Sep 27, 2020

Puerto Rico ~ Sunday

Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air...

Puerto Rico.  Known for it's beautiful beaches.  
You just have to know where to look.

I love the beach.  Looking forward to discovering
 some of Puerto Rico's hidden treasures.  Together Arvid, 
Sniff and I are enjoying this new phase of our lives.  How
 long we will be here.  That's another story.

I am wondering if coffee tastes better when you're on 
island island time.  Truth is, no matter where we are,
 the best part of my mornings is brushing Sniff and
 enjoying my cafe while Arvid still is asleep.

  The place does not matter.  I enjoy it just the same.  
As long as Sniff is by our sides, life is always good.

No matter where you are and what life holds
 for you, remember t always find your happy
 place.  I always do and always will.  

I recall being in Branson, there was no beach there,
 but I sure was happy and I always found my 
happy place.  As long as we are together,
 that will always be my happy place.

Today our happy place is being in Puerto Rico.
  Who knows where life will take us next.  Wherever 
it does, if Arvid, Sniff and I are together I am happy.

When you love what you have, you have everything...


Sep 26, 2020

Saturday September 26th ~

 Take time to make your soul happy...

Yesterday I finally gave in and had a haircut.  The last 
time I had a cut was January.  Then COVID showed up,
 everyone knows the rest.  I followed in Arvid's footsteps
 this time.  He thought it was safe enough as well.

I did not realize my hair had grown so much until the girl dried 
it out and showed it to me.  She asked if I was sure I wanted
 to cut it.  I actually wanted to cut more, but for whatever reason 
she didn't do it.  Either way, I am happy with the cut πŸ’‡

Yesterday we had our Friday outing.  As always they
 are the best of times.  Relaxing and delicious.

The day is filled with soccer for Arvid, cleaning for
 me and lots of rest for Sniff.  Everyone is happy.πŸ’œ

Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments...


Sep 25, 2020

Friday ~ September 26th

 The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have...

Friday and the day is looking beautiful.  I woke up to a
 little drizzle.  Didn't stop me from having a good walk 
nor enjoying the morning sunshine and quietness.

From Monday to Thursday we usually have the building 
all to ourselves, come Thursday the owners start to come in. 
 This is just their weekend home so on Sunday they all leave again. 
 Usually there are no cars in our parking lot.  This morning 
we had a few more.  today will have some more.

Yesterday we changed cars.  The rental we had 
was too big.  We no longer needed a little minivan.  
Now we have a cute little car.  Like it very much.

We are all enjoying our time in Puerto Rico.  It's Friday
 and looking forward to going to our new Friday spot again.  
Those pina coladas are calling, and I am listening 🍹

No post is complete without a picture of my Sniff.
He makes me happy and because he's here with us, life is better.

You can't reach for anything new
 if your hand is still full of yesterdays...


Sep 24, 2020

Thursday September 24th ~

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking 
new landscapes, but in having new eyes...

 We keep busy, and seems like Sniff also enjoys being a
 part of this so called "busy"  Whatever we do, he's
 always around to "lend" a helping "hand".

My walk is already completed.  As my sister says, thank 
goodness you have not been kidnapped.   Yesterday my sister
 Nirvana updated us as to a string of kidnappings going on.  Have
 not seen or heard anything so for now I cannot say it's true.

It was a misty morning, but still a good walk.  I enjoy
 this quiet time alone.  I wonder why I didn't do it more
 often back home in Fort Lauderdale.  That's going to change
when we get back home.  I don't miss home as yet.  Neither
 does Arvid, but... Home is home and soon 😍who knows.

Today we hope the maintenance man from the building
 comes.  The sliding doors need a little fixing.   Hurricane Maria 
caused a little damage, but so far nothing has been taken care of. 
 Waiting for insurance to kick in, and when that did, COVID
 happened.  No one was allowed to come into the units.  
Slowly but surely, things are starting to get fixed.

We are after all on island time.  Yesterday Arvid was driving erratically.  
I told him to be a little more careful, he looked at me and said, 
"I am puerto rican now."  And so begins our Thursday.

Here everyday is Happy Hour time. 
 Cheers to all and a good day.

Always take the scenic route.  Life is short.
  Find what makes you happy.  Sunsets and palm trees...🌴


Sep 23, 2020

Happy Wednesday To All ~

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy...

 We live on the fourth floor, and below us there is an 
orange tabby that comes to visit every evening from 
5 pm every day.  I have been wanting to feed him 
ever since and yesterday was my chance.

Someone from above us lost a blue blanket.  Kitty found 
it and ever since he's a happy little dude.  Comes and naps just 
like a little baby on the blanket.  Above is him looking at us.  

He also enjoys napping on a loose piece of wood,
 part of the fence that has broken off.  He's just happy and 
does not seem to have a care in the world.  

There is an open space and no other residents were
 around so I ran down with food.  Kitty was happy and
 fed at least last night.  Hopefully I can do the same tonight.

We noticed that when he's hungry he usually 
get up and hunts.  We have seen him in action.

My walk for the morning is complete.  Mornings are 
beautiful and that's the same no matter where we are.  I 
love my mornings.  Here it's cool, breezy and I enjoy walking 
surrounded by mountains, palm trees and the Caribbean Sea.

Good morning and a good day to all.

Always end the day with a positive thought.  
No matter how hard things were, tomorrow's
 a fresh opportunity to make it better...πŸ™Œ


Sep 22, 2020

Busy Days ~

Staying busy is the best escape from everything
 and everyone.  I am thankful for another day...

 We have had busy busy days.  By the end of the day I am
 worn out.  Both Arvid and I seem to be going to sleep a little
 earlier than usual.  Still getting used to the heat I guess.

Yesterday I started walking early in the mornings. 
 So nice and so cool.  I am gone walking before Arvid is
 up and back before he's up.  Yup, he likes his sleep.  I get 
up, brush Sniff, give him his foodies, have my cafe and
 out the door I go. Hope to keep this rhythm going.

Over the weekend Arvid and I checked out another
 restaurant.  Close to us.  Where we live, most of
 the restaurants cater to seafood.  I'm happy.  

I always order the fish, Arvid not too happy about seafood,
 so he had the filet mignon.  "The best steak I have ever
 had"  those were his words, said more than one time.

After Indian food, Puerto Rican food is my favorite.
  They are actually close to being both my favorite food.
  There is flavor and there is flavor.  I am super happy
because every time we go somewhere, I am always 
smiling after my meal.  Food makes me happy 🦞.

Today's walk is over.  Now to see what the day holds.
I know we will be busy, because we like it and
it makes us happy.  Always something to do.

Sniff is better and better everyday, even so he still
 refuses to sleep in the bedroom with us, and that I am 
not happy about.  Hopefully with time he will. 

Believe it or not yesterday Arvid went to the barber.  
Something he has refused for months while we were in Florida. 
 My mom said, "looks like Clint again."  As in Clint Eastwood.

To all a very good day.  Arvid is awake, means my 
peace and quiet is now over.  Time to get busy πŸ˜ƒ

Always gotta keep busy or the voices
 keep telling me to do wild things...


Sep 21, 2020

Puerto Rico Times ~ πŸ˜ƒ

Life becomes more meaningful when you realize you the 
simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice...

The last couple of days has not been so extremely hot.
 Happy for that.  Was able to sleep with just a fan and no
AC running.  Sniff is still scared of the noise the AC makes,
 so when it's on he does not come into our bedroom 😭

He always awake early with me and just wanders around
 the place waiting for Arvid to get up.  Some days he eats,
but not the way he did back home in florida.

Sniff misses his Florida surroundings and his beds.
 Here he has discovered a safe place and that's
 up on the top of the kitchen cabinets.

We continue to enjoy our surroundings, but
so far we still enjoy the balcony the most.  Peaceful.
 We love our balcony back home in Florida, but lately
 there has been way too much noise.

 Here all we her are the  coquΓ­s at night and people
passing by with LOUD music in their cars.  Entertaining.

I continue to adjust to the place that was my childhood
 home.  Arvid is already at home here it seems.  He knows
 how to get around.  he knows all the roads already, where as I,
well still not there as yet.  Soon I am sure it will happen.

We have already driven around the area and all the
tiny roads.  Just like we do wherever it is we go.  When
 we first started to live in the Bahamas, in the island of Eleuthera
we did the same.  Arvid made maps of every road.  So far he
has not done that here, but it's still early in the game.

When all's said and done, all roads lead to
 the same end.  So it's not so much which road 
you take, as to how you take it 😍😍...


Sep 20, 2020

Sunday September 21st ~

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers,
 but the wide world's joy. May sunshine surround you 
each new day.  And may smiles and love never be far away.  
Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air...

The other day as we were returning from San Juan, we 
witnessed our first road accident here in Puerto Rico.  Two
 huge trucks crashed.  One was split in two.  From the picture you 
can see some of it.  Traffic was held up for quite a long while.

We have also discovered our new Friday hangout.  
From our balcony we can see it and from the location of course 
we see our complex.  And suddenly Friday's are starting to 
look better and better.  Coronavirus?  What virus? 

When I was younger we lived in Puerto Rico.  
More in the San Juan area, but at the time we had a 
friend who lived in Fajardo.  He actually lived in the 
building right across from us.  Strange how life is.

Those are the two buildings right across from us. 
 As a teenager growing up in Puerto Rico we were frequent 
visitors there.  Little did I expect to live right across
 from it in my adult life.  Life has many turns.

Arvid and I have been busy organizing.  Finally it's 
starting to all take shape.  The curtains are hung, except 
for the living and breakfast area.  been a little difficult
 to find the correct length.  That's the same in Florida.

My post will not be complete if there is not a picture of our 
Sniff Sniff.  He makes me happy and he makes Puerto Rico feel
 like home.  Just Sniff's being with us is all I need to be happy here.  

Life in Puerto Rico is going well.  We are liking it very much. 
 Will enjoy it all until the day we go back home to Florida. 
 Buenos dias a todos, que tengan un feliz Domingo.

Good morning.  Sundays are also looking better and
better here in Puerto Rico.  We can once again go out and
 have a nice meal.  Always something good happening.

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it...


Sep 19, 2020

Your're Always With Me ~

I've seen better days, but I have also seen worse. I don't
have everything that I want, but I do have all that I need.
I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up....

The only picture I insisted on bringing to Puerto Rico.
Brutus is always in my heart, and always by by side.
Today he also has a spot in Puerto Rico.  Home is not home 
without my kitties.  Sniff is right next to me, Brutus and 
Shadow in my memories and in my heart.  Forever.

It goes without saying that there is not a day when 
I do not think of Brutus.  I cannot imagine life without our 
Sniff, but my Brutus stole my heart.  His little "hands" 
stole my heart.  His little feet ran away with it.

Good morning everyone.  And so 
begins another day on island time 😍

Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has 
many bends, ups and down, but that’s its beauty...