Aug 31, 2020

Island Life Monday August 31st ~

Busy doesn't happen on island time...

It's known as the Isle of Enchantment.  For now it's 
home to Arvid, Sniff and I.  Puerto Rico, once my
 childhood home, now our getaway from the world.

Looking forward to evenings like these for a long
 time to come.  We're happy and I can't wait to rediscover
 my childhood home all over again with Arvid and Sniff.

As the new week begins, I look forward to see
what it holds.  Getting Sniff settled and adjusted
is priority number one.  Good morning all.

Always find time for things that make you 
feel happy to be alive.  We are now on Island time..


Aug 30, 2020

We're On Our Way ~August 30th

A new adventure is coming up 
and I'm sure it will be a good one...

Not so many years ago Brutus and I made our 
solo journey to Chicago where Arvid was waiting for us.
  At the time we had just moved into a new apartment
 in Chicago, and Arvid stayed back to set it up 
for our arrival.  It sure was a happy time.

Today Sniff and I will also make our solo journey 
to Puerto Rico.  Arvid is already there to make sure everything
 is ready for Sniff.  As I said to him, "the only way I'm coming
 is if I know Sniff has what he needs when we get there."

Sniff has been with us to Chicago and Branson.  He is
 a very good boy on the plane and everyone always tells
us how well behaved he is.  Yes, Sniff and I are on our
 way to Puerto Rico. And so begins a new adventure 🌎.

Everyday is the start of a new adventure, 
and I eagerly look forward to today...


Aug 29, 2020

Saturday August 29th ~

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal...

With all the commotion going on so early here at
 home, Sniff is not too happy.  Like his dada he loves 
his morning sleep.  Today he did not get it all, but 
he's back in bed so all's good in his world πŸ’€.

It's not like I want to be awake this early, I just have
 not been able to sleep that well lately.  I guess there is a 
lot going on in my head πŸ˜”, and I'm not sure of it all.

This time for some reason I think we are running into
 the eye of the storm.  Yes, another move for us.  
Not permanent, but for how long...I don't know.  

Today Arvid leaves for Puerto Rico.  Tomorrow
 Sniff and I will be doing the same.  I am excited
 of course, but at the same time not sure if this is 
the right move or not.  We will soon find out.

There is quite a lot to do today.  I am already feeling 
a little homesick.  Though Puerto Rico is not the end of the 
world it seems so far away right now.  Feels like it will be 
a while before I see my mom, Nina, Mala and Rima, on the
 other hand, we will be seeing Nirvana and Kimsy 😍😍.

It's our last day here at home for a while.  I am looking 
forward to this new adventure, but I admit to also looking
 forward to the day we come back home.  For this will always
 be home.  For now, it's time to have some new experiences
 and see the world a little.  It's soon island time for us.

Hello new day.  Let's make it always amazing 😍

And then I realized that adventure was the best way to learn.
Great things never came from comfort zones...


Aug 28, 2020

Friday Vibes ~🌴πŸ₯₯🍹

A cat will do what it wants when it wants,
 and there’s not a thing you can do about it...

Cats are notorious for sticking to routines.  We can 
tell the time with Sniff's routines.  Everyday when we watch
 television Sniff hops up on his bed next to Arvid and stays 
there until about  5 o'clock.  After that he jumps down and, 
heads to his spot in the sun.  Everyday without fail.

Sniff is still not happy with being picked up, but
 that does not stop me from doing it every day.  I think 
I can hold a tad bit longer than before.  I'm always 
happy for that.  I love my Sniff very much.

Arvid, Sniff and I will soon be embarking on a little adventure.  
We will be having a change of scenery.  How long for?🀷
  That all depends on how Arvid feels from one day after
 another, but this time Sniff is involved so I will have
 to make sure that Sniff's well being comes first.

One guess as to where we will be heading next. 🌴πŸ₯₯🍹
For us it's time to escape and breathe the air of new places.

And just like that the weekend has begun 🍹
  Arvid has been counting down the days until tomorrow
for over a month now, and finally it's almost here.

The biggest adventure you can ever
 take is to live the life of your dreams...


Aug 27, 2020

Galleria Mall~

Just for a moment, amid all the bad
 stuff, this was a happy place again...

As you drive up, the first thing you notice are the palm trees.

You can tell right away, you're in some kind of  a paradise.

Galleria Mall may not be everyone's cuppa tea, 
but I like it because it's not too huge, and because
 of that I can walk in in a short time🌴.

Pulling into the parking is like pulling into a resort.

Florida living at it's best.  many other malls you can 
choose to go to, but not many as pretty as this one.

How it looks at Christmas time.  Set the mood for the holidays.

I look forward to Christmas and the decorations 
at The Galleria. Christmas is on of my happy times.  
Arvid hates it, but I have always loved it.  I still do.

As long as we are together, I am at my happy place.

My happy place where love grows from within.
 Everyone's happy place is different, and usually 
consists of the things that will make them happy...  


Thursday August 27th

There are two ways to be. One is at war 
with reality and the other is at peace...

 Everyday we wake up is always a good day. 

Good morning everyone.  May today be the start of
 another magical day filled with love and all things good.

You’re never too important to be nice to people...


Aug 26, 2020

Wednesday August 26th ~

Wednesday it's almost, sorta, kinda, 
close to, just, about nearly the weekend...

The big yachts that went inland in preparation
 for tropical storm Laura are slowly making
 their way back to their respective homes. 

 Arvid and I just look at the boats passing by, 
enjoying the view and saying to each other,
 "so happy we do not have a boat."  We did, 
a few times in our lives, but no more.

Our first boat together was named after the nickname Arvid 
gave me when we met.  To this day it still makes me smile.

Yesterday we didn't walk.  Arvid was busy running
 around doing other things, and by the afternoon is
 was just too hot to get out.  Instead we stayed in 
(again), and watched television (again).

The day is not packed with chores.  Not as of right 
now anyway.  Hopefully we will find something to keep 
us busy.  Otherwise the day stretches on forever.

Good morning everyone.  Be kind to yourselves.

Sometimes you just have to let life happen...


Aug 25, 2020

Tuesday August 25th ~

Life if well lived is enough...

He's had his foodies and his morning brushing
 already.  Now it's time for one of those many extra
 naps he needs to get him through the day. 
 Sniff, 😍😻 I love him so much.

Arvid and I were lucky yesterday.  It rained on 
and off most of the day, but when we were ready to
 go for our walk, suddenly the rain stopped.  We had a 
window of one hour.  As soon as we got home the
 rain came again.  We were lucky indeed.

I don't think I have ever watched so much television
 in my life.  This is also starting to wear me out.  Now
 that soccer is over, Arvid wants to watch Netflix
 or Prime Video all day long.  Yes, I watch with
 him, but for how much longer I don't know.

Due to COVID, many businesses have closed down,
 at the same time many are popping up.  Like this one.
  It's the cycle of life after all.  Survival of the fittest
 seems to apply right now to even businesses

This 40,000-square-foot indoor foodie village 
will formally open to the public on Thursday, Aug. 27, 
delayed from its original August 2019 opening due to 
construction setbacks and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hopefully we will check it out one day soon.

Good morning all.  Woke up to lots of commotion
 going on on the outside.  The road cleaners are here.  
Too early says Arvid 😁 He loves his morning sleep.

The future has a way of arriving unannounced...


Aug 24, 2020

Mall Time...Not The Same Anymore August 24th

I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the environment...

I asked Arvid if he would like to go shopping with me.  His answer was, 
"why, we don't need anything do we?  So simple.  Like as if we go shopping
because we needed something.  I go shopping because I don't need anything,
 but I would like to get a few things.  This Arvid will never understand.

The joy of shopping lies in what unexpected something will catch
our fancy.  Shopping for me has become quite a job these days.
The truth is Arvid is right I DON"T need anything, but what's the fun
 in going to the mall and not coming back with a little something.

I have perfected a little trick to make Arvid think I bought nothing.  I'm
sure many do the same.  I know my mom does it as well.  The trick is
to carry a huge handbag that's almost empty.  Once at the mall you
can fill it up, come home and no one is the wiser.  I think Arvid knows,
 but we both play the game well and both of us are happy.

Every so often I come home with a package and I thank
him very much for buying me so many nice things.
Even though he had no clue he did!  Now he does :)

Today is another day.  The malls open pretty early and who
 says a girl can't go shopping two days in a row?  Maybe we
meet at the mall, you never know.  For now, have
fun and if the shoe fits,buy them ALL!!!

Those were the good old days.  Today going to the mall
is not something I do much.  Since March I may have gone
to the mall twice.  I may have saved a little money, but what's
 the joy in life if you can't buy yourself something every
 now and again..  Thank goodness for online shopping.
Thank goodness for Sniff and all the love he brings.

New week already.  No mall.  No eating out.
No going out for my pina colads, instead is staying
 at home.  Isolating from others, and excited at the same
 time that it seems like soon life will start to happen all over
again.  Florida is on a good course right now as far as
COVID goes.  Hopefully it will continue this way.

Our week is packed with a little this and a little that.
Every little thing is like an outing these days.  Today
 we do the Swap Shop.  Coconuts and tropical fruit
are on my list.  That everyone is today's "chore"

Hello Monday.  Hello new week.  What do you have
 in store for us today?  Whatever it is we are ready.  Arvid
even more so.  He has been brimming with energy for
weeks now.  I wonder what he has cooking up for us.

Happy Monday all.  It used to be.. when in doubt
 go shopping.  Today that does not work.

You're right, shopping won't fix the problem.
But it will put me in a better mood when I have to deal with it..


Aug 23, 2020

Sunday August 23rd ~

No matter what happens in life, be good 
to people. Being good to people is a
 wonderful legacy to leave behind...

The days continue to fly by.  Before you know it 
August is soon over.  Christmas is looming in
the horizon.  For many summer is soon over,
and autumn will be knocking at their doors.

 What a year it has been. Arvid continues to
 keep track of how many people in a boat.

Today is Arvid's last soccer game.  He's been 
looking forward to it for quite some time.  Of course
 we will be placing a bet on it.  Just $1.00 πŸ’²πŸ’²

The last two games played we betted on.  He won
 the first bet.  I won the second.  So we are even.  I 
know that on today's game Arvid will win, but just
 for fun I made the bet with him.  He enjoys it πŸ˜‚.

I'm feeling blah.  All is good here, but in
 Norway a little kitty is missing from his home. 
He's been gone now for 5 long weeks.

  His mama and daddy are family.  Makes the little
dude, Loffen family too.  I'm sad because I picture
 my anguish should something happen to Sniff, and I
 know exactly what Victoria and Michael are going
 through.  I still grieve for Brutus and Shadow.
 Of course, now I'm worried for Loffen 😒.

The day here is beautiful.  Lot of things to do
 this coming week.  Always good to stay busy. 
Makes one feel as if life is "normal" again.

The numbers are going down.  We're not there yet,
but it's starting to feel like we soon will be. 

Hello Sunday.  Hope everyone is enjoying
 their day and getting ready for the new week that
 will soon be here.  Life is full of surprises,
 Arvid loves surprises.  Me not at all.

Life comes with many challenges. The ones
 that should not scare us are the ones we
 can take on and take control of...