Jun 12, 2018

Because Life Is Good ~

It is the sweet simple things in life which are the ones afterall...

A beautiful day yesterday culminated in torrential
 rainfall.  I was at Walmart buying supplies for work.
  It rained so hard I could not get back to my car for
 at least 15 minutes when it then slowed down.  

Arvid who was at Almost Home had no rain.  Go figure. 
 After the rain everything was sparkling clean.  At 
least around the surrounding areas of Walmart.

Here in Branson Walmart is the main vendor.  
There are not many choices.  Truth is I have gotten used to 
shopping at Walmart now.  Back in Florida, going to Walmart
was a treat for me.  It only happened once in a while, here 
it is the norm and I have to admit to liking it.

Inspections are still on.  Today we are having the fire inspector at Almost Home.
Everyday it is something else.  No time to be bored.  I love it.  Love it!!

Wishing everyone a beautiful day filled with happy thoughts
 and relaxing moments.  It's good to be busy, but it is also good to
 take time and enjoy the simple things in life.  Everyday.

Life brings simple pleasures to us everyday.
It is up to us to make them wonderful memories...