Jun 30, 2019

Going Home ~

Never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes 
those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts...

It's been good to back in Branson.  It was even better
 to see everyone and to do a few of the things we enjoyed
 when living there.  Now it's even better going back home
 to Sniff.  I always miss him and I worry that he is lonely.

Hopefully next year we will visit Branson again.
A long drive awaits us.  I am always so happy when
 we are heading back home.  Always the day I look forward
 to the most no matter where we go and what we do.  There
 is no place like home.  Home is where Sniff is.

Back home we only have one day with Sniff
before we have to leave again.  Not so
 happy about that, but it is what it is.

 I have done everything to make sure Sniff is well
 cared for.  We leave for Norway on Tuesday.  For a long
 time. This is our longest time away from Sniff.

 I am already thinking of the day we will be coming
back home, but in the meantime I am also looking forward
 to seeing everyone, and to make some more beautiful memories.
  Also looking forward to checking out someplace new.

Wishing everyone a happy and beautiful day.  For us
 it's great because we are going home to Sniff.

Home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams.
The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave,
 and it feels even better to come back. Home is where love
 resides, memories are created.  Home is where 
Sniff awaits us, and laughter never ends...


Jun 29, 2019

The Wedding~

A strong marriage requires two people who 
choose to love each other even on those days 
when they struggle to like each other...

The big day is here.  Tiffany and Chris' wedding.
Arvid is the best man and I am the maid of honor.  

Tiffany and Chris have been together over 20 years.
  The thought of marriage was not that keen to them, but
 then they became the owners of Almost Home 
and marriage was what she wanted.

Arvid and I are honored that they chose us to be part
 of their wedding plans.  For their wedding we have gotten
 then a room at Chateau on The Lake.  The views are
 stunning and it's one of our favorite places in Branson.

The wedding is not going to be too big. 
 Just a few family  members and us.

The weather here is much warmer than in Chicago.  
Arvid is back in his shorts, and for these few days
 we have not had to wear heavy jackets.

I have been having a really good time.  Arvid is
 busy running around.  Doing his stuff as always.  
No matter where we go, Arvid always has so
 much going on.  Keeps us busy and happy.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Can't wait to see how
 the day folds out and see what a southern wedding is all
 about.  Tiffany and Chris after all are from Louisiana.

A happy man marries the woman he loves,
a happier man loves the woman he married...


Jun 28, 2019

Happy Times..

Life moves so fast. You gotta document the good times man...

When we arrived in Branson the first thing we
 wanted to do was go to Drafts.  They have the best 
chicken wings I have ever had.  We invited Tiffany
 and Chris to have dinner with us on Wednesday night.  
We introduced  them to Drafts and it has also 
become one of their favorite places to eat.

We spent the day running around a little, taking
care of business.  We then went to Almost Home where
 both Arvid and I went in different directions.

 I had a lot of tenants still there who I wanted to
 meet and luckily I was able to meet with them all.
The lat one was Melvin, who I took over to the Mexican
 restaurant for a little drink and to catch up with.
  Arvid joined us and we spent an hour laughing
and just having the best of times.

I saw Bridgette and spent a long time with her
 and Miss Burton.  I even cut Bridgette's claws.  Just
 like old times.  I was so happy to see everyone.

 Everyone was happy also, but what made me
even happier was seeing that they are doing well.
 Almost Home looks good and Tiffany and Chris are
doing an amazing job at running it.  I am happy.

Sniff is doing good.  I get pictures everyday, but I
miss him a lot.  He just has a way with him.

Today is another day and I can't wait to see what it holds.
Happy Friday everyone.  It's a beautiful day here in Branson.

Good times are a reminder and a reward for dealing 
with the difficult and challenging times we all go through. 
The trick is to celebrate the good times in advance of the 
difficult times. Always remember, good times
 await you after the difficult times pass..


Jun 26, 2019

Next Stop Branson, MO Wed

On the road again, goin' places that I've never 
been. Seein' things that I may never see again, 
and I can't wait to get on the road again...

Next stop is Branson, Missouri.  I never would have
 believed I'd be this happy to be going back to Branson.  

It's so different from everywhere we have lived, 
but that being said I am super happy to be
going back and to be seeing everyone.

Branson is still the place Sniff has lived the longest.
  He loved his room with a view of the squirrels,
 birds, trees and deers.  I loved watching him.

We have an 8-9 hour drive ahead of us depending 
on traffic.  I want to check out so many places and 
of course see everyone again.  Both Arvid and I
 have a list of people we would like to see.

I loved every moment of being a hotel owner, 
but I also love the life we have right now.  That was then, 
this is now.  For now I will just look forward to enjoying
 the people and some of our favorite spots.

Happy day everyone and may you
 always live in interesting times.  Last night's
  with The Rolling Stones was amazing.

Travel as much as you can.  As far as you
can.  As long as you can.  Life is not
meant to be lived in one place...


Jun 25, 2019

Back In Branson ~

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy...

One of my tenants said to me, "welcome back home."
  In a strange way it feels like I came home.  Everything
is so very familiar and yet it's not the same anymore. 
 For those 2 years it was home I was happy.  

Now Fort Lauderdale is home and I love it there.  
But for the next few days I will be making the most of 
my time here in Branson, surrounded by some of the
 nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Branson is not for everyone, but it sure made me 
happy while we were there.  I will always be grateful 
and thankful for everything we experienced there.  

For the people/friends we met and made and for the
 memories that can never be forgotten.  Because of Branson 
and the people, I know today I am an even better person 
than before.  I see life in a very different way.

Life is good and I am grateful that it took us to Branson.

Happy day everyone.  Be happy with what you have.
Be excited about what you want.

Whoever is happy will make other happy...


Hello Tuesday ~

Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple 
determination to be happy under all outward circumstances...

Yesterday was another perfect day for the hot tub. 
 One of the best features of our condo building 
is the pool area.  Amazing  day or night.

Views from the pool area:

There is never a "bad" view.

And as if this were not stunning enough, we have the night view.

I never get tired of looking at it. 
 All of this in the heart of the city.

Our morning started with a trip on the bus. 
The bus is pprovided by the condo and it has a few
 key stops. Runs daily and it’s free to all.

We went looking for bread for Arvid. It was quite
 warm so we thought it was best to take the
bus one way and walk back home.

Arvid was most uncomfortable in his fairly thick
 sweater and jeans whereas I was most comfy in summer
 clothes.  Arvid says he's taking no chances.

Back home it was laundry day. Somehow Arvid has 
managed to never be a part of helping out. Sure he says 
 "I can help" but he is very happy that he doesn’t have to.
 To be fair, he does help me take the laundry down. I 

don’t really need him to, but he feels better this way.

Cleaning and packing today for our trip to Branson.
 I have already texted the people I would like to see and 
so far everyone will be available. Happy about that.

Sniff has clean litter. Clean sheets and clean mats.
 He’s fussy, and I'm fussy.  Everything has to be 
just right for him.  He is after all our little boy.

All we have left to do is pack, and do the last 
cleaning of the apartment. Tonight Arvid and I 
go to see The Rolling Stones in concert.  Very excited.
  We have good seats so we should be able to
 enjoy the music to the fullest.  Happy day!

Happy Tuesday amigos.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, 
worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience 
of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude...


Jun 23, 2019

Start Of The New Week ~

When life gives you Monday, 
dip it in glitter and sparkle all day...

New week again, and when you wake up to cuteness 
like this, you know the week will be a good one.  
Yesterdays nice weather did not last too long. 

 One minute we were out on the balcony, 
and before you knew it the temperature dropped
 and the rain began. Chicago for you.

As always when we have to go somewhere, 
there is to take care of.  In my case I need to make sure
 everything is perfect for Sniff and to make sure to leave
 detained instructions to his pet sitter Katrina.

Katrina is from Ireland, but lived in Massachusetts
 and for the last several years home is Chicago.

Sniff has been getting deliveries 
for the last 2 weeks from all different pet
 stores.  My favorite is Chewy of course, but 
because they did not have his litter 
we had to order it from Petco.  

First and last time doing that.  The litter was all opened
and his bag of dry food was also opened.  Not again

  I believe he now has enough food and litter to last him
 the entire summer if not more, but I always have
 to make sure he's set before we leave.

Wishing everyone a very productive start of the new week.

Monday is a fresh start.  It is never too late to
 dig in and  begin a new journey of success...


Sunday Vibes ~

The best things in life are the people you love,
the places you go, and the memories you make...

Beautiful days are back.  Summer finally came to 
The Windy City.  Hoping this time it's for good.  Yesterday 
was actually warm and one of the first days we did not have
 to bundle up too much.  Arvid did have his sweater on.

Beautiful weather means walks in the city   Of course,
 as soon as we head out Arvid goes to the theater to check
 out what he can buy.  Tickets for upcoming concerts.  

Rain id predicted for later today, but they said the same for yesterday,
 and surprisingly we had none.  Hoping today will be the same.

Sniff has started to sense that something is going on.  He is very
 quiet and withdrawn.  My stress about him has begun..

It's now just a few days before we leave for Branson. 
 Super excited, and at the same time a little sad because
 we will be leaving Sniff.  The worse is seeing that he already
senses that something is going on.  So smart they are.

Happy Sunday everyone.  I am enjoying my last week
 here in the US before we leave for Norway.  Also can't wait 
to see everyone, especially our 2 little grand-daughters.

Life is about moments. 
 Don't wait for them create them...


Jun 22, 2019

Saturday In Chicago ~

At the end of the day all that matters is love 
and memories, so make sure that you give 
it and make sure that you make them...

No matter where you go in this city one thing is sure.  VIEWS!

From our apartment the view is quite beautiful.  
Today Arvid felt the need to wash the inside of the windows.
  Always needing to stay busy.  Just like me.

When the weather is beautiful, all I have to do is step out 
onto the balcony and enjoy the view as I have my coffee.  

Even on foggy days, there is beauty all around you.

I always find something to smile about.  Because life is good.

Our walks never disappoint.  There is always something to see and do.

My favorite views are the ones from our balcony.  As pictured above.

Though the weather has not been perfect, the scenery always is.

 Tonight Arvid and I go to Buddy Guy's Legends
 in hopes that the Rolling Stones make an appearance.  
The Rolling Stones had their first concert of their No
 Filter Tour last night here in Chicago.  The stadium,
 Soldier Field is in clear sight from our apartment.

Happy Saturday all.  Here in the city it is a beautiful day.

Our pictures are our footprints...


Jun 21, 2019

Start Of Summer ~

Never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes 
those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts...

Yesterday ended on a little warmer note.  
It did help that Arvid and I went to the hot tub
and stayed under for at least a good half hour.  

Sniff has not seen the sunlight since we got to Chicago. 
Makes him try all sorts of things to stay busy.

  Like me, he gets bored fast. One thing he loves
 to bask in it.  Hopefully if predictions are correct we 
will sure see some this weekend.  One can hope.

From what I was able to research, it seems that the
 last time it was this cold in Chicago was 1992.  
The fact that the lake is still so very cold, that 
means most likely the fog will remain.

Chicago has experienced more rain than usual. 
This also contributes to this crazy weather that’s going
 on right now.  I am chilled to the bones. The apartment
 has no heat during this time of the year.

But yesterday is gone, and today is a new day.  
As I woke up the first thing I noticed was that 
the fog was gone.  The skies are blue and the
 sun is most likely to make its presence felt. 

 Definitely a beautiful start for the first day of summer.
  If this holds, I would live to go to the park with Arvid
 and to our favorite Friday hangout, The Grille Park.  
Who knows maybe a few mojitos today.  

Rain is predicted later on in the afternoon bummer,
but these predictions are constantly wrong.  So in the
 meantime it is happy positive thoughts.  After all it is 
Friday.  Happy Hour Friday is not that far away.

Summertime and the living is easy. It's a smile, 
it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!..


Jun 20, 2019

Thursday In Chicago ~

You know what the say about Chicago, if you
 don't like the weather then wait fifteen minutes...

Chicago life.  Even in the cold and foggy days 
you still have to get out and walk around.  In the 
evenings warm up in the hot tub.  Best part.

The fog concentrates close to where we are, close to 
the lake.  As you get a little more into the city it sorts of
 disperses a little.  It's also a little less chilly in the city 
than where we are.  Every little bit helps when 
walking is your main form of transportation.

Above is what it looks like as we step out 
of our building and head out for our daily walk.

We make the best of the weather here.  What's the 
alternative?  For me having my OJ in the mornings in a
 pretty glass makes up for some of it.  It's cold and windy on
 the balcony, but every so often the wind dies down.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Our day is not on the 
sunny side (yet again).  Later today it's the hot tub
 again.  Need to warm up these Floridian bones.

Life is like Chicago weather, you never know 
what you're gunna get. Dear Mother Nature, get back 
on your meds, pop open a bottle of wine, and 
start thinking warm, happy thoughts...


Jun 19, 2019

Foggy Day In The City ~ Again

The things you're waiting and hoping for,
 tend to arrive at the most unexpected moments...

I guess it's because we will soon be going to Norway. 
 I stress.  I think of Brutus and how difficult it always
 was to leave him.  I never wanted to go away for so 
long because I worried about Brutus and his paw.  

In the picture above Wendy, his pet sitter at the
 time tried giving him his pills.  Not always successful. 
I guess I am thinking even more of Brutus because
 am am having the blues right now.

Maybe it has to do with the weather.  It's cold, 
 foggy and wet just about everyday.  Also I am stressing
 about being in Norway for so long.  I look forward to 
seeing everyone, but I also don't want to leave Sniff
 alone for so long.  This happens every single year.

Happy Wednesday to all.  I keep reminding myself that 
if one waits for perfect conditions, we"ll never get anything done.

Never let a bad situation bring out
 the worst in you. Be strong and choose to
 be positive, no matter how hard it is...


Jun 18, 2019

Foggy Day In Chicago ~

Life is short, and if we enjoy every moment of 
every day, then we will be happy no matter what 
happens or what changes along the way...

So far most of our days here in Chicago have looked like this:

So how about your part of the world?  Has summer gotten to you?

One place that is always warm and beautiful no matter 
what kind of weather we are having is the pool and hot tub area. 
 Here we use them more than we ever do in Florida.

Soon we will be going to Branson.  That I am excited
 about.  Can't wait.  I loved everything we did and accomplished
 in Branson, and the people we met and so much more.  I can't 
wait to go. Counting down the days until we're there.

Wishing you all a warm and sunny day.

Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful
 than a woman who is happy to be herself...