Jan 6, 2019

1st Sunday Of 2019 ~

Allow yourself to rest.  Your soul speaks to you
 in the quiet moments in between your thoughts...

Needless to say Arvid is happy for the peace and quiet.  He is not 
one for two young girls chatting all day long.  Can't blame him. 
 He's set in his ways, but I was happy that he was agreeable to have
 then both with us at the same time.  Truth is it was his idea.

We woke up a little "late" this morning.  Arvid jumped
 out of bed saying, "holy smokes! I have to get
 to my Sunday responsibilities."

Sunday is looking good. Sniff is happy and eating like 
"normal" again.  Lots of cleaning to do, but not a problem.
  Both of the girls are back home with their families.  Reshma is
 on a skiing trip and Danielle is busy working on her book.

 First Sunday of 2019.  Starting it out by going
 to dinner to our favorite restaurant today.

2019 has been great so far.  can't wait to see what 
the rest of the year holds for us.  Wishing everyone 
a great Sunday and happiness always.

Be wise and don't let good things
 crowd out those that are essential...