Mar 6, 2017

Time Flies...

Time passes, memories fade (not mine),
feelings change, people leave, but hearts never forget...

Yesterday was 17 years since Arvid and I met.  So much has happened with us. 
 We have learnt so much from each other and with each other.  We have experienced 
good times and we have experience not so good times.  Together we don't have children,
 but together we had Brutus.  He was our baby and with him Arvid and I have 
experienced some of the best times in our lives.  We still have good times.
They say your soul know when it is time to close a chapter.  Not mine. 

We had some with Shadow and now we share it with Sniff, but in all honesty the times
 we had with Brutus will never compare to anything else.  He was and will forever 
remain one of the best times in our lives. Nothing can change that for us.

Yesterday was just a not good day for me.  For starters I thought of Shadow and Brutus 
quite a lot.  We saw a gray kitty that was identical to Shadow.  Arvid has been seeing this
 kitty for the past week and today we saw him together.  Made me cray for a long time.

Then to make the day even worse we went with 2 people Arvid met to do some trades.
  Little did I know we had to do an almost 2 hours drive to go and of course
 to come back in order to see the car Arvid was interested in. 

Let's just say the guy we took in the car with us was luck I did not kill him or throw 
him out of the car.  He was annoying, loud, and NEVER did he shut up.  Made for a horrible
 4 hours together.  To top it all the car was not even there.  Talk about a wasted day!

Monday already.  As soon a today is over it seems as if the rest of the week whizzes by.
  Not exactly sure how, but the days are going by fast.  We have already been in
  Branson 4 months.  Our life has changed dramatically and I will say that the
change has been positive.  Yes I miss Florida, but for now this is home.

Hello Monday.  Please be kind to all of us.  Let's do this!

Tears come from the heart and not the brain.
Sometimes, crying is the only way your heart speak when
 your mouth can't explain how broken your hear is...