Jun 30, 2018

Happy Saturday ~

Life is made up of little things.  Fix your own 
faults before you ask others to fix theirs...

When asked what she wanted to do for her summer 
vacation, my niece Lilly Vade said she just wanted to lay 
by their pool, jump into the hot tub and get a tan.  

Since moving to California Lilly and her brothers say they 
"live everyday as if they were on vacation."  Of course now that 
they have a pool and hot tub surrounded by palm trees and just about 
perfect weather who can blame them for thinking that way. 

You can see Lilly basking in the sun after being in the pool.
  Next step was the hot tub.  Together with their friends, 
Lilly and family are living the life dreams are made of.  

When Lilly Vade is not busy in the pool, she's busy making
 YouTube tutorials on how to apply makeup.  I have a few of those
 tutorials, and not only is she hilarious, but shes also 
very serious on her how to apply techniques.

Meanwhile in Vermont, Rio is getting bigger and more
 gorgeous by the day.  His family are smitten.  Rio gets driven to 
the park and when he's relaxing at home he has his own hammock.
 He loves to share it with his papa, but when papa is busy 
Rio swings on his own.  Yeah life is good.

In Florida, Tex is being pet sit by a couple who fell in
 love with him.  Instead of them going to take care of him 
at his home, the couple brought Tex to their home.  

Talk about being spoilt.  When my sister and husband got back
 from their cruise they found Tex stretched out in the sitters 
living room sound asleep.  Tex is one good doggie.

Here at home all is good with us.  Arvid is happy as can be 
because everyday he gets to watch soccer.  The team does
 not matter so much.  He loves to see goals being scored. 

 Occasionally Sniff will join him to watch the game, but not
 too often.  Brutus on the other hand used to love napping
 by his side whenever the games were on.  Life goes on.  

Good morning everyone.  Start your day with a smile.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows...