Dec 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018 ~

This New Year may you rediscover yourself and 
emerge as a more confident and contented soul...

Last day of the year.  What do you plan to do for the rest of the year?

Danielle and Sniff have already hit it off really well.  Sniff
 sniffs her and realizes she is no threat to him, but even so, he's 
not too happy because his dada has not been spending as much 
time with him.  His dada is busy chatting up with Danielle.

We are having a very good day.  Danielle is easy
going and fun to be with.  Looking forward
 to the new year.  Thank you 2018.

 It's been a very good year.  We have met wonderful people
and have had experiences that will forever be with us. 2018
reinforced the bond I have with everyone at Almost Home.

For the friendships, for the memories,
2018 will always be one of the best years.

Let’s make a wonderful farewell tο the past year 2018 
and welcome the New Year 2019 with anticipation and hοpe, 
Wish yοu a Happy and Prosperous Νew Year


Dec 30, 2018

Sunday Mood ~

What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to 
be written. We can help write that story by setting goals...

Sunday, just starting out, but what an amazing week 
we have had.  This thing called semi-retirement sure suits us. 
 Have had the opportunity to sample quite a few amazing 
"adult" drinks.  Loved them all.  Yes, life is good.

Today we have an open house and another opportunity to 
meet more people.  Having open houses is cool because it brings 
us downtown.  Our brokers office is on Las Olas so we alway 
try to make a little out of it.  We pick up the open house 
signs at his office.  Love these open houses.

Once again we have time to do little things we enjoy.  
Like going to the movies.  In Branson life was hectic and so
 very busy.  Taking time to go to a movie was not an option.
  I love the movies and am happy we can do the little 
things we enjoy so much.  Always grateful.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.  Enjoy what's 
left of 2018 and let's all be ready to welcome
 2019, and make it our best year yet.

Let’s Say GoodBye 2018.  When this year 
is in its last moment,  make fun, spread love, be kindful,
live free and let’s do happy ending of 2018...


Dec 28, 2018

Hello Friday ~

Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies...

Our week has been going really well.  We have
 worked a bit and had some leisure time.  Even when 
working  Arvid and I always have a good time.  
Countdown to the New Year has begun.

Danielle will be here with us and if all goes according 
to plans we will go watch the ball drop.  Truthfully the ball 
watch is a big joke. The last time we saw it Arvid's brother and 
girlfriend were her.  Before we knew it the ball had dropped. 
 This year we may go watch it downtown with Danielle.

Looking forward very much to having two of my nieces
 here with us. Lots I would like to do with them and show them. 
 We plan to take them downtown so they can see Las Olas.

I'm sure the two girls will enjoy just hanging around 
Aruba's Beach Cafe on their own.  Girls as we all
 know can have a lot of fun just doing nothing.

I always do what makes me happy - 
it doesn't make sense to live life unhappily.

Dec 27, 2018

Because Life Is Good ~

Think big and don't listen to people who tell you 
it can't be done.  Life is too short to think small...

Christmas came and Christmas went.  I have to say this
 year was not that bad for Arvid.  He did not complaining too much,
and because we stayed busy the day went by fairly fast and was relaxing
 and enjoyable.  One of the best Christmases with Arvid so far.

Everywhere is just beautiful during the holidays, but one 
of my favorite sites is within walking distance of us.  

Aruba Beach Cafe is decorated with the most lights and the
 area itself is just gorgeous.  Especially at this time of the year.

We will be having 2 of our nieces staying with us and both 
Arvid and I are very excited about it.  Yesterday as Arvid 
was talking to Danielle, all I heard was laughter and Arvid saying, 
"don't worry I will scrub the place clean for you."  He later
 told me that Danielle was telling him that she like a very
 clean place.  Those 2 have a good thing going on.

Arvid knows Danielle a little better than he does Reshma.  
Only because Danielle has stayed with us several time here in 
Florida and in Chicago.  Reshma has also stayed with us before.
  Now that hopefully she will be visiting more often as
 well,  Arvid will also get to know her much better.

Life is good.  2018 is soon over and I am looking
 forward to seeing what 2019 hold for us.  With Arvid
 and I one never knows.  We make decisions  in seconds. 
 Sometimes way too fast, but not sure that will change.

To all, enjoy the last few days of the year.  Wishing you 
happiness and peace during the holidays and always.

I've been through so much. I just live each day, and 
whatever happens, happens. I've lived a very good life.
 My life has definitely changed, but the attitude is still the same...


Dec 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Mom And A Merry Christmas To All ~

People often say that mothers are the best teachers in the world.
 Over the years, I have come to know that it couldn’t be truer. 
Thanks for being the best mother and teacher in 
the whole world. Happy Birthday mommy!...

What better feeling is there that to wake up on Christmas
 morning surrounded by the warmth of family and to the sounds
of laughter and all the good smells of Christmas goodies?

During the holidays I really miss being around family.
Being married to Arvid is an adventure and one that I truly
love, but at the same time during the holidays I see the
differences between us.  I long to be with family and
he longs for the holidays to be done with.

What makes Christmas even better in our family is that
 it is also our mom's birthday.  From little this was the one day
our mom had "off"   Our dad would make sure she did nothing
 on her special day.  One day in the year we catered to her.

Now that our parents are older I remember even more
the Christmases past.  As a child there was nothing
in our life we lacked when it came to being
 loved and having our parents there with us.

This has not changed one bit.  Only difference is
 we are now all grown up with families of our own,
and we all live in a different state.  Makes it
 difficult to have a family gathering at times.

Merry Christmas to all.  Happy Birthday to our mom
and may each of you find and appreciate the simple joys of
being together and enjoying each other.  Life is short and
 we must always make the most of it.  For tomorrow
 is never guaranteed, but for us this moment sure is.

Mommy we love you.  Throughout our lives, you have
 always been the strength that holds us up in the storm of life.
 Enjoy Christmas in California with Rima and family.  Lucky them. 

The magic of Christmas never ends, and its greatest gifts 
are family and friends.  Blessed is the season which engages 
the whole world in a conspiracy of love.  Merry Christmas all.

Mom, you are my best friend.  
My greatest confidante. I couldn't be any happier 
to have you as my mother.  Happy Birthday...


Dec 23, 2018

Sunday Mode ~

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; 
it takes sweat, determination and hard work..

For us Floridians, yesterday was pretty cold. Also windy.
  The beauty of being in South Florida it that the “cold” 
only lasts for a short time.  Back to summer clothes again. 
 All except for Arvid of course. For him it’s always 
“cold”. Sniff and I are loving this “cold” weather.

I tried dressing Sniff up in Brutus’ Christmas clothes, 
but Sniff is not that pliable as were Brutus and Shadow. 
 He fights the process way too much.  Even so, I did manage to get
 a few pictures of him.  Sniff loves to be
next to us.  He has to see us at all time,
 but still does not like being picked up.

This Christmas I think one of the biggest presents 
are women getting Botox.  At the mall just about
 every other girl,woman has these pouty lips. 
 Looks really weird if you ask me.  Scary.

Yesterday I was at Target and it seemed like every 
other woman there had abnormal looking lips. I do not
 have anything against making one look better, but 
I think Botox is weird.  The lips just look freaky.

It’s Sunday. 2018 is soon over.  For us it has been a 
year to remember. We have accomplished quite a lot in a lot
 less time than anticipated.  2019 is just around the corner.  

I don’t know what it is, but I am hoping for a brand new
 adventure in our lives.  For now we are enjoying being back home
 in Florida. From here there is so much we can do.  Arvid after 
all is a trader and just that takes us all around the countryside.

Hello Sunday.  What do you have in store for us today?

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams...


Dec 22, 2018

Saturday ~

Life is a celebration. Consider everything that
 makes you happy as a gift and say, 'Thank you'...

Mornings with Sniff and afternoon walks with Arvid.
I am enjoying the amazing sunsets.  As you know I love sunsets
 and sunrises.  I wake up to capture them and as we go 
walking I can't help but stop and take pictures.

Yesterday the wind was worse than it was on Friday. 
 Friday was predicted to be the very "bad" day.  Go figure.

  The iguana that went up the tree is still hanging on 
there for dear life.  Love a camera with lots of ZOOM!
  Makes everything seem so close.  Like the iguana.

Soon it will be Christmas day.  It is also my mom's birthday.
Unfortunately this year we will not be seeing them for Christmas.  
Mom and dad will be spending the next month in California with my sister
 Rima and family.  Let's just say Rima can't wait for December 25th.

I'm fortunate for having seen them not so long ago.  
I am really happy because I have seen all my sisters
 and my parents within the last 2 months.  Another
 benefit of living in Florida.  Travel is easy.

Wishing everyone a day to remember.  
A day to make more memories.  Our life is good,
 but everyday I miss my Brutus and I think of 
little Shadow.  I'm grateful for Sniff.  Life.

Celebrate what you have accomplished, but raise 
the bar a little higher each time you succeed...


Dec 21, 2018

Friday ~

Holidays are about experiences and people, 
and tuning into what you feel like doing at that
 moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch...

I love bottles and teacups.  No matter
 where I go, I always end up with a teacup.
 Arvid of course not happy about this. 
 Says we have no more room for them.

Just yesterday one of the people we do 
business with sent us 2 teacups.  Happy me, 
except the teacups have our last name 
on it.  Not crazy about that.

I also love walking around the mall.
 Especially now during the holidays.

 Everything is so beautiful.  Yesterday
Arvid took me out to lunch and after that we had
 a little trip to the mall.  Was a beautiful time.

Even Arvid got caught up in some Christmas Shopping.

Yesterday we also had some very bad weather.
Thankfully it was not as bad as the weather people predicted.
The truth is it never is, but they sure exaggerate a lot.
 When it is bad, somehow it is underplayed.

Yesterday I also spoke for over an hour with one of my
former tenants.  She now lives in Colorado.  She called me,
 and I was happy happy for the rest of the day.  I really miss that lady.
Talking to her took me back to Branson and Almost Home.

Life is good here in Florida, but every once in a while
I get flashbacks of Branson.  I miss being busy.  We are busy
here, but it's different for me.  I was running my own hotel
 and I loved every minute of it and I love everyone
that was there.  I do miss it and I do miss them.

Today is a new day.  Right now everything is calm.
The wind is not howling and the palm trees are barely
moving, unlike yesterday when I thought they were going
 to be ripped away from the earth.  Hopefully the iguana
 that was hiding in one of the trees made it to safely.

Doing the best at this moment puts you 
in the best place for the next moment...


Dec 20, 2018

This And That ~

Every day, every one of us sets the stage for our sentiment,
 our confidence, and our success by getting dressed. When you 
feel great, when you feel your best, it opens up a world of 
possibility. Feeling confident and self-assured are important 
inputs into good days, successful days, and happy days...

Absolutely nothing beats a walk along the beach.  For that
 short time all stresses are forgotten. I am left alone with my 
thoughts and the sound of the waves.  This is what Florida living 
is all about.  The beach is your backyard and your stress reliever.

An early morning walk for me and then an afternoon walk together.
Life is good.  We love the life we have made together.  Not everyday
 is good, but there is always something good in everyday.

Yesterdays walk was not disappointing.  It's Christmas
 everywhere and you can smell the different fragrances and in
 some places the freshness of the Christmas trees.  Love Christmas.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.
The countdown to Christmas is on.

You can look in the mirror and find a million things
 wrong with yourself. Or you can look in the mirror and think,
 'I feel good, I have my health, and I'm so blessed.'
 That's the way I choose to look at it...


Dec 19, 2018

Good Morning ~

Folks are usually about as happy 
as they make their minds up to be...

The cooler weather is still here.  The mornings are fresh
 and crisp and the afternoons are brisk for walking.  I am 
loving it.  Arvid still keeps saying how cold it is.

These cooler temperatures allows us to see even more Manatees.
  Lucky us we can see them right out of our balcony.  I love
 the cool air as I have my cafe in the mornings.  Arvid
 of course still in bed all bundled up.  Strange man.

Halfway into the week already.  I stay busy, but I really miss
the "busy" I was when in Branson.  I really miss running Almost Home.
 We don't talk about it much, but I think of everyone and I do miss them.
 I just hope that this is a good Christmas for all of my former tenants.

Life is good for us.  No matter where we are we always have
 a good time.  Florida is beautiful and everyday I look out, and I am
 reminded of how lucky we are.  I am grateful and always thankful
 for the life we have made together.  I may not have everything I
want, but like I always remind myself, I have everything I need.

Hello Wednesday.  What's in store for us today?

If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, 
what makes you think you would be happy with more...


Dec 18, 2018

And So The New Week Has Begun ~

The world is so unpredictable. Things happen suddenly, 
unexpectedly. We want to feel we are in control of our own
 existence. In some ways we are, in some ways we're not. 
We are ruled by the forces of chance and coincidence...

My week sure did not start out on a good note.  
I woke up yesterday morning to a phone that would 
not open.  No matter what I tried it just would not work.  

My phone is less than 2 years old.  It's the iPhone 7 plus.  
I really like the phone, but ever since I had it repaired in 
Norway this past summer I have had problems.

During our summer vacation in Norway, my screen just died. 
 There was no power coming to it.  I was fortunate that the 
place where we were had an iphone repair shop.

The young man who fixed my phone was very efficient 
and claimed that my prior screen was deficient.  Since I
 needed the phone fixed, I just agreed and let him make 
changes to mine in order to have a working phone.

After he fixed it, I was happy as can be.  No fun being
 in a foreign country and being unable to communicate with
 family.  Like everyone, I do just about everything 
with my phone.  Without it I felt lost.

Once we got back home to the US, I noticed that my phone
 was extremely sensitive.  I would just touch something on
 the screen and that icon would disappear for 48 hours. 
 It happened very often, but the phone never shut me
 out so I ignored it, although I was not happy.

When I was in California my phone totally would not let me in. 
 No matter what I did I was not able to open the phone. The screen
 did not have power on it.  When I touched anything, nothing happened.
  I could not even turn the phone off because, I was unable to swipe.

Long story short, I have now taken my phone to AT&T 3 
times in the last 3 months so that they can reset it to factory 
settings.  Not happy about this right now.  Yesterday I spent 
a total of 3 hours trying to get the phone to work.

As one of the technicians said to me, "Apple now wants 
you to upgrade every time a new phone comes out."

And that is how my week started.  Looking forward to a less
 aggravating rest of the week.  The weather is beautiful
 and we have been having some cooler temperatures. 
 Makes for a good times and enjoyable walks.

Life just doesn't hand you things. You have to get out 
there and make things happen. that's the exciting part...


Dec 17, 2018

A Little Humor ~

If you could choose one characteristic that would get you
 through life, choose a sense of humor...if I had no sense 
of humor I would have long ago committed suicide... 

One of my Facebook friends posted this the other day and it made me laugh and smile throughout the day thinking about it and realizing how much fun it is to have a good sense of humor and to be able to laugh not only at others, but also to be able to laugh at ourselves. 

I will be the first to say that I love to make fun of just about everything (I do know when to be serious also), and at the same time I do enjoy making fun of myself and having a good laugh at my own expense.  Nothing wrong when it's done in good faith and with no intent to hurt others.  Laughter...a gift we can give ourselves and others.  Hope you enjoy:

The kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting and relate it to the class the next day.

When the time came for the little kids to give their reports, the teacher was calling on them one at a time.

Eventually little Johnny’s turn came. Little Johnny walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard, then sat back down.

The teacher couldn't figure out what Johnny had in mind for his report, so she asked him just what that was.

"It's a period," reported Johnny.

"Well I can see that," she said,
 "but what is so exciting 
about a period."

"Damned if I know," said Johnny,
 "but this morning my sister
 said she missed one.

Daddy had a heart attack,
 Mommy fainted, and the 
man next door shot himself."

Have a great day!!!

Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows life 
delivers.  And once you find laughter, no matter how painful
 your situation might be, you can survive it...


Dec 15, 2018

Boat Parade Tonight ~

Here's to the nights we don't remember 
and the friends we won't forget...

All day all  night the boats are on display. 
Preparing for the boat parade tonight.

Tonight is the night.  Though we have seen this parade
 so many times, it will be a little special tonight because
for the last 2 years we were away from home. 

Last night was special.  All the boats are 
lit up and have Christmas music blasting.

Wishing you all a merry day.  
Time to prepare for the boat parade.

You don't need a reason for doing everything in your life.
Do it because you want to.  Because it's fun.
  Because it makes you happy...


Dec 14, 2018

Hello's From Sarasota, Florida ~

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
 and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful...

Greetings from Sarasota, Florida.  Arvid and I came in yesterday, 
and like everywhere, it's a beautiful time of the year.

A little outing last night to check out the Christmas lights.
It was amazing even if a little cold.  Christmas is 
the best time of the year in my book.

Here in Florida when the temperature dips just a little 
everyone runs out and stocks up in heavy duty winter gear. 
 Just the other day at the mall, they were selling these 
snow hats like hot potato.  It was not that cold.

Wishing you all a beautiful day and let's not forget to 
keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed.

Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause 
and reflect on the important things around us...


Dec 13, 2018

Thursday Mood ~

The greatest happiness of life is the
 conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves,
 or rather, loved in spite of ourselves...

Lots of small errands to do these last few days. Most 
have to do with finding the right doctor.  As mentioned
 before, it is not as easy a task as one would think.  

Other than that we have been experiencing 
“cooler”temperatures.  I love it. Arvid not so much. 
Hard to believe that we spent 2 winters in Branson, and he 
hardly said anything about the cold. I guess when
 you’re busy you just carry on like nothing.

Sniff is doing really good. He loves Arvid and follows
 him everywhere.  Sometimes Arvid says to him, 
“leave me alone for a little now. I need to work.”  

Arvid used to have similar conversations with Brutus.
  Brutus. How I miss him.  We talk about him often.
 But when it comes to Shadow we don’t so much. 
It’s too painful to think of how Shadow died.

It’s Christmas time. The air is alive with the Christmas Spirit.
  I love it Arvid not so much.  Oh well. That’s life.  The 
next few days will be busy ones but “nice” busy. 

 Wishing everyone a great day and hopefully 
the Christmas spirit is in your hearts.

There is no life as complete as
 the life that is lived by choice...


Dec 11, 2018

It's Christmas After All ~

I'm actually really nice until you annoy me...

Coming back to Florida means I have to re-establish myself 
with all of my doctors.  Easier said than done.  Take in 
mind I am not the most patient of people.  Weeks ago I made 
an appointment with a new general practitioner  That's
 the start of everything depending on your insurance.

A 9am appoint turned out to be 11:30 until I actually
 got the see the doctor.  Let's just say I was fortunate they 
still saw me.  I am not a mean person, but like I said to the 
receptionist, "my time is as valuable as the doctor's time."  
I got a round of applause from everyone in the waiting 
room, and the stare down from the receptionist.

Three weeks ago I also made an appointment to see
 a new endocrinologist. Having had Thyroid cancer it's important 
to do yearly follow ups and thorough blood work.  I finally 
found one.  I told the office manager my entire history 
regarding my thyroid and cancer.  She said,
 "no problem that we can handle."

Today I call the endocrinologists office just to ask a
 few more questions.  Like the times before, I have never been 
able to get hold of them.  Yes I was ready to call the whole thing 
off and find someone new, but here the wait to see a specialist
 is very long.  So I controlled myself and kept calling.

Finally I decided to go to the office and talk to them.  
Office closed.  I call another number listed there and they said 
"we are only there on Mondays."  So I said, "how come you
 have me scheduled to see the doctor on Tuesday?"

I was told they were sorry about the misunderstanding, but if
 I wanted to keep the appointment it will have to be at their 
other location.  I agreed because it's not easy getting an appointment
 anytime soon elsewhere. We talk some more and I asked her 
if they followed up with my previous endocrinologist.  

Her answer, "endocrinologist?  We are pulmonary doctors. 
 I am sorry that the other girl misinformed you, but it's 
Christmas after all." I want to know what any of 
this has to do with the fact that it's Christmas.

That everyone is how my day is going so far.  I sure it
 can only get better from here on, for it is Christmastime 
after all.  That seems to be a good reason it seems.
Time to find another endocrinologist. Life.

You cannot control everything.  Sometimes 
you just have to relax and have faith things will
 work out.  Let go a little and let life happen...