Jan 31, 2021

Sunday At Home ~

 In times of great stress or adversity, its always
 best to keep busy, to plow your anger and
your energy into something positive...

Nothing like a good walk around sunset.  The outside
temperature was just perfect, and the cool down that's coming 
is going to be very welcoming.  Not for Arvid, but for me.  
I love it when we go outdoors in the cooler temperatures,
 but I do not like when it is cold in the apartment.

Like Arvid, Sniff does not like the cold, and once
 again he has been looking everywhere for some sunshine. 
 These last couple of days he has not found much.

I'm restless.  I got used to the lifestyle in Puerto Rico. 
 Going out to eat, going out on Fridays for an outing 
and still feeling safe.  I really miss Puerto Rico.

Sunday.  It will be quiet and spent at home.  Relaxing. 
Today I crave Indian food, and I think I know exactly where
 to get it.  After all we do live close to Las Olas Blvd.

Arvid's not into Indian food.  Too bad because he sure is
 missing out on one of the most delicious cuisines in the world.  
I am just so very happy he loves the food in Puerto Rico.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Because of COVID we do not
 go out and eat anymore while in Florida.  Yes, everything
 is open, and yes the bars and restaurants are packed, but 
Arvid and I choose to not go.  At least not as yet.

Another one of the reasons why I miss Puerto Rico.
  We did feel better when we were out.  Safer.  Hopefully soon 
we will feel the same here at home in Fort Lauderdale.

The bad news is time flies, the good news,
 the good news is you're the pilot...


Jan 30, 2021

Saturday January 30th ~

 On a lazy Saturday morning, when you're lying
 in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a
 space where fantasy and reality become one...

Being an early riser sure pays off.  Once again I was able
 to see the moon before it disappeared into the clouds.  Pretty,
 pretty.  Makes me think of the moon in Puerto Rico.  

Sniff is already on one of his any naps for the day.  
He loves his mornings and he loves his sleeping spots.

At nights Sniff loves the bed and playtime.  For him 
playtime is always on the bed.  I use the laser and he gets to 
wear himself out a little.  Does not like running on the floor.

Arvid is now staying busy doing the breakfast dishes.  
Just a typical day here at home.  Happy Saturday all.

Either you run the day, or the day runs you...


Jan 29, 2021

Friday ~

 Home is not where you are from.  It is where you belong...

Because home is where the heart lives.  Home is
when we are always together.  Some of us travel the
 whole world to find it. Others, find it in a person

Would have been a good day to be back.  Missing our Friday spot.

Cooler temperatures here and will linger for a 
few more days, even so for winter it can't be beat.
Of course,  Arvid and Sniff are so very cold 😁

Whatever I like, even after a long time, I still like it.
 And I reminisce about the moment when I first heard it. 
That's what I love. Just remembering those moments...


Jan 28, 2021

Make Today Amazing ~ Thursday January 28th ~

Because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing...
It's all about stalking that leaf on the balcony.  After an 
hour or so Sniff was worn out.  He naps a little then wakes
 up and starts all over again.  It keeps him busy all the
 time.  Sometimes I even bring leaves and scatter 
them around on the balcony for his enjoyment.

Sachin our nephew like so many kids today graduated
 high school during COVID times,   For him the first year of 
college was spent online, also like so many others, but yesterday
 Sachin headed out to attend college in an actual class room.  

Good luck Sachin we love you and we wish you the best 
especially now during these not so "normal" times.

I was awake very early.  Most days I am, but today I got
 out of bed.  Went to the office, and there I thought of Brutus 
even more.  Sniff was awake for a brief time, but went
 back to sleep with his dada.  In the office there is more 
of Brutus than anyone else.  Arvid says that when he 
stops what he's doing he "sees" Brutus there.

Some memories never leave, and Brutus is a part of 
our lives that will forever live on in our hearts.  No matter 
where we are where we live, the first and only picture 
we take to hang on our walls is always Brutus.

Not much planned for the day, but I know it is going 
to be a good day because I will make it a good day. 
 Because every time I stop and think of life I realize
 that no matter what is going on, we have a good life.

 We are healthy, we have a roof above our heads and
 we have each other.  Always thankful and grateful.  I may 
not have everything I want, but I sure have all I need.

I do miss you so very much right now.  Hope you and
 Shadow are playing together over the Rainbow Bridge.
 When 11:11pm shows up your dada always says, "it 
was Brutus' bedtime."  We miss you a lot Brutus.

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more,
 need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot,
 and realize how blessed you are...


Jan 27, 2021

Days ~

The best things in life are the people we love,
 the places we have been and the memories 
we have made along the way...

Sniff has finally found his spot in the sunshine again. 
 Yes the sun finally came and Sniff was right there basking
 in it. Where the sun goes, Sniff is never far behind.

A little drive along the beach is always a treat.

An afternoon walk also something we enjoy.

Ending the evening in the hot tub made for a very good day.

Walking we always pass by this cool rental building. 
 What I like about it is the hot tub.  Looking up we
 can see the people enjoying it, smack in the
 middle of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

It's another very beautiful day here in Fort Lauderdale.
 The sun is out and for a "winter" day it is just perfect.
The boats passing by will always keep us busy.

Life is good.  Sometimes we forget...


Jan 26, 2021

Tuesday January 26th ~

 Go confidently in the direction of your
 dreams, live the life you have imagined...

I started my morning with a little indoor walk
 around the parking lot.  Later this afternoon Arvid
 and I will hopefully go for a longer walk.  It's 
been our routine since we got back home. 

 Truth be told though, I have not been as consistent
 as I was in PR.  In PR my inspiration was the kitties.
  I do miss those mornings.  Looking forward to
 them in the near future.  Hopefully soon.

Yesterday I spent one hour on gold waiting to speak to
 someone at the doctors office in order to get an appointment.  
After a little over an hour the call was disconnected.  Try as I 
may, no one picked up.  Today is another day and another
 chance to hopefully get someone on the line.

Nothing is that easy during COVID times anymore. 
 I finally managed to get hold of someone. One of her questions
 was, "do you have any prosthetics on you right now?" 
 My answer was, "fortunately not right now."

Not exactly sure why the question, but who
 knows these days.  She also asked me if I was currently 
over 300lbs.  The questions kept coming and after a while we 
were laughing together.  I made a phone friend.

Soon time to use the hot tub and pool again.

Today only happens once.  Make it amazing...


Jan 25, 2021

Monday ~ Start Of The New Week

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of 
times if one only remembers to turn on the light...

A trip to the mall.  I was very surprised at what I did not see.

 There is no one around.  I counted the
 amount of people without any great effort.

Many of the stores are now gone.  The Gap,
 a store I have been going to since I can remember
 is no longer in business at The Galleria Mall. 
 Another COVID casualty?  Very sad times.

I was at the mall in the weekend.  During what is 
supposed to be a "busy" time.  Didn't look busy at all. 
 It actually looked sad to see it so empty.

The most people were by The Apple Store, and it
 was nothing compared to what it used to be.  I really 
wanted to buy something, and I truly looked, but there 
was absolutely nothing I liked.  But on a good not, I 
ended up with a very good caramel frappuccino.

A new week is onto us again.  
Thirteen days since I last fed my feral kitties.

We did it last week.  We can again do it again
 this week, even better.  Let's be awesome together. 
 Let today be the start of something amazing...


Jan 24, 2021

Sunday ~

 If you want others to be happy practice compassion,
if you want to be happy practice compassion...

Sunday.  Covid Sunday at home.
  Looking forward to better times ahead.

Missing our Sundays in Puerto Rico.  We were fortunate
 for a few months.  We spent "COVID" months in Puerto Rico
 where life sure was better. At least for us it was.  

Freedom to do a few more things there than we allow 
ourselves to do here in Fort Lauderdale.  Hopefully 
soon we will also do a few more things here as well.

Happy Sunday to all wherever you are make it a good 
and memorable day.  Things may not be exactly as we
 all wish for them to be right now, but on the other
 hand, we woke up to a new day.  Make it count.

Nothing nor no one interferes with their "beauty" sleep 😍

Always be happy, always wear a smile; not because 
life is full of reasons to smile but because your 
smile itself is a reason for many others to smile...


Jan 23, 2021

Saturday January 23rd ~

 Be happy with what you have.
Be excited about what you want...

Coming from Norway you would think Arvid would
 handle the "cold" better.  We are in the Sunshine State.  
Temperatures in the mid 70's,  (23C) yet when we go out
 walking Arvid is bundled up with double layers.

It has gotten warmer so Arvid is happier now.  We 
 have used the balcony one time since we got back from
 Puerto Rico.  Arvid still says it's too cold.  I go out
 and take my pictures and watch the boats go by. 

 I enjoy the cooler temperatures.  Sniff prefers more
 sunshine.  Have not had much sunshine since coming 
back home either.  Sniff keeps looking for it all day.

We are invited to a friends place for drinks at sunset,
 but Arvid really had to think hard before saying yes.  I told
 him it was OK to go, but he kept saying it was too cold.  Finally
 he agreed to do it, and I choose not to go.  This way he gets to be
 with a friend and I get to do something on my own.  Win-win.

There is always some car talk and always a little business.
A beautiful day here in Fort Lauderdale.  To all a happy day,

Don't focus on things that steal your joy.
Count the many reasons you have to be happy...


Jan 22, 2021

January 22nd ~

 It's interesting to leave a place, interesting even to
 think about it.  Leaving reminds us of what we can part
 with and what we can't, then offers us something 
to look forward to, to dream about...

Friday.  Guess what we will be doing today?  You guessed it.
  Nada.  Nothing.  Thank you COVID-19 for making the 
world a not so better place right now for everyone. 

 Living in Florida we could actually do just about anything
 we want.  There are really no restrictions.  Our governor
 has not closed anything down.  bars and restaurants are fully
 open.  It's just Arvid and I who choose to no go anyplace
right now.  We do not feel it is the safest right now.

Being home is not so bad.  As they say, it's better than 
being on a ventilator.  Had we been in Puerto Rico we would 
be going to El Pescador for a little tropical drink this
 afternoon.  I loved every moment in Puerto Rico.

All this being said, we love the life we have here
 in Florida. Happy Friday all.  Some people look for a
 beautiful place.  Others make a place beautiful.  Home
 is where Arvid, Sniff and I are.  We are home.

January is soon over.  No idea how this month has
 gone by so fast.  Hopefully, life as everyone once knew 
it will be back.  Even better than before for us all.

When you leave a beautiful place you
 carry it with you wherever you go...