Jan 31, 2014


Better days are just around the corner.
They are called Friday, Saturday and Sunday....

So very looking forward to the start of the weekend.  For us it half a day's
work today and them whatever else comes along is just pure fun times.

It has been a week of doctors and more doctors.  Today Friday I have "off" from
all of these appointments and Arvid and I look forward to having a good time together
with my parents.  They do enjoy going to Miami and that's exactly where we plan to go.

As for the rest, well it's the weekend.  Time to de-stress a little.  Come Monday
more tests and more doctors but for now...it time to have some fun.
In just a few more hours our weekend officially begins.

Have a good one friends and remember,
life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it!

You have to fight through some bad days
to earn the best days of your life...


Jan 30, 2014


Wherever you go no matter what the weather, 
bring your own sunshine...

It's been popping up all over Facebook, of course from my Floridian friends.

Who am I to deny the truth?  While others are having horrible freezing temperatures
we here in Florida are sipping margaritas on the beach and getting a tan.

We are very lucky to have the warmth of the sun on us just about everyday,
and when we do have a few cold days it is an opportunity to "dress up"
in some winter clothes, winter boots and for a few days "complain" how cold it is.

Yes, we have it absolutely wonderful here in Florida.  Wish my sisters were here to 
enjoy this with us.  Fortunately my parents are and I am happy that at least this winter
they will be missing out the worst of this freezing weather.  Still have them here for another month!

It's Thursday, even though we expect some rain today, it's warm and at some point the sun is 
sure to reappear.  I have another doctors appointment, but in the big picture we are happy and we
 have  each other.  Together we can face anything and deal with just about everything.  
As Arvid always says to me, "it's good to be two."  With Arvid and Brutus it's always good.

Wishing everyone days of laughter, filled with love and happiness.
Remember just because things may not go your way right this moment does not
mean that this will always be the case.  Think and act positively and life will eventually
get tired of messing with you.  In the end the winner will be you!  That's how I face everyday!
Good morning everyone.  Whatever the day hold face it with a smile!

Always keep your face towards the sunshine 
and shadows will fall behind you...


Jan 29, 2014

The Best Is Yet To Come...

Tough times never last, but tough people do...

Wednesday, the middle of the week.  Today the day is all mine, meaning no doctors for a change. 
 What better way than to spend some of it with mom and dad while Arvid does a few errands on 
his own.  Sounds pretty good to me.  Best part is mom is going to make me some very 
good foodies.  Yes, it's going to be a good day.

Yesterday was another doctors appointment.  Strange that no one would commit to even an 
opinion as to what is going on.  Very frustrating.  All I get is, "the radiologist has to look 
at the report and get back to you". That being the case I may as well relax and enjoy the day.

Tomorrow is another day and another doctors appointment.  Just about everyone believes
 me to be super stressed and very worried.  Maybe there is something wrong with me because
 what I feel is more frustration than anything else.  I'm not stressed at least not that I know. 
 We do everything as we normally would.  No crying nor screaming going on here. 
 I have to think of Brutus who is super sensitive to all our moods and of Arvid who
 is also very distressed over me.  Don't like causing him anxiety.

When Arvid had his surgery, Brutus just guarded him.  Now somehow Brutus seems to
 think I need to be guarded.  He comes to my side more than usual.  Lays next to me and
 stays by my side of the bed just watching me.  Makes me wonder sometimes...

Arvid also had a recheck on his blood clot.  All we got was that it looked better but still there. 
 Still also have to wait for the official report from the radiologist.  Hopefully at least Arvid
 will be heading to recovery and will soon not need to be taking more medication.

Brutus is also looking better.  He has not had an outbreak in about two weeks.  Yes,
 occasionally he bites it and it does bleed, but we see (more like hope) that some of 
his fur is actually growing back.  We hope this continues to be the case. 
 It's been too long for our little baby to be like this.

2014 has been great in so many ways and in a few ways not so good, but as we all know
 you have to take the good with the bad.  As I said to Arvid, sometimes being faced
 with some obstacles along the way makes us more appreciative of what we
 have and of what really matters in life.

Wishing everyone good times and a good day.
Always remember to be extraordinary and do what you need to do.

Good things happen when you get your priorities straight...


Jan 28, 2014

It's Going To Be A Good day....

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining,
I feel good, and no one is gonna stop me now...

When I feel like things are getting a little too stressful all I have to do is look at the smiling 
faces of one of my nieces, nephews or Aleah.  Today the little face I saw was that of Lilly Vade

and Aleah.  The two faces I see the most on Facebook.  Every time I see them my 
world becomes a better place and my day brightens up right away.  Seeing Lilly Vade 
always makes me happy.  She smiles and smiles and is one of the happiest persons
I know.   Seeing Aleah's little face also brings a smile to me because like Lilly she smiles 
all the time as well.  Two little girls in different parts of the world and they both cheer me up.

Right now I plan on having a very good day.  So what if I have to go
to the doctor again?  So what if it hurts right now? Does not matter.  
It will be a beautiful day and I am happy. I have a wonderful family, 
good friends and best of all I have Arvid and Brutus.  The loves of my life.
Both Arvid and Brutus are slowly heading into recovery.  Not there yet, but it's 
looking better and hopefully soon no more medicines for Arvid as for Brutus at least he a happy baby.

Remember everyone.
  Always look at the sunny side of everything and have a good day.

Everyone has highs and lows that they have to learn from,
 but every morning I start off with a good head on my shoulders, 
saying to myself, 'It's going to be a good day..


Jan 27, 2014

New Day...Lot's To Do

Everyday is a new beginning.  Treat it that way.
Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be...

It has been a pretty long weekend waiting for today to come so that we can finally start 
doing something.  Today begins a week of tests.  At least I hope I will be able to get in and 
see all the doctors I will be needing to see.  It is terrible to have uncertainty.  Like I said I have
 a very vivid imagination and for me it's always the worst case scenario I picture.

I feel very fortunate to know and to have family and friends who are there for me.  To each and 
all of you, I say thank you.  Thank you for cheering me up and for being there.  It's appreciated. 
 In all of this I realize how lucky I am.  Yes even in ones darkest moments there is always a
glimpse of something good.  For me it's the over pouring of love and kindness.

I wake up with the desire to get going and to start figuring out what is going on with my body. 
Fortunately, my parents are here with me.  Arvid is always by my side and if he 
never was far from me, now he is constantly by my side accompanying me everywhere.
  I look at him and I just want to reassure him and everyone that everything is going to be OK.

Everyday I am thankful for another day.  To everyone I say, appreciate the life you have 
because you never know what can happen.  The future unfortunately is not guaranteed.  
Nothing is.  Live today and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Wishing you all a very good morning and day. 
Life is precious and I am thankful everyday to wake up to a new day.
Today is another day.  Full of opportunities and of new chances.  I'm ready for it.

With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts...


Jan 26, 2014

It Happens...

Nobody told me they'd be days like these...

Sometimes the best thing we can do is ride out the storm.
We all have days which seem intolerable and at times more
than one person can handle.  I for sure know this for a fact.
Every so often I feel like saying "the heck with it", and walk away.

Then there is Arvid and Brutus.  Both looking at me when I am in one of these rages.
Does not happen often.  That is good.  They look at me with these big
eyes and wonder what the heck is wrong with her.

The other day Arvid said to Brutus, "be careful around mommy.  She has
a knife in her hands and a killer look."  Now that of course made me laugh.
Everything else at that point started to look better.  Life is not always
easy.  Heck most times it is downright difficult, but it almost always
looks better if we approach it with the right attitude.

There have been a few times Arvid has also been fed up with 
things and I was the one to help him through this crisis.  It's nice
to have someone you can count on.  That someone can be just about anyone
who knows you and knows how to lift your spirits and does not walk
away from you in the toughest moments of your life.  For me it's Arvid and Brutus!

Wishing you good times and good days ahead.

There are days when everything seems wrong,
when little things hurt you for no reason.
But then there are days like today; when the world just sings to you,
from the minute you open your eyes in the morning 
to the minute you shut them again at night...


Jan 25, 2014

And Here We Go Again...

Normal is an illusion.
What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly...

What started out as a "normal" day yesterday suddenly took a little twist.  At exactly
9 am I felt a sudden pain to my lower abdominal area and I said to Arvid "something
is not right.  I think I may need to go to the emergency room."  Another thing one should know
about me, I do not exaggerate, but on the other hand I do like to picture the worst case 
scenario and go from there always hoping for it to be the best case scenario.

Arvid being Arvid gave his standard take on this.  "You pulled a muscle." I looked
at him and just said, "I don't think so" and continued to carry on as usual, but with the 
pain getting worse by the minute.  Last year when Arvid was experiencing pain that led to 
him having hernia surgery this is what he said, "I pulled a muscle."  When he described
the pain to me some 5 months before surgery this is what I said, "you have a hernia and
you need surgery."  Anyway, I think I know my body and when something is not right.

We continued doing our usual chores during the day. Now that Brutus Shipping is back
in business we often have to go to the warehouse and receive cars, bike and other items
depending on circumstances.  Yesterday we were doing that when I just knew it was
not normal the pain I was having.  I said to Arvid, "now I have to go to the ER."  Once
again I saw the anguish in his eyes.  Twice in less than two weeks I have made Arvid sad.

Twice he has had to call my parents with not so pleasant news.  Afterwards, my mom
told me how distraught and how very sad he was.  Said she has never heard Arvid so lost,
so not sure as to what to do next.  Yesterday she said when she asked him what's wrong with 
me all he kept saying was, "I don't know, I don't know.  Everywhere hurts her.  She's just 
in too much pain and I don't know what to do."  My Arvid is just the best and I love him so.

After X-Rays and CT Scans the doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of my pain.
No kidney stones.  No ruptured appendix,  which were the two things I thought it could be.
Now to do more tests to figure out the reason for the pain.  Let me tell you I have never experienced
pain as horrific as this.  When it comes to a real emergency I am very calm and I don't 
panic, but when the pain came it was almost too much to handle.  Even I was about to 
scream.  I mean there was a lot of screaming going on and as Arvid told the nurse,
"these people don't seem to be in pain like my wife is"  Not gaining points here.  

Long story short.  More tests.  More scans.  More! More! But today I am feeling
better.  Yesterday we were supposed to have lunch with my parents.  As Arvid said,
"let's reschedule with your parents for next week.  Of course depending on if we are
not in the hospital."  The way things are you never know...

Hope your day is better than the ones I've been having.
Remember to savor every moment...

Where I am is not who I am.  Who I am, is not where I am.
Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you...


Jan 24, 2014

It Can Happen To Anyone...

Would you like to know your future?
If your answer is yes, think again.  Not knowing is the greatest life motivator.
So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence
-- a surprise --

January 14th will always be a day that will remain forever memorable in my memory.
It was the day the doctor said to me, "your biopsy showed that you have malignant cells.  
You have Thyroid Cancer."  Hearing the word Cancer is devastating.  At least initially. 
 I absorbed the news and was quiet for a while.  Nothing else to do but move on is how I
 saw it. The second thing the doctor said was,"don't worry if you were to have Cancer then
this is the one you would choose.  Best case scenario."  Made me feel better already.

 I think the doctor thought I was going to take the news badly.  I did not, even though it was
 not what I expected to hear.  I mean a simple physical led to the discovery of swollen thyroid
glands, that led to a visit with the endocrinologist that led to a biopsy that to Cancer.

After the initial shock, I calmly asked the doctor, "so what do we do next?"  
Very calmly he said the next step would of course be surgery.  Easier said than done.
As soon as I got the go ahead, I started calling up all the recommended specialists.
Well low and behold!  Just about all were booked until March.  Not such a good start
to fighting this, but not one to give up I called and called until I actually found THE
doctor in this field who opened up a spot for me in his busy schedule.

Our first visit with him was on January 20.  On that day he gave us instructions to follow
and a day for surgery.  I was just happy.  Happy that finally we were doing something.

In all of this, I see how affected my parents are, my sisters and Arvid's family.
This makes me very sad because I feel that in someway I am causing them to hurt
unnecessarily.  But what really breaks my heart is seeing Arvid.  The way he looks at me.
The sadness in his eyes and just the fact that I know he was hurting too much.  He said to me,
 "I want it to be me instead of you."  This was the second time I almost lost it.

I almost fell to pieces when I saw my parents after telling them the news.  My mom
was just crying and crying.  Holding her made me realize how fragile she is right now.
Wish I could take away their pain, but I don't know how.  All I keep telling them
is "everything is going to be OK."  They of course did not believe me.  It took Arvid
 to tell them it was going to be OK before they started to feel better and much calmer.

After the initial news on the 14th, we had an appointment with the surgeon for a consultation 
on January 20th.  There he calmly explained to us how very common this procedure was and
 how very good the outcome is. He also did additional tests where Arvid was able to actually
see the pictures of my Thyroid as the doctors explained what was going on and what we were
 seeing.  After seeing this Arvid was so much more relieved and for the first time after 
hearing the diagnosis, I can actually say he relaxed a bit.  He was smiling again and 
feeling optimistic.  The thing is in all of this I was and I am optimistic.  I have never lost 
a moment of sleep over my diagnosis.  Just thought it was a little annoying to have 
to deal with this now.

Many years ago I underwent another very dramatic surgery.  At that time I was
younger and not sure I was that scared.  I just remember that when I was in
surgery I woke up and all I thought of was how sad I was because if something
happened I would never see the ones I love again, and then I guess I fell asleep.

After that surgery was over the doctors told me I am a lucky girl.  They said that many
of my organs collapsed during surgery and it was touch and go for a while.  Well
here I am 20+ years after and still doing good, so whatever it is that I will be facing in the 
coming weeks could not be any worse.   I know I have a guardian angel.  There have been
many times in my life that I came close to dying.  I'm still here.  Thank you PMR.!!!!

Right now I feel good.  Arvid is with me.  Mom and dad are with me,
and the ones who are not are be thinking of me and sending good vibes..
 Both of our families have been very supportive and very concerned.
My sisters I know are going through a very stressful time. I keep telling everyone
it's a piece of cake and nothing to worry about, but as Arvid said, "you have no idea the thoughts
 that have crossed my mind"  Hearing him say this made me realize just how scared he was.

The doctor explained to us how terrifying the word "CANCER" is, at the
same time he explained the different types of cancer.  All I can say is that in
all of this I am still the lucky one.  Many have it much more difficult than me.  As always
I am grateful for the life I have, grateful for the people in my life and for the kindness and love
I have from the ones I love.  Both friends and family have been extremely kind.

There is a special person I would like to thank.  I don't know her personally, but
she is a doctor in Puerto Rico and a very good friend of my sister Nirvana.  Together
it seemed they were working to find answers for me and to help ease everyone's mind.
They succeeded.  Thank you Nirvana and thank you Bettina.  One day I will meet you
and lunch will be on me.  Thanks for putting all of my family a little more at ease.  Appreciated.

The word cancer is sometimes scarier than the reality.
To all when confronted with a life changing circumstance, do not panic,
do not let it get the best of you.  Educate yourself first.  For me talking is
the best remedy.  One finds out that in every one's life, either they have been touched
by it or someone they know or love has been affected by Cancer.  Bad word!, but not the end!!

Wishing you all a good day and remember there is a rainbow of hope at the
end of every storm.  Just look for it!    You won't be disappointed!

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it...


Jan 23, 2014

Florida Greetings...

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet...

Warm greetings to all my friends from the Sunshine State (Florida).  I know
that currently just about everywhere is going through a horrendous freeze.
My sisters are snowed in.  School has been cancelled and many others are
home without heat.  Not a very pleasant time right now.  That's for sure.

Here in Florida we have been having colder than normal temperatures, but
for most this is nothing compared to what is going on in their home towns.  Temperatures
here in Fort Lauderdale is in the 40F (4.4C)  For us this is absolutely COLD.

As each day passes we are looking forward to the warmth we are so used to, but 
it seems that will not be happening.  Every night we hear, "another cold front coming."

Even so like I mentioned, many are having it it much much worse.  This what
I am "complaining" about is a normal summer day for some.  

Looking forward to a very good day.  Cold yes, but nonetheless good.
For all my friends, bundle up, stay warm and as I keep telling my sisters,
hot chocolate all day long.  For sure Arvid is a true believer in this.  Keeps the body warm.
This is a reminder that here in Florida we still have it good.

May the light and freshness of this new day, bring in a sweet vibe in your life.
 Live the day, as if there is no tomorrow. And enjoy every moment, 
like there are no worries. I wish you a fragnant and beautiful day. 
Good Morning...


Jan 22, 2014


You're special Helle.
People stand out for a lot of reasons, 
but you stand out for all the best reasons.
You're outstanding because you are you...

Sometimes when you really can use a smile it seems that fate is with you and sends you 
exactly what you need.  In my case it was an email from a little girl in Norway called Helle. 
 If you remember well, I have written about her before about her first trip with us the the Bahamas
 and how she captured my heart.  About Helle    To this day I think of her and I smile. 
 She is one of those that when they come into your life they made an impact and nothing 
nor no one will ever take it away.  Helle made me happy today and I'm still smiling.

After getting some not so pleasant news, it was a welcoming surprise to hear Arvid
saying to me, "Helle sent you an email"  I was HAPPY.  He said of course
it is in Norwegian but don't worry I will help with the translating.  I said don't worry 
about that just forward me the email and I will use Google Translate.  Thank you Google!

I translated the email and I will tell you I am still smiling.  There were tons of smiley faces.
I just love smiley faces.  Makes me happy.  He email started out like this"
You have to ask Arvid to translate this letter because its to much to write in English for me. SORRY L
etlatrof ammaM .kys ttilb rah 
ud ta gem  .ged dem arb rilb 
tla repåh geJSmilefjes  teG .noos llew
Now that alone is 

Now that alone is cuteness.  And it goes like this:
Jeg og mamma pleier å lese bloggen din en gang iblant. Jeg synes det du hadde skrevet o
m meg i desember var veldig koselig å lese. Jeg håper at vi kanskje sees snart. 

Mamma og pappa ser om vi kan få til en reise til FL og Bahamas i februar. 
Da blir også lillebror Magnus med.

 Så da får du hilst på han. Hvis vi ikke kommer i februar kommer vi i hvert fall en gang i 2014.

Her er det mye snø og – 10C* L.  I miss Bahamas, sunshine and Cocodimama beach, and you J
Jeg har begynt på turn og badminton og det er veldig gøy. På turninga skadet jeg foten min. 
Foten satte seg fast i fjærene på turnetrampolina . 
De voksne måtte dra ut fjæringa av foten min fordi den satt fast. Det var ikke så godt L
Har Kayla fortsatt alle hundene sine? 

Jeg har ikke glemt dem men husker ikke hva de het.Hvordan går det med foten til Brutus? . 
Brutus is very sweet.  Silje har begynt på dykkerskole. Hun skal til Afrika, Capp Verde i april for å dykke.
 Hvis Silje blir med til Bahamas kommer hun sikkert til å ta et par dykketurer der også. 
Så lenge du kan forsikre henne om at det ikke er hai J
Jeg synes du er og var veldig snill og søt når vi var sammen sist. 
Jeg gleder meg veldig til å se deg igjen.  And you have to learn me more English.
Skal hilse deg masse fra mamma, hun gleder seg også til å se deg igjen.
Hilser også fra Silje og pappa.
next time I’m going to write everything on english.
BIG HUG FROM HELLE J jeg må ha adressen deres,
 jeg skal sende deg noe i posten.
Alle hjemme sender deg gode tanker. 
Helle, is without doubt one of the sweetest, most lovable child I have ever met.  
I feel very fortunate to know her and to be liked by her.  I believe that wherever
life takes her, with her attitude, her kindness and her ability to show love; she will
never have problems.  At least when it comes to being loved it is easy to love her.  She is
one of a kind and I can't wait until the day she comes again to Florida and we get to spend 
some more time together.  Helle, Kayla still has all the dogs and they remember you 
and all your family.  Magnus will be very happy there and will love the blue waters the
same way you did and everyone else.  No sharks I promise you.  Hope your foot is healing. 

Helle sent me a collage of pictures.  Unfortunately I was not able to save many, but
the few I managed to keep are priceless.  I was very happy to hear from her. 
It made my day....Thank you Helle!
To all have a good day and who know maybe one day if you don't already have,
you will have your own little special Helle...like I do.
What are you grateful for today?

Jan 21, 2014

Just How It Is...

When I was younger I was taught that a winner never quits, 
and a quitter never wins...

My belief is that in life you always have to take the good with the bad.  No other options 
 that's for sure.In doing so I also believe that when facing difficult times why
 not do it positively?  What is there to lose?  You either win or you lose but
the way you handle the situation as far as I am concerned already establishes one
either as a winner or a loser.  Me I always want to be and will be a winner!

Faced with an unexpected outcome many may think that life is unfair and 
may question all the good they have done and so forth.  When I am faced with 
this situation, I try to focus more on what to do to remedy it.  On what to do to 
improve my circumstances. 

 I will fight until the last minute.  Of course, I am NOT
faced with a life threatening situation so maybe it's easy to talk, but knowing myself,
I believe it to be accurate.  I was born a fighter and always will be because I also
know that life is good.  Bad circumstances or not.  I know I have the love and support
of loved ones.  For me this is all I can ask for.  Always moving on forward is my motto.

Wishing everyone a good day and never forget,
"never give in because giving in get's you nowhere"

I am not a quitter. I will fight until I drop. 
It is just a matter of having some faith in the fact that as long
 as you are able to draw breath in the universe, you have a chance...


Jan 20, 2014

A Man's Thing?

Wise men talk because they have something to say,
fools because they have to say something...

The other day we were watching this TV show called Duck Dynasty.  Have to say
it is funny and both Arvid and I enjoy it.  It's easy to follow and you don't have 
to really pay much attention to actually find it funny.  Just fun to watch.

Anyway the other night Willie, one of the characters on the show was on the phone.
All we heard on his end was yes, OK, sure, will do, got it...etc  Made me laugh
because it reminded me so much of Arvid when he is on the phone.
All I hear from his side is usually a one word response.  He like Willie
is not one to hear long details, Arvid likes to get to the point and that's it.
Maybe men are this way.  Not sure but I know Arvid and I know he is not one
for too much "babble" as he calls it.   Most times I tell him to not rush it
so much but... The man is always in a rush.  Just his way of life I guess.

Arvid says that Willie is right.  That he does not need to hear every detail
of every moment of anyones life.  Willie was talking to his wife and after he 
hung up the phone he said, "man can't she just shut up"  Now this made Arvid 
laugh.  Said that's exactly what he thought.  Sometimes I wonder about him...

Well hope your week started out good.  I'll tell you one thing,
life with Arvid is never dull.  Hectic yes, rushed on a daily basis yes!
But boring never.  He is a constant energizer bunny, Brutus and I are
always on the look out for his patterns...Yes interesting always.

"Yakety yak yakety yak, don't talk back.
No speakee, no speakee"...
 Arvid copying Peter Griffin on Family Guy.
Maybe trying to tell me something?

May you always live in interesting times...


Jan 19, 2014

Left Me Thinking...

When it comes to luck, you make your own,
good, bad or indifferent.  
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing...

As I sat watching the sunrise this morning with Brutus, I started thinking of something
 someone said to me a while back.  We were just talking about how lucky we were to be able
 to do a few of the things we enjoy.  She said to me that it really had nothing to do with luck 
rather than with dedication and hard work.

This is know, but it was also nice to hear it again.  In today's world many believe that they 
are entitled to everything without so much as picking up a finger.  Fortunately, I come
 from  a family of hard working parents and they instilled that in all five of their daughters 
who have also done the same for their children and still are.

Back to this young woman.  Does not matter that she may not see this.  
Sometimes relationships that start out on the wrong foot has the chance of getting
 a brand new start if both are willing.  This is the case with us.  I've known her
 a since she was a teenager and have seen her  blossom into a beautiful young woman.

I have seen hard work and dedication in her that reminds me of the way we were raised.
Anything she ever wanted and wants was not given to her.  It was earned.  Many children
use their parents as way of getting what the want or what they think they are entitled
to.  This young woman as long as I can remember has never asked for anything.
When she was given anything there was always a thank you that followed.  Something
that seems to be lacking in the younger generation of today.

Again I will say how grateful I am that my parents taught us well.
Thank you's were always spoken in our household.  Like I said, she will not
see this, but it made me feel good writing about it today because she knows I 
feel this way about her.  How?  Because I have told it to her.  Any parent would 
be proud to say,"this girl is my daughter"  Hardworking, goal oriented,
driven and did I forget to mention beautiful..  She has her dad's eyes and I love her dad.

All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do.
there is nothing like biting off more than you can chew, then chewing away....