bars.  Happy discovery.

   Our day out to Ponce did not turn out exactly how we wanted
 nor was it what we expected.  We had a great lunch, walked 
around a beautiful mall, but all the attractions we wanted to see
 were closed.  Thank you COVID.  The above is the Boardwalk.  
Called La Guancha.  This is what it was before COVID,
 now it's still closed so we never even got close to it.

The streets looked fairly rundown and beat up.  
Still not recovered from Hurricane Maria and the many 
earthquakes that hit it.  COVID does not help one bit.

For now Ponce is on a waiting list to be revisited.  
One day far into the future, when hopefully things
 are back up and running.  This can take some time.

The island is still greatly affected by COVID, remnants 
of Hurricane maria and the many earthquakes it has had and 
continues to have.  Even so, the beauty is undeniable.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless 
he has the courage to lose sight of the shore...


Sep 27, 2020

Puerto Rico ~ Sunday

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air...

Puerto Rico.  Known for it's beautiful beaches.  
You just have to know where to look.

I love the beach.  Looking forward to discovering
 some of Puerto Rico's hidden treasures.  Together Arvid, 
Sniff and I are enjoying this new phase of our lives.  How
 long we will be here.  That's another story.

I am wondering if coffee tastes better when you're on 
island island time.  Truth is, no matter where we are,
 the best part of my mornings is brushing Sniff and
 enjoying my cafe while Arvid still is asleep.

  The place does not matter.  I enjoy it just the same.  
As long as Sniff is by our sides, life is always good.

No matter where you are and what life holds
 for you, remember t always find your happy
 place.  I always do and always will.  

I recall being in Branson, there was no beach there,
 but I sure was happy and I always found my 
happy place.  As long as we are together,
 that will always be my happy place.

Today our happy place is being in Puerto Rico.
  Who knows where life will take us next.  Wherever 
it does, if Arvid, Sniff and I are together I am happy.

When you love what you have, you have everything...


Sep 26, 2020

Saturday September 26th ~

 Take time to make your soul happy...

Yesterday I finally gave in and had a haircut.  The last 
time I had a cut was January.  Then COVID showed up,
 everyone knows the rest.  I followed in Arvid's footsteps
 this time.  He thought it was safe enough as well.

I did not realize my hair had grown so much until the girl dried 
it out and showed it to me.  She asked if I was sure I wanted
 to cut it.  I actually wanted to cut more, but for whatever reason 
she didn't do it.  Either way, I am happy with the cut πŸ’‡

Yesterday we had our Friday outing.  As always they
 are the best of times.  Relaxing and delicious.

The day is filled with soccer for Arvid, cleaning for
 me and lots of rest for Sniff.  Everyone is happy.πŸ’œ

Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments...


Sep 25, 2020

Friday ~ September 26th

 The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have...

Friday and the day is looking beautiful.  I woke up to a
 little drizzle.  Didn't stop me from having a good walk 
nor enjoying the morning sunshine and quietness.

From Monday to Thursday we usually have the building 
all to ourselves, come Thursday the owners start to come in. 
 This is just their weekend home so on Sunday they all leave again. 
 Usually there are no cars in our parking lot.  This morning 
we had a few more.  today will have some more.

Yesterday we changed cars.  The rental we had 
was too big.  We no longer needed a little minivan.  
Now we have a cute little car.  Like it very much.

We are all enjoying our time in Puerto Rico.  It's Friday
 and looking forward to going to our new Friday spot again.  
Those pina coladas are calling, and I am listening 🍹

No post is complete without a picture of my Sniff.
He makes me happy and because he's here with us, life is better.

You can't reach for anything new
 if your hand is still full of yesterdays...


Sep 24, 2020

Thursday September 24th ~

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes, but in having new eyes...

 We keep busy, and seems like Sniff also enjoys being a
 part of this so called "busy"  Whatever we do, he's
 always around to "lend" a helping "hand".

My walk is already completed.  As my sister says, thank 
goodness you have not been kidnapped.   Yesterday my sister
 Nirvana updated us as to a string of kidnappings going on.  Have
 not seen or heard anything so for now I cannot say it's true.

It was a misty morning, but still a good walk.  I enjoy
 this quiet time alone.  I wonder why I didn't do it more
 often back home in Fort Lauderdale.  That's going to change
when we get back home.  I don't miss home as yet.  Neither
 does Arvid, but... Home is home and soon 😍who knows.

Today we hope the maintenance man from the building
 comes.  The sliding doors need a little fixing.   Hurricane Maria 
caused a little damage, but so far nothing has been taken care of. 
 Waiting for insurance to kick in, and when that did, COVID
 happened.  No one was allowed to come into the units.  
Slowly but surely, things are starting to get fixed.

We are after all on island time.  Yesterday Arvid was driving erratically.  
I told him to be a little more careful, he looked at me and said, 
"I am puerto rican now."  And so begins our Thursday.

Here everyday is Happy Hour time. 
 Cheers to all and a good day.

Always take the scenic route.  Life is short.
  Find what makes you happy.  Sunsets and palm trees...🌴


Sep 23, 2020

Happy Wednesday To All ~

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy...

 We live on the fourth floor, and below us there is an 
orange tabby that comes to visit every evening from 
5 pm every day.  I have been wanting to feed him 
ever since and yesterday was my chance.

Someone from above us lost a blue blanket.  Kitty found 
it and ever since he's a happy little dude.  Comes and naps just 
like a little baby on the blanket.  Above is him looking at us.  

He also enjoys napping on a loose piece of wood,
 part of the fence that has broken off.  He's just happy and 
does not seem to have a care in the world.  

There is an open space and no other residents were
 around so I ran down with food.  Kitty was happy and
 fed at least last night.  Hopefully I can do the same tonight.

We noticed that when he's hungry he usually 
get up and hunts.  We have seen him in action.

My walk for the morning is complete.  Mornings are 
beautiful and that's the same no matter where we are.  I 
love my mornings.  Here it's cool, breezy and I enjoy walking 
surrounded by mountains, palm trees and the Caribbean Sea.

Good morning and a good day to all.

Always end the day with a positive thought.  
No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's
 a fresh opportunity to make it better...πŸ™Œ