Apr 16, 2024

Tuesday April 16th~

It's really not about what you have. It's about
 how you're able to enjoy life in general...

 Arvid and I chose to go to the Tampa Bay Blues Festival
 on day three.  The last day because the musicians on this 
day were the ones Arvid wanted to hear play the most.

Usually the temperatures can get all the way to the 90F
 and higher (32C)  This year we were "lucky" because the highs 
were in the lower 80F (26C) and cooling down in the evenings
 to the 60F (15C) which is nice.  But even so the heat was too much, 
especially when there was not a single cloud in the sky.  Was brutal.
We had on hats, long sleeves, but the heat was just too much 🌞

To stay hydrated I had lemonade, which was mostly water.  
Lots of ice and of course more water.  Arvid hydrated with beer,
 and ended the evening with a coke.  Said he had enough beer.

Every so often we would go and cool off by the water
 and also hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphins.

By evening the temperatures cooled down nicely.  You 
can tell right away who was Floridian.  We all started to put 
sweaters on and the temperature was still around 72F (22C)

Most cities are beautiful at nights, and St. Pete is no exception.

During one of our last strolls by the water we did see the dolphins,
 and boy did he put on a little show for us.  He kept turning upside
 down and swimming back and fort next to us.  Made up for the heat.

This may have been our last Tampa Bay Blues Festival, 
but I know we will go back to St. Pete.  It is a cool and
 hip place in the evenings, and just so beautiful.  
The Pier definitely stands out at nights.

After all is said and done, Vinoy Park
 is a beautiful setting for the Blues Festival.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Arvid and I 
were a bit tired and over heated yesterday.  Today we
 are back to being ready to be on the move again.  

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, 
and don't get so worked up about things...


Apr 15, 2024

Monday April 15th~

Sometimes music is the only 
medicine the heart and soul needs...

 All ready for the new week.  Got in late yesterday
 from the Tampa Bay Blues Festival, but ready to face the
 new week.  Always a good time at the Blues Festival.
We sure got to listen to a lot of good music 🎸.

Sniff must have not had an easy evening last night. 
 He's now recharging with another of those catnaps he so loves.

Arvid and I had a hot day yesterday at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival.
  More about the festival tomorrow.  For now a good week to all.

There are many opportunities in every single day,
 and Monday is the perfect day to seize them all...


Apr 13, 2024

Saturday April 13th~

Not the day only, but all things have their morning...

 Another early morning walk.  Today was beautiful.  
Once again I was able to enjoy the quietness of the morning 
and the glow of the sunrise among the clouds.  I love it.

Arvid and I have been a little busy and we like it 
that way.  Life is never boring.  After I told my mom 
what we had planned to do yesterday she said, "you guys
 have to be admired."  If you don't try you will never know 
how far you can go and what you can get accomplished.

We are very excited because it seems that Legacy Marina 
which was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian is in the
 process of being rebuilt.  At least there is a demolition
 crew working there.  Fingers crossed that it happens.

Wishing everyone a happy day and a good start of the
 weekend.  We woke up to a little cooler temperature.  Love it.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it
 with positive thoughts, your life will start to change...


Apr 12, 2024

Friday April 12th~

Happiness is seeing life for
 what it is in all the little moments...

 Sniff is not ready to face the day.  Says it's a little 
too early.  He's already had his breakfast and his brushing.  
Time for another nap.  Can never have too many naps.

Yesterday Arvid and I opened up quite a few boxes.  This 
will not be as easy as first thought.  There are over 200
 boxes and we didn't get close to looking into most of them.  
We did a little reorganizing.  Again.  Got our workout in 😊

Yesterday I saw a picture shared by Heather Ann on
 Facebook of what the pier in Fort Myers Beach looked like
 before Hurricane Ian.  We all hope that one day it is rebuilt.

We have no definite plans yet for the day, depending on the 
weather we may or may not go for a little stroll downtown.
To all a very happy Friday and happy weekend ahead.

She wore a smile like a loaded gun...


Apr 11, 2024

Thursday April 11thth~

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication...

Some days are just even better than others.  

Yesterday we had a very good time at Fort Myers Beach.  
It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  We also enjoyed 
lunch by the water.  It was peaceful and very relaxing.

Arvid and I are simple people.  We usually eat the same 
thing all the time, and every time I say I will try something 
different, but when you go to one place you know what 
you like to eat and drink and we order the same.

Today it's a little cloudy with a chance of rain.  Arvid and
 I have a huge job categorizing all the "goodies" we traded for. 
 Arvid has already started opening and peeking into the boxes.
  Today we work together and hopefully get much more done.

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what 
men say.  I simply watch what they do....


Apr 10, 2024

Wednesday April 10th~

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what
 people say. I simply watch what they do...

Arvid and I plan on taking a little trip to Fort Myers Beach
 later today, and what pops up on my Facebook page?  Pictures 
from the beach.  So far I have not witnessed the sunrise (pictured
 below) at the beach, but I plan to one of these days.  We have 
seen the sunsets, and like all sunsets, they are beautiful😎

The other morning I went out for an early walk hoping 
to catch the sunrise.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning.  
Still beautiful.  The flowers were still half "asleep"

There are days I find myself thinking of Branson. 
 Not so much about Almost Home.  Kurt's doing a great
 job there so I don't stress about it that much anymore.  
On the other hand, I think of my wildlife friends often.  

This time last year we were there, and my wildlife was 
already staring to make their presence felt.  My Geralds 
(groundhogs) were already coming out for their foodies.  The 
birds were fed, as were the squirrels, rabbits the deers, 
cats and whoever showed up.  I miss that very much.

Life is good here in Fort Myers.  We are loving it more everyday, 
it's just that every so often an image will come to me, and then 
I'm transported to another time, another place.  For instance, I think
Brutus, Shadow and California kitties.  I have a lot of memories.

This past week we have noticed a little something 
going on next to the marina by us.  Legacy Marina was
 completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian.  As you can see 
in this picture above still a boat here and there from 
that time, but now hopefully it's time to rebuild.

 Fond memories, forever etched. One word: nostalgia...


Apr 9, 2024

Tuesday April 9th

Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life...

 Yesterday I had another mammogram in preparation
 for a re-check coming up later this month.  I don't expect
 any issues, but to be on the safe side the doctors have me
 doing this every three months so far.  I'm hoping
 the next time in between will be a bit longer.

The other day Arvid and I went to one of 
my favorite Sunday places.  My favorite because 
there I can order the entire red snapper with a
 delicious chimichurri sauce.  So yummy πŸ‹

As far as the solar eclipse goes, I did not see much. 
 A little darkening, but that was all.  Sniff slept through 
most of it.  Arvid and I worked.  Better luck next time.

Today mom and dad celebrate 62 years of marriage.  
My dad always gives my mom the most beautiful "cards" 
 all handwritten.  I didn't want to share this, but it's just
 too beautiful not to.  The tears are still flowing.

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, 
it only saps today of its joy. ...


Apr 8, 2024

Monday April 8th~

If you learn something new every day, 
you can teach something new every day...

 Once again a new week is upon us.  Our week is looking
 pretty interesting.  Arvid and I will be taking a peek at all those
 items in the boxes we traded for.  Yup, we have no idea what
 was in the boxes.  Arvid lives for the trade so now as he says,
 "we're going to be so busy."  And that is always good.

We had a very good time out yesterday.  It is always
 good when we can be dining outdoors especially when I 
hear from families how cold it is.  Many are still having 
"bad" weather.  In Florida it is sunny and warm.

Back in 2017 Arvid and I were in Branson where I saw the 
solar eclipse with many of the tenants of Almost Home.  It was
 a fun experience.  Here in Florida it will not be as good as it was
 in Missouri, but if we're lucky we can see shadows on the ground.

If you get the chance to see the solar eclipse, enjoy it.
  Will be on the look out hopefully will see something.  
Wishing everyone a good day and a great week ahead.

I just want to be better every day, to get better 
every day, not to be better than anyone else...


Apr 7, 2024

Sunday April 7th~

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer...

 My sister Rima is special in the very best of ways. 
 For instance, when she had the cleaning company clean their 
home the ladies recognized her right away as "the baker"

 What does Rima do next?  Of course she bakes them a few 
of her goodies as an additional thank you for a job well done.
  Yesterday she attended a birdhouse building workshop.  As you 
can imagine you picked up more clients and had a great time also. 
 Love the birdhouse.  It looks gorgeous with all their greenery.

Arvid, Sniff and I have been enjoying some very "cool" 
mornings on the balcony.  It's not cold, it's just nice and a 
crisp feel in the morning air.  Love it.  Some days Sniff is out
 there for hours.  Arvid continues to "slack" off with soccer.

Arvid and I had a few little "pit" stops this past week. 
 Spontaneous which made the outings even better.
Definitely a place I will be going back to.

Some days both Sniff and I give in and watch 
soccer with Arvid.  Not so bad really.  According to 
Arvid I talk too much and he can't concentrate πŸ˜‚

Today it's a little more soccer.  More relaxing and an outing.  
Weather is still perfect for outdoor dining.  As always our
 Sundays are days to just chill and relax.  A good day to all.

Every day, I like to wake up and remind
 myself to be grateful of the simple things...


Apr 6, 2024

Saturday April 6th~

Even Even if we don't have the power to choose where we 
come from, we can still choose where we go from there...

 Arvid and I almost did not make it to the Reggae concert, but 
luckily things changed so we did.  This was the first time we have
 been to this venue.  It's the Sidney and Berne Davis Rooftop.  
We really liked it there and look forward to going again.  

We listened to the music, saw the sunset and continued
 listening with the stars above it.  Was a beautiful evening, but 
a little chilly for Florida standards, a bit windy on rooftops.

Today was filled with soccer for Arvid.  For some reason
 I was busier than expected, but now all is back to being 
relaxed again.  Just had my manicure and pedicure so I
 feel good.  Hope you have all had a good day so far.

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's
 success or put its failures behind and start over again...


Apr 5, 2024

Friday April 5th~

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, 
you will have to settle for the ordinary...
We have had some very long days this week.  We
 rented a 26 foot moving truck.  Drove to Fort Lauderdale
 and collected a lot of items we traded for. Arvid and I loaded
 the truck on Tuesday and unloaded on Wednesday.  My body 
still aches especially after falling off the truck.  I missed a step.

We celebrated my birthday by loading and unloading 
a truck.  All I can say is that it sure was an interesting day.  
I didn't mind, after all a birthday is just another day.

On April 3rd after unloading the truck we took a little
 time for ourselves.  We were tired.  It was good to sit
 and just enjoy the peacefulness of our company.

If all goes well today we look forward to a Reggae 
concert downtown.  So far everything is looking good on this
 Friday.  Wishing everyone a happy start of the weekend.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one
 less travelled by, and that has made all the difference...