Mar 9, 2017

Life...Not Always Easy

Everyone faces challenges in life.  It's a matter of how you 
learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage...

Another day has come and gone.  Yesterday started out too cold and too windy, 
but as the day progressed.. well it warmed up.. Warmth is now relevant. It has 
been a not good day.  Yesterday we got a text.  All it said was, "Mala is in the
 hospital."  From that moment on my day was ruined and I was a wreck.

I'm so far way.  I have no clue what's going on and I can't do anything right now. 
 I am a wreck!  Even if I wanted to go to Vermont right now, it is almost impossible
 to do so.  I feel so helpless.  Suddenly nothing matters, but her getting better.

I wish right now I was back in Florida.  First of all warmer.  Flights are easier 
to get and the airport was close to home.  Here in Branson, everything is a connection.
  Takes a day almost to get to another destination and it is definitely very expensive. 
 None of that would matter if I could just get there right now.

This past week has not been the easiest for me and I guess because of that I have
 not been too easy to be around.  Arvid is a good man, but sometimes his patience level
 is not the highest either.  Sniff senses something and is constantly with me.
  He curls up on our legs and if we don't pay attention he tends to start nibbling.
 Mostly on Arvid.  I think, I know Arvid was more patient with Brutus.

  Arvid tries to get Sniff to sleep or to lay on his chest the way Brutus did.  
Sniff not having any of that.  He is Sniff and has his own way of being.  We love him. 

Every time it seems as if the weather will be getting better something switches around
 and we are back to the "freeze"  A of today, the weather people say that snow is 
in next weeks forecast.  I don't believe so, but who knows. I wish it would
 just snow and get it done with.  Then that be the end of it.  Not this
 switching from "warm" to cold.  The wind is also not easing off.
  So when we have a warm day the wind sorts of ruins that.

Yesterday my grandmother would have turned 96.  She is one of those people 
that life puts in our paths and then our lives are forever changed.  For the better. 
 Ma, as we called her raised not only me and my 4 sisters, but she 
played a role in the lives of all her grand children.  

None of us will ever forget that amazing woman we have had the privilege to have
 had in our lives. She showed us what it was to work hard, protect the ones you
 love and to never give up in life no matter what it throws at you. 

 From a child I just like all my cousins, have had the privilege to be raised
 by a courageous, strong, and determined woman. Our grandmother.

If our home at the time lacked the material things, we NEVER lacked love and affection.
Ma, you were and always will be remembered by all of us.  You touched our lives
 like no has. Not many can say that.  Thank you for giving us a mother like you.

Hoping that today brings better news and more positive outcomes for all of us.
Already my first good news ~ my sister is home with her family.
Hello Thursday~  Time to get the show on the road.

When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. 
 The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living...