Jul 15, 2024

Monday July 15th~ New Week

A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes 
both a plan and a schedule to get things done...

 A new week begins and we have done quite a few 
things already.  We are halfway into getting the girls
 room ready.  We have seen family and friends,
 and more of the same to come this week.

We spent a quiet day in the apartment yesterday
 which was also very nice.  When in Norway we look 
forward to having Norwegian shrimp.  I think I do more
 than Arvid these days.  I can have it just about every
 day while here.  That was lunch yesterday.

This coming week is going to be very busy if all goes 
according to plans.  Here in Norway you really can't count 
on the plans you make until you know what the weather 
will be like.  And that is difficult until the day of.

I have seen a few girls wearing strange footwear while
 wearing really pretty clothes. Maybe it is a new trend.  
I have seen stranger things as well in the US, but 
luckily there is always a pretty view as well.

Little Ameila has been sick so we did not get to 
see them on Sunday as we wanted.  Hopefully soon
 she will be better.  No fun being sick, but the good 
thing is that ice-cream cures just about everything.

I do not like being away from home and from Sniff for
 this long a time.  Wishing everyone a great week ahead. 
 Ours is looking busy, cold and wet again.  I long for the 
Florida sunshine, and right now I will take the bright 
hot days anytime rather than these cold wet ones.

The most beautiful way to start a 
day and end it is with a grateful heart...


Jul 14, 2024

Sunday July 14th ~ Horten, Norway

No time for rest when you have  busy days ahead of you...

Yesterday Arvid and I were invited to a birthday gathering
 which involved delicious food.  We were invited by Arvid's 
brother and his girlfriend for dinner at this very yummy
 Chinese Restaurant right here in town.  Also present were
 Vidar's kids and grandkids.  Those that were available. 
 Unfortunately, Siv's family could not make it.

Yesterday we visited a very good friend.  He and his wife
 live both in Norway and Florida.  In both places they have homes 
with amazing views.  This is the view from on of their homes
 in Norway.  The one in Florida also has a killer view.

 From their unit you see the entire harbor/marina.  And 
the view from the balcony depending on where
 you look, all stunning.  Just like this one.

We went to listen to music to a nearby town.  The place we 
were supposed to go to was packed so we ended up in a little pub 
right next to it.  Also happened to have their own music.  While the
 guys had drinks i had a few cafe lattes.  Here in Norway if you're going
 to drive you do not drink. I was the designated driver last  night 😜

Once back in Horten we took a little trip to the pub.
  Best raspberry Cosmo I have had.  The girl was fast 
unlike the previous night when they took fifteen
 minutes to make a mojito (different place).  

It was so delicious I finished mine before Arvid. 
 I think it was because back home in the US they do not 
measure the amount of liquor.  Here everything is measured and
 it tasted more fruity than liquor.  Some might actually prefer
 the more alcohol taste than the fruity one.  I was happy.

It's been a good time so far.  Today we plan to hopefully
 have a relaxing day without going anywhere.  It's wet 
and not so beautiful out there right now, but it promises
 to get better.  My Sniff is probably still asleep at home.

Embracing the chaos of my busy day...


Jul 13, 2024

July 13~ Horten, Norway

Capture the memories, cherish the 
moments, and enjoy life to the fullest...

 Yesterday was the perfect family gathering day.
  As my sister Rima would say, "the stars were all aligned
 in our favor."  We started the day by visiting the
 cemetery, where both of Arvid's parents are.

Before the cemetery, I went out for my morning walk.  A little 
late because Arvid did not want to be disturbed he said.  I was out
 by 6:30 am.  It was the perfect walking weather.  The entire day was
 perfect.  As far as weather goes it has been our best day so far.

The best part of the day was when we met up with everyone.  
The location is beautiful, and on a warm sunny day everything
 was just right for a good time.  The place is called 8glass

8glass looks like a resort and with the palm trees you hardly 
would believe you're in Norway.  More like a tropical paradise.

After all is said and done the best part 
of the day was enjoying it with family.

Food was excellent.  The girls all had drinks and everyone 
said it was yummy as well.  The girls caught many crabs, and
 then released them.  There was a crab race to see which one
 made it to the water first.  Overall a close to perfect day.

Our evening in Horten was also good.  We enjoyed music
 with friends and family.  This being Arvid's hometown
 there is always someone coming up to him to say hi. 
 Pretty interesting seeing the people he grew up with. 

 Always good to catch with friends. The music ended 
and so did many.  Many people just kept falling down.  
Yeah, maybe a little too much to drink, but when they
are having fun who cares.  It was a good time.

The only one missing to make it a perfect day is my Sniff.

Smile, laugh, and enjoy the little
 things that make life worth living...


Jul 12, 2024

July 12th~ Horten, Norway

Two hearts, one love, endless happiness...

 Today my parents and sisters all go to Florida together
 with other family. As mentioned before, my aunt and uncle
 are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone! May
 your 50 years together be just the beginning of a lifetime filled
 with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Wishing you both
 a golden anniversary filled with cherished memories and the joy of
 knowing that your love has stood the test of time. Happy 50th!

Would have loved to have been there.  Another time 
it will be.  There is always lots of family gatherings. 
 Would have loved to see my cousins coming from 
Arizona.  Always have the best time with them.

Yesterday we had a little outing with Michelle 
and the girls.  Where else but the mall.  Was a good 
time.  The little ones all got goodies they choose.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Today we also 
get to enjoy the company of the entire family.  We all 
meet for lunch at a very cool place.  Pictures tomorrow.

As always no blog is complete without my Sniff.

Laughing, loving, and making memories with family...


Jul 11, 2024

July 11th~ Horten, Norway

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There
 would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain...

 So far this summer in Norway has not really been 
summer as far as I am concerned.  It has been really
cold and very wet.  Cold as in the low 50F or 10C.  
I'm from Florida and I want my warm weather.

It's sweaters and jacket weather.  I'm sure that it is 
going to warm up on of these days.  There are moments 
of sunshine, but not yesterday.  It made for a good day 
to spend with Michelle, Emil and the girls.

Neither did the rain nor the cold stop us from having
 a good time with everyone.  Amelia kept taking me to her room,
 where we watched Cocomelon.  She even read her book to me. 
 Maybe she senses that I struggle to talk to her.  Aleah and Vanessa 
understand English and when in a good mood even speak it 😍

We had time to cuddle with Michelle's kitties, well we did with Leo. 
 He sat on me for the longest time, but ended up getting cozier with
 Arvid.  Leo loves Arvid.  Felix just popped in for food but did not 
want to be cuddled with. Of course we were happy because it 
reminds us of Sniff and now I miss him.  Again Arvid asked
 me if I thought it possible to bring Sniff.  Absolutely NOT.

Hoping for a better day (weatherwise) today.  I love the 
little ones so much, but i am missing my baby.  My Sniff.

I was awake early and had a refreshing walk.
  Came back and Arvid still asleep.  On the other
 hand, I do go out early.  As in 5:30 in the morning.  
Today the temperature was perfect for walking.

There is typically sunshine all day which
 encourages many people to go outdoors...


Jul 10, 2024

July 10th~ Horten, Norway

 Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves 
to recognize how good things really are...

Back home I usually get an early morning walk a few days 
a week.  Usually I go out walking around 5:30 in the morning,
 but here in Norway it's a little too cold to do so, but I will at least 
try to go out a few days here as well.  Mornings are so beautiful. 
 Just me my playlist and open spaces.  I love this alone time.
This was the other day.  Today it's wet and cold again.

Arvid and I have been running around a little doing some 
furniture shopping.  We need to set up the bedroom so that the 
girls can have a place to sleep over when they come and visit.

All is good.  We had some sunshine yesterday.  Definitely
 makes a huge difference.  As usual, I am missing my Sniff.

As we were leaving Florida Arvid said to me, "too bad 
we can't bring Sniff with us.  Then you will stay longer."  Yeah if 
Sniff were here I would, but he isn't.  I did bring a reminder 
of him, and every time we see it, we think of lil' Sniff.

To all a good day.  Here in Norway it is wet and still cold.  
The rain is a good excuse to stay in and organize.

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just 
according to the way you look at things...


Jul 9, 2024

July 9th~Horten, Norway

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch
 like a prince, and dinner like a pauper...

 Breakfast where life begins, one bite at a time,
 and I am sure enjoying mine, but at the same time 
I'm missing my little Sniff and all his cuteness.

This little face cracks me up.  Sniff knows how to pull our strings.

Today our nephew J turns 31.  He's celebrating
 in Argentina with Paola and a lot of skiing.

The first few days I slept at least until 7am.  Today I was 
wide awake at 4:30 am.  Not to twist and turn and wake Arvid up,
 I got out of bed and went for a walk.  Perfect walking weather
 today.  I met the early morning seagulls yakking away.

It was a very beautiful start of the day.  Busy again today. 
 Last night we were so tired we both fell asleep around 10pm
 while watching TV.  Getting better everyday, especially 
now that the apartment is filled with the sound of music.

The happiest people make the best of what
 they have instead of crave what they don’t...


Jul 8, 2024

July 8th~Horten, Norway

Keep your face always toward the sunshine,
 and shadows will fall behind you...

 Your Norwegian summers are definitely not your 
Floridian summer.  Both places have their so called extremes. 
 Where as in Florida there is a heatwave, here in Norway it's
 been cold and wet so far.  In all fairness to Norway, we
 have only been here for a few days.  It should be better in
 a few days.  In the mean time, I bring my own sunshine.

It's been very good days so far.  On the day we arrived we got
 to spend time with Michelle, Emil and our three granddaughters. 
 It was a very good time.  Little Amelia ran to me and
 hugged me so tightly I did not want to ever let go.  
The girls love us and we adore them. 

 I'm so happy because this year Aleah and Vanessa have
 not been to shy, and have already spoken to me in English. 
 I love them and hearing them call me grandma (bestemor) in
 Norwegian is just the most amazing feeling.  They do it naturally
 with Arvid, but with me they have been a little more shy.

As we do every year, on our second day we all
 meet for pizza.  Everyone from the youngest to the oldest
 looks forward to it and we always have a good time.

After we saw everyone Arvid and I had a little time
 to sit back and just enjoy the view.  It was really cold,
 but the spurts of sunshine did warm us up a bit.

To all a good day and may the new week be a productive
 one.  Arvid and I will be enjoying quality time with family. 
 What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

I am grateful for every precious moment life offers me.
 It allows me to see the miracle in each experience...


Jul 7, 2024

July 7th~ Greetings from Norway

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee, and 
that's pretty close. Coffee is the best part of waking up...

No matter where we are.  Mornings are always 
best with a cup of coffee.  It's my quiet time before 
Arvid is up and about. I really look forward to it.  Good 
morning to all from Arvid's hometown in Norway.

My first thought this morning was Sniff.  Sniff is 
never far from my heart, but right now it's time to begin 
making beautiful memories in Norway with family.

Now it's time to "sit back" and enjoy the "ride" as in the vacation.

Always take the scenic route.  Life is short
 and the world is wide. Better get started...