Jun 1, 2018

Hello Friday~

When you accidentally pour too much alcohol into
 your mixed drink and you have to tough it up
 because momma didn't raise a quitter...

It seems that when you're at the beach surrounded by palm 
trees everything tastes and looks better.  It may not necessarily be 
true, but who cares because you're surrounded by ocean breezes, 
blue skies and beautiful scenery any which way you look, it's a win-win.
At least one feels that way.  Definitely a relaxing time.

Makes me long for a few more of these days right now. 
 Good thing is that today I will be taking a few of my 
tenants out for Happy Hour Margaritas and a

 little something to nibble on.  Should be fun.

I'm not very knowledgeable about drinks, so when it comes to making choices I usually go by
 how it looks and how it is presented.  

I love colors.  As you can see 
they do make a difference in the picture.

Life is interesting all the time.  The where 
you are does not really matter.  Here in Branson 
we have met a lot of very nice people.  
We have made a lot of friends and though at times I
 miss the palm trees and my walks at the beach, 
I am loving every minute right now.  

The fact that we can go to Florida when we like makes it 
so much better as well.  We go.  Stay for a while and 
then come back home.  Perfect set up for now.

A beautiful day has begun for us. The pool is up 
and running.  Tenants are happy, we are happy.

Now time to start the day and yes, looking
 forward to margaritas later today.  As one of our
 tenants loves to say to me, "it don't get any better."

Happy start of the weekend all.  After all, 
every once in a while a girl has to indulge herself.

Drinking wine with good food in good company is one of life's 
most civilized pleasures.  Life is about being happy...