Jan 17, 2019

Ready For The Day ~

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking. 
 In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision...

Early morning workout out of the way.  Feels good. So far,
 I have been pretty consistent at it.  Definitely a start in a 
good direction.  Let's hope I stay with it for the long haul.

Both Arvid and I have been busy this week.  Each of us 
with our own agendas taking care of different things.  
At least we got to do things by ourselves.  Always good.

Snis is being adorable as always.  He just loves
 Arvid and when Arvid goes out, Sniff paces 
around until he returns.  Very cute to see.  

We have had some very nice cool temperatures
 these last few days.  Love it.  Reminds me of cooler 
days in Branson. Some days i really miss Branson and all the
 good people there.  Arvid and I have made lots of friends there.

Come summer I know we will be going back for a visit. 
 Already counting down the time for that visit.  Just the 
other day Arvid said to me, "you know I have been 
thinking about Branson and all the good times we had."

The next few weeks will be busy ones for me.  At least as
 far as doctors appointments go.  Come february I will finally get
 to find out what's going on my my body and my hormones.

 Having no Thyroids is not really fun, on the other hand
 I did beat the cancer.  All in all not a bad outcome.

How does your day look so far?

I know that life is difficult. People have challenges.
 Family members get sick, people get older, you don't
 always get the job or the promotion that you want. 
You have conflicts in your life. And really, life is about your 
resilience and your ability to go through your life and 
all of the ups and downs with a positive attitude....