Jun 24, 2018

Hello Sunday ~

Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world,
if you do so you're insulting yourself.  I'm not 
weird, my reality is just different from yours...

It has been a very beautiful week in more ways than one. 
  Almost Home has been visited by many past tenants wanting
 to return for the season.  The weather could not be more perfect.

  Arvid and I have been having lunch at home a few days in 
the week, this may not seem like such a big deal, but for us it is.  
We have been eating out everyday for the last year and a half so
 anytime I can make lunch at home is definitely a great day. 

It's soon coming to that time again.  Yes, soon it's time for Norway.
I have not been there for two years, Arvid was there last year but not 
for too long.  The hotel has taken up all of our free time, but now with 
good people in place we have more freedom to do a little more.

Arvid being Arvid, we have already talked about what we will be doing 
when we come back home from Norway.  He has been checking
 out the music scene in Chicago and so far has found some pretty
 interesting concerts.  If it was up to Arvid we would be heading
 to House of Blues the same day we land from Norway.

Michelle, Arvid's youngest daughter, as I have mentioned 
before is getting married on July 21st.  Less than a month to go. 
 We're excited. I am still hunting for that "perfect" dress.  I have
 2 to choose from but not overjoyed with either.  The way 
it's going I will have to decide on one pretty fast.

I already have the accessories, but even with those I am not thrilled.
I ended up giving my sister the little evening purse I had.  
Way too  small for me.  Now I am stuck without one.  

The good thing is I don't care about accessorizing too much,
 and I have never cared about what others think or will say.  Makes it
 so much easier to just do as I like, and never feel guilty about it.

Woke up to thunder and lightning.  Sniff is very scared, but he knows 
to come to either Arvid or I for comfort.  Happy Sunday to all.  For us its 
a good day to stay indoors all morning long.  Later on...who knows

I'm aware that I am rare.  Being different isn't a bad thing. 
 It means you're brave enough to be yourself...