Jan 8, 2019

Believing ~

Always believe that something 
wonderful is about to happen...

Whenever I feel like I am getting into a slump I think 
of my sister.  Rima is one of the most cheerful persons I know.  
She is always optimistic about everything in life.  If you knew
 her you would would see it right away. The girl is energetic, creative 
and she definitely knows how to make the most of everything.

There are days when I feel a little down, then I think 
of her and I realize it's not so bad after all.  Rima has three
 kids, a catering business and still manages to always send cheer 
to others.  She motivates her friends and also inspires me to be
 more positive even when things sometimes seem dismal.

When I think of strength 2 people come to mind.  My mom
 and my sister Nirmala.  Mala took after our mom in her 
quiet disposition, but an unbeatable amount of strength.  

Like many, life has not been the easiest for Mala, but you 
would never know because she has never displayed any other 
attitude than one of "I can and I will"  Mala is like our mom.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but when 
it comes to my parents and siblings then I am biased.  
For we have encountered everything life can 
throw at us and we always bounce back.

This is the survival instinct in everyone.  I'm sure we 
all have it, but I am also positive some demonstrate it better
 than others.  Life will forever throw challenges at us.  

Sometimes we are not sure what to do, but take it 
from me somehow we manage to come back stronger
 than ever.  My friend Anna is an example of this.  When life 
kicks her down she is up and ready to overcome any and 
all obstacles with more determination than ever.

Something we should all remember when we feel we are sliding
"she turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans"

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude
 is going to determine how you're going to live your life...