Mar 28, 2017

We Learn As We Go...

View life as a continuous learning experience...

Not to toot our own horn, but why not!?  When we became owners of
two hotels, we had no clue what we were getting in to.  Never did we do something
 similar, but we looked at it as another challenge.  A change and we went for it.

Today in less than 5 months Arvid and I have learnt a LOT!  There is still so
 much to do, but together we seem to be handling it pretty well.  When we took over 
the hotels, mine, Almost Home Lodge was pretty much up and running and doing good.

Arvid's 76 Inn was really a start up project.  My hotel has never seen below 90% 
occupancy even though January, February and the first 2 weeks of March
 were really hard on all the tenants.  Today my hotel is at a full 100%
 occupancy.  Arvid's is at a staggering 95% full occupancy.  

Running a hotel has taken up quite a lot of our time.  No more "social" life
right now.  Our days of vacations are over for now.  Norway that used to be a 3 week 
trip has now been reduced to one week and the way it goes only Arvid will be going.
No longer can both of us travel at the same time.  One has to stay back and run the hotels.

We choose to do this so there is no complaining.  Just stating facts and the way 
it will be.  Our goal is to make it back to Florida one day, but in the 
meantime we are liking this new venture very much.  We have met 
interesting people and are learning so much everyday.

As they say, learning is experience.  Everything else is just information.

Knowledge comes from learning.  Experience comes from living.
A life without problems is like a school without lessons.  Keep doing your thing...