Jan 29, 2019

Cold Tuesday ~

Smile big.  Laugh often.  Never take this life for granted...

4am this morning Arvid says to me, "I'm so cold.  
Can you get me another blanket?"  Of course I did.
  We already have 4 covers over us, but what's one more.  
So I covered him.  He was happy, and Sniff and I got up.

I have already had my cafe.  Fed Sniff and played with
 him a little.  And yes it's cold right now.  Had to find a 
scarf because my neck is cold.  Sniff is back in bed 
with Arvid.  Those two are keeping each other warm.

Even though is was cold yesterday as well, it was perfect 
for a little walk.  On our walk we saw the cutest duck family. 

 Mama and her ducklings were all huddled up together. 
 Keeping each other warm.  Just like our walks in Chicago.  
There we see the ducks in the lake, here just in the parking lots. 

Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday.  
Stay warm and don't forget to be amazing.
I'm no longer amused by this weather.

Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always 
bring your own sunshine.  If you want light to come 
into your life you have to stand where it is shining...