Apr 30, 2021

Friday ~The Weekend Is Here

 I've got that Friday feeling...

Sniff and my little feral kitties were running low 
on foodies.  Petsmart sure is a life saver.  Unfortunately,
 here in Puerto Rico I cannot order from Chewy.  Chewy 
does not deliver in Puerto Rico, but PetSmart and 
Chewy offer the same foddies Sniff eats πŸ™Œ.

Arvid always asks why I buy so much cat food, but even so he 
is always there to help me carry it up to our apartment. This is
 probably one of the few times we actually use the elevator. 
 Otherwise it's just the steps for us.  Not that many really.  

Friday is looking quiet. dark clouds and very windy.
  A very good day to sit out on the balcony.  Enjoy the view 
and each others company. That is also very nice.

Yesterday we went to Luquillo.  We ad lunch and some.  
Unfortunately it rained quite heavily.  We were not able 
to do much walking around and checking out the beach.
  There is always another time, looking forward to it.

As a child growing up in Puerto Rico the beach was 
where we went every weekend.  Puerto Ricans love the 
water and if they could live permanently on the beach and
 be in the water all day long they would.  And we were 
raised also going to the beach every chance possible.

Puerto Rico has many many beaches and one we
 always loved going to was Luquillo.  We enjoyed going
 to the kiosks afterwards for fruit.  We grew up in the tropics,
 and for us having a coconut regularly was a common thing.  
I really miss those days, but happy to be experiencing
 it once again with Arvid.  I see it with different eyes. 😍

Luquillo and the Kiosks were all destroyed by hurricane 
Maria.  It's slowly starting to take shape again, and then
 with the pandemic progress stopped.  Once again it looks
 like rebuilding is happening. Everyone loves Luquillo.

To all a good day.  As my sister says every Friday, :time to do the Friday dance."

Forget about all the bad things that happened to
 you this week and just have a great weekend...


Apr 29, 2021

Thursday April 29th ~

 It's not where you are in your life,
 it's who you have by your side that matters...

Halfway into my walk the rain just came down on us. 
 Baby Fluffy was just sitting looking at me when suddenly
 the rain started. There was nowhere for him to go, so he 
went behind some of the bushes and sat out the rain.  I 
tried to get to him, but no luck.  They always take off.

Everyday there seems to be more mouths to feed.
  Lately Bully has been showing up also waiting for food.  
These last few days she has had her babies with her.  
Of course I always have enough food for them.

It has been pretty windy the last few days with dark clouds 
and seems like rain predicted for the next few. Most likely
 will be sporadic rain, but the wind is howling.

Arvid surprised me yesterday by asking if I would like 
to go out and have a little nibble and something to 
drink at sunset by the beach.  No need to ask 
twice.  I was ready in less than 10 minutes.

The moon is still out in the mornings when I go out. 
 Very peaceful and beautiful.  I am always happy after 
my walks because I know that at least the kitties have had
 a good meal, I feel good and I know Sniff will be waiting by
 the door for me.  Life is good and for that I am thankful.

At the end of the day I am thankful that my
 blessings are bigger than my problems...


Apr 28, 2021

Wednesday April 28th ~

There’s no limit to what you can learn with an open mind...

Monday night. The moon πŸŒ• was amazing.  
Huge pink moon and we saw it from our balcony. 
The evening was clear and the moon was spectacular.  

Whenever I start to take things for granted I remind 
myself not to, and all over again am grateful for the 
life we have and for the people we share it with.

It’s not always easy 😳, but I think of so many
 others who have it so bad, and again I realize everyday 
that what we take for granted others are praying for..

Life in Puerto  Rico is good 🌴. I enjoy my walks, I love 
feeding the kitties and seeing amazing sunsets, and
 sunrises.  But I feel as if something is missingπŸ™ˆ.

 I know what it is and I look forward to that day
 when we will go back home.  It will break my πŸ’”
because of the kitties.  No matter how I look
 at it there is πŸ’” in each scenario. Life.

Another picture perfect day has begun.  Arvid and
 Sniff still asleep.  Still nice and quiet.  Me and
 my thoughts.  They take me everywhere.

Good day to all and make it amazing.

If you’re not exploring life, if you aren’t looking
 for yourself, if you’re not finding many different 
things you love, what are you doing?...


Apr 27, 2021

Tuesday April 27th ~

 Try to be a little better everyday...

Another beautiful morning.  Already had a good start
 with my walk.  Met a few of the neighbors, chatted a little
with them and saw the sunrise.  Kitties were fed.  Seems 
like everyday there is another little kitty popping up.  

This morning I was able to touch one of the little kitties. 
 She's know as Marble because of her multi-coloring.  Named by 
another lady who also walks and feeds them.  This lady leaves
 in 2 weeks 😒, and won't be back until September-October.

 Like most Americans living in PR, she stays here six
months out of the year.  The other Americans have either 
made it their permanent residence or they come and go.
As of  right now not sure what category we fall into.

No day would be complete  without a picture of our Sniff.

Wishing everyone happy times ahead.  Weather is warming up 
in most places so that's always a good thing.  Summer is in the air.

You may be tired and exhausted, but at least
 you woke up today.  Someone else didn't...


Apr 26, 2021

Monday April 26th ~

 Do what scares you until it doesn't...

Sunday was spent trying to fix a water leak.  
Sniff and I learnt a few new Norwegian swear words πŸ˜‚

In Rincon we also encountered kitties.  At least this 
one was fed and cared for by the staff at the restaurant.

April is soon done.  The days, weeks, months are flying by.

Good morning al and to all a very productive and happy week.
My week is already looking good.  Just seeing at the sunrise
 each morning makes me happy, and always grateful.

Some days, she has no idea how she'll do it,
 but every single day it still gets done...


Apr 25, 2021

Sunday ~

Life is like that.  Some days are
 diamonds and some days are stones...

 Not really feeling it today.  Just having a bla feeling right now. 
 No reason for it, but still it's here.  I know as the day goes on it
 will get better.  There are just days when I really don't feel like
 participating in life.  Today happens to be one of those days.

The day started out beautiful as usual.  The skies are blue
 the sun is out and the sea is glistening with sunlight.

Sniff is still asleep.  Did not want his foodies as yet, but he has
 been acting up for quite some time now.  I just have to realize
 that he's not going to starve.  He will eat when hungry.

Arvid and I enjoyed our getaway in Rincon, but I don't
 recommend going anywhere during Covid times. Everything 
closed way too early and the hotel did not even have their
 breakfast cafe open.  Bummer. Love my morning cafe.

The hotel was beautiful.  Perfect location and right on the ocean.

Although it rained most of the time we were there, I did
 enjoy walking along the beach and enjoying a few 
tropical drinks by the hotel before they closed.

Arvid and I enjoyed time together without interruptions.  
That in itself was worth getting away for the day.  He had
 his phone turned off and there was no computers or anything 
to keep us distracted.  Simple things.  Always the best.

We had a good time.  We met a few Americans and of course 
 started a conversation with them.  Told them it was Arvid's birthday
 and they wanted to buy us drinks, but of course we said no.
  Maybe one of these days we might say yes to someone.

Though we had rain most of the afternoon/evening, 
we were still able to see a little of the amazing sunset I was 
so keen on seeing.  It was beautiful in it's own way.

I would one day like to go back, but not wanting to do
 much travelling now during Covid times.  Unless we 
have a place to go that is not a hotel.  There are way too
 many restrictions in place right now in Puerto Rico.

Not sure what we will be doing today nor where we will go,
 but I am feeling better and am already thinking of what to do.

To all a very good day.  Hopefully better days are coming
 for everyone very soon, and who knows maybe this is the 
year families and friends can all see each other again.

Some days it would be really good to be Sniff.
  Not a care in the world.  Loved, fed, happy
 and always cherished.  To be carefree...

Every day is different, and some days are better than others,
 but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it...


Apr 24, 2021

Life Is Good ~

 Your hardest decision: Frozen or on the rocks...

Some of the yumminess we experienced
 and saw in Arvid's little birthday getaway.

How can one ever go wrong with anything that looks 
this good, and for sure tastes this good?  I for one can't 🍹
resist anything with coconut and pineapple, and I didn't.

Life inn the tropics.  Delicious and relaxing.

Give a girl a Pina Colada, put her on the beach
 smiles and paradise are now within reach...


Apr 23, 2021

Birthday Boys ~ Friday April 23rd

 My world is a lot nicer because I share it with you...

Today the 2 loves of my life celebrate their birthdays.
 Our Sniff Sniff turns 6.  He has now been with us for five 
of those six years, and has made our lives full again.
I cannot imagine life without Arvid and Sniff πŸ’œ.

Arvid always says he needs nothing.  He says birthdays
 are not special to him, but I know that's not true.  I know 
he enjoys the extra pampering on his special day.  

One thing I know for sure, and that is that I look
 forward to growing old with Arvid and Sniff Sniff.  Hopefully
 life will allow us to have Sniff Sniff for many years
 to come.  Unlike it was for Brutus and Shadow.

You bring everything good in this universe into my life, 
and for that, I just want to say thank you. Happy birthday 
Arvid and Sniff.  I love you both now and forever.

I am happy always because I have you both by my side.

Everything feels much better with you by my side...