Jun 27, 2018

It's All Coming Back To Me ~

It's OK to visit memory lane, just don't live there...

Rima and family are loving life in California.  The kids
 are thriving, Rima and George are doing great and her 
business has taken off in ways she never imagined.  
Yes, life is good for them, but I really miss them.

  Today I am missing my parents and all my sisters 
very much.  Sometimes it just takes a sound, a 
flashback of a memory to make it all come back.  

It took Lilly Vade's voice to make it all come back and
 to set me back into a state of nostalgia.  Lilly Vade is the
essence of love.  I spoke to her the other night and it took a 
lot of control for me to not break down and cry when she 
started talking to me.  Especially when she said, 
"I love you auntie and I miss you.

The other day Arvid and I also spoke to our
 other niece Kimsy.  I called her and hearing her
 voice also made me realize how long it has been since 
I had some quality time with my family.

  Both Arvid and I spoke to Kimsy, and at the end of the 

conversation Arvid said, I love you too Kimsy."  Yup!  
There and then I wanted to give her a big hug and not let go.  
I miss them all.  We have been so busy, that I rarely have
 time to think about much other than work.  Now we have
 more free time.  Good and bad because memory lane 
kicks in and sometimes it just tears you apart.

We all have days like these.  Not unusual, as long as we know we can't stay in memory lane we will be fine.  
Sometimes I really have to be strong and "walk away"

The hardest times for me to "move on" is when I start to think of Brutus.
The other day Arvid said to me, "I guess Sniff is now your baby?"  I 
looked at him and I said, "no Brutus is my baby.  My only baby."  As of 
right now I have not gotten to the stage where I can say Sniff is my baby. 
 I love him so much, but Brutus is my baby.  Sniff is my little Kitty.

Already Wednesday.  Not sure where and how the week
has gone by so fast.  My sister and husband are enjoying their
Caribbean Cruise right now.  Enjoying all the pampering and the islands.
Yesterday they spent the day in exploring the Cayman Islands, and so
 far we have not seen a single picture.  My guess is we never will.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Love what you do and always
have a great tie doing it.  Life is too short to be unhappy.

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us...