Dec 31, 2020

Goodbye To 2020~

 He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things 
which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has...

I didn't manage to capture the sunset, but the glow of the sun 
still made for a beautiful afternoon at the beach yesterday. Was
 missing Arvid.  We do everything together and although I like 
my alone time, life is so much better when we are together.

As we say goodbye to 2020, I have to say I am
 grateful for many things.  This may not have been 
the best of years for the all of us. but even so, for Arvid,
 Sniff and I it has not been the worst either.

2020 brought us to Puerto Rico.  The place we have
 called home for the last four months.  The place that was
 my childhood home.  Most surprisingly was that Arvid 
fell in love with the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

  That I never expected.  I knew he liked it, but I 
didn't think he would consider it a place we could 
call home.  For that I am most happy and grateful. 

Sniff and I will be welcoming 2021 with my 
sister Nirvana, Kimsy and J.  Arvid will be welcoming the
 New Year in Florida.  To all may 2021 be everything 2020 
was not.  For all of us this has been a very challenging year, and 
we all look forward to  better times with the coming year.

Good riddance to 2020, welcome 2021.  Cheers to 
better days to come for all of us.  Goodbye 2020,
 you will not be missed one tiny bit.

It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin to take
 note of the things you are grateful for, you begin
 to lose sight of the things that you lack...


Dec 30, 2020

And I Already Miss You Kimsy ~

A good life is a collection of happy moments...

 Arvid and I move around more than anyone I know.
  A friend of mine once said to me, "I write your address down
 in pencil because I never know when it will change."

  We seem to never stay put in any place for long.
I was/am loving being in Puerto Rico.  We are happy
 happy here.  Life is good and we have what we need
 and I am close to my sister and Kimsy. 

 We even see J more than we did when in Florida, 
and he lives in Miami. I am never sad to leave anyplace.
 That is with the exception of Branson.  That place
 grew on me and it holds a very special place in 
my heart.  The people are all heart.

Now we probably will soon leave Puerto Rico.  
I can feel it.  I know once Arvid landed in Florida he will 
be on overdrive, and when he comes back home to Puerto Rico 
it will be soon time for us to leave. Florida is home,
 but Puerto Rico has my heart right now. 

 I am going to miss my sister and Kimsy so very much.
  I did not think it was going to be so hard to leave.  
I think I will miss Kimsy the most.  She has stolen 
my heart even more with her gentle ways.

 She is a beautiful person inside and out.  Both Arvid
 and I love her to pieces.  Arvid talks about her and how kind,
 calm and easy going she is.  She is also loving and humble.
  Kimsy I am missing you so much already. I love you.

So happy that I spent time with them the other day after
 dropping Arvid off at the airport. We had a little breakfast out, 
and then spent time at their home.  I loved it so very much.  

Kimsy.  I am already missing you.  Looking forward 
to seeing you all soon again.  Like tomorrow.

Here's to the moments when you realize
 simple things are wonderful and enough...


Wednesday December 30th ~

 A cat purring on your lap is more healing than
 any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are
 receiving are of pure love and contentment...

Ever since Arvid left for Florida Sniff has not been 
the same.  They say animals get depressed when their
 loved ones are gone.  I have proof that this is the case.  

Sniff is depressed.  He just sits by the door to the office 
waiting for Arvid.  he has not eaten much since Arvid left. 
 I have given him an appetite stimulant, but still nothing.

He just lays all day long in the same spot and never even
 moves,  He only uses the litter pan once in a 24 hour span.
 Of course I am a little concerned abut this.  On the other hand 
he does not look like he's sick either.  Just depressed.

I tried to bribe him with treats.  Didn't work.  He never
 even went close to it.  After a while I had to clean it up. 

 This morning I did mention the word brushing. 
 His all time favorite.  he didn't move, but then I 
showed him the brush and that got him excited.
Arvid also called and talked to him a little.

I managed to brush him among all his toys.  He was
 happy to be brushed.  Brushing is something he gets 
everyday sometimes up to 10 minutes depending on 
how long he, Sniff will sit. Brushing he really loves.

My guess is that I am doing much better than Sniff.
 He misses Arvid too much and because of that his entire 
demeanor is different. Seeing him this way, I just hate
 to think how he must be when we are both gone.

That being said it's a beautiful day here.  Had my walk.
  Kitties were fed all is good.  Hope to go to the beach 
a little this afternoon for a walk. I love being here.

No matter how bad your day is,
 your cat will always make you smile...


Dec 29, 2020

Tuesday December 29th

 Some of the most powerful times are when we are alone...

It's very quiet here at home.  One person missing makes a 
huge difference, at the same time I am enjoying the quietness. 
 Not that Arvid is loud or anything of the sort, but there is always
 something going on with him.   I feel relaxed for now.

Morning walks continue.  Kitties are getting their
 foodies as usual.  Yesterday  morning only one of the 
twins showed up.  Was not happy about that.

Sniff is walking around looking for Avid.  They
 usually hang out in the office a lot and when they aren't, 
they are usually watching TV.  Well Arvid is and
 Sniff sleeps.  Sometimes they both sleep.

When Arvid called me yesterday the first thing he said 
was, "I'm freezing.  I want to come back to the nice warm weather." 
 He will get over it.  Florida had a cold spell and the apartment 
was chilly, but as he knows, it will warm up.

Sniff woke up looking everywhere for Arvid.  Now he 
refuses to eat.  You see in the mornings, Sniff  would not
 eat until Arvid gets out of the bedroom.  Now it's a waiting game. 
 Good morning all.  A beautiful day it is here in Puerto Rico.

I love that quiet time when nobody's up
 and the animals are all happy to see me...


Dec 28, 2020

Tomorrow Will Be Better ~

Never give up for that is just the place
 and time that the tide will turn...

Sometimes words fail.  
All you can do is feel with your heart.

Today is one of those days.  Tomorrow is a new day.

If you know you're going home
 the journey is never to hard...


Monday December 28th ~

 What you tell yourself everyday will 
either lift you up or tear you down...

In just a few days it's bye bye 2020. 
 Yes, the countdown is on. We are ready.

Arvid and I have been spending lots of time enjoying our
 hammock and scenic Puerto Rico from the comfort of our balcony.
 Arvid said to me, "I wish I didn't have to go back to Florida." 
It is what it is, and you have to do what you have to do.
We are not gone yet and I am already missing PR.

Sniff and I will be having some alone time for the next
 few days.  I don't mind a few days on my own.  Actually
 I like it.  Not that I will be doing anything differently, but
 I think it will be very relaxing to be alone for a little.

Sniff is definitely going to miss Arvid a lot, and I 
think Arvid is going to miss having Sniff follow him
 everywhere.  They have a good routine, and I love
 seeing them together.  Yeah, we will miss Arvid.

There is a lot to keep me busy, so I'm happy for that. 
 Morning walk was done and kitties fed.  Even happier about
 that.  The last Monday in 2020.  Happy new week all.

Everyday is different, and some days are better than others,
but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it...


Dec 27, 2020

Sunday ~

All good things must come to an end.  For now... 

I can feel it.  Our time in Puerto Rico is coming to an end. 
 I know once Arvid goes back home to Florida that will do it. 
 He will come back and I'm very sure we will then leave 
Puerto Rico not long after.  I do want to go home, but at the 
same time I worry about the kitties I have been feeding. 

 I don't know what will become of them.  While here at
 least I know they have some food.  I can't save the world.  
That's what Arvid keeps telling me.  Not only 
because of the kitties, but so much more.  

For now I will do all I can for them.  They live
 in the wild.  They survived before I came into the 
picture, hopefully they will continue to do so 🙏

For now I enjoy morning walks because I get to 
see them,  and evening walks with Arvid because
 once again we see some of the newbies and of
course there is always food with me for them.

The above is Pooper.  He is sitting below our balcony in
 the neighbors yard waiting for me to throw him some
 chicken.  I did and he ate it all.  he's happy I'm happy.
I am happy for these days we have in Puerto Rico.

The value of things is not the time they last, but the
 intensity with which they occur.  That is why there are
 unforgettable moments and unique people...


Dec 26, 2020

About Yesterday ~

 Life isn't perfect, but it sure has perfect moments...

Arvid says Christmas is not for him.  I say he's wrong,
 but Arvid has been this way since I met him.  I got used to it,
 not really but in a way yeah.  Yesterday we went to my sister
 Nirvana's home.  I made a few things and she made a few. 
 Among the things she made was a flan.  Arvid likes flan.

We got there and immediately Arvid's mood changed 😍.  
Once again he was cheerier and a little more into the Christmas 
spirit.  I really don't understand why he is so against Christmas, 
then he said it could be worse.  I could be cold and with snow.

I think  snow at Christmas is beautiful.  My sister
 Mala had snow.   A beautiful white Christmas for her and 
family. And to end it a trip to beautiful Niagara Falls.

We also got to "see" our granddaughters in Norway. 
 The cutes little girls.  Happy as can be.  Seeing
 them smile makes our hearts smile.

What started out for Arvid as a not so good day
 turned out to be a better day.  As for me I am still smiling
 because I was able to spend time with Nirvana and family. 
 I'm grateful and thankful for all of this happiness.

A beautiful day here in the island of enchantment.  Arvid's 
day is full of soccer, so he's busy. makes him happy.  Sniff is
sleeping and I will soon be reading my book.  happy times.

A good life is a collection of happy moments...


Always On My Mind ~ DONE DECEMBER

 If you ask me how many times you have crossed my 
mind I would say once because you never really left...

I loved dressing Brutus up for all the different holidays.
  He didn't like it much, but he was not always running
 away.  he allowed me to fuss with him.  I miss him.

Sniff is an entirely different story.  He hates when 
I fuss with him and before you know it he scoots away.  
Sniff has his own holiday clothes, but I can't seem to ever 
be able to get him into them.  He runs like the devil.

Shadow was not scared, but he was constantly on
 the move.  It was always difficult to pin him down 
long enough to get him into holiday clothes.  Even so,
 I did manage to do it a few times.  He was so little.

So many memories Brutus.  I miss some days so 
very much.  I love our Sniff with all my heart, but 
you Brutus took a part of me with you.  You
 don't cross my mind.  You live in it.

You are always in my thoughts even when I am not thinking.
My cat came out of nowhere and became my everything.


Dec 25, 2020

Christmas Day ~ December 25th Mom Birthday

The greatest gift of all is to spend Christmas with those
 you love.  I think as you grow older your Christmas list gets
 shorter, because the things you want cant be bought...

 What makes this day even more special is
 the fact that today is our mom's birthday.  Aside 
from being the best mother a child could ever want, 
my mom is also our friend. our confidant
 and she listens to us like no one else.  

We all tend to forget at times that she also has
 issues in life, but because she's our mom she never 
lets on.  I have never in my so many years of life heard
 my mom complaining about how life is unfair.

  Trust me she has had a hard life and in all of that
 she never complained.  Together with my dad they 
sacrificed just about everything to give us a better life.  

Yes, that is what parents do, or should do, but this 
is about my mother, and no one would ever tell me
 that this woman is not a Saint.  Mom and dad "left"
 us in Guyana when we were very little.  

We were 4 little girls.  Later in life I understood 
their sacrifice.  As a child you wonder how could your 
parents do this.  Well if you had the life we did back then
 in Guyana, you would never ask or wonder.  We never
 lacked love, but my parents wanted more for us.  

They wanted us to have an education and to 
experience a life they never had.  We got that and
 more so much more. I could like a hundred lifetimes,
and I would never be able to repay all my
 parents did and continue to do for us.

My mom is the strength of our family.  In her
 quietness she spoke volumes.  Someone said never 
assume the loud is strong and the quiet weak. 
 There is NOTHING weak about my mother. 

 Her example in life has taught us that 
as women we are worth our weight in gold. 
As a child in school in Guyana the teacher asked
 the class who we admire most in the world. 

 Everyone had a "famous" person for their choice.  
For me it was always my mom and dad.  Has not
 changed one bit.  If kindness can change the
 world, then they have changed the world.

My mom puts everyone's needs before hers,
 something I try to get her to change.  I tell her she
 needs to now think of her and not everyone else.  But 
my mom is how she is, and I love that about her.

 It is what sets her apart in a world full mostly of 
greedy and selfish people. Not a day goes by that I am 
not thankful and grateful for having her as my mother.

Growing up we didn't have much.  Meaning 
material things.  What we had and continue to have
 are parents who loved and love us no matter our faults.
  How does it get any better than this.  If this is
 not all the richness we need in the world
 then I am not sure what is.

I am a happy, contented person because I was
 raised by  happy, caring, compassionate parents. 
 Some lessons in life last a lifetime.  What I have 
learnt from my parents is something that
 you can't get from any college.

  I am loved and I love them with all my heart.
Together we are family.  And as a family nothing 
can nor ever will break us.  We all have set backs, 
but that's life.  What matters is that we always 
comeback stronger and more united.

All because our family has a woman called 
Valerie Singh.  Her strength and fortitude is 
what we got from her, among other things.

I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like 
it when I make her smile 😍 Happy birthday mommy.  From
 your five daughters, nine grandchildren, and our spouses.

Mothers and daughters together are
 a powerful force to be reckoned with...