Jul 4, 2020

July 4th ~

It’s a funny thing about life, once you begin
 to take note of the things you are grateful for, you
 begin to lose sight of the things that you lack....

The United States of America was founded on
 ideals of freedom, justice, and liberty, and each 4th
of July the nation takes a moment to reflect on those 
ideals and celebrate the country’s independence. 

Of course, it’s important to recognize that the
 ideals people look at as profoundly and inherently 
American have never been equally bestowed 
to all citizens or people of this country. 

So this Independence Day, it’s important to 
remember the people who have sacrificed to make
 the United States a safer, more just, more free land,
 and it is just as important to reflect on the ways
 that different groups of people are granted different
 freedoms and liberties in this country . 

One of the most patriotic acts you can do this 
4th of July is to look inward, reflect on your own 
privileges and biases, and make active choices to 
ensure the America that exists in reality is one that 
exemplifies values and moral fortitude for all. 

Happy July 4th everyone.  This year it's different, 
but we can still have a good time while staying safe.

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is
 about embracing one another’s uniqueness.  
The time is always right to do what is right...


Jul 3, 2020

Friday July 3rd ~

People wait all week for Friday, all 
year for summer, all life for happiness...

This year it is definitely going to be a different 
July 4th celebration.  Not only here in Florida, but in
 just about the entire USA.  Thank you again
 COVID.  Yet another good time ruined.

Usually we are in Chicago for July Fourth.  We have 
been fortunate to see the fireworks from our balcony.  
This year not so sure if this will happen or not.

 Fireworks can still be viewed as of now in Fort Lauderdale
 from far.  We sure won't be making any extra trips to 
any place to see them.  What I will miss is going out for
 our little celebration drink.  Yeah missing those 
Pina Coladas, and yes I can make my own.

Today we went to the Swap Shop.  As always
 I stocked up on lot of my favorite fruit.

It's going to be a quiet weekend here for us.  No parties.
  No fireworks, no outings.  Thank you COVID.

Here is to a beautiful, hot day.  One thing 
that never fails to stun me, our amazing sunset.

Let's go out into the scorching heat wave to avoid
 frostbite from our office/home air conditioning...


Jul 2, 2020

Thursday July 2nd ~

When life gives you many reasons to be negative
 think of all the reasons to be Positive.  There 
is always someone who has it worse...

Stocked up again for the week ahead. 
Better days are soon here again.  One can always hope.
 I'm thinking positive always. •πŸ™Š Happy Happy.

I do like going to the grocery store.  I do not mind Arvid
 not coming with me.  In fact I prefer it that way.

For now it's the only outing I have on my own πŸ™‹.
 Hopefully soon it will be more and more okay to go
 places.  The malls are open.  I do not need anything, but
it's always nice to just walk around and browse, but with
all the new cases popping up again, I will be holding
 off for some more time.  Again.  This is getting old.

Right now Arvid and I should have been in Norway
visiting with family.  Thank you COVID.  You
 ruined our trip to Norway for this summer ☹️

Here at home, we continue to enjoy long walks, when the
 weather permits, lots of TV time and of course the balcony.  Can't
complain at all.  Yesterday we walked,  in spite of the heat.

Wishing everyone a happy day.
 Another heat wave day awaits us🌞.

Every cloud doesn't have a silver lining
 but making time to look at the beauty of 
clouds can give you peace of mind...


Jul 1, 2020

Wednesday July 1st ~ To Better Times

New month, new day, new date, new chapter,
 new page, new wishes.  Welcome July...

As a new month begins one can always hope 
that this virus goes fades away.  One hopes for better 
days ahead.  I wish for a semblance or "normal"  The new 
normal suits me fine, but please come back soon.

July.. summertime is here.  Time to keep 
making memories and living life to the fullest. 
 No matter what is going on right now πŸ–.

The heat wave continues, but as someone said, July in 
Florida is God's way of reminding us who's in charge.     

May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we
 please, but as the opportunity to do what is right...


Jun 30, 2020

Tuesday June 30th ~

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go...

By the end of the day yesterday, the clouds were 
rolling in and the sky was turning dark.  I love all 
shades of the sky, so of course I had to run out on the
 balcony and get a picture.  All I heard from Arvid was
 "be careful, do not let the bugs nor the heat in." 🀷

For the last month or so Arvid has been counting 
down the days until we leave for Chicago.  Me not
 so much.  Of course I am looking forward to going, 
but not so much to leaving Sniff for that long 🐈.

His little disapproving face is too cute, and I am
 already thinking of him being here all alone.  I don't like it.
  Yes he will have Gladys come in twice a day, but even so...

Another very HOT day in store for us.  It just 
keeps getting better and better.  We are even more at 
home today than when this pandemic thing started.  

The world, mostly the USA has gone crazy.  Is it 
hype?  Is it true, but for sure everything is completely 
exaggerated.  If COVID does not kill you I am sure 
something else will show up and then it will 
start all over again.  Yes, I'm FED UP!!!

Making matters worse!!!!  Publix is recalling salad kits. 
 Boy when will this madness end???  😭😭

Another interesting day awaits us.  Who knows what
 Florida holds next for us?  One thing for sure it will 
definitely be "interesting"  Can't wait.  NOT ☹️😦

Life in Florida.  Can't beat it. 

Hello everyone.  What's happening what's
 happening in your part of the world?🌎🌍

I live in Florida and people are crazy here. And I say that lovingly...


Jun 29, 2020

A New Week Begins ~ June 29th

It's a new week.  It's a new day.  Means new possibilities...

New week already.  I'm pretty sure the guidelines 
regarding COVID-19 will soon be changing again,
 but until they do we go with what we have.  

For now we continue to stay at home, stay away 
from people and do absolutely NOTHING!  Not even
 our walks, because of the heat and the the fact that the
 air quality is pretty bad.  Also, I do have asthma.

Good morning everyone.  The sun is shining, the boats are 
passing by, Sniff is up and about running.  Life is good.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a 
new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a 
bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning. 
Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able
 to find happiness if you don't move on.

The light of a new day always chases the shadows
 of the night away, and shows us that the shape of 
our fears is only the ghost of our own minds... 

Jun 28, 2020


Sunday.  A day to refuel your soul and be grateful 
for your blessings.  Take a deep breath and relax 🀩.  
Enjoy your family, your friends and a cup of coffee...

Sunday morning.  Arvid on the phone with his calls 
to family in Norway πŸ’œ.  Always how we start 
our Sunday morning.  Relaxed and happy.

Yesterday as we sat out on the balcony we saw a
 little squirrel on the tree.  It took me several
 tries before I was able to get a picture.  She's 
really cute, and yes I think it's a she πŸ’•.

The heat continues and this Saharan Dust does not help one bit.

Arvid spend quite a lot of his day and evenings 
researching Puerto Rico.  Yes, he is at it again.  He woke
 up this morning and said to me, "I had a dream about 🌴
Puerto Rico.  We had a house and we were extending it."  He was
 so happy I smiled.  Like I said he finds things to keep him busy 
until he finds something else either way, Arvid stays BUSY.

Puerto Rico right now feels like where we should be.
  For a few days.  Getaway from this boredom that is life in 
Florida right now.  There are way too many restrictions.  

In a few weeks I am sure Floridians will be blocked 
from getting into many places.  It has already started.  
Puerto Rico may also soon block us from entering πŸ˜“.

Sniff is back in bed.  Arvid is watching soccer.
  We did go out a little on the balcony, but was too hot 
so we came right back in.  Another day or scorching heat
 awaits us, other than that life is good.  We are happy.

 Hello Sunday.  What do you have in store for us today?

What the world needs now is solidarity.  With solidarity 
we can defeat the virus and build a better world...


Jun 27, 2020

Saturday June 27th ~

During this heatwave please remember to dress
 for the body you have, not the body you want...

Start of a new day.  Beautiful and hot.  Summers in Florida.

Arvid said to me, "we have to think of where
 we want to getaway to next summer"  Possibilities, 
but everywhere is really hot during the summer.  Even 
Norway can be hot, and there we have no AC.

COVID is rampant in Florida, mainly South Florida.  
Everyday it is something else. I would really like to 
see this come to an end, like everyone else .  We live in 
a beautiful place, yet we can't do much.  COVID, the heat
 wave.  Everything is happening at the same time 😠

It is what it is. I'm just fed up...


Jun 26, 2020

Beautiful HOT Florida Day ~ June 26th

Florida humidity: it's so hot ever the air is sweating...

Like his dada Sniff is not a morning "person" as you can see here.

When I get up early, he gets out of his bed, gets some
 brushing but then goes straight back to sleep.  Arvid
 still asleep, so Sniff figures he will do the same πŸ’€.

At the right time, Arvid will get out of bed.  Open
 the blinds, and coax Sniff it get out.  Most days 
Sniff jumps out when Arvid "begs" enough. This 
πŸ˜ƒmorning was no different from other mornings.

Yesterday was a very good day for Arvid. 
 His team Liverpool became the 2019-2020 Premier 
League Champions.  We celebrated with a drink or two.
  Have to say I slept like a baby. Was really good.

Friday here.  #stayingathome is what's in store for us. 
This is definitely getting to be extremely boring 😐😐. 
 Now with the heat wave also, it's recommended even 
more that one stay in.  What a year it has been.

Friday.  What are you up to?

Often we look so long at the closed door that we 
do not see the one that has been opened for us...


Jun 25, 2020

One Of Those Days ~ June 25th

There are two medicines for all ills: time and silence...

Every so often you get a day that's not so good.
All of a sudden, today became that day.  I know it will be 
better, but right now I am missing our Brutus so very much.

Sometime all you can do is smile.  Move on with your day,
hold back the tears and pretend you are okay 😒😒.

Everyday is a new day and with each new day
 comes new hopes and new possibilities.  Sniff 
is here and he definitely makes me happy 😻.

Thursday.  Another week soon over, and we are 
still self isolating in home.  It's been a long time now.  
I am tired of it, and some days I just want to get out
 and do the things we used to do before COVID.

Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, 
noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence.
 Never be afraid of tears. Tear-filled eyes are capable
 of seeing truth. Tear-filled eyes are capable
 of seeing the beauty of life....


Jun 24, 2020

Party Time Across The River ~ June 24th

A little party never killed nobody...

Over the weekend we had more great times on the balcony.

It was party time across the river from us. What a fun time.

The party was in full swing.  The boys sure
know how to live it up and how to have fun.
Was good to see people having fun 🌈.

Life is not always what it seems.  Sometimes
you see someone laughing, smiling, but you don't
 known the story behind the smile.  Yesterday
we received some very devastating news πŸ’”.

Be kind to everyone you meet because you don't
 know what they are going through.  Behind every
smile there is a heartache you know nothing about.

Life is full of surprises.  Not all are good.

The moment when you have to take a deep breath
 before speaking because you're so close to crying...