Jun 2, 2018

Saturday ~

Good times and crazy friends make the best of memories...

A busy day here at Almost Home.  We have a room that 
became available late last night and I have already rented it out,
 but the new tenants want it on Sunday.  That means that once
 again We will be very busy today.  Together with Chris and Tiffany
 I will helping to clean the room.  I usually take the bathroom.
  I scrub and scrub until it is sparkling clean.

Arvid has the easy part.  He will hang out in the office 
and greet the tenants, he also has to listen to their stories. 
 He is not always very fond of that, but he'd rather that 
than scrub a toilet.  We all have our "demons"

Last night we had a girls night out.  It was very good.  Maybe 
happy hour is not such a good thing because one tends to drink a
 for a few hours everyone forgot about work and their problems.
Not only are they my tenants, but my friends as well.
 Yes I have strong bonds with a few hand chosen tenants,
whom I am happy to call friends as well.

Saturdays are very quiet days at Almost Home.  Makes it 
pleasant to go in and "work."  Today for lunch I am hoping for 
BBQ chicken wings.  Compared to Flip Flops in Fort Lauderdale 
I have to say the wings at Drafts are much better.  Now I'm hungry.

Yesterday was one of those days that will forever hold a special
place in my heart.  We laughed, we joked around and for a
few hours we were just silly "girls"  It was fun.

It was relaxing, and once again you realize that
the best things in life are the people you love, the
 places you go and the memories you make.

Once we take that journey within all that is outside of us 
becomes even more beautiful than before.  Life is a beautiful 
journey.  Enjoy the ride.  Say yes, to new adventures...