Mar 25, 2017

So So Saturday ~

You attract the energy that you give off.  Spread good vibes.
Think positively.  Enjoy life...

Finally!!! Arvid has told his family about us owning a hotel.  Arvid likes secrets 
and surprises.  Me not so much especially not when it comes to such a big change in 
our lives.  My family knew about it and I was happy because then I was able to 
share my experiences with them.  They laughed about many of the things 
and many they have been a little concerned about, but over all it is 
nice at the end of the day to be able to talk to them about it. 
 Makes for happier times.  Glad the "secret" is finally out!

My family like I said knew as did many of my friends and some relatives.  Branson 
has still been experiencing strange temperature changes.  Last night we had 
quite some rain. And still raining this morning.  Always good  I guess. 

Washes away all the dirt and gunk from everywhere.  Arvid's daughter and her boyfriend
 have visited us.  Our first official visitors since we have moved.  It was very nice
 and we had a good time the 4 of us.  Not exactly sure Branson is their favorite 
destination, but even so they made the trip and that's what counts.
For the next few years when they come to Fort Lauderdale in the winter it is not a 
sure thing that we will be able to visit them.  Sad, but the hotel business is 
now what takes up most of our time.  Unfortunately this year I will most
 likely not make it to Norway.  I will not see Aleah and Vanessa and
 that bothers me.  They will not know me and that makes me sad.

I am struggling here to find some time to get away to my niece's graduation,
 and to my cousins wedding in Canada.  Definitely want to go and
 definitely will be doing everything possible to go.

Saturday is looking wet.  Sniff is sneezing non-stop and of course I am worried. 
 All the things that happened to Brutus makes me extremely (maybe too much) protective.
  We now are away from him so much and that also is something that right now
 will add to my anxiety.  Not as easy to get an appointment to a vet 
here as it was in Florida.  Next available is next Wednesday.

To all a good day.  Have an awesome Saturday and a fabulous weekend.

Good vibes only.  Be simple, honest and more real...