Jun 17, 2018

Musical Sunday ~ (DONE)

Where words fail, music speaks...

One of the things we have really missed while living in Branson, MO 
is the musical scene.  With the running of two hotels when we started, it was 
impossible to do ANYTHING, and the fact that Branson does not
 have the musical venues we usually go to does not help.

Now with one hotel and having a great team working for us we
 have been able to do so much.  We have been back to The Sunshine State
 a few times already, and plan on doing a few more trip 
around town.  All thanks to Tiffany and Chris.

That being said today we will be heading once again to St. Louis 
to see John Fogerty in concert.  Yes CCR as the group was known 
(when he was in the group).  Our last trip to St. Louis took us to see 
The Eagles in concert.  St. Louis is a pretty cool place for music 
and it has the city vibe going for it.  We both love city life,
 and hope to get back to it one of these days.

Happy Sunday all.  Remember whatever
 you decide to do make sure it makes you happy.

One good thing about music,
 when it hits you you feel no pain...