Mar 22, 2017

First Time Vet Visit ~ In Branson ~

Happy are those who take life day by day, complain very little, and are 
thankful for the little things in life.  Being happy never goes out of style...

Getting Sniff into the carrier is the worst part of it all.  Both Arvid and I have to force
 him in.  I hold one end and Arvid the other and we just have to push Sniff in. 
 He hates the carrier more than usual.  We think he had a bad "childhood"
 and was forced to live for long periods in the carrier.

Once in Sniff never cried.  Of course the vet and assistants fell in love with him.
Sniff is after all a beautiful boy.  He was scared, but he never cried.  When the 
doctor was not probing him he just sat by me and wanted to be held.

The doctor did say he would be tired, but seeing him so lethargic was so not him.
Even when I tried to brush him he was too tired and just did not want to move.
All Sniff did for the rest of the day was sleep on and off.  He did not
 even want his foodies.  Not that is definitely NOT like him.  
Today he should be back to his "normal" self.

Today it is a little cold.  Tomorrow should be back to nicer temperatures.
Sniff still not his usual self as yet, but I know he will be perking up soon enough.
I don't like to see him so "depressed"  I want my little chatter boy back soon.

When someone told me I lived in a fantasy land,
 I nearly fell off my unicorn...