Mar 15, 2017

More Cold Days Ahead..

It is what it is, not what it should have been, 
and not what it could have been.  It is what it is...

It seems that March is the month for snow in Branson, Missouri.  Yesterday we had 
another few hours of flurries that led to not much accumulation, but white 
covered grounds, trees and cars once again.  It was super cold, 
but the snow did not stick around for long on the ground.  

Temperatures dipping very low once again today.  All things considered
we are very fortunate compared to what is going on in the North Eastern States.
My sister Nirmala is covered with snow.  She literally cannot find her car.  

Once again I am getting the sniffles.  Hopefully not the cold because I sure
 can't afford to be sick right now.  Just don't have the time.  Today will have to 
stock up on more cold medicines for both Arvid and I.  Just in case.

Sniff as always is a happy camper.  He loves it here. Birds, deers, falling leaves
 and squirrels keep him super busy most of the day to the point that he gets
 so exhausted he just collapses and sleeps for quite some time.

Life is busy here in Branson, but good.  Good morning everyone.
Lest's all hope that winter is gone and that spring is good to us. 

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple...