Jun 18, 2018

Too Early For Me...

Dear 3am.  We have got to stop meeting this way.
I'd much rather sleep with you...

Monday just got here way too fast.  It's been a good weekend, 
but I sure am not ready for the new week right now.  If being awake 
this early is any indication of how the week will be, I think
 I would like to just go back to bed for the rest of the day.  

Add to that the heat, and the fact that somehow spiders just 
seem to love me...I think I need a vacation somewhere where it's 
COLD!.  My body is covered with welts from spider bites. 

 Not sure where they are coming from.  But it's only me who
 is getting bitten. I don't see them around, but somehow they find 
me while I'm sleeping.  Does not help that I keep scratching it 
all the time either.  Now I'm covered with scars all over.

I know once my "work" day begins the rest of the week will just fly by.
It's getting closer to the time we have to go to Norway as well.  Not
so happy to be leaving Sniff for so long.  The little dude has stolen my 
heart.  I have gotten used to that adorable little face.  I still forget
 at times and call him Brutus.  I miss Brutus so very much.

Life goes on.  Life is good.  Memories sometimes just sneak up
 on me, and for those moments I just let it take over, but I 
also know that what was will never be again.  I also know
 that what is, is very beautiful and good as well.

To all a great week ahead.  I tell myself it's OK to wander into the past
once in a while.  After all it is part of who I am, but I also have to
remember not to stay there. For we all know that we can't start
the next chapter of our lives if we keep re-reading our last one.

The only person you should strive to be better
than is the person you were yesterday...