Oct 31, 2021

October 31st ~ Halloween πŸ‘»

 Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting 
go but rather learning to start over...

When Brutus was alive, he loved getting dressed up. 
 At least I told myself so.  I dressed him up all the time.  Shadow 
also wore the same outfit, but Sniff was not too happy with it.

Marbles and MacGyver; from the very start they were
 approachable.  I was able from almost the beginning to
 touch and pet them.  They are always together.

Baby has turned out to be smarter than I had given
 her credit for.  She finds safe places to hide, and
 I hope she always will.  I love her very much 

A family of four, is now a family of one.  Remaining 
is just Rocco.  Spitfire died. And yes, I love them them both. 
 They have become both very affectionate.  Spitfire used to 
follow me around, and Rocco now loves being touched.

When we returned to Puerto Rico in March of this year, 
Mama had her first litter of three.  She had Whitepaws, Spotify
 and Rascal.  Today the only remaining baby is Rascal.
  Strange that the two kitties that died were named
 by Arvid.  Arvid really liked Whitepaws.

I see Mama and Rascal as soon as I step out of the 
front door.  I have gotten used to them being there, Mama has 
had a personality change.  Now she let's me close to her, but 
she's still not totally affectionate with her boy Rascal.

Senior and Bandit were always very scared of everything. 
 Bandit died, but I will never forget those eyes.  Senior to
 this day is not too approachable.  He comes for foodies, but
 takes off as soon as I get close to him.  Something about Bandit 
and Seniors' eyes.  Gentle even though feral, and I love them. 
 I loved Bandit for that short time he was around.πŸ’™πŸ’š

The kitty I first encountered when we came to PR in 
2020 was Shygirl.  At the time I thought she was a he.  Shygirl
 holds a special place in my heart, just like all the others.  She 
is still very cautious and so far has not allowed ne to get too 
close to her. She looks for me mornings and afternoons.

The fastest kitty on the block is by far Milo.  Even 
everyone at the vet's place said the same.  Milo can
 outrun all the others.  He was a loner, but lately he has 
been getting closer and closer in distance to all the others. 
Milo showed up at the same time as Marbles and MacGyver.  
He has the sweetest little voice, and yes I also love him πŸ’™

Rocco is a character.  When I give him foodies he 
tries to catch it and he is constantly scanning to see who
 is getting foodies and who isn't.  He moves around to
 where the food is.  I really love this little guy.

A happy Halloween to all from Sniff
 and all the kitties from  Puerto Rico πŸ‘» 

Life is like a book.  Some chapters are sad, 
some are happy, and some are exciting.  But if you
 never turn the page, you will never know what the 
next chapter holds.  Loss is a part of life.

Meeting with my sister today for dinner. 
 Anytime we get to see her is a time that I cherish.  Always. 
 The pandemic was not all bad for us.  It brought us 
to Puerto Rico and closer to family.  

There is something at work in my soul, 
which I do not understand...


Oct 30, 2021

Saturday October 30th ~

 You will face many defeats in life,
 but never let yourself be defeated...

Saturday is full of soccer games.  Happy Arvid.
 Happy Sniff.  What shall I do? Not one to actually
 sit through an entire game, but who knows?

I do not know where this week went but it sure
 went by so fast.  Scary how time flies without
 one having any control over it.  Too fast.

I am extremely sad over Texie.  He was family, and it
 feels strange to know that he is no longer here.  Texie’s
 death brought back all the memories of when Brutus died.  
I cried and cried both for Texie and for Brutus. My heart broke 
again into many pieces.  At times, life is really not easy 

Sniff is doing good. These last few days he has gotten
 very vocal. especially when Arvid is around.  Sniff 
adores his dada and Arvid loves him as well.

Today we relax at home. Have lunch at home and who 
knows maybe later in the evening we go out for another 
 one of those amazing white sangrias that I love so much.

PR has me totally spoilt.  Because I love all their
 frozen drinks.  Getting addicted to all this yumminess 😍. 

I walked this morning 😌 fed “my” kitties and feel
 happy about it. I love them all. I miss Spitfire’s little face
 and her superior attitude.  I loved that little one. 

 Thing is I love them all πŸ–€and everyday I 
wonder which one won't be there.  Luckily all
 remaining 9 kitties were there.  Grateful

Wishing everyone a happy day. Time to give Sniff 
some brushing and some extra love.  Sniff after 
all is my little boy. My Happy place 🧑

Small steps in the right direction can
 turn out to be the biggest step in your life...


Oct 29, 2021

Everyone Is Fighting A Battle πŸ’”πŸ˜₯~ October 29th

 No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted...

Waking up to happy moments with Sniff.  Perfect
 way to start my day.  Add to that, the mixture of my 
"other" remaining kitties and I am doing really good.

The other day I was talking to the lady who cleans
 in our building.  She has a heart of gold and always ready
 to help.  She was telling me about the death of her husband
 due to Covid.  They were together for 27 years πŸ˜”.

  Because of that death and what she witnessed at the
 hospital, she took a hiatus from her profession.  She's a
 nurse, but she now cleans apartments.  She told me that 
she could not face being in a hospital setting for now.

She does not have an easy life.  She earns a third of what 
she earned as a nurse, but for now she says it's the break 
she needs.  Of course now I am starting to gather things
 for her.  I have more than I need, and I can give some 
away to someone who needs it even more than I do.

Take a look around you. There are so many hurting 
and in need.  If you can help just one person, do so.  It's
 the best feeling in the world, to know that because 
of you someone is a little happier today.

Yesterday after we came back from our walk, Nina texted.  
They had to make the difficult decision to put Texie down. 
 Needless to say, they are heartbroken, we all are.  Texie has
 been a part of our lives for over 14 years. I loved him.

I love you Texie, and you are already missed so much.  
Your mom and dad said the house is very quiet πŸ’”πŸ˜₯

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one...


Oct 28, 2021

Thursday October 28th ~

Time has a wonderful way of 
showing us what really matters...

 There are some moments in life or certain days
 where time seems to creep by ever so slowly. Sometimes
 it can feel like days at a time. But as time passes, it starts to 
become obvious that time is just moving so fast.

This week sure went fast.  Not sure where and how the days 
have gone by, but soon it's the weekend, and who knows 
maybe soon Arvid and I will be grandparents again.

  Baby girl number three is just about ready to make her 
appearance.  Matter of days or maybe hours.  Can't wait.
This morning I did not go walking.  Instead I was on 
the balcony watching the sunrise.  I love mornings.

Yesterday we lost internet for quite some time. 
 It was worse for Arvid because the internet was down
 at the time he usually watches TV at nights.  

Today started better and for sure it will continue to 
be so.  Good morning all and a happy day to you.

Time flies. Time flies faster every year. Time
 flies whether you’re having fun or not, whether
 you’re living your life big or small, whether you 
surround yourself with fear or laughter...


Oct 27, 2021

πŸ™ˆ Wednesday October 27th ~

 Strong women aren't born that way.  Life 
throws at them curves, but they learn how to 
walk through storms and become stronger...

Yesterday I met with my sister Nirvan for lunch. 
We met halfway. Just the two of us.  Very relaxing,
 and good. We went to Luquillo.  We both had
 the entire red snapper with garlic sauce.  

I walked  around a bit checking out the many kiosks 
hoping to maybe find something I would like to buy.
  No luck I’m not one for anything that advertises
 anything on my T-shirts’ or anything else.

On my way back, somehow I managed to hurt my 
knee without falling or hitting it on anything πŸ˜…

Everyday is not always perfect, but at the
 same time there is something always to look 
forward to in each new day. Always. Always

Arvid went for our afternoon walk alone πŸ˜” but 
I stayed in watched reruns of Law and Order on TV,
 and hung out with Sniff not a bad time.

Sometimes my mind strays, the tears flow, but I 
remind myself that life goes on and we have to keep
 moving forward always.  Some days are just a little 
more difficult, but it’s life and life goes on.

The last time I saw you plays over and over in my head...


Oct 26, 2021

Tuesday October 26th ~

 When your head hits the pillow tonight, remind 
yourself that you've done a good job.  Be patient 
with yourself, and remember that big things are 
achieved not all at once, but one day at a time...

So far October has been an explosive month for 
my family.  Rima and family are leaving California.
  Heading to Virginia mid November.  Gabsy already
 has left California and is living in Virginia. 

One happy family.  Now we will all be in the same
 time zone.  Well come November one hour difference
 being in PR. PR does not switch time. But still good. Rima's
 time in Ca is coming to an end, and we're all happy.

Just a few days ago Mala, Gopaul and Rio said goodbye
 to Buffalo, NY.  They are calling home North Carolina. 
 Now just under three hours drive to mom and dad's.

Rio is already swimming in one of the lakes next to his new 
home in North Carolina.  If Rio is happy everyone is happy.

On Saturday Kimsy left Puerto Rico.  Boston is lucky
 to have her.  Her turn is finally here.  After a long wait Kimsy
 got the job she was aiming for.  She now works for the Boston 
Health Department as a Diabetes Epidemiologist.  Her first choice. 
I already miss her.  The best thing about the pandemic was 
that it brought us to Puerto Rico.  To Nirvana and Kimsy.

Least but not last is Nina and David.  Soon they will be leaving 
Florida and heading to New Jersey and eventually Pennsylvania.
  Nina could not be any happier.  Ever since moving to Florida
 some five years ago, all she wanted was to leave ASAP.

Life sure has given us many turns.  Who would have
 thought I would one day be living once again in Puerto Rico
 with Arvid. Who would have thought that Arvid would be the 
one most hesitant to want to leave PR?  Strange how life is.

I miss my little Spitfire.  From that aggressive new mama that
 she was, to that kitty that followed me around everywhere
 and allowed me to touch her and to pet her.  Each and 
everyone holds a special place in my heart always.

To all a happy day.  Some days are not so good, but we keep
 moving and make the best of it.  Life stops for no one.

Don't let it break you.  No matter how hard it gets, life goes on...


Oct 25, 2021

Monday October 25th ~

 You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes. 
 You can steer yourself in any direction you choose...

For Sniff everyday is a good day.  He gets love, lots of rest, 
brushing and he just does what he wants when wants.  Life of a cat.

It's a new day and a new week, start off fresh to
 accomplish your best.  Happy Monday everyone...


Oct 24, 2021

Spitfire, My Little Spitfire πŸ’”

Cats leave pawprints in our hearts...

On October 18th, Rocco became an orphan.  His brother
 Taino died in August, then his dad Poo also died in August.
  It was just him and his mama Spitfire.  That is, until the 18th, 
when Spitfire also died.  And now there was just Rocco.

She was my girl.  They all are, and each death affects me. 
 I loved this little girl like crazy.  She was one of the "originals" 
 I somehow never expected her to die.  I always thought she 
was "street" smart.  Once again I was proven wrong. 

Living in Pena Mar has "crippled" me.  I got too 
involved and I cared too much.  They say grief is the 
price you pay for love.  I have been paying that price
 for a long long time and it seems I still owe.

The above is Spitfire's last day.  I fed her in the morning
 as usual.  She ate with Rocco and with her sister Baby.  She
 always has that look as if she was better than anyone else,  
I never thought this would be our last time together.

Once again my heart is shattered, and most likely it 
will continue to be shattered.  These kitties unfortunately
 do not have a long life span.  All I can do is love them.
My heart is broken again.  I really loved this little one.

Little by little we let go of loss , but never of love...