Mar 26, 2017

~ Sunday Vibes ~

I try to take it one day at a time
But sometimes several days attach me at once...

Sniff is still not feeling so good.  Yesterday I called the vet to see if I can take him
 in again and find out why he seems to have the non stop sneezing.  I was told the doctor 
was not in today.  No vets are open on Sunday, not even for emergencies, and there 
is no 24 hour animal hospital  No appointments were available until late Tuesday.  

There and then I just started crying.  I wanted to go back home.  The thought of 
something happening to Sniff and not being able to take him to a doctor 
was more than I wanted to handle then.  Part of it could have been the fact that 
I was awake from 1:30 am trying to calm  him down and to be with him
 while he was sneezing.  He sneezed on an off for over 3 hours.  

He was exhausted and every time he tried to lay and sleep he started to sneeze again.  
Right now i am very frustrated and ready to go home.  I went to the pharmacy to see
 if there was anything I could give him over the counter that would help a little.

  To my surprise the pharmacist said children's liquid Benadryl was 
pretty good and that many a cats, dogs have used it.  Gave him some. 
 He sneezed but eventually he fell sound asleep.

It rained more or less all day yesterday.  Work was pretty hectic.  Nothing unusual.
Arvid came home for lunch, but had to go back to his hotel.  He was there until 
close to 7 in the evening.  On Saturdays we usually try to come home earlier.  

Usually, I can.  Then I  make lunch at home, but many a times Arvid has to go back.
  Rarely do we have much time together anymore.  When we started this venture we
 knew that our time will be occupied 100% by the hotel business.  So far it as.

To all a good day.  Sunday.  Not what it used to be, but it is still good.  Today I am 
very tired.  All I want to do is stay in and just for once not have to run around and do 
shopping for the hotels.  Will see how it goes.  Spring is here but it sure does not feel that way.

Good morning everyone.  Never forget that attitude is a little 
thing that makes a big difference.  ~ Happy Sunday ~

Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.  Plant your own garden 
and decorate your own soul.  Happy girls are the prettiest...