Mar 4, 2017

Hello Saturday...

Good morning.  Life is like a mirror.  It'll smile at you if you smile at it...

Everyone who knows me knows I love food.  By food I don't mean hot dogs.
I love real food.  One of my very favorites is Alaskan Snow Crab.  Living in Florida I
 was able to have it just about anytime I wanted.  That was usually every week.  

Since being here in Branson I have not been able to find it in the grocery stores, 
but yesterday I finally was able to eat at my hearts content.  Thank you Red Lobster.  
They were delicious, and I had as much as I could handle.  For me that is usually a lot.

Yesterday we woke up to really cold temperatures.  I think I am getting the sniffles
 all over again.  Either that or allergies because can't seem to stop sneezing.  
Wish it would warm up already.  Today a lady told me that she has 
seen snow in March and April here in Branson.  Hope she is wrong.

I see the trees and flowers booming.  I hear the birds singing.  I know spring
 is close by, the only thing is i don't always feel the warmth in the air.  
Today should be warm.  Looking forward to it.  Not sure what to do
 if that's the case, but I'm sure I will think of something.

I am feeling good and can't wait to see what the day holds.  Yesterday I pampered
 myself with a manicure-pedicure.  Felt good and I even let the man massage my feet.  
I actually had the time and did not for once have to rush like I used to do in Florida.

We are getting used to Branson.  We like our home and we are discovering 
more and more about the place. It is not Fort Lauderdale, but for now it is home.

To all a very good day.  Sniff is getting to be a Branson kitty.  He loves it here and we
 love watching him chase from one window sill to another.  Yeah life is good and we are 
grateful for what we have and for all the good fortune we have discovered here in Branson.

Today in Florida my cousin Emily Jane will soon be getting married to Kalem.
I should have been there.  I planned on being there, but things changed.
Congratulations to both of you and may your love story continue on.
A true love story never ends.  I see it in your smiles.

Live simply.  Dream big.  Be grateful.  Give love.  Laugh lots.
On Saturday we wear pajamas.  Put on a smile. Enjoy your day and get cute...