Mar 10, 2017

Weather Woes...

The quieter I get, the bigger the storm brewing inside.
They said when she was born she had a fire in her 
heart and a storm brewing in her soul...

It seems like every week there is a tornado warning, tornado watch or some other 
weird/bad weather behaviour here in Branson.  Lately we have been having tornado
 warnings.  last night it was a tornado watch.  Fortunately it turned out to be "better." 

In Florida we dealt with hurricanes.  I was OK with that.  Arvid and I always had 
a plan and we were always a little excited to take off to a hotel for a night or two. 
Back then we always had a bag ready for Brutus.  Never for ourselves.

Last night I was a little more worried.  We don't know Branson well enough and I 
was not sure what we would do if the roof flew away. My concern was Sniff 
Sniff.  I packed a bag for him and we had his carrier out just in case. 

 He was scared and it bothered me because he hid under the bed and we could 
not readily get to him.  When we had Brutus we would stay on the 
bed with him.  Arvid tried with Sniff but he was scared.

Fortunately the tornado swerved away from us.  Aside for some rain, thunder and 
lightning we are good.  Best of all Sniff came out from under the bed and I
 comforted hi with lots of brushing.  Like Brutus he loves being brushed. 
 Shadow was still too little to like being brushed.  He was so little.

The storm has passed for now.  Next week another tornado may come. 
 Seems like the trend.  Yesterday was fairly warm, but come Saturday we will
 be back to the chill.  Yes, winter is definitely not over as yet!  I thought it was,
 but March I have been told can be a terrible month also.  Will just have to wait and 
see how it goes.  I am tired of this weather.  Looking forward to better days soon.
  I know it coming because I see it in the blooming of the flowers.

To all a very good day.  Just remember, sometime we just have
to bow our heads, say a prayer and weather the storm.  Happy Friday all.

When you come out of the storm you won't be the same person that walked in.
That's what the storm is all about.  After the storm comes the calm...